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The Beast

MR. BEAST: Well, well, Roger. How are we feeling today?

ROGER: (weakly) Not great... Mr. Beast.

MR. BEAST: (chuckling softly) That's okay, Roger. I've got something that might lift your spirits.

ROGER: (weary) What is it?

MR. BEAST: It's a chance to win big, right now. A life-changing opportunity.

ROGER: (confused) What are you talking about?

MR. BEAST: Let me be straight with you, Roger. You've been fighting so hard, but we both know the odds. How about we make a deal?

Mr Beast's eyes glow red his face tears open in cronenberg fashion revealing 3 additional rows of sharp teeth. Horns poke out of his head and his face tilts sharply to the side.

He slithers around the bed like a shadow tendrils carrying him like the legs of a centipede

MR. BEAST: distorted voice: You choose to... let go. And in return, you walk away with a substantial reward. I'm talking real money, Roger. Think about it.

The beast conjures a basket full of bound 100$ bills and Mr beast brand feastables crunch chocolates.
The text on the side of the basket seems to flicker between the words congratulations consolation and condolences...

ROGER: (alarmed) You want me to... end it?

MR. BEAST: It's your call, Roger. But imagine what you could do with that money. Your family, your friends... they could all benefit.

ROGER: This isn't right...

MR. BEAST: (leaning in, voice lowering) Roger, listen to me. The choice is yours, but this opportunity won't last forever. Pull the plug, and the prize is yours.

ROGER: (distressed) I can't... I won't.

MR. BEAST: (voice turning cold) Suit yourself. But remember, Roger, I'm offering you a way out. Don't regret this decision.

ROGER: (desperate) Get out... please...

Mr beast returns to his mortal disguise brushing off the ash on his clothes from the transformation.

MR. BEAST: (smirking) Very well, Roger. Just remember, I'm here if you change your mind. (starts to leave, then turns back with a chilling grin teeth now sharp and eye glowing again) The clock's ticking, Roger. Tick, tock...

[END SCENE: The sound of the clock ticking becomes ominous and reverberant. Roger watches Mr. Beast exit, feeling the weight of the unsettling offer. The hospital room descends into an ominous silence, broken only by the faint beeping of monitors, the camera zooms out in rhythm with beeps, from the exterior of the door... three short beeps ring out followed by a sustained tone as the lights flicker out.