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It's gonna be May

LoL. Trolls.

The other day I guess I was called a lesbian. And you know what? I'm nit even mad. Why?

Because I'm not here to be your bang piece. If that's all you can say.. Then it's like.. Yeah ok. Who cares?

If I'm not panting at your little wang. It's nothing to do with being gay and everything to do with your disgusting personality. fix it.

So,what's new? I'm focused on healing.

I mentioned I got a sprain and it was an open invitation for a fat old troll to call me obese. Its like yea ok. 😆

We ending a month on a good note.

Kristi Noem - Dog Slayer 😆

The past week, I guess Kristi Noem published a book about killing her 14 month old dog "Cricket" after deeming it untrainable and worthless. After which she killed a goat.

And sparked a huge social media roast.

Her killing spree. LoL

I guess a buncha people sent her photos of their dogs and called her a psychopath. And sent her photos of goats lol.

Someone hoped she would be reincarnated as a goat. It's funny.

Honestly.. It's stupid but like.. Giving up on a dog that hates you. Weird.

But it makes entertaining Monday morning fodder.

Roots.. The mini series

I decided to watch Roots (1977)

Its the tale of Kinda Kinte, a mandinka tribesmen, captured and sold into American Slavery and the lives of his descendants.

So one thing I found interesting. Seems to be true with a lot of cultures. Dialect differences among different tribes.

I've explained this to white folk who ask. Not all native Americans speak the same language. Lakota and Tsalagi and Creek and Seminole all have different words. A Lakota could never talk to a creek. The words aren't the same.

In roots. They said the same thing. The Mandinka and the furlani and others do not speak the same language. They had to teach each other to communicate.

It's like how Chinese and Mandarin are different.

Anyway I thought I'd wrote about that tidbit. I'm only on episode 2.

AI - a fantastic tale of bullshit

AI was said to end the world. But so far it's just been shit LoL.

Artifial Intelligence has been a pipe dream for decades. The fact a computer would gain sentience is retarded. Why?

Because input always differed from person to person, an AI is only whats programmed. And what people put into their AI programming matters.

Real time calculations are cool but let's face it. Real time facts change. A computers ability to predict things are no different than a human. The weather for instance. A computer can generate models of weather but it wont always be accurate.

Take winter storms. We were told a lot if times the accumulations would be 6-8 inches when the reality,is like 1-3. And for how long was uncertain.

An AI generated image is slightly more sophisticated but not by much. Lately AI generated nude photos of chicks have made the news. But its like. An AI vould never predict Cindy's areola size or color or hang time. 😆

AI couldn't end man's existence because machines can't take care of themselves. Even the robots that make cars are only capable of rudimentary use. It's why there arent just 1 type of robots in factories.

Automation is nothing without control.

The future is not forsaken.

Baby Reindeer

Comedian/writer Richard Gadd wrote about his experience dealing with a stalker and his sexual abuse, and it surprisingly became a hit.

Baby Reindeer follows a man named "Donny Dunn" and his encounter with "Martha"

In the beginning Donny says upon meeting Martha, he felt sorry for her. As she told stories of her successful lawyer life and famous clients, wondered how she couldn't afford a cup,of tea.

It's kimd of trippy how he just couldnt do 1 simple thing. Say no thanks and freeze her out. He got addicted to,the attention.

Their relationship escalates to a point,of harassment.

Meanwhile, he talks about his Rape and how he believes it changed his sexuality. How afterwards he became ashamedvand spiralled until he met a trans woman named Terri.

Part of it is him wondering if he invited Chaos into his life to ruin his relationship.

Eventually he meets his breaking point and confesses his rape, his sexuality and fear of Martha.

At the end Martha goes to jail for 9 months and never bothers him again.

It was a crazy tale of harassment. LoL

X-men 97 S01E07 Bright Eyes

This is Marvel Post Dark Phoenix saga.

Last night's episode was a step out of the pg13 arena. We are dealing with the aftermath of Genosha. Following Rogue's path of vengeance.

Rogue, led by anger. Breaks into prisons and destroys vehickes and probably killing folks.. Looking for Bolivar Trask. We get to see the dark side of her typically heroic personality. It was minda cool. Especially her almost fight with Captain America.

