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X-Men 97 E 4

One of the canon story arches in a super hero franchise. Is a hero meeting their future self and realizing a new use of their power.

Shrek.. In the final one where he makes a wish and his life changes. He sees that the ogres can make a horn sound with their ears. To which he says "we can,do that?" At the end he does it and fiona remarks. "We can do that?"

Last night. Jubilee turned 18. Finally. Whoever kept that website tracking her 18th birthday.. Your hard work is over 😆

She ended up being trapped by interdimensional space weirdo "Mojo" who kidnaps powered people for his reality show. Cuz space is all about ratings.

Anyway she meets her future computer simulated self who showed her new uses fir her powers. Turning what were basic firework sparkles into weapons for destruction. She made a biokinetic spark blade and zipped around on light, it was trippy. She said "I can do that? And did it" canon. LoL.

The b story saw Forge trying to help Storm reverse her de-powering.

I forgot Forge waa Native American until he fed Storm. Buffalo Chili. While an eagle soared in the background screaming. I'm like.. That's too fkn sacred, LoL. George's mutant ability alloys Jim to invent. Weird power right?

But he reveals he is responsible for the tech that depowered Storm. And he was kind of in love with her. She rejected him and his tech rejected her. But the latter happened first.

Anyway it ended with storm stuck in what I assume is the astral plane. Cuz it was red skies. In a previous post I mentioned how in the comics Vecnas upside down plane of a existence resembled the Marvel astral plane.

Anyway I can't wait til next week. 😆