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Quiet on the set. The update episode

A 5th part of the docu-series "Quiet onset" came on Sunday. And it was exactly what it was.

We hear from Drake Bell talking about the reactions of his rape. Claims he took responsibility for his grooming of a child and sorta hid it behind his struggle with addiction.

And he also dropped music and a music video for "I can relate" and to me it was hollow and tasteless.

I'd be like., "did I text a minor? Sure. Did i follow through? No." The truth woulda helped.

They re like. An explosive interview from a former Nick star and "All that" alum.

You think. Finally. Amanda Nunez.

No. It was the fat blonde unfunny kid. He's like "I wasn't molested but he winked at me. And days later he hit caught plugging drake. And it affected me my whole life.

Whipped out some tears, I'm like ok simmer. LoL.

Lotta weird shit today.

Enjoy your tuesday