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Maybe I shoulda started a cult. 😆

I have a close relationship with my nephews and neices. And they always take on parts of my mental features. Over explaining, analytical. Arrogant. The best parts of me. 😆

So my nephew decided he wanted to go into sports. I'm like ok cool. After doing a practice was so sore and tired. A captive audience. So I explained to him the importance of conditioning and protein.

I'm like.. I had a friend who worked at GNC and he never used their supplements. He knew tgat protein and repetitiob were key to building muscle and strength.

I explained that a lot of people turn to chicken meat for protein. And explained wht drills were important, my sister told me last week at his b ball game "whatever you told him.. Has him determined to get stronger" I'm like cool 😎

I,also explained why he should drink ultra filtered milk instead of pop. Because ultra filtering removes more impurities. Removes lactose. Reduces sugar by %50 and adds 50% more protein per serving. And milk is a great source of calcium for bones and growth. I explained Apple's contain boron which makes them harder to break.

Anyway he also used this knowledge for a science fair last week. LoL 😆

I'm like im not surprised. When his brother git an A because he remembered i spoke to him about Roberta Lacks. I'm like they listen.

It makes me want to go into teaching. Cuz I'd mold do many minds. 😆

But all in good time.

Be excellent
bloobloatedgoatskin: Over explaining, analytical. Arrogant. I'd say one of these doesn't fit, at least not to me personally. One thing I've learned is that you are analytical, a thinker. I've seen it in your blogs and movie reviews. I can tell by chatting in the room as well. Maybe some when we talk in pm. But you are far more vocal and forthcoming in the room and with your writings than you've ever been with me. You're very tight lipped. I've barely even scraped the tip of the iceberg that is you. In conclusion, I've never been witness to any over explaining, either reading your stuff or speaking with you. I guess that just leaves one big A.
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