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My Eclipse Conspiracy

With all the schools closing and phone networks issuing warnings of outages during the eclipse... Makes me wonder.

You ever see "Maximum Overdrive" or "Night of the Comet"?

In maximum overdrive, electronics come to life after a comet passes by earth. Specifically vehicles. Some anyway.

In night of the Comet. Those exposed to the cosmic rays of the Comet evaporate and the few who don't become zombies. With those not exposed as normal,

With the schools closing and phones dying. Wouldnt it be a perfect time for zombies and inanimate object to come alive? Imagine it..

*comes back from fantasy* and thats how I came to rule the wasteland with a knife and medical skills, oh. Hello.

Anyway.. The Eclipse is a big event. But a lot of people are bitching the trajectory keeps changing, we wont see a perfect eclipse but who cares?

How's the time to cast curses.

With a lack of light (life) you can Avada Kadava without consequence.

Diabeteena has an appointment today. A fellow kitchen lady said she saw a medical slip you get when hiven pills gir syphilis.

I'm like gross. Gross LoL

Be well