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Australian kid bullied...thoughts?

Recently in Australia, a larger kid was bullied while others just watched/taped and ridiculed.
Well guess what the larger kid had enough and fought back and picked up his attacked and slammed him to the ground.

What do I say to this; well this is what I say; way to go for standing up for yourself, I wish I did this when I was this kids age..like him I was big overweight and never fought back so I guess I sympathize with him.. I won't go on about my life but as for the kids I am talking about this is what happened.

The kid that was the victim got 21 days suspension for fighting back while the kid starting the b/s got 4 days..do you think this is right really? Now adays there is more of a zero tolerance for such things but that doesn't stop anything. I swear its still like teachers don't see anything or look the other way.

There has to be stricter rules for such behaviour, and I am talking about the bullying in the first place...I laugh at the 4 day suspension, who the heck raises there kids like this to be bullies in the first place? I think the kid who was bullying should of got 21 days as well the kid video taping and the ones laughing and standing around should of got 4 days as well as the kid defending himself after all its still zero tolerance. Not only this I think the police should be called in to the homefront of the bullies and find out what is going on there perhaps if they can't raise there child or maybe are beating this kid themselves and this kid is just lashing out? Either way there has to be stronger consequences for Bullies and there parents for anything to get done.

If parents raised there kids properly in the first place perhaps this wouldn't happen. Society as a whole needs help... I know of similar situations here and its always the same way the defender gets the brunt of the discipline while the instigator whether or not adults see it begin are either let off the hook or face less criminal or suspensions...what not.

When I was in school myself I basically took it or simply didn't go, and the teachers response
was if they did catch them was to stop and that was it... alot of good that did! Its not getting any better out there and with kids being able to get hands on guns and knives and what not I am suprised something more drastic doesn't go on more on a daily basis.

Anyway I just want your opinions on bullying and how to stop it...

I hope to hear from you.


Politicians overpaid?

I don't know if its just ignorance on my part or what it is but wouldn't you say the politicians in our country are overpaid; this country being Canada...

An MPP makes 110 thousand a year; might as well say for 8 months because the rest of the time there on there paid vacations and they certainly don't but in 40 hrs a week. I am not even talking about our Premier makes 202 000yr, our local Mayor in London makes over 100 000 mind you all of these raises (up about 20-30K in a 2 year span)and this was back in 2007 who knows what they make now..it certainly hasn't gone done.. oh fellow Canadians do you Realize the mayor of San Antonio Texas makes 3 000 a year..oh ya 3K now this is one of the largest cities in the U.S. now keep in mind most cites there get between 40 and 60K and if you agree or not living in the states is harder, simply going by crime rate/poverty rates alone.

Oh and you realize this doesn't cover all expenses..I have to aske when is the last time you had a business trip to another city and taxpayers paid your wife and kids way to come with you as well..pay for food, souveniers and so on? Hello Hello don't they make a salary already PAY FOR IT OUT OF YOUR OWN POCKET!!!!!

Go to lunch paid for, car you drive paid for 5 hours a day work week if that? 2 Months off in the summer, a month off at Christmas what about March break a few weeks off then as well all paid for by the taxpayer...Makes you want to get into politics doesn't it? When is the last time your MPP has done something for you? Well maybe if your Shell,BMO,Petro Canada, GM, Ford, Bell, Rogers and the list goes on then of course there are the tax breaks to have your factories relocated to India, Mexico or China..we don't need the work do we?

Lets get your opinions on this, Thank you for listening to my rantings!!


Should teen lose license?/ Age to drive?

My first blog is about a news story I heard today about a teenager possibly loosing his license forever for driving 75km over the speed limit on city streets; I am not sure of all the details but isn't this a bit over the top?

Now personally I think they should suspend this 18yr old's license till hes 25 and more mature, what if some kid walked out in front of him after a ball, or he caused an accident which resulted in loss of life or severe injury to himself or another.

Now adays teens as well as certain adults, but more so teens.. spend way to much time talking to friends in cars, listening to music, talking on phones etc and don't pay attn to the road, saying that I am concentrating more on teens because I keep coming across as a pedestrian and having teens just miss me or cut in front of me as I cross a street for example while there talking away to joe blow in the back seat...

I could keep going on but my question in this blog is simply this..Do you think the age of being behind of a wheel of a car should be raised because teens are not mature enough to drive or are you like me and if they get caught speeding, wreckless driving, driving under the influence perhaps taking there license away till there 21 in the cases of a 16 yr old or 17 yr old, or if they are doing this at 19 taken away till there 23? I am just interested in your thoughts on story in first paragraph and over all views.. thank you!