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Happy Easter 🐣

Well hello folks.

Today is the resurrection day. And the egg hunts might be cancelled dye to weather. Hope not.

I think we needed this by day for what's to come tomorrow. Whats tomorrow?

Psycho Monday. When all these free range bunnies get boiled ala Fatal Attraction.. It's gonna smell heavenly.

Those bunnies and sliced carrots. A few potatoes. Soup for the soul.

I wouldn't.

Technically Rabbits are rodents. So you'd be eating rats. And that does not happen in the house of war cry. 😆

No I've had rabbit before. 😆

When I was a wee child, my grandma would feed us traditional foods. Rabbit. Pheasant.. Duck. Deer. Free range chicken. It was a good time.

But as you grow older you get picky. You refuse to eat a long eared rat, hella weird.

Anyway so. I hope you have a great Easter. Full,of eggs and wonderment.

Be well

X-men 97 episode 3

Staying true to the x-men comics. It told the story of the birth of Nathan "Cable"

They skipped over a lot of events but there was a point.

In the X-Men,comics, as I've explained before. Jean Grey committed Genocide. Ultimately she dies taking the m'kran Crystal, the nexus of realities into the sun where no living being can touvh it. Marvel kept her out of circulation until they needed to revamp interest.

This came as a reintroduction of Jean. Which she became pregnant. But it turned out that it was a plot by Mr Sinister to mate Jean and Scott to make a perfect mutant with both their abilities.

Which turned into Jean being a clone.

The 97 story had Clone Jean,instantly succumbing to her role as Sinisters Jean and quickly adopting the persona "The Goblin Queen" her costume was very reminiscent,of the Dark Phoenix Brotherhood costume.

It's like.. Goblin.. Queen. We're there Goblins? But at the time... There was an,obsession with Goblins. Such as Spiderman's Green Goblin which is also cannon in marvel. It just seemed out of place.

It's like omega level clone of omega level psychic... I know. Goblin! 😆

I woulda went by Xineohp Jk

Anyway sinister introduced a techno virus to Nathan. Which causes him sickness after an incomplete merging of tech. The only way to save Nathan is to send him into the future. I think future Jean and Scott raise him.

After Bishop takes nathan to the future to be cured. Clone Jean,packs her shit.

Jean stops Clone and is like.. This is your home too. Clone is like.. When we were in my head you saw I wanted to leave the x-men. This time my life is going to be Mine. (Not cloned)

Jean,is like. Farewell Jean. To which Clone is like.. No... I'm Madelyne Pryor.

And im like oh yeah it's the 80s. You can just start a life without a social security # or an ID. Or a birth certificate.

There was a movie I saw.., what was it. Oh yeah. "Totally Killer" which kind of shows how easy it was. Transcripts took,forever to get from one school to another.

You could walk into a rival school and register as your enemy. Bang everyone and word gets back to your school your enemy was kicked out for being a ho bag. Weird times.

It's like.. You think Madelyne Pryor walked I,to Bloomingdales and git the job? Or would someone without ID turn to hooking? Weird concept.

Anyway. I can't wait to see what events are coveted. Hopefully the one Shadowcat phases a nuke into space only,to be trapped in it cuz once she turns solid kaboom. Lost in space for a decade LoL. Perhaps the fall of Avalon. (The mutant space sratiom of Genosha)

One can only,hope

When the kids are grown

The fun holidays suck.

When the last kid hits teens. And it's like gosh. I got so used to dying eggs. Buying fireworks and making costumes. LoL

There's more to,come but that dull point between new kuds in the family. So stark.

Anyway so I,hope y'all gave a good Friday.

Be well

Dunno what her game is...

Kristi Noem has sent an audit request to President Biden on federal monies to the 9 tribes of South Dakota. Sounds Fishy to me.

First of all. The reservations are underfunded and have a huge need for officers. So big was the need that BIA sent BIA officers from other states to fill these spots until funding became hard.

So the need is known. Trying to find a way to cut the budget under the guise of "we need to help" is kind of redundant.

There's been a lot of these commercials about how South Dakotans are being strong armed off their lands by oil companies under the "Imminent Domain" law. They're like "call this number and tell our Governor.. South Dakotans first"

It's like.. If she could do,anything she would have. She won't. She's collecting money from these companies. She still deluded herself in thinking Donald Trump will select her to be his running mate. Come to think,of it.. Who is his running mate?