We see how differently tgey deal with grief. We see beast sort if turn on Trish Tilby. Because he really can't process his anger. Don't worry. They end up together in space . As guests of the Shiar.

We see Scott and Jean trying to cope with the death of many, even,of Madeline Pryor. Aka Jean's Clone.

Jubilee helps Roberto come out to his mother. But she already knew. By come out, I mean reveal his mutant powers.

We were also introduced to a newer Villain. A cyborg named Bastion. Although he is not revealed to be a cyborg yet. Bastion started a group called Operation Zero Tolerance. They had modified sentinels born,of future tech and sophisticated programming. These prime sentinels were displayed in the days of future past movie. As the sentinels attacking while wolverines mind was sent to,the past.

From the schedule, the next 3 episodes deal with Operation Zero Tolerance.

TBH, after the issue Storm was captured, I kind of stopped reading. So I'm unsure if what happens. But I know bastion loses because there's major events that follow. Mainly M Day.

M Day?

Its the day.. When all Mutants were depowered by a wish from Scarlet Witch. After the death of her children. Wanda depowered the world and escaped unto her illusions. Its the plot of Doctor Strange 2 and Wandavision. Those not affected by her were blood relatives and those equal to her power level.

I do remember an,event that happens during OZT. Iceman's father gets hurt and it causes him to rampage.

Anyway theres also the age of Apocalypse story arc that isnt like the shit movie.

It starts when,Xaviers Son David "Legion" goes back in time to create a world where Xaviers dream comes true. Except ut gets messed up,and creates a Dystopian future where Apocalypse and his son Holocaust are rulers in a never ending world of mutant war.

Theres a lot of good stories to come

Be well

College protests never worked.

Colleges are making the news. For instance Columbia is going remote over fears of Israel war.

It's like.. Calm your teats.

The conflict in Israel has nothing to do with American schools. Why are you being so dramatic?

The only people who suffer from walk out / protests are those who do it. It's your life though. I'm just saying, its stupid.

Real talk though. Israel doesn't need our help bombing the hell out of whoever. Early in their conflict they rained down missiles like nothing.

Kinda crazy.

Anyway pick your battles. Be well.

Taylor Swift gives me 2nd hand cringe

The writing style of Taylor Swift has been hit or miss. But it's been awhile.

Writing songs about your ex is kinda neat in your 20s. But at 35. Writing numerous albums About the many dudes who left you, including your husband. Cringe af

Its like Carrie Bradshaw in her 50s still writing about dating in New York.

Its why I never watched Sex and The City.

Why would I watch 50 year old single chicks bang their way into relationships with below average looking guys? Or the Kardashian's? LoL. Its a little sad.

I guess Swift added cuss words to her music, she even shaded her current guy. About a YouTube vid he played "Kiss, Marry, Kill"


I'll admit, I didnt have shit to write about today but this is kinda fun.

I hope a song made fun of a guy like "Your smile was big.. Your dick was small.. I watched your spring turn to a fall.. Tom.. You have old balls.. Mudderfukka"

I'd watch that song zip up the charts.

I saw she did a song with Post Malone. LoL. Post Malone is kinda gross.

He looks like his crevices are dingey and his hair is gross. The face tats were an improvement

Ok I'm done hating. Hot my toxic levels back to normal.

Be well

I think I learned a secret...

Growing up. My grandma alwats said. Girls never chase boys. Know your worth.

Butbthen Id see the ugliest chicks with attractive guys and id be like.. The actual fuck?

Most of my life I'd see this phenomenon and I'd tilt my head like.. I dont get it. Does she do butt stuff? LoL. Probably but I am starting to understand it.

Diabeteena has a new man. And I was like gross. I mean the guy isnt that great either. But he is widowed and his deceased with was *crosses heart* kind of ugly. She looks very similar to diabeteena. All short and dumpy, overweight and weird.

And it triggered some memories.

Back in high school there was thus guy. Jon. He wasike 6'3 athletic. Above average looks. Like some of the half breed chicks were flirting with him. Suddenly he is with my friends sister Merri.

Now Merri was all sorts if ugly. Had an uvly voice to boot. And the more I hung out with her the more I kind of wondered,. How?

Diabeteena wasnt the only one. This big chovk Brenda suddenly had a boyfriend and Im like.. Oh must be a year of miracles.

