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When dishonesty costs you friends..

Today saw some drama unfold. There was a popular new lunch lady gaining admirers. For being cute with a no nonsense sense of humor.

And then it happened. Today she was lifting a container of oatmeal and her leggings ripped during a squat and her balls unfurled. And from what I'm told she said she had large lips down below. After about 10 minutes she lost her Khloe Kardashian type voice and said her name wasn't Jamie but James.

And a lot of guys did that crying game part from Ace Ventura. And I'm like.. Ok

So anyway. About an your ago. She was crying in the bathroom. And I'm like.. What's wrong? Said she was humiliated and lost FB friends. And im like. Oh ok.

She's like "do you hate me too?"

I'm like.. I don't even know you. How you live your life is your choice. I'm not surrounding the events of my life around people who aren't important to me.

I'm like I live my life like a video game where I'm the main character and the rest of you are NPCs. Do I care you're trans? No. Do I hate you? Who are you? This is my story.

She's like. Well ok.

I'm like.. You can live worrying about other people. Or live for you. Do you exposed your weiner. It coulda happened to anyone. Dont wear tight fabrics. Gosh.

So that was today's drama. Blog fodder.

Be well

P.s. if you're gonna lie., remember you told folks one story. Changing won't work. Esp if you're a cat rapist

The Super Bowl is a scam...

And I'm not the only one who sees it.

Since the pandemic, the NFL lost its steam. Before C19, people were fed up with the high cost of building athletic superstars, it's like $45mill for 5 reasons., only to see an traded. People kissed Kapernick was taking the knee during the national anthem.

Suddenly Taylor Swift emerges as one of the most influential people in the world. Telling her army to register to vote and they do en mass.

Then out of no where Travis Kelce hosts SNL and becomes a brand name. It's not like folks were a buzz about him. He wasn't in a movie or releasing a rap album, it's like why? He isn't handsome

He was on a super bowl winning team, that pretty much was it. Patrick Mahomes was already married to Brittany. It's like. Grab the water boy!!

Suddenly he's dating Swift and she goes to games and the NFLs popularity is buffed by swifties hoping to catch Taylor at a NFL ticket discount.

Now her boyfriend's team is heading to the Super Bowl in which she will be the half time show.

Other people are seeing the sham.

How much you wanna bet the chuefs win and it's Kelce making the last point and Swift rushes out on the field and jumps in his arms and they kiss as the confetti falls? And Swift's "love story" plays in the arena just as Kelce gets on a knee and proposes?

Wait and see.

Be well

LoL Vince McMahon sex traffics?

I read a story in which a woman named Janel Grant accused Vince of sex trafficking because he offered her a high paying job for sex. And was like.. Naw.. I'm ok afterwards. LoL

Its like, guess the coochie was bad

First of all. Bartering sex for money is prostitution. Bartering that b-hole for a job where yiu have to sit... It's like ow.

Look, I'm sure so.ething shady went down. But if you are bargaining sex for a job. Get it in writing first. Get a witness. Something.

Otherwise you are wasting everyone's time.

Be well

Pizza hut supports terrorism? 😆

Papa john trying to cancel pizza hut. LoL

Apparently some Israelis were posing with pizza hut boxes and an anonymous source claims they were free pizzas LoL.

First of all. Anyone can hold a pizza box and claim free pizza. Its free when you don't pay for it. Second, isn't that how they found Andrew Tate? Pizza boxes.

LoL. Now they claim anericans should cancel pizza hut. Im Like nope, pizza hut was one if the few places tgat stayed open during the pandemic, they social distances cars and employed more workers at the time.

Pizza hut was a true O.G.

You'll have to pry the pizza from my kung first grip first.

Anyway stay cool

And nice try Papa John 🍕

Toxic? You aint Britney Spears

LoL out of boredom I went to the kitchen.

They were blaming each other about not ordering pancake on a stick. Then true feelings came out and pans were thrown.