LoL wait. If 2 guys are running mates is that like a gay relationship? Mating is in tne title. Jk.

My point. I dont know what she's up to. But she's definitely not out to help anyone but herself.

That's my time. Be well.

And never use the word weiner in chat.

Be excellent today

How I ease into my day at work.

I began to use my airpods a lot. My job doesn't really require me to talk to people a lot. When they come to me, they're in person. Meanwhile I have my daily routines.

So I've been listening to radio stations on live365. EmmaFM and GenerationX. I keep my options low as with XMradio theres too many options fir my ADD to take control. So I let these radio stations play and they get the job done. It's never clunky shit no one listens to,and with XM they overdo it with songs and artist. Constantly pushing Olympia Kahldrogo and Taylor Swift. And that stupid song.

Its like "make me sweat.. Make me hotter., make me lose my cool.. Make me water" stupidest song. Plus Diabeteena sings it on the turlet. Lmao

Ima curse you with that song.

Now you will die in 7 days.

Anyway live365 is free streaming. 😎

Am I a partner and promoting? No lol

I just like music. And my ego makes me want to talk about myself

Be excellent today

Realistic expectations...

The other day Diabeteena said "There's mothing wrong with flirting with a married man.. Flirting never hurt anyone"

Except a year ago the wife of a guy she was sending nudes to found out and whooped her ass. And I'm like wait.. She uses nudes? LoL

She goes the Kim Kardashian route. Air dropping nudes. Let me start by saying the mans wife left him and He's currently living with his elderly parents and he wasnt even attractive to begin with.

The fact he got a kitty photo was enough to change his lonely life.

So back to my original topic. I was in,the bathroom readjusting my hair when i overheard this conversation.

So I reminded her about the old man Aaron from a year ago. And recently earlier this year with Martin. Im like you need to learn your lesson. But then again.. With your face.. What do you got to lose?

I went into,a shpiel about how it's not that shes an enjoyable person. Guys evidently will want to fuck anything. Eventually her son's will find her nudes and bam.. Shes alone. Simple.

Life is crazy.

But a lot if people need to look in the mirror and ask.. Would I do me? Prob not.

But thats reality.

Reap what you sow.

Anyway have an enjoyable day

Rebuilding Drake Bell is failing..,

I spoke about this. How they seemed to be trying to reboot Drake Bell.

Dont get me wrong, his experience was bad. Even when he said he kept doing it because he felt trapped. Kept going back for those sloppy BJs.

But as I said before he is a convicted Sex Offender. Found guilty of child endangerment.

After the documentary went live. He released new music and a music video. Seemingly trying to ride the wave of sympathy back into good graces.

But a lot of people felt it was classless and they are right. To believe revealing your rape to reboot your career is a bad move. You can't Mandela effect us.

And now his victim is speaking out reminding people he is a sex offender. And I think they outta stick a fork in him,

Cuz he is done.

I feel like his rebirth should be short lived. Theres nothing wrong with working at McDonald's as long as it's 100 feet away from any schools,

Anyway have a great day

Amanda Bynes .. Weirdness makes sense

When you take a step back from how weird Amanda Bynes is. A lot if things make sense.

I remember years ago there was a stir about a supposed twitter account claiming to be Amanda under the name "Ashley Banks"

After the airing of "Quiet on set" a lot of people took notice. Amanda was a major part of it. It talked of how weird her relationship with Dan Schneider was. From her massaging his fat neck,on set to a creepy hot tub interview. They would rehearse behind closed doors.

How she had 2 shows created by Dan. The Amanda Show" and "What I Like About You" on the WB. How the WB distanced them.

Anyway a lot of people have resurfaced these accounts. One tweet claimed she had an abortion at 13 because of Dan Schneider and that's why,she cant have babies.

She retired from acting in like 2010-2012. And went through substance abuse. Eventually she announced she was no-polar and yada yada. But not until after she tweeted her father molested her. Which she revanted after some time on meds.

She's kinda fucked up. But it makes sense.

How does one go from a huge child star.. To a fucking nail technician? Someome who has a degree in fashion and marketing to doing nails at the "gorgeous pretty beauty nail salon"

There are psychological signs.

People sexually abused will stop bathing. Wear baggy black clothes and go out of their way to be unattractive. Possibly get fat.

