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World News: The Ukraine and Child Fuckery 4/16/2023

The world is finally realizing that the USA-led NATO war against Russia has been ongoing since 2014. NATO invaded Russia and was using multiple tactics, including bioweapons produced in Ukraine, to attack Russian-speaking communities. Russia was forced to defend its borders against the NATO aggression.

NATO then used its corporate propaganda media to pump out accusations that Russia invaded the Ukraine: the exact opposite of what actually occurred. Russia was forced to defend itself against the NATO aggressions.

USA and Canada have troops and equipment in Ukraine in support of the Azov Nazis against Russia. Again, this war has been going on since 2014, with Ukrainian Nazis murdering Russian-speaking communities.

USA-controlled NATO has lost the Ukraine war but hasn’t informed the public, and continues to launder billions through the Ukraine. Former allies are being forced to switch allegiances to survive.

Russian soldiers reported horrifying child chop shops, where the pretty children are sold whole and the rest are tortured for adrenochrome harvesting then butchered for their organs.

Meanwhile the UN came out against all forms of discouraging child fuckery and sexual depravity.

In further depravity news, the tranny marketing dude who hired the tranny dude to pretend to represent women in commercials thought the world was ready for total depravity.

But the backlash from women who resent being represented in commercials by a man mocking women has been greater than the backlash from our former Harley Davidson-riding men. Such depravity is being rejected by all people of good will..

Truth sets us free. That's why all efforts to share it are resisted.