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Dunno what her game is...

Kristi Noem has sent an audit request to President Biden on federal monies to the 9 tribes of South Dakota. Sounds Fishy to me.

First of all. The reservations are underfunded and have a huge need for officers. So big was the need that BIA sent BIA officers from other states to fill these spots until funding became hard.

So the need is known. Trying to find a way to cut the budget under the guise of "we need to help" is kind of redundant.

There's been a lot of these commercials about how South Dakotans are being strong armed off their lands by oil companies under the "Imminent Domain" law. They're like "call this number and tell our Governor.. South Dakotans first"

It's like.. If she could do,anything she would have. She won't. She's collecting money from these companies. She still deluded herself in thinking Donald Trump will select her to be his running mate. Come to think,of it.. Who is his running mate?

LoL wait. If 2 guys are running mates is that like a gay relationship? Mating is in tne title. Jk.

My point. I dont know what she's up to. But she's definitely not out to help anyone but herself.

That's my time. Be well.

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