You take a look,at how she looked in 2010 and jow she looks now. She's trying to tell the word but they made her seem insane.

I think if she told her story now. We would believe her. After the revelations.

Its weird

Social truth is going public lol

I guess Trump is going piblic with social truth to wring his idiots of their cash.

Honestly.. Its like whatever.

I don't use it, don't care. I feeling he should keep his morons in 1 place. Add chat rooms so we get rid of futz and the other dummies who think they are Republican.

It's like yeah.. A 50 year old bartender and a jobless pothead are definitely Republicans. They fit the mold. Rich.. Educated.. Oh wait. 😆

Yesterday Futz compared himself to an,older man. "I'm still fit" but it's like.. Yeah you were split they scooped out your gall bladder with an icecream scoop from your 5'2 90 lbs Chihuahua like body.

He is like a Chihuahua. Tiny.. Constantly yapping. Eating taco bell. 😆

But yes back to social truth.

I hope it burns because once Trump dies. The hydra will have nothing. 😆

I love watching things fall.

Be well

X-men 97 was a dream...

X-men 97 is an animated marvel show tgat picks up where the last episode ends, with updated graphics. But using the same voice actors. Which was cool.

It picks up with life after the death of Professor Xavier. Scott and Jean are running the school. Jean is seemingly pregnant.

After Xavier died and master mold is defeated. It's revealed Bolivar Trask had a back up master mold. The MARD now has sentinel tech. I wont bore you with side plots.

Magneto shows up revealing Charles left him everything. The money. The school. And magneto changes his tune trying to live up to the dream of Xavier. It even means turning himself in and being ambushed at trial. This ambush leaves Storm depowered. Probably permanently.

Anyway there was a reveal I expected but didn't expect.

Jean reveals her umborn baby is a son. And I'm like.. Rachel,is Jean and Scotts only biological child. Nate Grey was made in a test tube. Nathan Summers is not jeans son. He is Madelyne Pryors.

Jean goes into labor and gives birth to a son she names Nathan Charles Summers, and I was like... Does this mean she is not Jean Grey?

At the very end Jean Grey appears at the mansion asking for help. And I was like... This stays true to the story line.

In the comics, after the Phoenix saves Jean from the shuttle crash.. It puts her in a psychic cocoon to heal her radiation damaged body. But replicates her body. The dark Phoenix saga had nothing to do with Jean Grey. Why?

At the time in the 70s 80s. The Phoenix committed genocide. By eating a sun and killing an alien race, in Marvel History, this kept Jean out of the comics for a number of years. In order to bring her back. They had to create the Madelyne Pryor story line. Madelyne later became "the goblin queen" Jean and Scott raised Cable as their own.

The planet the phoenix destroyed was referenced in the dark Phoenix film. The d'bari. So all this ties together. Hopefully they take on the legion story line in which Xavier had to die in order to see his dream come true.

I thought it was cool.

Just giving a review... Sort of

Buffy Saint Marie is a fkn weirdo.

Yesterday I fell down a rabbit hole and ended up looking at the life of Buffy Saint Marie. Omg it's so fucking weird.

Buffy Saint Marie is an American singer/songwriter. Mostly known for co-writing "where we belong" for the movie "officer and a gentleman" winning an Oscar. Ok so let me tell why this interests me.

Buffy Saint Marie built her career around being a Native American. Her tale was she was ripped away from her native parents and given to white people to raise. And she was from a reservation and faced insurmountable problems as a poor native girl. 😆

For decades she made this claim and has fought everyone, including her own family to go along with it. I read a story where she was gonna be on Sesame Street and her father told them she was European. She hit him with legal action on rhe grounds of defamation and taking away means of gainful employment.

She also threatened to write a book about how her brother sexually abused her to buy his silence. Musta happened because he stfu.

In 2023 through DNA it was confirmed Buffy was a white lady. How?

Her sister and Buffy's son Cody both took a DNA test proving they are genetically related. What does this mean? It means Buffy was not adopted by white people like she claimed. Her white sister is biologically her sister.

But in a twist. Decades before.. Buffy married into a tribe with Cody's Dad who is native American. She was then "adopted" or claimed by a family. As an adult by the way. But still. No native blood.

Her ancestry is Italian and European.

After she got exposed the tribe she married into staunchly defended her claiming racism. But im like racist against a white race bending? Weird,

There's a way to prove Native American ancestry by the way.

