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Happy Easter 🐣

Well hello folks.

Today is the resurrection day. And the egg hunts might be cancelled dye to weather. Hope not.

I think we needed this by day for what's to come tomorrow. Whats tomorrow?

Psycho Monday. When all these free range bunnies get boiled ala Fatal Attraction.. It's gonna smell heavenly.

Those bunnies and sliced carrots. A few potatoes. Soup for the soul.

I wouldn't.

Technically Rabbits are rodents. So you'd be eating rats. And that does not happen in the house of war cry. 😆

No I've had rabbit before. 😆

When I was a wee child, my grandma would feed us traditional foods. Rabbit. Pheasant.. Duck. Deer. Free range chicken. It was a good time.

But as you grow older you get picky. You refuse to eat a long eared rat, hella weird.

Anyway so. I hope you have a great Easter. Full,of eggs and wonderment.

Be well
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