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Native fever is a problem.

So you have no identity. Neat. But before you decide to dance with the wolves.. Let me tell you something.

I have a friend who is in a very dramatic relationship with a white guy. Let's call her J and call him B.

So J and B met after her husband died and she got a new more native last name. Before she had a pretty much white people name, from a family of half breeds. I digress. B was a white veteran "biker" she met through her deceased husbands biker group.

Anyway she told me he would talk to his exes on the phone late at night telling them he loved them. He couldn't get boners cuz his mental problems medications killed em. That and drug use. Anyway they broke up and they keep texting each other.

So anyway he "stalked" her to the PD and she told her story.

She said it happened after he started trying to "sell" seats to sweat lodges and sun dances and other natives called him the devil and she didn't validate his actions.

So he shows up and I'm like... Dude.. You know her last name now is her married last name? It won't validate you among other natives. Stop it.

For years I noticed a rise in whiter guys claiming medicine man statues while being named Burt Schloker or Tim Jones. Random names. Are not real people.

My point.. A lot of peeps do it. It's like meh. Don't. Be well

This girl is on fire 🔥

LoL the weirdest thing happened today.

Ok so I haven't seen a portable curling iron in awhile. You know. You charge an and use em. I always thought they were a fire hazard... And I was right.

Picture it.. Work,, Feb 28 2024. The hottest girl at work is in the bathroom., humming a tune and fixing her hair. She hears a scream. And sees feet flail under a nearby stall. Only to find the only other occupant in the bathroom had a portable curling,iron turn on and burn her leg. That hittest chick at the office was me. Dunno who,the other dumb ass was. I was like hood my k on your journey and got the hell out.

Next week is pay week. I can't wait. I'm gonna treat myself to a theatre movie. But not God awful Dune 2.

As I said previously. The fact Timouthee Chalamet is dating Kylie Jenner kinda ruins him. Now when I look at him I see a greasy rat sniffing for old discarded cheese. And that's ok. LoL

Kids are so nice lately. The past year or so.. I started to hate teens. Cuz dealing with them while at work.., makes you roll your eyes. It's like.. You're either a hood rat or a suicidal weirdo.

Let me tell you. One time my mom called me upset that one of my nieces was suicidal over not having a cellphone. I'm like... Oh no she didn't!

Anyway I went to my mom's house and my neice who I kinda didn't like anyway was racking off. In the bathroom talking about "you'll be sorry"

I'm like.. How would you know? You'd be dead. I told them,to,give you back to God anyway. If you don't want to live.. Then do it. I'm not letting my mom beg you to stay. Git!!!!

Now before you call me evil. Let me tell you about taking agro. Taking agro is when you take the hate someone us getting and making others focus on you, be the distraction.

I mean whats the worst that can happen? She kills herself? That's her decision but someone adept at mental games will tell you.. Sometimes. People will hate you and want to live. They either want to see you fall or win you over. It's the human ego.

It's been 6 years and my neice is still alive.

And.. She never got a phone out of my mom. She got some guy to pay for one.

My point... If you're smart enough... Wide enough and pretty enough. You'll never catch fire. You'll shine bright like a diamond!!! From too much moisturizer.

Anyway.. Be amazing today

Marriage to an idiot is not for me.

LoL. I saw a post about Lara Trump. Wife of Eric Trump. And it made me go hmm.

Would I ever be with someone stupid? No. It's like sliding a knife in your side. Do you need to? Probably not. Do you want to? Probably not, is it a good idea? Definitely not.

The worst part at the dumb people that dont know they are dumb. Then they claim to be Republican and I'm like.. That makes sense. 😆

If I was married to Eric Trump, I would take every opportunity to tell him to shut the fuck up. Id be like.. You said what to CNN? Bitch go sleep in the basement on the punishment cot. LoL

It's why I don't fall in love with stupid people. You can be uneducated and still be smart. But the point you're parroting stupid shit,,, it's like yeah.. No.

People on here ask if you're a filthy liberal and a Democrat. You ask for a definition and they usually shut up.

I grew up disadvantaged and poor and if I see people suffer, it doesn't sit right with me. I'm not tossing on a political color because I stand alone. Always have.

And if I'm not into you.. You're probably stupid and I left. LoL.

Cuz im not here to fix people.

And apparently neither is Lara Trump.

Good luvk with your moron Lara

Be excellent

The need to be liked is a mental disease

Did you know this?