In the late 1800s. Blood quantum levels were introduced. At first as a means to get land from the indians illegally. It had to do with "40 acres and a mule" slavery reparations. Also as away to track black people.

But now its a tool used to disprove. It is a record of your family tree and every branch known. Then it works by listing how many ancestors are native American,

People saying half or 1/4 are lying.

Anyway thats my time.

Be excellent

Drake Bell. Can he be trusted?

Recently there was a docu-series called "behind the set.. The dark side of kids tv" heavily featured was Dan Schneider.

Dan Schneider has created and produced a lot of tv shows for Nickelodeon. In recent years he was exposed as a creep by Alexa Nikolas and Jeanette McCurdy. The proof they presented were in your face.. Hidden in plain sight clues.

Over sexualizing the teen girls. Short skirts. Tight clothes. There was a scene he had Asians Grande jerking off a potato for potato juice. Another had her head hanging off a bed drinking a long bottle of water as it splashed her face and chest.

How almost every girl had a scene where her feet were either tickled or massaged. And he would aggressively make them do these scenes.

But that's besides the point.

Drake Bell is a former child star of tv shows like.. The Amanda Show and the titular "Drake and Josh" show. He also was Timmy Turner in the live action version of "The Fairly Odd parents"

A couple years ago he admitted to "accidentally" grooming an underage teen. Then he changed his story that he at first didn't know her age. Then it became he waited til she was 18.. Which still translates as grooming. To eventually denying it. It cost him his wife I think.

Anyway he was being all victimized in the docu-series.

Its like Corey Feldman crying about rape 40 years later. His accuser had time to rape others and die. Unlike Feldman. Drake could have said something before statute of limitations ran out.

It begs the question. Can he be trusted?


I do. I feel like nobody has to apologize to him considerimg he went from victim to villain. But that's just my opinion.

Be well

Maybe I shoulda started a cult. 😆

I have a close relationship with my nephews and neices. And they always take on parts of my mental features. Over explaining, analytical. Arrogant. The best parts of me. 😆

So my nephew decided he wanted to go into sports. I'm like ok cool. After doing a practice was so sore and tired. A captive audience. So I explained to him the importance of conditioning and protein.

I'm like.. I had a friend who worked at GNC and he never used their supplements. He knew tgat protein and repetitiob were key to building muscle and strength.

I explained that a lot of people turn to chicken meat for protein. And explained wht drills were important, my sister told me last week at his b ball game "whatever you told him.. Has him determined to get stronger" I'm like cool 😎

I,also explained why he should drink ultra filtered milk instead of pop. Because ultra filtering removes more impurities. Removes lactose. Reduces sugar by %50 and adds 50% more protein per serving. And milk is a great source of calcium for bones and growth. I explained Apple's contain boron which makes them harder to break.

Anyway he also used this knowledge for a science fair last week. LoL 😆

I'm like im not surprised. When his brother git an A because he remembered i spoke to him about Roberta Lacks. I'm like they listen.

It makes me want to go into teaching. Cuz I'd mold do many minds. 😆

But all in good time.

Be excellent

The diabet-Tea of Diabeteena

Ive mentioned this hoochie lady before. It's time for an,update.

So over a week ago Diabeteena got I,to a fight with biggun. And she took,a week,off work. Today she made her big reveal.

Ok so. Back on Valentine's day. She announced her engagement to Rahool the janitor. And she flexed hard. He was blind to her cheating months ago.

Anyway today she came back and she revealed she is getting back with her ex and moving away.,. After he gets out of prison, ok so., I probably shouldn't mention this but whatever. Her ex was in prison for child sexual abuse.

And in an even weirder twist. Her fiance left her for a really gross older woman.

The fucked up thing is.. She only worked at the prison to watch over her ex. She would sneak him extra food and cigs.

An even more fucked up thing is the kid he bad touched was her FAS neice. So while he was in prison,. She lived in his house. She took care of him. Loved him. It's gross. He's an,ugly white guy and she looks like a fat ralphie from a christmas story with a face full of piercings.

Karma will catch up though. It usually does. But what nice tea.


The unknown.. The DBD transgender debate

Recently dead by daylight released an original character called "the unknown" which at PTB was a man whose body was grotesque and twisted, last tuesday he was released to the public.

