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Eclipse Day 2024

People are like "aww man the clouds. We will miss the eclipse"

I'm like the sky is still gonna get dark. Jeeeeezus. LoL. No one died from not seeing one.

Imagine though. If tech did go out. And then Audrey II came.

Who is Audrey II?

I'm glad you asked. Little shop of horrors. A terra-terrestrial lifeform lands on earth to eat humanity. But not before it helps a nerd bag a whore. Cuz that's a symbol of life. Nerds getting laid. But you need to be a final boy. Whats A final boy? Like the final girl.. You 5ap into a survivors strength to defeat evil. But you gotta be a nerd and a virgin and stay horny. It's the frustration that fuels.

You ever notice when the nerd gets laid in a horror movie they die shortly after? The final boy. You also got to,have a dweeb name like Seymore or Sylvester or Philbert. LoL

Bang it out

bloobloatedgoatskin: I saw the original as a kid. It was more of a horror movie.
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