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Realistic expectations...

The other day Diabeteena said "There's mothing wrong with flirting with a married man.. Flirting never hurt anyone"

Except a year ago the wife of a guy she was sending nudes to found out and whooped her ass. And I'm like wait.. She uses nudes? LoL

She goes the Kim Kardashian route. Air dropping nudes. Let me start by saying the mans wife left him and He's currently living with his elderly parents and he wasnt even attractive to begin with.

The fact he got a kitty photo was enough to change his lonely life.

So back to my original topic. I was in,the bathroom readjusting my hair when i overheard this conversation.

So I reminded her about the old man Aaron from a year ago. And recently earlier this year with Martin. Im like you need to learn your lesson. But then again.. With your face.. What do you got to lose?

I went into,a shpiel about how it's not that shes an enjoyable person. Guys evidently will want to fuck anything. Eventually her son's will find her nudes and bam.. Shes alone. Simple.

Life is crazy.

But a lot if people need to look in the mirror and ask.. Would I do me? Prob not.

But thats reality.

Reap what you sow.

Anyway have an enjoyable day