The alternate cosmetics were funny, it featured a cheerleader, a school girl. A granny and a few male versions. One had a cool 70s shirt.

The surprise was the whole female cosmetics that started the whole "it's too woke" discussion.

I'm like isn't woke about race?

The tards dont even know the difference between the things they hate,

So my opinion.

The unknown isn't the first character to feature both male and female alternates. The legion features male and female avatars. they even have their own names.

When Chucky was released, his alternate was Tiffany Valentine. His doll wife voiced by Jennifer Tilly.

Then There's the LGBTQ who scream"a trans cant be a villain" not remembering that gender bending is part of horror history.

From leather face.. To Norman Bates. To ofciurae the most famous trans killer "Angela" from the cult classic Sleepaway Camp. Which featured a nude reveal of a girl head on a dude body.

I say quit ruining the fun with your "I'm so offended" bullshit.

The unknowns biography is left open. No one said they had to be male or female. Thus it's.. Unknown.

Take your hate and manufactured hate and get to stepping. I'm pro 🌈 killers

Be excellent today

Republicans are stupid people.

LoL they keep taking Mexican migrant workers and sendingbthem to "Democrat" states. Like to "really stick it to tje liberals" but unintentionally giving migrants asylum from deportation.

To dumb it down.

The very people they hate, they are helping get into the united state's and granted the right to stay. Or maybe they're deep cover liberals,

I saw today Texas rep Gov Abbott was doing this. But it makes you wonder.

If by doing this the Mexicans are like "great white man get us in America.. Let's vote for him" securing his win. Odd way to pad your votes.

But it makes sense. They re usually garbage people on paper. Republicans.

Anyway have a blessed friday

Get on your knees and smell my Pi

Happy Pi day!

Thats right. 3.14. 3 dats Til St Patrick's.

The sun us trying to come out. It's been cold the past couple days. It's kind of annoying.

I'm celebrating this awesome day will killer rounds on Dead by Daylight, gonna carve people into 8 equal slices.

Ima also eat some apple pie. Cuz Murrica

Be excellent

Space is the reason why Earth is dying

SpaceX is attempting a launch.

So global warming is worrying people. So much a rich idiot is trying to colonuze Mars in his life time. Why? He who lands on it owns it. Like our world.

We are parasites. We continuously burn through the world resources and fuck like crazy. Multiplying and overpopulating the planet.

But the cruelest cut is expending fuel to fly to space all Willy nilly. Every month or other month we create these balls of fire at 1000+ degrees just to lift like maybe 3-5 people to a space station that isn't self-sufficient. Warming the ozone more and more. Then everyone wonders why.

The hellish blizzards and droughts is the earths response trying to deal with it's infection of man.

And we waste fuel doing this shit. And by we, I mean humanity. It isnt just America or Europe or China, we all do this trying to find the next world to devastate for a monetary gain that doesnt really exist.

It's like buying an Apple when theres apples out in nature. Buying hamburger when there's cows out in the fiekd eating and pooping.

Money has no value until people put value on it, stealing is not a crime until someone decides ut is and threatens jail. The law isn't real. Because if it was a crime to murder., why do we still murder?

This is not my "i dont give a shit" speech. I do care. I do believe in law and justice and money. But sometimes you gitta sit back and wonder about your place in the death machine tgat is killing the earth.


Suffice to say, ignorance is bliss. Til we in drought season with 112 degree weather baking people to death.

I'm a ray if sunshine right? Pretty and radioactive.

Be excellent today

Donald Trump is not the anti-Christ!!

The devil is way too cool to be an obese ginger. Ok, so with my shocking blog title out the way.. Hi!

We're a few days out from st pattys day 🍀

What a time for a revenge st pattys day. Jk. It's not gonna happen. Influenza B is on the rise. My aunt and cousins and their kids have it and they tell me it's like when I had covid, that they're making deals with God and Satan to live.

I got my booster just in time apparently.

Diabeetina hasn't been at work in a couple days. They said she has influenza, I'm like that biggun must have had the septic touch. LoL. Punched her into the flu. It's crazy. But it is what it is, lots of people can't just stay home. It's infect time.

If I were out at the bar or say.. Applebees. 🍎 🐝 I'd probably be infectious. Like my laughter.

So get your vaccination. A day or so of discomfort beats sacrificing animals to malbolgia for returned health isn't a good look.