The need to be wanted and loved by everyone is a mental disease.

Which means all of you people trying to be influencers are sick in the head. All of you trying to be flirty while being ugly are sick in the head. Gasdor is sick in the head LoL

No but for real. They say the need for approval and to be liked by many is a mental disorder.

There's a difference between wanting to be liked and needing to. Wanters will want it but not actively try, Needers will do almost anything to be liked or for likes. It's called approval seeking behavior.

It's weird.

Like I know an ugly single mom who,actually let a man sexually abuse her mentally handicapped neice for months a after he got caught, she left the toan and still claims people are jealous of her. LoL

If you gander Yahoo. Sometimes the post stories like this too.

Be cool today

The Russia Ukraine war is 2 years old

Its like.. Where's your assassins? LoL

Why isn't Putin been put in a grave yet? He isn't like the fittest guy. Isn't the most unrecognizable dictator. It's like... Idk weird.

It's weirder than Ukraine hasnt switched leaders either. Dont get me wrong, zellensky is doing a great job. It just seems like pretty soon it's gonna stop being a war and just be life. Then they will try to build the wall. And the world will be wrapped up in b.s.,

Then again I have no fight in this dog, I just admire that Zellensky stood by his people and begged for aid, they really needed it.

Ukraine.. The name reminds me of house on haunted hill and the evil ghost was named Hugh Crane. So my mind pins Ukraine to be evil though I know they aren't.

Hugh Crane... Its me you want!

Anyway.. It's Friday! Time to finish out the week.

Be excellent today.

LoL the fleeting flame of the Kardashian klan


People are starting to not give a Fuck and I'm all for it.

I used to joke about Kylie Jenner dating Timouthee Chalamet. I'm like after all the black dick s nutting in her and numerous child births. I'm like what's this tiny white guy thinking? LoL. He's gonna do damage with his tiny dick?

I dunno some dudes arent the smartest, it's like you'll inherit 2 other dudes kids. Cool beans,

Guess it doesnt matter if someone's giving up that butt hole. The front hole is a mess I'm sure.

But I digress.

I think its a wonderful time to be rid of them. I never was a follower. Never head a favorite. My life wS never empty to a point I had to care who tgey we're fucking that week. But a lot,of you losers were.

Despite all the co,formations of Photoshop, their inability to do,d decent men. Y'all were wrapped up so tight.. LoL. Tighter than Kris's face.

That's one thing I don't get. Why didn't Bruce get facial feminization and a face lift. Just went,out there with his original face on a set on tranny half orange boobs. Weird.

All the money in the world and Bruce looked like an alien.

Anyway have a great day.

Fear mongering this late.. LoL

I keep getting commercials on YouTube about immigrants.

It's like 32000 immigrants a day.. 19 are on the terror watch list. Vote for this ginger tool looking like Alfred Newman for Congress, let's build the wall.

It's like... Well for one we are closer to Canada. 2. As a native, this ginger nightmare is an immigrant to me. 3. Mexicans are born technically on the sane continent. Are they really immigrants?

It seems all white people do is throw hate to Hispanics. Even trying to veil racism as "invading OUR country." It's like, whats this we shit? Our? Oh you people emerged from the ground here?

It's like the land owners kissed the white government us taking theur land for oil pipelines, where was this 4age when ut was happening to natives? LoL.

Pick your fights I guess.. Now they're like "this affects all South Dakotans" really? Cuz when tgey we're building pipes on burial grounds y'all were busy selling your mineral rights. Sucks to be you.

Weaponizing race to win Congress/presidency should not ve a factor. Yet here we are. I grew up kibd of hating Mexicans for awhile. Even called an beakers and wet backs til like the 6th grade when I'm like.. If that look like me.. Am I one. They looked more like me than Lola Jones and her albino white hair.

Now it's like... Y'all seem cool. Dont fuck around and find out though,

Why hate? Love.

Be excellent today

Miller's girl...

Was it psychological war? Cerebral love? What's the difference?

Cairo Sweet begins a harsh game of inappropriate flirtation and an inability to process rejection.

Cairo thinks herself as a high intellect writer type. And out of boredom tries to seduce her English teacher. Blurred lines between student and teacher culminate in a single kiss that meant more to one than the other,

Jonathan Miller is an English teacher in the south who wrote a book once that some would say was full of promise. He became a teacher to support his wife's dream of publishing a book. Falls into the life of a teacher. Feeling trapped in a world of mediocrity, finds hope in the spark in the mind of a young student. Tries to nurture but it is conveyed as inappropriate.