But then Jen and Niffer *niffer was previously mentioned in my blog* both sort of answered the question for me and its like.. Oh.

So guys are insecure. And even more insecure around pretty women. So when a biggun shiws a lot of interest and takes "trying" off the board. Then its just a matter of adding sex. Most guys are grateful for it.

So I asked my brother cuz he us with a tiny ugky dog chick and I'm like. Not that I care but you follow this bitch around while she fucks other guys. Wtf?

And it's the sex.

And I'm like ok. Cool. But the reason I asked you was because on a genetic level. We're the same person. So for me to look at a guy version of me banging a dirty cave bitch.. I didnt get it. Now i do.

and so now i will tell you my conclusion.

It's mot personality or looks that determines relationships. It's showing jnterest to insecure people. Doing all the talking and throwing some sex. Boom.

Follow me for more tips 😆

X-Men 97 - S01E06 LifeDeath p2

We continue with Storms path to reclaim who she was. She however is met by "Adversary" a demon of sorts. The demon has inflicted a poison to forge. And the potential cure lays in a mine miles away.

We also catch up to Xavier. And I know what youre thinking. Ain't he dead?

The original X-Men series ended with Xavier dying from a virus. Might be the legacy virus. After he dies Lilandra, Empiress of the Shiar revives him and Take a him to space to save his life. In order to do so he must leave... Maybe for good.

Anyway it begins with an attack on the Kree. The Shiar, led by Death Bird, fight and are met by an announcement of the wedding of Lilandra and Xavier.., in space.

Xavier emerges with the help,of Shiar armor that give him the ability to walk, no one in space wants them to marry.

In the Alien world.. Humans are the Meghan Markle.

We go back to storm. Looking in the mine with Forge for a special mushroom for a cure. Adversary lurks in the shadows talking shit. Sort of playing with Storms claustrophobia. Its in these tormented times she realizes she not only rejected her powers, she accepted never having them. But to love who she was.., is key to fixing herself.

She emerges in her black and yellow costume with the slut boots and I was like...finally. . She collects Forge and the mushroom.

Back in space. Death Bird pulls a Trump and calls earthlings dirty creatures and suddenly is popular amongst the centuries year old aliens.

She tells Lilandra That to marry Xavier she must erase his memory. He takes time to decide.

Back with Srorm. Without any relationship development, Storm calls Forge "My love" and passionately kisses him while rubbing her mushroom cream on him. The TV turns on and she sees the aftemath of Genosha.

Back In space. During Death Birds Coup. Xavier takes everyone there to the astral plane to talk about the differences and the commonality of the races. How his dream,of co-existence is a reality.

But he is met with a psychic disturbance. Feeling the death of 100s of mutants and Gambit.

It was like that joke on family guy "The force is really gonna feel this"

Xavier felt it.. In space!!!

The end scene we see Bolivar Trask running away. Saying "you have my DNA that controls the mastermind and sentinels.. What more do you want"

A voice in the dark is like... Ssssiiiinister.

It was Mr Sinister the whole time.


The death of OJ Simpson

Here is a man who undecidedly chose a side between good and evil.

He was a football legend. A hero to a lot of ethnic kids. I assume. Before my time LoL. He once had the most successful commercial in history. Man was in movies and tv shows.

Then there was tbe other side. Drug abuse. Domestic violence. Accused murderer. Rumored illegitimate kids. The armed robbery in Las Vegas.

And even in death, people are still divided. Some shout murderer. Some cry over the loss of a hero. Still making headlines.

The man knew how to put on a show.

Most watched trial. That broncos chase.

I'm not saddened by his death. Because I didnt know him. But he was going to die. It's like 76? Yeah. Its about that time.

What I will remember of him were the naked gun movies. 👍

Amd that's my time.

Be well

Beyonce's Country Album

I dont care. For me it's the marketing tools used to push sales and Beyonce's fan base.

I thought that "Texas Holdem"song was kinda cartoonish. With the sound bite "ho hey ha" and the generic guitar riff. But I think thats the point.

The fact she's doing a country album kind of upsets the trumpsters. The white people that just wanna be racist. As I said before. White folk flock to Trump because he is a racist mouth piece. He will call black folk "dirty n***a" and get cheers.

