I created this profile to warn the others about you. I'm here to portal words through a screen.

I'm a terrible musician without a band, a loud fool without humor, and a weak martial artist without a master. I can't make anyone laugh or dance, let alone, protect them.

My social media experience extends from AOL to Wire-Club. I've never owned a smartphone or taken a selfie. I've never chased a woman or been on a first date.

Tell me you're bored so I can avoid boredom. Share a photo that naturally makes me skeptic. Express some truth I have no concern for.

Life on the internet has naturally made people delusional. I don't know what an adult is nor have I seen one in decades. I share no care, interest, or concern for who you think you are.

So, come as you are, leave as you be, just don't expect me to believe.

I am the man men don't want to be. I am the man women don't want to be with.

I'm just an A.S.S.H.O.L.E. (A Self Serving Hard On Lacking Empathy)

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