Recognizing this, he rejects Cairo and watches his life spiral.

They use the term emotional violence. And Jonathan is at the center. On one side a seemingly intelligent fire starting to burn and the other.. The flame that is his alcoholic bored wife. Honestly I felt bad for him.

Women are emotional psychotic terrorists. Trust me.. I am one, nothing is more thrilling than loving a dummy, the power.. The control. Being the force of nature.

But it also gets boring. Which is why I dont do it. I would side step this by telling guys they were either too good for me or I can't see a future. Because it's best to not waste time on something that you know will fail. Focus on someone who makes you burn continuously.

On the only time ive ever been rejected, I remember saying "enjoy your happiness while it lasts., we both know why it won't" and years later he will ask.. Why cant i get shit together? Then you can be like "how should I know?" And walk away to grab a cookie.

The secret is.. You say it because you know people will think about it once they start sacrificing their happiness based on a self perceived curse. "You cursed me" no booboo, you are doing it to yourself. It's called empathic imprinting failure. Its a psychological move that sometimes work. You make people believe they will fail and watch them lose hope and fail. It isn't just a move in relationships. Its a psyche out maneuver.

Anyway this movie made me remember what it was like to be the dominate mental force of being a young female.

As I said before.. When I got to high school. A lot of my friends were pregnant and dropping out and I said no to dating. I kept note of what happens when I'd tell a guy "it would ruin our friendship" even though we werent friends and I never spoke to them after. Theyd end up with the chunky girls who were haters, then end up teen parents.. Trapped by the very traps I avoided by not dating. Years later would see they didnt even stand the test of time, and it's like.. You wanted to buy me a burger? Bitch please.

Anyway.. There wasnt really a culmination of events in this. At the end they look at each other and it's like.. Ok. Cucked. Who needs it?

I'd say hard pass on this unless you are trapped at home and have nothing vetter to do.

Be excellent

Madam Webb.. A review with some spoilers

Um.. Ok.

This movie was neither good or bad. Like it had a story but it also had a lot,if bad tropes that are wrong with new Marvel movies. So ima say the bad stuff. If you plan,to watch wait to read this. You been warned.

Ok so it had a lot of bad acting. Not like bad bad. But that acting workshop over the weekend acting. And the movie score kind of went overboard.

They did that thing where they over explain all their odd ball qualities. Like Cassie and Ben's relationship. Where they are friendly but did they bang once? ,oh Ben Parker is in this. But he is young and he's apparently met Mae Parker but she is neither named or appears. Just sort of winked about. Peter gets born. But he is neither named or go into more detail.

Ok so. The beginning. Constance Webb is in south America looking for a spider that has super healing/killing quality that is responsible for empowering spider people of the jungles of Peru. Giving them super strength and agility and a poison touch. The funny thing us when the slider guys show up they're in red spandex and black fishing nets, after Connie gets shot they take her dying pregnant body to an,under ground cave pond and get the spider to bite her tits. Thus healing/mutating the baby inside her.

It's like "the last of us" where Ellie's mom gets infected very shortly before giving birth.. Addimg the mutation,to her unborn kid making Ellie immune to the cordyceps virus,

The spider bite heals Cassie and makes her immune to the venom later in the movie.

Anyway so Ezekiel has dreams of 3 spider bitches killing him. And steals doxxing technology to find them before their spider tits come in.

Ok so these 3 spider women are 3 different variations. 1 is straight Spiderman, the other is like Iron man Spider-Man with those admantium spider robot legs and the last had like telekinetic web's.

Ok so. If Ezekiel was a black spiderman.. And he existed before Peter was born. Why,were people so accepting,of Spider-Man,after he mutated? Why werent they like. This spider guy is still alive??? LoL

Anyway so.. Cassie almost dies right.. Triggering her spider powers.

They do,a couple really stupid things. Like meeting in a dream/vision where Web spills the beans on his motive. Oh wait. LoL. Cassie is pissex at her mom,for dying. She's like "i hope the spiders were worth it" it's like.. Ok how did this bitch get in America? She was born in Peru. Did her dad not even care? LoL. So many open questions.

