I created this profile to warn the others about you. I'm here to portal words through a screen. If you're feeling slightly vulnerable, schtoopid, and extremely shexy... If you're really THAT bored and sorta kitten-like with your curiosity... If you come at me... I'll punch your heart with music, child-like laughter, and protection from your worst self. I'm a drummer without a band ♫♪ a comedian without anything to laugh about and a martial artist without a master

I love women i'm biologically, physically, magnetically, sexually, eagerly attracted to these dark holes from a distance. Yet, I don't find them interesting, engaging, or intimidating on or off the Wire. Women On Wire (WOW) are a selfie-pics-arms-race strictly between women who date mirrors. An advertised and well-edited portfolio of a thousand selfies (not artistic) with only five poses (not yogic) and a whistling duck-face to mimic a slim facade (how original)

If a sense of humor cannot be found among your DNA, if you're terrible at flirting without ill intentions, or if you can't handle rejection without victimization, do yourself a favor... (stop reading). I'm just here to sit bull and talk sh*t I am well aware that there is a difference between expressing a low-minded opinion and simply being rude to someone. Former is opening your mouth, latter is spitting at a target. I don't know what being an adult is. Be whatever you want, come as you are

I'm NOT a nice guy, a good man, a bad boy, a pimp, a player or pick-up artist. I'm NOT intelligent, smart, funny, reasonable, talented, skilled, accurate, or valuable. I am just NOT yours. I possess no desire to be the man other men want to be or the man other women want to be with. Don't waste your time with me...

I'm your typical A.S.S.H.O.L.E. (A Self Serving Hard On Lacking Empathy)


Body Type
Smoking Habits
Drinking Habits
I am ugly
Hair Style
Living Situation
Living with parents/relatives
Relationship Status
Self employed
I do not have any children
Sense of Humor
I enjoy a good joke or story
Best Place to Live
Eating Habits
174 cm - 178 cm (5'9" - 5'10")
Minimal (I wear as little as I can)
Political View
Don't care