I was half tempted to throw out so,a wrist lock arm bar take downs when the regional food distribution lady snapped her fingers and was like.. Calm your tots.

Tits got calm.

I guess things just bubble. No staff retreats.. No team building. Oh well.

Be well

Biden is unstoppable

LoL. So New Hamshit didn't put Smokin Joe Biden on the primary ballot. Trying to flatten his curve. And he still won.

Meanwhile all those racist Trump supporters were pushing so hard, his upcomibg trial will determine if he can even run in November.

A lot if these Trumpsters on wire share the same trait. Retardation. They legit hammer stupid things in the name of their king, it's funny.

So those of you should be aware. Futz has Kali in a USB and will hack you. He is too 1337. His hacker name is SpedOps 😎

Beware. Youve been warned and your days are numbered.

Be excellent today

Another one bites the dust-uh

Florida tool bag Ron Desantis has dropped out of the presidential race. Which is great because he's a d bag.

He stopped picking on trans kids to try to compete with Trump. He lost the Iowa caucus and has thrown in the towel.

So we are diwn to Biden. Haley and Trump.

New Hampshire tried to ban Biden from the ballot, lol. Its like. 100 people live in that tiny shit hole? Oh noooo. *eye roll*

Ok politics aside. It's gonna be a busy week. Lotta businesses and offices are gearing up for revenge work. I just wanted snow days. We got em. Done-zo

So in chat news. Last week futz was harassing folks again like he does every day, trying to be troll Jr. He made someone out to be a pedo., 2 people. So i flipped the script and he started reporting me for what he did. Burn me., you burn yourself.

Aside from a quiet troll free weekend. It was nice. Heard some tunes. Recharged.. Twas an ok time.

Ima throw this out there, take a lesson from Desantis. Dont go away mad., just go away. Cuz team war never dies. Jk

I'm not a team. I'm a movement by myself

Be well

The weather is bad mmmkay

White out conditions are no joke.

People were dribing with hazard lights blinking. It's crazy.

The old ladies were feeling it in their bones 😆

"Its the big one" but the news says it'll taper off and should expect maybe 4 inches. However tomorrow the wind chill will be like -15 to -20. Brrr.

Ima make soup all day. 😆

Like gram used to.

Be well

The Color Purple. Review

A musical version.. I guess.

It varies from the movie. A lot. It's really disappointing.

It's like a Tyler Perry play without the realism.

Whoop plays a midwife who delivers celies son Adam. Its like no wonder she's pushing so hard. Pay check.

Aside from drab music numbers, tgeres a lot of terrible acting. Dialogue that doesn't need to be there,

When Celia caught a beating.. I was like Yes! Finally. It was just a slap.

The end was confusing. The mister was there and he invited Bettie to celies dinner. They didn't really do an aging of characters. They added gray streaks and glasses and that was it. The music wasn't that uplifting.

Miss shug. Not to be mean but Taraji p Henson wasn't that great. The vocals weren't that powerful. She was no Mahaliah Jackson,

Bland action. Bland drama.

But if you want to see it. Cool. Dont let me stop you. 😎

Be well

I had a dream. A MLK special

The color purple dropped today, and I didn't hate it. It was a musical and it's like.. How do you make spousal sexual abuse whimsical? They found a way LoL

Honestly.. The original movie was good. Despite not addressing things in the book. Like the lesbianism. The treatment of half breeds on both sides.

People like to say racism does not exist and tyey are not racist. Then you catch them being racist or tyey say racist things to you in hopes of trolling. Its Why they frolic to Trump. He makes them seem less racist.

It's like these Jesus freaks who found God around 50. Going around telling people to repent. Hoping to buy extra credit for the shit life they led. It's lile ok where did you hude the body of tgat kid/hooker you raped and killed? You aren't fooling anyone.

MLK had a dream all races were equal, and we are far from that goal. Sucks. I'm not trying to change it. Some folks are so brainwashed its like.. Pointless.

