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X-men 97 episode 3

Staying true to the x-men comics. It told the story of the birth of Nathan "Cable"

They skipped over a lot of events but there was a point.

In the X-Men,comics, as I've explained before. Jean Grey committed Genocide. Ultimately she dies taking the m'kran Crystal, the nexus of realities into the sun where no living being can touvh it. Marvel kept her out of circulation until they needed to revamp interest.

This came as a reintroduction of Jean. Which she became pregnant. But it turned out that it was a plot by Mr Sinister to mate Jean and Scott to make a perfect mutant with both their abilities.

Which turned into Jean being a clone.

The 97 story had Clone Jean,instantly succumbing to her role as Sinisters Jean and quickly adopting the persona "The Goblin Queen" her costume was very reminiscent,of the Dark Phoenix Brotherhood costume.

It's like.. Goblin.. Queen. We're there Goblins? But at the time... There was an,obsession with Goblins. Such as Spiderman's Green Goblin which is also cannon in marvel. It just seemed out of place.

It's like omega level clone of omega level psychic... I know. Goblin! 😆

I woulda went by Xineohp Jk

Anyway sinister introduced a techno virus to Nathan. Which causes him sickness after an incomplete merging of tech. The only way to save Nathan is to send him into the future. I think future Jean and Scott raise him.

After Bishop takes nathan to the future to be cured. Clone Jean,packs her shit.

Jean stops Clone and is like.. This is your home too. Clone is like.. When we were in my head you saw I wanted to leave the x-men. This time my life is going to be Mine. (Not cloned)

Jean,is like. Farewell Jean. To which Clone is like.. No... I'm Madelyne Pryor.

And im like oh yeah it's the 80s. You can just start a life without a social security # or an ID. Or a birth certificate.

There was a movie I saw.., what was it. Oh yeah. "Totally Killer" which kind of shows how easy it was. Transcripts took,forever to get from one school to another.

You could walk into a rival school and register as your enemy. Bang everyone and word gets back to your school your enemy was kicked out for being a ho bag. Weird times.

It's like.. You think Madelyne Pryor walked I,to Bloomingdales and git the job? Or would someone without ID turn to hooking? Weird concept.

Anyway. I can't wait to see what events are coveted. Hopefully the one Shadowcat phases a nuke into space only,to be trapped in it cuz once she turns solid kaboom. Lost in space for a decade LoL. Perhaps the fall of Avalon. (The mutant space sratiom of Genosha)

One can only,hope
bloobloatedgoatskin: I read X-Men as a kid. 17-year-old Jamie accidentally travels back in time to 1987. I was 18. Transcripts took forever ....haha. So did everything. Let's put all people that have grown up with the internet back to 1987. No phones, no laptops, not a single luxury. A week would kill them.
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