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3 types of women... In the work place

And why you should probably stay away from intraoffice dating.

At work I deal with the mom group. The married or single.. Does not matter. They re the same stock. A lot of times they feel powerless. If they aren't control freaking their kids they're trying to do it at work.

Let's face it. Teens give 0 fks. So they're major control freaks at work. "I would do it this way" and they butt heads with other single moms.

Divorced chicks, they're either cheaters or cheated on. Meaning they're going to be mean. You can usually spot one by how much she talks - brags about herself. It becomes insufferable and thus they usually have no friends.

Psychotic chicks. Ones who like their streamlined lives. Asking A girl like that to give up her ways will either work or won't. Depends.

The bonus is if you sit in an office alone with a creepy smile clacking the stapler, people will leave you alone. 😆

There's a 4th. Called fat chicks. You can roll your dice on that but you'll end up with a Rebel Wilson, a fat chick that says Lez-be-honest a lot.

Enjoy your Friday