I'm mentioning thus story for context. People stoop to racism when they have nothing else. Futz., y'all know cousinfutz right? 😆

2 nights ago I caught him lying in chat that he called me Elizabeth Warren and I retaliated by writing a mean comment on his photo. I said it was a lie because he said the Elizabeth Warren thing 4 nights ago. I wrote that fat bitch in his photo was a whale weeks ago. You can go verify what I wrote and uts dated many days ago LoL.

I wrote that because sloop came in the room and he started saying "I heard there's a beached whale in Maine" and being the greatest friend.. I defended a friend LoL.

Those who know me know I don't "create enemies" I was never friends with futz. I kept a civil convo until he and sloop had differences about toots and he started telling people to block her like he has that kind of influence.

Again.. Context...

Anyway he has nothing on me so he felt questioning my heritage was the way to go. Forgetting I don't care what he believes. Hes a soft brained think who was in special ed. These are facts, its like oh no.. Someone I dont care about hates me.

He posted. "Triggered" photo and they were like "war has daddy issues" like they know me. LoL. They never bothered to get to know me. It's like assumptions are all you have.

If anyone has daddy issues, its the dwarf think crying that he hates his daddy nearly every day. These are facts.

I never speak I'll of my dad. Mistly because I'm an adult living my life. My dad isn't part of my every day existence. I left the nest.

Again.. I'll quote heathers.

"Life suvks losers dry., if you want to fuck with the eagles.. You gotta learn to fly"

Thats a metaphor. For if you want to have a great life.. You gotta leave the nest and live it.


Anyway so.. MLK.. Thank you for existing, because I love a long weekend. I got tons of rest and watched some stuff. Twas a great long icy weekend.

Be well

Lets be honest.. The presidential race is..

Kind of a dumpster fire.

It's like Biden., Trump.. Desantis and Haley.

Trump is terrible. But he has all the racist tools believing he is a white messiah. And you can't change idiots mind's. Trust me, I tried. 😆

Desantis is the Kmart version of Trump without the glitz. Nothing he says is important and if Im honest, i thought he gave up. Aint heard shit out if Desantis in awhile.

Haley sucks, her name is like Namitramakesh Poonjab Haley. Its like.. If you're hiding behind a white name, You're hiding something. Lets be honest, she doesnt have a shot at the final ballot. She's bland.. She's boring and easily forgotten.

Joe "Tha Supa Ho" Biden seems to be the only choice. I'm not mad about it. Or excited. Don't get me wrong Biden is the tops. But he's old. And I don't mean that in a bad way. But he's like tgat gentle grandpa sitting on his lawn while teens dooky on the grass and he waves at them like.. Help yourzelf to some cookies.

But it does seem like he will be a 2nd term president. Esp with Trump getting banned in 2 states plus 12 on the way. Desantis and Haley both being super forgettable.

Be greatness today

Diabettys rage 😆

I guess folks were treated to a show this morning when Diabetty got chewed out about expired milk and thus raged on the other lunch ladies. Thusly!!!

Meanwhile its been cold as fudge that I doubt the milk spoiled. Expired does not mean bad. Esp if refrigerated.

I do but hopefully today's act of toolbaggy drama will reflect on her, from what I'm told., she has tenure of sorts workibg in the kitchen longest. 😆

I'm tired.

Anyway Arctic air hits tomorrow so we're gonna be frozen the next few days.

The snow never bothered me anyway 😆

Ice age V

Not 5., an iced aged V.

Saw an old lady sit hard on the ice. At lunch time she said her fupa was bruised. I'm like put some ice on it 😆

Suffice it to say, no one will talk of Fupas around me.

Its sad that was the high light of my day. Til later anyway

Its cold and icy and I wanna go home. 🏡

Back to the shire.

LoL ugly men never get a clue

I speak of Donald Trump. LoL

I heard on the radio 14 more states are trying to ban him from running gor President.

2 have banned him so far. Colorado,and Maine. Trump is currently trying to reverse it.

But it's like at what point don't you get a hint that people are sick of you? LoL. Probably too dumb to,comprehend.

