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MMS to my mama for her birthday

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Spring Festival In My Heart

The spring festival is just around the corner. as a chinese ,i’m very happy. because the spring festival is the most important day in china. it is the beginning of the new year. at this special time, i want to share the spring festival in my heart with you.
The first impression of the spring festival in my heart is "snow ".it covers the land . rivers are frozen, everything turns white. the scenery is really beautiful. but it is a pity that the snow here is not heavy enough. so i’m looking forward to living in the northeast of china where snow hard. imagine we are in the snowy place now .it’s snowing heavily but silently outside,we are watching tv in the warm house. the wolf's howling in distance floats into our ears every now and then.the feeling is beyond description.
Second,the spring festival is another way of saying"reunion".we often hear "on festive occasions more than ever we think of our dear ones far away" on mid-autumn day.but what on earth occasions us to think of our relatives ?that's that we cannot get together. but it's a different situation in the spring festival, which is a badge of reunion. the chinese,no matter how busy they are, they will manage home to meet their families.that's why many chinese,especially the old are expect to celebrate the spring festival.
When mentioning the spring festival,we cannot miss the new year's family-dinnner.before it begins,we will spend much time preparing for it,because it's a dinner of reunion,in china,most families have their dinner home,others in the restaurant do think that those who have their dinners home enjoy more than those outside.the reason is:don't you think it is warm and fragrant to look at your busy kinsmen?
The spring festival also brings us "happiness".before the family-dinner,we can help our parents glue spring couplets.at the dinner time,we can get the year money from our parents,maybe it can explain why so many kids are long for the year-time.after the dinner,we can set kinds of fireworks,some of them like magic balls rolling everywhere,some like rockets rushing into the sky with bright fire.after that,we can enjoy the cctv's<China Central Televison,China's national television China,like BBC in the UK,CNN or NBC in US,KBS in S.Korea> spring festival gala.the programme of the gala are really wonderful and we can receive the new year's greetings from the people across the globe through cctv and embassies.not fond of tvs?turn on your radio or just go out and have a look at beautiful scenery of the new year,blessing each other.
The last impression of the spring festival in my heart is"growing up".when we get the year-money from our kinsmen,they often tell us:"you are growing up,you should do things better than before!"yes,that's right!we should be more mature in future,it's our kinsmen'* expectation,too.my dear friends,say:"i can!"please!because we are growing up!

This blog was written in the year 2004,for the Guide To Learn English magzine in Beijing,China

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sweet nothings

01.love starts with a spark,advances with care,breaks with doubt recalls with romance,and lasts with understanding till the end of happiness.
02.inmaature loves says "i love you because i need you."mature love says "i need you because i love you."
03.before marriage,choose whom you love.after marriage,love the one you’ve chosen.
04.love starts with a word,grows with a kiss,and ends up with a teardrop.
05.three seconds to say i love you.three hours to explain it,and a lifetime to prove it.
06.a man loses his sense of direction after four drinks.a woman loses herself after four kisses.
07.i would rather have had one breath of her hair,one kiss from her mouth,one touch from her hand,than eternity without it.
08.when i saw you i know i'd love you one day.now i realized that one day is everyday.
09.when you meet relationship problem,remember to follow you head rather than your heart.
10.sometimes love is like the sunshine,so bright,so warm.but when you touch it,it will burn you.
11.to love is to receive a glimpse of heaven.
12.sometimes desire must be annihilate,but love must be spoken out.
13.if loving you is wrong,i do not want to be right.if leaving you is right,i prefer to be wrong all my life.
14.you have not lived until you've found someone worth dying for.
15.you have to kiss a lot of frog before you finding you real prince.
16.my life begins from the day i saw you.
17.love is soft and hard at the same time.like water,it is soothing and refreshing but who can withstand the ragging flood?
18.the opposite side of love is not hatred nut contempt.
19.don't hurt the heart that loves,and don't love the heart that hurts.
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A time to Remember---My days in Shanghai

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The blog is written in Chinese,and cannot be posted here in wireclub due to the reseaons of tech.Follow the link http://www.aacchina.com.cn/system/list?id=714 to read the full text.
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My boring college life

During my senior school period,i was told that college was the heaven, there i could in love with my beloved ones,more free time would be available,took my favourite courses, more than these,i could never mind my grades and so on.More than half year has elapsed since i was admitted to the chaohu college. looking back to those past days,i got a conclusion, that the college wasn't a heaven,but can be a abyss,only if you are not in a right class.
When i was a senior high school student, i never complained any tiredness or bitterness,for i knew that everything i was doing was right for the college life in store for me.so,the last effort before the cee seemed to be more significant than ever.
the dog-eared text books and exercise books were the best enviedence in which recorded my energe honestly.
I won't deny that sometimes in those heaven-or-abyss-liked days I could be bad-tempered or depressed,but that wasn't a problem.i got two best friends by chance: yeping wang and jean sheng,have i was under weather,i would turn to the two lovely girls, because i knew i would find the best answer.also,neither of them would get off my back,i could discuss every aspect of my problems without minding anything.
Black June finally past,my friends and I were thrown to diffent cities by admitting papers. mickey was admitted to renmin university of china in beijing;jean was to nankin university of aa in nanjing; yeping was to hefei college;i was to chaohu college; leader and francis were left in nanling to study in senior three again and shanhua went to shanghai to make a living for the poor marks in the cee<College Entrance Examination>.
Unfortinately,i was numbered in a micro electronic class of physics department which was far away from my dream: english,french and diplomacy.what shall i do?there is an old chinese saying goes that "ji lai zhi, ze an zhi."(when you come here,try your best to get used to it).
standing in the military training(which is a must for all chinese freshmen) team,like many other peers,i told myself to be somebody in this new field,but the fact is the fact, which can never be changed easily by our subjective minds.i don't have such gift,which hints that i am only can be a nobody.
There is only one thing that's certain, we have lots of free time,at least compared to our heaven-or-abyss-liked senior high school.but how to deal with this ocean-liked time maybe a perme??? topic for freshmen, i,too,have to face this problem.during my free time,i often did something meaningful,say,french learning,website construction and so on,
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