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king's original screenplays for cinema and tv..a trailer collection..

1991 Golden Years

1992 Sleepwalkers

1998 Chinga (episode of The X-Files)

1999 Storm of the Century

2002 Rose Red

2004 Kingdom Hospital (based on Lars von Trier's "The Kingdom"

television adaptations of king's books..tv trailers collection..

1979 Salem's Lot (based on the novel from 1975)

1982 Creepshow (consists of five short films; two of them based on short stories and the

rest is written specifically for the movie)

1987 Creepshow 2 (sequel to the 1982 film, consists of three short films; one is based on

the short story "The Raft" from 1982 and the other two are written specifically for the


1990 It (based on the novel from 1986)

1991 Sometimes They Come Back (based on the short story from 1974)

1993 The Tommyknockers (based on the novel from 1987)

1994 The Stand (based on the novel from 1978)

1995 The Langoliers (based on the novella from 1990)

1997 Trucks (remake of the 1986 film)

1997 The Shining (mini-series)

2002 Carrie (mini-series remake of the 1976 film)

2004 Salem's Lot (remake of the 1979 mini-series)

2006 Desperation (based on the novel from 1996)

2006 Nightmares and Dreamscapes (Eight episodes based on Eight short stories)

stephen king..book adaptations to cinema..a movie trailer collection..

1976 Carrie (based on the novel from 1974)

1980 The Shining (loosely based on the novel from 1977)

1983 Cujo (based on the novel from 1981)

1983 The Dead Zone (based on the novel from 1979)

1983 Christine (based on the novel from 1983)

1984 Children of the Corn (based on the short story from 1977)

1984 Firestarter (based on the novel from 1980)

1985 Cat's Eye (consists of three short films; two of them based on short stories - "Quitter's, Inc." from 1978 and "The Ledge" from 1976 and one is written specifically for the movie)

1985 Silver Bullet (based on the novella "Cycle of the Werewolf" from 1983)

1986 Maximum Overdrive (based on the short story "Trucks" from 1973)

1986 Stand by Me (based on the novella "The Body" from 1982)

1987 The Running Man (based on the novel from 1982)

1989 Pet Sematary (based on the novel from 1983)

1990 Graveyard Shift (based on the short story from 1970)

1990 Misery (based on the novel from 1987)

1992 The Lawnmower Man (based on the short story from 1978)

1993 The Dark Half (based on the novel from 1989)

1993 Needful Things (based on the novel from 1990)

1994 The Shawshank Redemption (based on the novella "Rita Hayworth and Shawshank Redemption" from 1982)

1995 The Mangler (based on the short story from 1972)

1995 Dolores Claiborne (based on the novel from 1993)

1996 Thinner (based on the novel from 1984)

1997 The Night Flier (based on the short story from 1988)

1998 Apt Pupil (based on the novella from 1982)

1999 The Green Mile (based on the novel from 1996)

2001 Hearts in Atlantis (based on the novella "Low Men In Yellow Coats" from 1999)

2003 Dreamcatcher (based on the novel from 2001)

2004 Secret Window (based on the novella "Secret Window, Secret Garden" from 1990)

2004 Riding the Bullet (based on the short story from 2000)

2007 1408 (based on the short story from 1999)

2007 The Mist (based on the novella from 1980)

2009 Dolan's Cadillac (based on the short story from 1985)

chat room stories..a short compilation..

interview with a operator..

what if chat rooms were real..

How To Behave In Internet Chat Rooms..

Fun Chat Quotes (anyone whos easily offended shouldn't read this)


<xzibit> yo dawg i put a meme in your meme so when you meme you can meme while you meme.

<CoderSam> you know what i really like
<CoderSam> binary
<CoderSam> i just love looking at it

(Chr|s): ang on I'll get my bike

* st|tch is now known as DeadTillSat
<Bandito> DeadTillSat......at least he has the reincarnation planned

<@DJ_Reactor> <ChickenLittl> Chatting is forbidden on IRC. IRC is only to be used to wait for Jesus, Elvis, or a bus.

<Guest444> I saw a great bumper sticker over the weekend: "Jesus called - he wants his religion back"

<Melkor> rightintheface: If god is god, an all mighty being...he would forsaken a dumb frak like yourself.

Luc{A}s (No one fraks with my rainbow. Fondling is acceptable.)

<MallBoy> youre lucky im eating nachos now, i dont have time to type to u fraking losers

<St-Andrew> idiots can't spaell Laugh Out Loud

<[Babe]xWhitney]> I got caught doing stuff on my cam

<VomitVixen> I'd rather play with a sausage than a fruit cup anyday.

<molly> i belive in 2 forms of birthcontrol at all times...point and laugh

<UbiDubi> virgin mind? holy smoke, even your ear has been at least fingered

<hardman> my brother won't let my nephews watch the symphony on pbs cause its too much sax and violyns

[CHAOS] is away: is away, watching porn [Pants:OFF] [Hands:ON]

<Guest53687> my finger is sore from wwzw%#^ too much.

<@Sir_Burpalot> Even a single thought about making an amazingly hot chick cry gives me boners.

