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Fans make or break. How much does it take?

For years we had idols. And when thry get in relationships, the fans would either be happy or angry.

It's odd how regular folk think they can decide a celebrity life. Like anyone cares.
.back in the 80s there was a thing called Nielson Tv Research. They would send $1 to do a survey and use these surveys to decide which program stayed,

They used to joke aboit it on sitcoms about a single lady in Iowa controlling tv. 😆

But in modern times fans have semi-sorta access to stars. You can tweet disapproval at your leisure, we're a bunch of haters so why not?

I read a headline about a k pop star who recently went public with a boyfriend. The gans hated it so much that they ultimately split,

But it begs the question, what point do you hit when you stop caring?

Take Britney.

She was with Justin Timberlake for what,, a year? Then they broke up and fans pooped on her so much. She ended up with a back up dancer. Legit he wasnt even a cute one. And had kids with him. He left her and sued her for cbild support and she went "fuck this mess"

What ever happened to living life privately?

I guess its a luxury people who want nothing can afford.

You know who I admire?

Janet Jackson. She knew the balance. She only let you in enough to see she was doing great.

Travelling the world.

I think her early Marriage to Chico Debarge wss a learning experience. Tgat lasted a short while. Then she seemed to focus on her music, it wasn't until 10 years into her second marriage that anyone knew she had married Rene Elizondo. And she went silent again until her pregnancy a few years ago.

Even now she maintains a level of privacy.

Just enough to keep fans guessing.

To quote TLC. What about your friends? Are tgey gonna be around? Are tgey gonna let you down?

Have a great day.

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