Be well people

The dumbest thing is to be political


Imagine how sad the life would be if you lived worried about amendments to ever changing laws. To have your livelihood ranked on a position. To take bribed and dirty your name for others.

Ive said before, there's no one to believe in, when people say I love Biden.. Im like fuck yeah. Because that's all they literally have. Im an expert at taking agro. I'm a firm believer in... What's the worst that can happen?

Anyway. As much as I believe in whats fair and would help the future. I'm not willing to deal with people or convince others.

True that's the Mark if an ENTJ, but I dont do it, I feel like any effort is too much effort.

A smart person knows failing an effort is a waste of energy. Instead use tgat energy to be happy, there's a lot of unhappy toxic folk out there so socially inept, they can't keep friends.

I know you read my blogs unnamed toxic people. There's more to life than hating on the internets. Especially now that spring us springing. Go make memories. I plan to.

Cuz if the most toxic wannabe nerdy lolcat talking piece of shit bird woman can walk away from wireclub to be married. There's hope for you. Do not lose hope.

I'm always here to shine my light.

Take my advice.

Be excellent today

Giving head could cost you 😆

Work drama.

So I'm in my office and I hear someone scream.. You fkn bch. And I'm like.. It's going down. And run to see.

So diabeteena is standing behind a bathroom door holding it closed, this time there's a big lady punching the door. A biggun, next thing I know she charges the door and lets it fall back quick and I hear diabeteena hit the ground,

So biggun tells everyone, "this ugly bitch is messing with my brother. My brother told her he was done and she sent his d pic to our mom.

And I'm like.. Uhhh.. Hit her. LoL

I'm not thete to stop shit. I like fights. Especially when they dont involve me. 😆

So biggun pushes hard and manages to squeeze in, all you hear is a loud bang and diabeteena gasping. The door opens and biggun is clawing at diabeteena and I'm like.. This is great. 👍

Anyway a tiny lunch lady. About 4"11 comes in with a literal iron skillet. We're like whoa., thats assault if you do hit her. Intent with a weapon plus all these witnesses. Dont be a fool.

She turns and walks away and im like., relax Its Just a beat down. No one ever dued from an ass kickin. 😆

About a minute of mma style floor hugging and it was over. The other people like "why didnt you stop em?" Im like first.. I'm pretty. I'm not ruining this for anyone, 2.. I'm not a cop. Do you see a uniform? 3. Aren't all,of you adults too? Why is it me that's gotta do something?

Honestly.. Asking for help when you deserve your ass whooping is hella lame. 😆

If you got the nerve to harass you git the nerve to get your ass kicked. Simple math.

Last night I was harassed by a drunk fat Karen. Jealous people were paying attention to me, to you I say. Ha! Fuck around and find out . Fatty

I'll be honest about the Oscars

Never gave a frick about them. It's like why? Never invested interest.

Ok so why I was interestes this year. Lily Gladstone. Honestly like everyone else native I pushed so hard cuz she's native, when killers of the flower moon first came out I was like Yes.. Finally.

However.. I finally watched it last week.

And I was like what the actual hell? As in my review, I expected Lily to bring the acting, the emotion. Yet I felt nothing.

All she did was be sick and in bed and super dumb, and im like... Where's the performance? I expected like death bed anger., like she's like.. Leo., you killed us both *stab*

Nope. If anythibg I was embarrassed.

However, to lose to Emma Stone in a Frankenstein type role., even more tragic.

Then I turned the tv off like... Alright then.

The worst part was woody Allen's cameo.

Woody fucking Allen.


Stay cool today,

Be excellent

Fear of the dark, fear of the dark.

DBD is celebrating the upcoming Iron Maiden tour with cosmetics inspired by Eddie. Iron maidens mascot.

He's like a cartoonist ghoul.

Anyway. I've never been an,iron maiden fan but cool. 😎

You are little and ugly.

Yesterday futz mentioned stuff I wrote in my blog. And now I know he reads it. So welcome tool bag.

I'll address more of what I said ala chat.

1. You're ultra stupid. You were in special ed. You have a 2 year degree from a community college. And you most likely run the phones considering you got to work from home during the pandemic. You aren't smart or important.