Beyonce is doing the same but from another angle. Her making a shit country album allows the racists to ban together. The difference is, they will change their opinion for tiktok/Facebook. And the album will become a party staple.

It's kind of genius because she is still in the height of her career. Her popularity is probably higher than Taylor Swift and Adele combined. Like if Beyonce were like.. "I like Joe" his re-election is guaranteed.

Dont get me wrong. I can say its shit and cartoonish. But it does not mean I want it to fail and I'm not being negative to Beyonce. I know her album will end up being probably one of the biggest sellers.

I'm writing this because I think the bigotry was unnecessary. Because no one wants to be a racist in front of the kids. It's wasted time and energy. And It's happening. You can,be as upset as much,as you want. You arent stopping Beyonce.

Watch she will probably make a hallmark movie just to piss you,off 😆

Be well

Fallout was an ok time

Set in a post apocalyptic dystopian future. Fallout follows the character "Lucy MacLean" on her search of the surface of a world devastated by Nuclear bombs to locate her father.

It stayed true to the fallout game series. Although it needed a lot more zombies. Tons more. But it is what it is.

The tale also follows a Brotherhood squire named "Maximus" who is accused of a crime and sent on a suicide mission to recover a scientist.

And The Ghoul. Former actor Cooper Howard who survives the nuclear bombings and is probably the oldest living ghoul.

We follow the head of Dr Wilzig that contains a secret everyone is after but dont really know why except for Maldaver.

It covers a lot of the game lore. Like how The New California Republic rose and became a major political power. How most vaults had various experiments going on before the war. How the Brotherhood of steel uses Technology to find technology to keep others from using technology. That whole hypocrite ideology.

It all culminates in a battle where secrets are revealed and relationships were either broken,or strengthened. Cool...but

The last scene.. Shows there's a season 2. And its heading to New Vegas. There's gonna be a lot of rat pack dames and dolls talk.

Oh and Matt Berry was the voice of Codsworth. Too weird. There were a lot of cameos

Matt Berry. Chris Parnell. Fred Armisen, Erik Estrada. My Fave was Michael Rappaport. LoL

Anyway. Should give it a watch

X-men 97 E5

Last nights episode was intense.

After Madeline Pryor leaves the team. She ends up in Genosha. An island populated by only mutants as a safe place and sovereign nation.

I assumed what I thought would happen next. The rise and fall,of Avalon. Boy was I wrong.

In this episode Trish Tillby, a respected tv reporter visits the X-Men to give interviews in a ploy to make them be seen as still human. During this visit Magneto, Wolverine, Rogue and Gambit make their way to Genosha.

Astonished to see the island is a utopia for mutants, they decide to check it out. They discover that the Brotherhood, the morlocks and other mutant groups have started their petition to join the United Nations as a sovereign nation.

They offer Magneto the role of ambassador of Genosha. When he rejects the idea to complete Xaviers dream. Madeline reminds him "The professor said any dream worth having is a dream worth dying for. He would also say.. Dream bigger"

Magneto accepts the role on one condition, he rules with Rogue by his side. He Says what better pair than the strongest mutant and a mutant who can feel everyone's pain with but a touch. A combination of strength and empathy.

Meanwhile Jean is still dealing with her memory recovery. While going through her past experiences, she is met by Wolverine, who lets face it.. Simps for her. They share a kiss and Wolverine turns away stating. Jean loves Scott and merely forgot for a moment.

Next we see Jean and Scott seemingly in a heart to heart. Talking about their son Nathan. Except it isn't Jean. It's Madeline. After a kiss Jean interupts them and confronts Scott.

I liked the fight LoL. Jean remarks. "Sinister cuts a piece out of me and you fall in love with it? Fine.. Go be in love with my clone" she experiences a Psionic attack.

Meanwhile we are met with a secondary event. Rogue and Gambit break up. Rogue gets into her past.

She reminds that she was in the Brotherhood with mystique as her adopted mother, during this time she met Magneto. They had a passionate romance after discovering his magnetism allowed for them to touch. He told her of his dream of making a place in the world just like Genosha.

But because he had demons, she ended the romance and left. Not demon demons like addiction. He had his traumas from surviving Nazi Germany.

Remy, upset by the revelation, asks if she was ever gonna tell him. She says Magneto was offered the role of King but wants her as his queen and she sees a place in making the world better.

