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How I ease into my day at work.

I began to use my airpods a lot. My job doesn't really require me to talk to people a lot. When they come to me, they're in person. Meanwhile I have my daily routines.

So I've been listening to radio stations on live365. EmmaFM and GenerationX. I keep my options low as with XMradio theres too many options fir my ADD to take control. So I let these radio stations play and they get the job done. It's never clunky shit no one listens to,and with XM they overdo it with songs and artist. Constantly pushing Olympia Kahldrogo and Taylor Swift. And that stupid song.

Its like "make me sweat.. Make me hotter., make me lose my cool.. Make me water" stupidest song. Plus Diabeteena sings it on the turlet. Lmao

Ima curse you with that song.

Now you will die in 7 days.

Anyway live365 is free streaming. 😎

Am I a partner and promoting? No lol

I just like music. And my ego makes me want to talk about myself

Be excellent today
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