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They Need Love Also

Special needs kids aren't sick or gross or weird. They only want what we all want. To be accepted. Can I make a request? Is anyone willing to post this and leave it on their status for at least an hour? It is Special Education Week and this is in honor of those who have children or.family. or friends with special needs, and those who work with
children with special needs.


I will not post client's photos on social media because its a private matter, in the past some were taken and reused. If you are looking for those types the internet has many. Having said that its always nice to meet people who are interested in photography regardless of their level. Knowing your way around a camera and not being imagination challenged is a plus. Taking a dare and getting out in front of the camera could be an interesting encounter.. I always try to answer any and all questions as best I can and no question is stupid, so if you have one ask away. Take Care and keep that camera close you never know when you might meet a friend.