So she goes to peru to question the spider people who apparently speak perfect English. Theguy tells her she does not have the physical attributes of the spider but her mental abilities are stronger. Mind over matter baby.

Anyway so, they kind of fight at the end. And Ezekiel gets smooshed. Cassie falls in the water and a firework blows up against her chest. The girls save her and perform CPR. It's like cool?

Anyway at the end.. Peter is born. In,the hospital room next door Cassie is now blind and unofficially adopts the spider teens. At the end it's so cheesy. It's not even a hopeful wink to a sequel. It was a lazy ending.

The problem with recon/regurgitating the Spider-Man story is that Spider-Man never gets old. So,weird.

And I'm done

The roads are bad mmmkay

That psychic rat lied! He lied!!!!

Winter's grasp is a lot better than winter's kiss. I mean it could be worse. The roads are bad because of ice. Plows are slow.. Snowed in.

Spider Madam is out. Apparently it's about a madam at a Ho house with bangs. Fucking Dakota Johnson. No its about a deaged unparalyzed psychic spiderlady with super strong spidey sense trying to stop the spider women from getting killed. I think they are like 3. Spiderwoman. *Asian accent* Spiduhwoahman and the spicy hispandex Arana Grande. And an evil white guy wants em dead. So a white lady must save them all.

What did they call it? White savior complex. They did it a lot in movies. For instance "dangerous minds" a nice white lady shows up at an urban school and teaches them gangs and being not white is not the way.

Also Terminator Dark Fate. LoL. White lady terminator and white muscle lady save hispandex girl from evil man.

They deaged madam spider and capitalizing on Dakota Johnson's so called sexpot mystique ala 50 shades of grey. Should be horrible.

I guess there's one way to find out. 😆

Anyway have a great Friday.

Lisa Frankenstein review

It was a dark time in the past...wbich US why there was tons of neon. It was the 80s.

Lisa Frankenstein is a movie about an awkwars girl named Lusa Swallows. After the traumatic death of her mother, Lisa finds herself part of a new family.

Ima keep it short.

Lisa spends time a lone in a graveyard and sort if seems in love with a statue of a dead man. While also crushing hard on a ylung Brad Pitt type.

Anyway she gets drugged at a party and this tiny dweeb tries to get lucky, she heads home during a storm and makes a wish at dead guys grave. His grave gets struck by lightning and he comes to life.

They start murdering,people for extra body parts. The music was very 80s. The style wss very 80s.

Eventually Lisa and her dead boy fall in love and do the hibbidy dibbidy. . Them,she dies.

I'm bored. LoL. Have a great day

%25 discount, guess it's gonna be m.,,

One of those days.

I wanted to start a stranger things conspiracy theory. So keep this.

What if Vecba didn't exist? But he was a rogue traumatic impression Eleven wasn't aware she had created.

Since His death, he really hasn't had any like real telepathic presence in reality. Upon her torture it might have been possible to create a trauma. Upon killing Vecna, the guilt she had manifested itself as a monster who was still alive.

And at the end.. It'll be like the end of Freddy. Eleven will be like "I'm taking my energy back"

That's my theory.

Be excellent today

Taylor Swift... A weapon against Republicans?

No, just Trump.

I never actually thought about her influence cuz it's a mixed bag of love and hate. I think it's my brain that dislikes anything popular on my hipster sensibilities.

But I failed to see that her army of young women might be the key to the presidency. She told them to register to vote And they did. And now it's like.. Tgey wait on her word.

Maybe the Republicans are right and she will make them vote Biden. It seems like a viable outcome. You know what? I don't hate it. Fuck Trump.

It's like if the laws bend and he can't be kept iff the ballot. Swift can be the kiss of death on his presidency. I like it.

I may not like her. Some of her songs are catchy. I don't hate her and power is always cool.

So you know.. I'll be fake as Fuck and wish Donald Trump good luck. You already lost. Swift will make sure of it.

And all you old head haters reading my blog. Now you'll know who to blame. Swift's background player moves.

She's the reason he lost to Biden. Go look. Mark Hamill retreated a tweet she told her army to not vote Trump.

Be excellent

The supers bowl... Elohel

Of course the Chiefs would win. And ofciurse Swift was on the field to faux kiss Travis Kelce. I saw more passion in a grandma's kiss..

Which means they will probably break up by summer.

Magic that was some awkward kissing, they didn't seem to look at each other. Reminded me of an awkward grade school slow dance.