She says "I know your heart burns for me.. But I can't feel it. You light up everything you touch except for me" Gambit says "Sometimes love goes deeper than skin"

That's the Rogue I love. The one begging to connect because touching another is an impossibility. She can fly, has super strength. She isnt that weak Anna Paquinn crying in the snow tool.

They skip forward to a gala. A lot of cameos. Dazzler was there. Rogue and Magneto dance and show they can touch.
During this dance Madeline also gets psipnically attacked at the same time as Jean.

After they dance Rogue tells Magneto. "Remy was right. Some things do go deeper than skin"

It's then Cable shows up to warn everyone but is too late as usual. Madeline recognizes him but just starts to realize Cable is Nathan from the future. He says "I'm Sorry mother" right before Genosha is attacked by sentinels.

A lot of mutants were killed. I kept wondering.. Wait whats happening? 😆

Magneto fights a massive sentinel while Rogue and Gambit help find and evacuate the morlocks. We get to Magnetos seemingly last moments. Magneto is blocking the sentinels blasts with a shield at the same time pinning Rogue back to keep her from getting blasted. As he holds Leech.. He says "do not be afraid" and is seemingly obliterated.

A pissed off Rogue decides to attack. She is thwarted by Gambit who hits her with a motorcycle and decides to take a run at the giant sentinel. Just as he is about to hit it, the sentinel stabs him.

Gambit touches it and fills it with biokinetic energy and destroys it.

We go back to,the x-mansion to see the rest of the team watch on tv the devastation of Genosha.

In the final scene. Rogue is holding a dead Gambit in her arms sobbing. "Sugar.. I can't feel you" was sad as hell. Cuz she wouldn't have been able to touch him at all if he were alive.

There were a lot of articles and reviews since. Like it were a real event. Speculations as to what happened.

The only thing that made sense was the Cassandra Nova theory.

Cassandra Nova, is a mummudrai. A wraith like parasitic psychic alien born of Charles Xavier. In a storyline she commanded the "wild sentinels" that nearly decimated Genosha.

It also makes sense considering she will be part of the "Deadpool & Wolverine" movie later this year.

Cassandra happens after the events of the MCU timeline. Days of future past-dark Phoenix. Most X-Men media in movies were events from the 70s-80s, most movie plots end after the dark Phoenix.

Such as X-Men The last stand, which was a revision of the Dark,Phoenix saga in which Wolverine kills Jean.

To literally "the dark Phoenix" retconned with Sophie Turner as Jean.

Cassandra Nova story arch is more recent.

Post Dark Phoenix.

I hope episode 6 kicks up the drama. Cuz that was some awesome work.

Have a grest day

Social Truth tanks

LoL monetizing Truth social media didn't work the way Donald Trump wanted it to.

Its like people want racist leadership for free.

It's like.. Money for nothing baby tricks for free.

It's weird but like predictable.

Hes hated more every day.

At least he let his hair go gray.. White.

Quiet on the set. The update episode

A 5th part of the docu-series "Quiet onset" came on Sunday. And it was exactly what it was.

We hear from Drake Bell talking about the reactions of his rape. Claims he took responsibility for his grooming of a child and sorta hid it behind his struggle with addiction.

And he also dropped music and a music video for "I can relate" and to me it was hollow and tasteless.

I'd be like., "did I text a minor? Sure. Did i follow through? No." The truth woulda helped.

They re like. An explosive interview from a former Nick star and "All that" alum.

You think. Finally. Amanda Nunez.

No. It was the fat blonde unfunny kid. He's like "I wasn't molested but he winked at me. And days later he hit caught plugging drake. And it affected me my whole life.

Whipped out some tears, I'm like ok simmer. LoL.

Lotta weird shit today.

Enjoy your tuesday

Eclipse Day 2024

People are like "aww man the clouds. We will miss the eclipse"

I'm like the sky is still gonna get dark. Jeeeeezus. LoL. No one died from not seeing one.

Imagine though. If tech did go out. And then Audrey II came.

Who is Audrey II?

I'm glad you asked. Little shop of horrors. A terra-terrestrial lifeform lands on earth to eat humanity. But not before it helps a nerd bag a whore. Cuz that's a symbol of life. Nerds getting laid. But you need to be a final boy. Whats A final boy? Like the final girl.. You 5ap into a survivors strength to defeat evil. But you gotta be a nerd and a virgin and stay horny. It's the frustration that fuels.

