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Rebuilding Drake Bell is failing..,

I spoke about this. How they seemed to be trying to reboot Drake Bell.

Dont get me wrong, his experience was bad. Even when he said he kept doing it because he felt trapped. Kept going back for those sloppy BJs.

But as I said before he is a convicted Sex Offender. Found guilty of child endangerment.

After the documentary went live. He released new music and a music video. Seemingly trying to ride the wave of sympathy back into good graces.

But a lot of people felt it was classless and they are right. To believe revealing your rape to reboot your career is a bad move. You can't Mandela effect us.

And now his victim is speaking out reminding people he is a sex offender. And I think they outta stick a fork in him,

Cuz he is done.

I feel like his rebirth should be short lived. Theres nothing wrong with working at McDonald's as long as it's 100 feet away from any schools,

Anyway have a great day