I read an article like "girl says she will stop watching the super bowl if Taykor Swift haters start hating. Thats how self obsessed people are. It's like "Fuck you then.. Go color a unicorn you child minded bitch." LoL

Today all,the drunks came to work and they asked me what I did. I'm like absolutely fucking nothing. It's the weekend. What? Ima go sit at a bar like you losers? LoL
It's sad to be proud of drinking in your mid to late 30s. Esp if you are bragging about how drunk other people were. If you can remember... You weren't having fun. 😆

In all honesty. I've seen people my age begging for change cuz they never sobered up enough. It's crazy. Looking all weathered. Forehead wrinkled and bad skin. It's like.. You sit out in the rain and still look dry,

At least they aren't pretending to be anime chicks with a sailor moon collection talking like a lolcat. "I haz amburbur" its like you haz retarded.. Dummy.

Anyway have a great Monday!

And swift didn't get a ring. Shoulda stayed with your husband.

Be excellent today

Weapinizing Biden. LoL. He's your weapon

Not mine.

I like how a little support towards President Biden reveals stupidity.

For instance Gator calls me a Biden supporter. Like its a bad thing to like the current President.

True story Furz used to blame had prices on Biden. I explained tgat the president has no power to make gas prices. He can,only ask. It wasn't just me. A lot of people had to explain.

True story I said "had is under $3. Thank you President Biden. To which futz said "biden doesn't set prices" and im like Duh. It's called trolling.

I may not like Donald Trump. But I defended him once saying "hating Trump makes the USA look weak. Let him finish his term"

People try so hard to impeach Biden. Trying to get revenge impeachment against the democratic party. Failed every time. Just let the man finish his term. Gosh. Yall act like Trump will live forever too. His fam would not pay to extend his life. If he got sick, they would not donate an organ.

Y'all gonna read my blog and get furious. Its like. Cool.

Like I said unless we're gonna Fuck. I don't care about anyone. . I'm a lover not a fighter . Im also a juggernaut. Stfu 😆

Anyway enjoy your weekend. And let's see uf Kelce proposes to swift during the super bowl, alot of these news articles are like "will Kelce be the only one getting a ring, this super bowl sunday???" 😆

Be excellent

Before you say racist things to me...

Make sure I care about your opinion. Or about you as a person. Racism doesn't work on me. It's funny when people thibg I care.

For instance Scooter called me totem something, I wasnt paying attention. It's like if you didn't look like the buman embodiment of a retarded koala. I'd be kind of offended. But when an ugly person is mean it's like.. Now i know why. Rejected from society. Women gagging, it's like I didnt make you fat and ugly. That was all you.

The other day Gator was all "natives werent shit and we don't owe you anything" and I'm like., weren't you just claiming native til I asked your blood quantum level?

Even midget futz git in on it. And im like.. You know I'd care if you weren't actually retarded and didn't know any better. Your whole personality blows, it's why scooter poops on you now. But yiu like abuse from older guys, tgat weird faux gay father son relationship that's big on gay pornhub.

As I said, if i don't care.... It's in futility.

But please do. Be as racist as you want, I love getting people muted and deleted.

It pleases me.

Anyway have a great Thursday...and if you were smart.. You'd have already locked down your Valentine. 😃

Dont be a bitter incel this year

Mean girls 2024.. Review

Ok so let me say.. It sucked.

It was not a flat out remake,. It was an adaptation of the musical. And it was bad. Almost as bad as the color purple 2024,

Sticking to cliche norms. They added very weird songs to the story and they were not even catchy tunes.

Some events were meshed up and delivered differently. Like Regina George's introduction. In comes in Nikki Tutorials in a leather jacket and leather hooked top all "i am Regina George.. Queen of Mean and hella gorge.. "

And I'm like.. Uhh yeah. They made Janice Ian Hispanic and Damien black. And its like uhhhh. LoL I think Janice says in,the movie she is Lebanese. Suddenly she is Janice Ianez..

Too woke. Jk.

I just wish it had better song writing. The music seemed hella lazy,

Catch it if you want.

Be well

It tastes like winning

"War is out making enemies"

Its like.. What enemies?

Suffice it to say.. I overcome my haters. So much so they pretty much leave me alone now. The witch has won.

It's a pay week and my nephew asked me to go to his awards dinner for winning student of the month and honor roll and perfect attendance. I asked him yesterday. Why? What's gonna happen? And what he said surprised me.