You ever notice when the nerd gets laid in a horror movie they die shortly after? The final boy. You also got to,have a dweeb name like Seymore or Sylvester or Philbert. LoL

Bang it out

Death becomes her.. Uhh

It's a good movie. About the rivalry between,two women who are "friends" a toxic decades long relationship.

What I never got was why Helen even stayed in it. It's like ok they were high school friends. She was not obligated to ever see Madeline after graduating.

Yet she brings men to Madeline to steal.

It's like.. A normal person would be like.. Fuck that shit. Never ever be in contact.

But I failed to see her narcissism.

A lot of narcissistic people will victimize themselves because they believe others care abiut them so much they will fight.

A while ago I told a tale about my friend Jen. Who was with a white guy who wanted to be native. For months she's been telling rhe tale of how "psychotic" he is. Always texting her. I'm like change your #. Next it's over FB. I'm like block him.

She tells everyone about this. She has dudes at her job on the watch for this guy.

Anyway over Easter weekend they got back together. And I found out about it Wednesday. I'm like.. Girl. Seriously? You serious girl? Girl. Giiirrrllll.

She's like "I'm not going to marry him" but this road is already being travelled.

So Friday she was all "Brad likes sleeping with the heater on"

So I'm like.. The fuck us up with you? You're a weirdo. Who does that? Tell people for 8 months about your drama then get back with the guy?

Then I told her she wasn't a main character LoL 😆

That saying is modern. In video games the story revolves around the main playable character. Everyone else is an NPC.

Had to explain that too.

But at the end of the conversation I'm like.. Yeah I'm not getting wrapped up in your bullshit. Good luck girl lol.

Cuz tough love is all you can do.

My point. Helen was always able to just not be wrapped up in bullshit. But it makes her special to be a victim.

Such is life.

Siempre viva! Live forever


Prom anxiety..

A local program is giving away prom items. Suits.. Dresses.. Make up. Silk corsages.

When you're 17 and you have 1 or no working parents and no car. Shut gets embarrassing. I bring this up because.. Yesterday I was talking to my nephew who is a senior. And he was with his friends on VR. So I asked him if he was going.

He said no and had a bunch of excuses. #1 mothing to wear. I'm like.. I have money. I can rent or buy you a suit. Then he said no car. I'm like you can borrow my car or i can pretend to be your driver. No big deal.

So finally he opened up and so did his friends. It came down to being too shy and fear of rejection.

I'm like., y'all are young and beautiful right now. Passed the weird puberty phase. This place is offering a free hook up . and ubers are a thing now.

Teens though. LoL

So if you have a teen or know one who is anti-prom. Just know it's normal. Prima are for lld people anyway. Who even listens to rosette and spandeau ballet? 😆 old folk.

Be excellent

3 types of women... In the work place

And why you should probably stay away from intraoffice dating.

At work I deal with the mom group. The married or single.. Does not matter. They re the same stock. A lot of times they feel powerless. If they aren't control freaking their kids they're trying to do it at work.

Let's face it. Teens give 0 fks. So they're major control freaks at work. "I would do it this way" and they butt heads with other single moms.

Divorced chicks, they're either cheaters or cheated on. Meaning they're going to be mean. You can usually spot one by how much she talks - brags about herself. It becomes insufferable and thus they usually have no friends.

Psychotic chicks. Ones who like their streamlined lives. Asking A girl like that to give up her ways will either work or won't. Depends.

The bonus is if you sit in an office alone with a creepy smile clacking the stapler, people will leave you alone. 😆

There's a 4th. Called fat chicks. You can roll your dice on that but you'll end up with a Rebel Wilson, a fat chick that says Lez-be-honest a lot.

Enjoy your Friday

X-Men 97 E 4

One of the canon story arches in a super hero franchise. Is a hero meeting their future self and realizing a new use of their power.

Shrek.. In the final one where he makes a wish and his life changes. He sees that the ogres can make a horn sound with their ears. To which he says "we can,do that?" At the end he does it and fiona remarks. "We can do that?"

