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Fallout was an ok time

Set in a post apocalyptic dystopian future. Fallout follows the character "Lucy MacLean" on her search of the surface of a world devastated by Nuclear bombs to locate her father.

It stayed true to the fallout game series. Although it needed a lot more zombies. Tons more. But it is what it is.

The tale also follows a Brotherhood squire named "Maximus" who is accused of a crime and sent on a suicide mission to recover a scientist.

And The Ghoul. Former actor Cooper Howard who survives the nuclear bombings and is probably the oldest living ghoul.

We follow the head of Dr Wilzig that contains a secret everyone is after but dont really know why except for Maldaver.

It covers a lot of the game lore. Like how The New California Republic rose and became a major political power. How most vaults had various experiments going on before the war. How the Brotherhood of steel uses Technology to find technology to keep others from using technology. That whole hypocrite ideology.

It all culminates in a battle where secrets are revealed and relationships were either broken,or strengthened. Cool...but

The last scene.. Shows there's a season 2. And its heading to New Vegas. There's gonna be a lot of rat pack dames and dolls talk.

Oh and Matt Berry was the voice of Codsworth. Too weird. There were a lot of cameos

Matt Berry. Chris Parnell. Fred Armisen, Erik Estrada. My Fave was Michael Rappaport. LoL

Anyway. Should give it a watch