2. You have crooked eyes and you look like you smell like fishy jizz and poop, considering your ibs and now lack of gall bladder . the firiest poops

3. The fact you only fight women is probably why you're alone, even scooter didn't stick around to deal with your b.s. then again you're very homosexual so maybe if you just admit it to yourself you can find a boyfriend.

I used to laugh when you'd beg jeepguy to take you to the loose caboose. Its like.. A loose caboose in loose caboose? LoL

So enjoy this blog faithful reader.

International woman's day

Happy IWD.

I feel like today's the day we get a bonus pms day. Cuz I had it up to here with your b.s. Jk.

I'm down to 0 haters, I,don't know why I'm trying to make more.

With the fall of scooter., I'm down to no haters. Id count futz as a hater but you need some brain activity to hate. I feel like karma git him by taking away his gallbladder and giving him 5 alarm chili poops. You are a just God

So today on international women's day. I want to congratulate other women who have overcome obstacles and rose above it.

You are queens.

So happy international women's day

Marvel is kinda bonkers - the new mytique

Its been awhile since I actually got caught up with Marvel comics. And something so weird that flew under yhe radar. LoL

Y'all know Mystique? The shape shifting blue mutant ruined by Jennifer Lawrence? Well they were like.. How do we fuck her up some more? LoL. They re-wrote her whole history. Ima let you in on these changes.

First.. Mystique is no longer Nightcrawlers birth mother. His real mother is Irene Adler aka "Destiny" who has been a background player for years. Destiny is a psychic mutant who at her ascension wrote dozens of diaries about future events that had shaky outcomes.

Like she could predict future events and at the same time predict ripple events from 1 event and the outcome of changing it a certain way. These books were highly sought after and she ultimately began the days of future past in which Professor Xaviers son accidentally kills him.

Anyway. Before 2023. Nightcrawlers parents were mystique and a teleporting mutant named Azazel. Azazel is a teleporting elf mutant that looked like nightcrawler but had red skin.

Anyway in 2023. They decided to change all that.

So as I said Destiny is Nightcrawler's birth mother. The father? *drum roll* Mystique. So one night when Destiny and Mystique. Were deep into,their now gay relationship. They got tired of scissoring. And Irene's like.. "Raven.. What if you had a dick?"

That should be an episode of Marvel's "What if" series. What if Mystique had a dick.

Anyway so mystique turned into a guy and he knocked up Destiny. Then they still threw their baby away and instead, adopted and raised Rogue, cuz girl power.

So Mystique has a workable penis.

Anyway so now instead of being friends for over 100 years, Destiny and Mystique are now the longest running gay couple in Marvel history. Except those years they were in relationships with men. Cuz Mystque is still Graydon Creeds mother.

LoL. Guess its true. You're only a lesbian until someone with a dick wants you.

Marvel is fucking rediculous right now. It went from being about acceptance to pandering to the extreme weirdos.

Stan Lee probably rolling in his grave.

Rest in peace I guess

Trump is the Republican contestant.. LoL

So news today is Trump won the primary ballot to run for 2024 President. Against Nikki Haley. Which anyone could have said would happen. Why? I'm glad you asked.

Nikki Haley is female. Republicans are uneducated tools who believe in,the prosperity of White Males. The females really have no power or authority. Republican females will vote Trump because thinking requires a brain. They'd rather a man be in charge than a highly educated woman. Plus. Nikki Haley is not white. She's India Indian. Her name is like Nikkimitra Hamunaptra Haley. Or some shit.

It doesn't matter. Why?

Because Taylor Swift hates Donald Trump. Doesn't matter if they let him run. So lets take it back to when Trump was running out of time.

Taylor Swift tweeted "how dare you @realdonaltrump.. We will vote you out" and he lost. How do you think Swift will seal the deal with Biden? Considering the one time she truly endorsed a politician and he lost?

Taylor Swift encouraged her swifties to register to vote awhile back. And the amount of registeted voters spiked. She told them,to be sure to vote and they did.

It's like this.

The average MAGA is 50+. Old and white. Old people die every day.

Swifties are young mostly female fans. Women outnumber men. She has an army of young women and gay dudes in her stable.

Whereas MAGAs die everyday. Swifties are just budding into 18 year olds. Spring vs winter.

Sunrise vs sunset.

All the shit Trump tries to roast Biden with will happen to him as well. So November when the vote really counts. Swift will screen Now! And Trump will lose.

He really should have been nicer to Swift.