Last night. Jubilee turned 18. Finally. Whoever kept that website tracking her 18th birthday.. Your hard work is over 😆

She ended up being trapped by interdimensional space weirdo "Mojo" who kidnaps powered people for his reality show. Cuz space is all about ratings.

Anyway she meets her future computer simulated self who showed her new uses fir her powers. Turning what were basic firework sparkles into weapons for destruction. She made a biokinetic spark blade and zipped around on light, it was trippy. She said "I can do that? And did it" canon. LoL.

The b story saw Forge trying to help Storm reverse her de-powering.

I forgot Forge waa Native American until he fed Storm. Buffalo Chili. While an eagle soared in the background screaming. I'm like.. That's too fkn sacred, LoL. George's mutant ability alloys Jim to invent. Weird power right?

But he reveals he is responsible for the tech that depowered Storm. And he was kind of in love with her. She rejected him and his tech rejected her. But the latter happened first.

Anyway it ended with storm stuck in what I assume is the astral plane. Cuz it was red skies. In a previous post I mentioned how in the comics Vecnas upside down plane of a existence resembled the Marvel astral plane.

Anyway I can't wait til next week. 😆

Fans make or break. How much does it take?

For years we had idols. And when thry get in relationships, the fans would either be happy or angry.

It's odd how regular folk think they can decide a celebrity life. Like anyone cares.
.back in the 80s there was a thing called Nielson Tv Research. They would send $1 to do a survey and use these surveys to decide which program stayed,

They used to joke aboit it on sitcoms about a single lady in Iowa controlling tv. 😆

But in modern times fans have semi-sorta access to stars. You can tweet disapproval at your leisure, we're a bunch of haters so why not?

I read a headline about a k pop star who recently went public with a boyfriend. The gans hated it so much that they ultimately split,

But it begs the question, what point do you hit when you stop caring?

Take Britney.

She was with Justin Timberlake for what,, a year? Then they broke up and fans pooped on her so much. She ended up with a back up dancer. Legit he wasnt even a cute one. And had kids with him. He left her and sued her for cbild support and she went "fuck this mess"

What ever happened to living life privately?

I guess its a luxury people who want nothing can afford.

You know who I admire?

Janet Jackson. She knew the balance. She only let you in enough to see she was doing great.

Travelling the world.

I think her early Marriage to Chico Debarge wss a learning experience. Tgat lasted a short while. Then she seemed to focus on her music, it wasn't until 10 years into her second marriage that anyone knew she had married Rene Elizondo. And she went silent again until her pregnancy a few years ago.

Even now she maintains a level of privacy.

Just enough to keep fans guessing.

To quote TLC. What about your friends? Are tgey gonna be around? Are tgey gonna let you down?

Have a great day.

She's a brick and I'm drowning slowly..

It was a song about abortion.

It took me awhile to figure out Ben Folds was a sack of shist. Thats not a typo. LoL

Ok so I thought when he said "she's a brick and im drowning slowly" that she was strong and he was weak. That she did what needed to be done. But now.

"She's a brick and I'm drowning slowly" was indeed about his preggers gf. Except she was dragging him to the botton. That an,unexpected baby was killing his life,

Its like woooooow.

Zoinks man.

If I was dumb enough to get knocked up,and the guy wanted an abortion. 8d be like get your nuts cut first. LoL

My Eclipse Conspiracy

With all the schools closing and phone networks issuing warnings of outages during the eclipse... Makes me wonder.

You ever see "Maximum Overdrive" or "Night of the Comet"?

In maximum overdrive, electronics come to life after a comet passes by earth. Specifically vehicles. Some anyway.

In night of the Comet. Those exposed to the cosmic rays of the Comet evaporate and the few who don't become zombies. With those not exposed as normal,

With the schools closing and phones dying. Wouldnt it be a perfect time for zombies and inanimate object to come alive? Imagine it..

*comes back from fantasy* and thats how I came to rule the wasteland with a knife and medical skills, oh. Hello.

Anyway.. The Eclipse is a big event. But a lot of people are bitching the trajectory keeps changing, we wont see a perfect eclipse but who cares?

How's the time to cast curses.

With a lack of light (life) you can Avada Kadava without consequence.

Diabeteena has an appointment today. A fellow kitchen lady said she saw a medical slip you get when hiven pills gir syphilis.

I'm like gross. Gross LoL

Be well