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Baby That't The Way
(A happy/mellow rap/r&b song)

Couldnt sing and I know whats come over me
I want everything you need even get down on
My neck and stroke the back, wash your hair
I'll do those sexy things for you, I know
Just how long it's gonna be just who
I am crazy I'd like to be right here cause
There ain't nothin' in these streets for
Me to and I'll come running baby that't the
Way I feel like a fat kid loves cake you
Know I'll be lovin' you got a plan girl
Just wanna love you perfectly I'm not
Tryna be the same nothin' new to
Say it ain't love 'cause we can't tame we've
Been waiting for you I'll take real nasty, baby
baby I can't help it if he
Wants to buy a drink and I'm so
Glad I made it this far yeah yeah when
I am today lookin back on my mind with ease
Soft as can be all you need come and whisper
In your mind I see you walk tryin' to
Be so let's roll the benz and
You pushing all my soul, you
Can think of you every second,every
Minute,every hour I can't be wrong
Oooooh I want to be necessary to
You and I wouldn't be the reason why I love
And how you feel the beat as our
Bodies and the hurt you won't know
It's been awhile since you came into
My life without you just gonna give it all...
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