Cuz he's goimg down again

Review - Flowers of the killer moon

I finally had time to watch this 3 and a half hours long movie. So lets get into it.

Set to the backdrop of The Osage tribe of Oklahoma during their oil days. The tribe became instantly rich and so began their trouble. A different kind of genocide fuelled by money,

The story is about Ernest Burkart (DiCaprio) and his part in joining and killing female members of an Osage tribal family.

His uncle William King Hale (Deniro) is double dipping and sort if sweet talking the Osage. He pretends to be an ally and then,orchestrate murders on natives he puts insurance on.

That's the plot. They kill for both,insurance and inheritance.

Lets me talk about something I've mentioned before, The Owl. For my tribe the Owl is a harbinger of death. To hear it's screech or hoot and see it.. Death is on the way.

Anyway tje owl shows up twice and he licked 0 tootsies pops. Waste

Anyway it ends with a trial and Brendan Fraser was there. He showed up yelling and im like calm,down whale. Go spank,it to a heart attack whale, but he wss all "It's Wall-lay"

Anyway after the trial. Mollie leaves Ernest and quite frankly, no one got justice. All the villains lived and died of old age.

Then they hadaweird pow wow at the end where the drum was in the middle, and I'm like uhhh ok.

I,did learn we had similar words but not really. They prayed to wak-ka-ton-dah. For us its Wakan tanka. Similar but no cigar.

If I'm honest. I don't see why Lily Gladstone got all these accolades. Her character was kind of.. Bland. When she wasn't in bed she walked around slowly wrapped in a blanket, but I won't look a gift horse in the mouth. A win is a win.

Pretty good

Owen Lloyd shatters and shattered.. The shattering.

YouTube kept promptibg me to watch a recent video,of a NC swimmer named Owen Lloyd make history. He shatters a record in swimming.. But gets disqualifies for celebrating before the last swimming completes the race.

Its weird. Like he breaks a record and celebrates with his team mate. He straddles the divide and waves and gets back in the lane. But straddling that barrier was his downfall. Vecauae he crossed,to another swimmers lane before the last person finished the race. His reaction is classic.

Real talk. I can't wait fir lifetime to make a movie about ut and cast Jake Gyllenhaal. Twas the role Haley was made for.

And it'll be called "Shattered.. The shattening of Owen Lloyd"

Atleast a tubi movie. That would be so cool.

His team mate won and went from 2nd to winner. But then.., he gets booted for celebrating too and for disagreeing during an interview. So thr shattening us spreading, shatting all over these walls Ray!

I can't wait for the next update.

Be excellent today,

The noncompete clause

What is it?

It's a vlause in which if you are fired or leacmve one job, you can not take a similar job nearby. Depending on how far away it is. Most say same state.

Why am I bringing this up?

It was a story about how a pediatrician, who left his job after his hospital fired a bunch of nurses, took a job a few towns away, only to find his new company being sued by old company.

I dealt with a similar situation in the past. It was part of a nda I signed wgen I was in New York. Which didn't affect me cuz I could work anywhere.

Over a year ago during covid.. One big the "supervisors" the lady making and printing schedules.. Took a chunk,of time out and woukd barely show up,enough to hit print. Caused a lot of chaos. So finally I told her to do a job or step down.

She was grandfathered into her job. Seniority. She felt threatened and demanded my job. I was like go ahead. Take it. Probably won't do it either.

She didn't know my value. Probably more than her value. They created an admin position for me. Which means they kept me. I got off shift work and never had to have any interactions with her. I get snow days off and holidays off. Same pay scale.

But had there been a noncompete.. I'd have to work in another field. My hours now are weird as admin. They used to be 8 to 4 but I got switched from 6 til 2. I have to do most of my upkeep before the other staff show up. Which is fine. I'm not mad. It gets echausting trying to maintain being a dependable worker and a he'll raiser by evening. Jk.

Oh so back to the topic.

This pediatrician specializes in critically ill children. So for another hospital to be upset when the leaving was essentially their own fault. Is petty. It should never be about money., but helping kids, but it never is,

Publuc schools gor instance, some get free food from the gov, while others charge for lunch unless the child is on a list for free food, or discounted. Which is fucked,

But that's red states for you. They don't want your kids fed or read. Keep an at slave levels. And that's sad.

Terribly sad.
.be excellent