"I just want you to be proud"

I'm like when have I ever not been? You're my coolest friend 😎 LoL.

Sometimes people need to hear it. Even if you or they don't think so. People want to feel good about themselves.

I used to be that person enciurag3ing others to be in school or learn. Encouraging others to be excellent. The fact they notice I don't shows maybe I should.

So go out and be excellent today.

Be cool 😎

Pig butchering aka scams

I guess "The Beekeeper"came out just in time. Scamming folks is in,the rise.

I read a story today on Yahoo. A man named "Barry May" shared his story about being scammed.

Supposedly an Asian woman named "Anna" contacted him via Facebook. She sent him pix of a vajesus and told him "this could all be yours if you buy me bitcoin to give to my aunt and she will give me $2m. Then I can come give you this "meow 🐱"." And he did.

This told me 2 things about Barry. 1. He's lonely and 2.. Small dick. It's why Most guys go for Asians thinking their tiny bodies have tiny wizard sleeves.

The article went on to say that about $3.5 b a year goes to these long term scams, a lot of times it's done by groups of people.

In the beekeeper.. The guy played on Phylicia Rashads compassion by saying he would lose his job if she did not open her accounts. Weird.

Back in the day.. I knew this girl Jennifer.. Who would get guys to send her necklaces and rings and probably money. She was a single mom of 3 at age 21. It's like.. Why would a guy want used goods? In the end she wiuld have baby #4 from a crack head and last I saw/heard she was in jail for meth. This was like 15 years ago. Who knows if she ever sorted out her life I've not the concern to follow up.
Ive never put that much attention in anyone. I doubt I'd have the attention span to scam anyone. I've made jokes after watching "The Tinder Swindler" but I honestly would get bored.

It's like Fiona Apple said in "paper bag" it costs too much to love.

Anyway don't scam folks and be good.

The Beekeeper

Its like why? lol

Ok first of all.. its a Jason Statham movie.. he's super untouchable as a martial arts expert with a 100% accuracy shooting ability.

Its so preachy...

Every few minutes hes like "How dare you prey on he old.. the weakest in our society.. its 1 thing to steal from a child.. a child has time to recover.. you steal from he old.. youre scum!"

Legit he says old people are weak dozens of times.

and he's like.. old people retribution.. that ancient revenge.

This is definately a cash grab movie.. it had so much potential in the first few minutes before it got ultra "Cherish old people" preachy.

idk.. lol

I give it 1 out of 10 thingies up

Movie review - Across the furious sea

That had to be the saddest shit I've seen in awhile. Let me catch my breath LoL.

Ok so this is a 2023 Chinese thriller drama set against the background of the cosplay community.

The story is a man named Jin. He's a fishing boat captain. Battling it out with coast guards for fishing illegally one assumes. They never go too deep into that part of his character development.

Anyway Jin sends his daughter Nana, off to Japan for school. She has numerous jobs. Sushi sous chef. Cleaning lady. Waitress. She meets a guy, Miaomiao. She notices he is a cosplayer. So she gets into it as a way to meet him. And it works. They date.

So we go back to Jin and his ex informs him that their daughter is missing. Upon arriving in Japan, he discovers Nana moved out of the place she lived with her cousin to be with her boyfriend Miaomiao.

He tracks Miaomiao down only to get into a subway chase scene. After he is told they found Nana's body. It went from missing to murder. The autopsy reveals she bled out over time 7 days before around a missed call he got from Nana.

He is told Miaomiao left back to China, so he hoes back and breaks into his family mansion. He gets arrested but does not find Miaomiao. So he stalks the parents. While stalking Miaomiao's mom Jing, she goes to him directly and asks that he give her 3 xays to find her son and she will turn him in rather than see him dead. Meanwhile, trying to get him out of the country.

A bunch of shit happens. A confrontation at a comicon. It rained fish because of a typhoon. Yada yada.

Anyway we get a glimpse of an overly dramatic anime inspired love story in which Miaomiao and Nana create, where they are freakishly in love turns to disinterest, turned to jealousy. Some real sid and Nancy bullshit.

Anyway it alI ends up with Jin taking Miaomiao someplace secret to die probably.

Jin sort of exposes their family secrets. Gets Jang and her ex to almost kill him. Its revealed through Nana's digital diary the real circumstances of her death.