I'd strut my stuff, but it already left without me.

<soul_kisses> u must use lot of tiolet papper with u bullshiet

<z0r> Is that all? You used me for penor pics?!

<z0r> bite my shiny metal ass


<z0r> Desolator, is "nympho" an inappropriate nickname?
<@Desolator> z0r not really, as long as the "content " is clean
<z0r> SWEET!
* z0r is now known as nympho
<nympho> you've made me a very happy man, Desolator! How can I ever repay you?
<@Desolator> well u know how i work so
<@Desolator> u do u, imma do me, and all is good

<p0kem0n> any girls like the smell of catfish bait PV me please

<s00p> ~.& <--- ohh my god there's a fishing hook in my eye!

JohnnyWalker (quit looking at my butt (_|_))

I'm a hot woman, but its only because of the menopause...

We've been through a lot together...and most of it was your fault....

<|K|> this cool guy who gets all the girls told me to put a potatoe down my pants to help me get girls, but when i did the girls ran away.. then the guy was like your supposed to put it down he frotn, not the back, lol

<cam2cam> boy search girl for cam2cam!
<TNTease> Oh My Gawd you've lost your cam2cam???!!!
(TNTease): * @TNTease calls the police and the lost and found

<Cluey> i was using this dude for s#& and he become obsessive omfg
<Cluey> i dont think he understood JUST Sw@
<Cluey> i was like a bloke that whinges about getting no strings swx
<Cluey> what a frakhead

<Nicolas> I only pm for money. Next person who pm's me had better have your Visa ready

<BlackSeaMan> ok srsly
<BlackSeaMan> how the hell does someone get pvts with this nick
<BlackSeaMan> its easily saying that my e%~w~^~&* comes out black
<BlackSeaMan> do you know how unhealthy that is?

<Guest53687> I'm so jealous of black guys
<Guest53687> bcuz ANYTHING looks good on them
<Guest53687> lets face it if I saw a black guy at a gay bar dressed in drag I would so hook up with him

<krunked> What sort of f~% calls a guy "bich"?
<NaRcOt-X> me
<krunked> ...

<Shadow_Of_Death> Just_Me why don't you suck my <censored>
<Shadow_Of_Death> you little bastard
<Just_Me> I would gladly.
<Shadow_Of_Death> then get too it <censored>
<Just_Me> YOu must be gay then.
<Shadow_Of_Death> it's not gay if you suck it
<Shadow_Of_Death> that would make you gay
<Shadow_Of_Death> not me

<JimmyYard> I thought it was only gay if the balls touched

<dieselboy> iam old but still a growing boy
<Squeak> dieselboy, How old are you?
<dieselboy> 44 Squeak
<Squeak> Are you serious
<dieselboy> yes Squeak
<Squeak> There is no hope.
<dieselboy> no hope for what Squeak ???
<Squeak> Life.
<Squeak> Ever.
<Squeak> It's over.
<dieselboy> iam still alive and KICKING Squeak
<dieselboy> want to see?
<Squeak> Naw, man, naw.

<@Aussie_Lady1^^> Aussie_Lady1^^ reminds all the males that this is a lesbians room .... so don't look all surprised when the ladies say NO. You can always try the dictionary if you don't get it.....look up the word LESBIAN

<@Aussie_Lady1^^> (( Please Note )) Requests for Swx/CYBERSEX ( in any form ) dirty chat, as well as lewd and crude sexual comments made in this open channel, shall now be straight BANNED.... Please Do Not ask for it ...this may be the ONLY WARNING you receive. thank you.
* Aussie_Lady1^^ was kicked by PattyB (Please stop repeating!)

* F_19_Canada was kicked by PattyB (Please stop repeating!)

<violentcupcakes> i told some guy to keep his d!ck in his pants and i got banned for it
* violentcupcakes was kicked by ClancyW (Please refrain from using this type of language)

<^^eagle^^[A]> - ~-= Please do not tease the opers. We have no social life and will =-~
<^^eagle^^[A]> - ~-= hunt you down for sport. =-~

<OutrageousGoat> Saffy, will you be here permanantly?
<@saffy> nahhhhhhh
<OutrageousGoat> Aw
<@saffy> only til 2027
<OutrageousGoat> It's past half eight already
<@saffy> I meant the year

(Quit: That secret you've been guarding, isn't.)

(Quit: You may be recognized soon. Hide.)

(Quit: Don't worry about the world coming to an end today. It's already tomorrow in New Zealand.)

(Quit: i would like to tell you to go to HELL !! but i work there and i dont want to see your face every day

My^Nick (Quit: I am quitting, no I'm not, wait, oh damm too late

end of compilation.

Personal Disclaimer : Give credit to those who truly deserve it and a statement made to save one's own ass.(mine)

some material edited by me the original can be found on chanops website dont forget to vote in there.

This compilation is meant for comedic purposes only (not to be taken seriously).Any resemblance to real nicknames, living or dead nicknames is not purely coincidental.(and if you want to blame someone blame chanops website i just made a compilation)

tank u bery mush