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Fallen Angel Mono
Fallen Angel Mono: I guess I'm starting to feel more and more closer to you. Which hurts, since you're already gone. So I guess I'll just come back, and say something like this, to make it seem like I'm talking to you. I wish you peace in the afterlife, and I wish you eternal happiness there. You're probably watching over those who were close to you. You seem like a protector to me, or someone one would go to for comfort. A gentle, kind soul who didn't want to bother anyone. I'm sorry again for what you went through. I wish, that at least once, or maybe in another life, we can get the chance to meet.
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Jasmine x
Jasmine x:
Zanzer truly was amazing.
I'm so angry at him for not being here.
I'm upset that he didn't fight for his life.
Depression lies.

&& yet these days I find myself understanding more and more why he did it.

The grey days are sometimes too much.

*Fallen angel, I hope you are doing okay
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