Nana had been kind of psychotic. With Miaomiao, they had this overly dramatic anime style relationship fuelled by jealousy and sex. And when the guy got bored she would go postal. So she dated a normal kind of nerdy guy who had a cute anime style rationship full of cuddling and sweetness. When he wouldn't do it everyday she blew that relationship up to run back to Miaomiao.

In a side note Nana got gang raped for Miaomiao. Whether she truly did it to get him out of trouble or trigger his jealousy, he said no.

So she stabbed herself in the stomach and bled out over the course of 6 hours. Drawing suns on,the walls of her closet with blood. Miaomiao didn't kill her. His family was merely collateral damage.

This is the sad part.

Nana grew up with Jin after the divorce. He didn't want her. He would leave for days working on the fishermans boat. So she would lock herself in an closet drawing suns on the wall because she was afraid to be alone at night. All these emotional problems she had stemmed from growing up without affection or at least healthy examples of love.

From knowing the only man who should have loved her was indifferent to her. She was set out on the world being inept at love. Learning From anime, these super dramatic examples of love.

Now all Jin has is regret. Because now he knew she felt unloved and it's too late to love her now. At the end He goes looking for her grave. Kind of sad to see it. In an end scene.

It's revealed he didnt kill Miaomiao. He sets him free and sits at the light house top.

Symbolic that he waits for his daughter to follow the light home. Across the furious sea

See what I did there? I solved the mystery of the movie's title for you. You're welcome!

It's 2 hours 25 minutes long. Shot beautifully like an anime. Lots of rain. You'll enjoy it visually too.

Be excellent

Jon Voight has got to be demented.

LoL. Jon Voight has made and shared a video where he claims Donald Trump is being persecuted like Jesus. It's like uhhh ok.

First of all, Jesus didn't need votes or get voted as Son of God. He just was. Jesus got popular doing charitable acts for others without compensation. He wss selfless and giving, neither of those describe Trump.

Jesus was Jewish. He was respectful. He never raped women. He didn't have a porn wife from a backwoods country in Europe. He had killer abs and luxurious hair. He died yoing and left a beautiful corpse.

Where as 75 year old bloated.. Wrinkly freckled white eyebrows Trump is still clinging to life. His wig glue often lost its grip.

Trump is nothing like Jesus.

Jesus was never prosecuted for raping a lady in a dressing room, then calling her too ugly to rape and then lose $80m

Jesus was amazing.

So go,Fuck yourself Jon Voight. K thanks

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Why messing with your hormones is bad

I'm not against transgenders. But transitioning before or during puberty is wrong. And I'm sticking with the science reasoning.

Growing up. Puberty's importance was focused on female changes and how emotional they get. I'm sure you remember the talk, period once a month. Cramps. Weight gain.. The constant hormonal changes. Body issues.

However, the importance of boys puberty is key. Because they go through a similar process but potentially more dangerous. The male hormone, testosterone is responsible for growth of musculature and aggression, which is why the ftm hormone therapy is a huge thing for trans teens.

The testosterone help ftm by triggering musculature and things they find to be male. Beards.. pit hair., change of thigh shape. Hormone therapy helps them be more passable.

Same for mtf. Soft breast tissue develops and hips/thighs change.

But it's not the physical change that's alarming. It's the mental/hormonal changes. You develope suicidal and aggressive tendencies. And it's because of your changes in testosterone.

They call it roid rage when you take steroids that influence your testosterone to build muscle in body builders. These hormonal changes are often weird.

They say the brain chemistery of teen boys is bordering psychotic. With body issues. And depression adding key problems.

This is why I'm against transitioning teens.

The body needs to learn to function normally with your natural hormone levels.

It's like being secretive with your transgender.. Will only remind you that you aren't the male or female. Especially in the end when your boyfriend wants kids or to meet your family.

My point for this blog.

I saw that a trans teen jn Colorado is serving time for wanting to do,a school shooting. And It's like.. Teen on hormone therapy.

I think your child's happiness is important. But mutilating their bodies.. No. You can save the money til they are adults and be like.. Yeah. Go do it. Because theres never the discussion about children til further down the line. Surrogates are nice but its like.. Can you really love or connect with a child that's not genetically yours? One day they're gonna ask about their birth mother.

My point. You aren't a bad parent or a monster for letting your child go through puberty. Sometimes you gotta say no.,

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