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X-men 97 E5

Last nights episode was intense.

After Madeline Pryor leaves the team. She ends up in Genosha. An island populated by only mutants as a safe place and sovereign nation.

I assumed what I thought would happen next. The rise and fall,of Avalon. Boy was I wrong.

In this episode Trish Tillby, a respected tv reporter visits the X-Men to give interviews in a ploy to make them be seen as still human. During this visit Magneto, Wolverine, Rogue and Gambit make their way to Genosha.

Astonished to see the island is a utopia for mutants, they decide to check it out. They discover that the Brotherhood, the morlocks and other mutant groups have started their petition to join the United Nations as a sovereign nation.

They offer Magneto the role of ambassador of Genosha. When he rejects the idea to complete Xaviers dream. Madeline reminds him "The professor said any dream worth having is a dream worth dying for. He would also say.. Dream bigger"

Magneto accepts the role on one condition, he rules with Rogue by his side. He Says what better pair than the strongest mutant and a mutant who can feel everyone's pain with but a touch. A combination of strength and empathy.

Meanwhile Jean is still dealing with her memory recovery. While going through her past experiences, she is met by Wolverine, who lets face it.. Simps for her. They share a kiss and Wolverine turns away stating. Jean loves Scott and merely forgot for a moment.

Next we see Jean and Scott seemingly in a heart to heart. Talking about their son Nathan. Except it isn't Jean. It's Madeline. After a kiss Jean interupts them and confronts Scott.

I liked the fight LoL. Jean remarks. "Sinister cuts a piece out of me and you fall in love with it? Fine.. Go be in love with my clone" she experiences a Psionic attack.

Meanwhile we are met with a secondary event. Rogue and Gambit break up. Rogue gets into her past.

She reminds that she was in the Brotherhood with mystique as her adopted mother, during this time she met Magneto. They had a passionate romance after discovering his magnetism allowed for them to touch. He told her of his dream of making a place in the world just like Genosha.

But because he had demons, she ended the romance and left. Not demon demons like addiction. He had his traumas from surviving Nazi Germany.

Remy, upset by the revelation, asks if she was ever gonna tell him. She says Magneto was offered the role of King but wants her as his queen and she sees a place in making the world better.

She says "I know your heart burns for me.. But I can't feel it. You light up everything you touch except for me" Gambit says "Sometimes love goes deeper than skin"

That's the Rogue I love. The one begging to connect because touching another is an impossibility. She can fly, has super strength. She isnt that weak Anna Paquinn crying in the snow tool.

They skip forward to a gala. A lot of cameos. Dazzler was there. Rogue and Magneto dance and show they can touch.
During this dance Madeline also gets psipnically attacked at the same time as Jean.

After they dance Rogue tells Magneto. "Remy was right. Some things do go deeper than skin"

It's then Cable shows up to warn everyone but is too late as usual. Madeline recognizes him but just starts to realize Cable is Nathan from the future. He says "I'm Sorry mother" right before Genosha is attacked by sentinels.

A lot of mutants were killed. I kept wondering.. Wait whats happening? 😆

Magneto fights a massive sentinel while Rogue and Gambit help find and evacuate the morlocks. We get to Magnetos seemingly last moments. Magneto is blocking the sentinels blasts with a shield at the same time pinning Rogue back to keep her from getting blasted. As he holds Leech.. He says "do not be afraid" and is seemingly obliterated.

A pissed off Rogue decides to attack. She is thwarted by Gambit who hits her with a motorcycle and decides to take a run at the giant sentinel. Just as he is about to hit it, the sentinel stabs him.

Gambit touches it and fills it with biokinetic energy and destroys it.

We go back to,the x-mansion to see the rest of the team watch on tv the devastation of Genosha.

In the final scene. Rogue is holding a dead Gambit in her arms sobbing. "Sugar.. I can't feel you" was sad as hell. Cuz she wouldn't have been able to touch him at all if he were alive.

There were a lot of articles and reviews since. Like it were a real event. Speculations as to what happened.

The only thing that made sense was the Cassandra Nova theory.

Cassandra Nova, is a mummudrai. A wraith like parasitic psychic alien born of Charles Xavier. In a storyline she commanded the "wild sentinels" that nearly decimated Genosha.

It also makes sense considering she will be part of the "Deadpool & Wolverine" movie later this year.

Cassandra happens after the events of the MCU timeline. Days of future past-dark Phoenix. Most X-Men media in movies were events from the 70s-80s, most movie plots end after the dark Phoenix.

Such as X-Men The last stand, which was a revision of the Dark,Phoenix saga in which Wolverine kills Jean.

To literally "the dark Phoenix" retconned with Sophie Turner as Jean.

Cassandra Nova story arch is more recent.

Post Dark Phoenix.

I hope episode 6 kicks up the drama. Cuz that was some awesome work.

Have a grest day