Then you look at yhe ugly folks on wire who refuse to accept they aren't liked.

There was a clip explaining fat people being jolly fir a reason.

Especially if you're fat with greasy hair and skin. Grease.. Grisled LoL.

So Trump.. Get lost

A boy like you needs a crazy girl like me..

Today was boring. Til lunch.

Mind you, I don't eat at work. One day I go fix a computer at the kitchen and all the sudden i am sucked into a world of jealousy, lies and a cheating scandal.

The worst part is I am made out to be a villain. Do I back down? 😆 No.

I expose things in a delicate balance that is the lunch lady empire. It's like tame of thrones with tater tots. It's a was to cure boredom.

Today Diabetty says to me "you won. I'm alone. I'm hated. I hope it was worth it"

I'm like oh it was the cherry on my Friday. 😆

But honestly. Im like.. None of this drama involved me to begin with. I just came to fix your computer. I didn't cheat on your boyfriend.. That was you. I didn't make fun of your eye color and tell people you wore contacts. 😆

I'm like.. I didn't make a married mans wife threaten to beat you or cause your boyfriends daughter to bust your lip.

That all would have happened with or without me.

Like Raiders of the lost ark 😆.

I had to explain that reference.

It feels so empty without me. Neh neh na neh neh

Be well.


Are for imperfect people.

I get the need to self-improve. Trust me. But setting public goals only leads to failure.

Its like bragging about someone you're dating like folk won't try to ruin it. They will. Misery loves company, be tbe other kind of misery. Kathy Bates misery, break their ankles so they never leave.

2024 has been grand so far.
Be well

The saga continues - dirty diabeetus

So I got to work.

And I was treated to news by the lunch lady coalition. Pull up,a seat.

So ok. Diabeetus lady had a boyfriend who was a janitor. And he found out about the new guy and his wife. And it was not pretty. LoL

So I guess he got second hand nudes meant for new guy. When his adult daughter found, she put her on blast new years day. Then a fist fight happened between diabeetus and BFS daughter.

So she showed up today sporting a busted lip. And she says its my fault and I'm so jealous of her winning ways 😆

I'm like., it had nothing to do with me. The wife came to me and I told her it wasn't me. I didn't send diabetic kitty photos to anyone. 😆

So I dropped by the kitchen like... Oh man what happened? Only to hear the victimized story that didn't involve me. She never said it was my fault to me.

I'm like oh so Albert is single? *smiles and turns away* 😆

No im not interested. I was being a bitch lol

Suffice it to say.. It was an entertaining morning.

Be well

Ladies ladies ladies :lmao:

So yesterday was weird.

People were so obsessed with me.

I'm sure we all noticed how beta these guys are. They will not defend females but attack females for other guys.

Futz for instance. When scooter was garadsing a female friend.. Did futz ever say cool it? Or tell the guy to shut up? Nope. Now he and scooter are bitter dateless incels. So it worked out in the end.

Another example. Blue. Blue has recently taken to calling ne a dyke for not wanting to,talk to him. He was asking other guys to send me messages. And yet.. When scooter says anything about me. He jumps in an attacks me too. And its weird.

How do you expect anyone to see you as men when all you do is fight women?

My point. If all you do isfight and harass women, yet expect them to treat you like a man.. Fuck off. You're dropping testosterone levels every day. No women your moobs shake angrily when you cry like bitches. You're bitchy women now.

So if you aresitting there wondering why I,dislike you. Its because you're whiny chicks to me.

Have fun being incels

Should all acquaintance be forgot?

Its the first day of a new year.

2p23 went oyt with a bang.. in Japan.

Earthquake and a hell mouth opened. I think Godzilla started that way. So weird.

I hate politics. Such a stupid waste of time. Once again more "polls show approval ratings" bullshit no one cares about.

On a brighter note. Schools are aniut to start back up. Gonna be quiet.

Some snow days are ahead. I can't wait.

Be well and happy new year