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Trump banned in Maine

2 States have banned Donald Trump from running for President. Cool 😎

Honestly.. The onky reason white folks flock to him is the white supremacy rhetoric, it's like getting bullied by Jamal all your lufe then shouting negger from the crowd. Why negger? Cuz you're still chicken shit to go full racism because the black folk would beat you.

Honestly.. We need a good leader like Zellensky. Someone who foesnt hack down. But.. Would have ended the war by now.

Wyd is tsking so long?

Anyway Maine-Landers, I salute you

🇺🇸 be well

Stay Awake - movie Review

I had been waiting for this movie to be available. And it finally is.

Stay awake is a movie about 2 teenage brothers who put their dreams on hold to take care of their prescription drug addict mother. It gives a realistic view of what it's like dealing with an addict who isn't even trying to get better.

Michelle (Chrissy Metz) is a single mother who abuses prescription drugs to deal with her life. A depression she doesn't know how to cope with. She explains that every time she sees her sons, she is reminded how much she fails them. Continuing a cycle of drug abuse and causing her sons to worry and take care of her.

There are moments she realizes she can deal with life but it's not long lasting, failing rehab time and time again.

Derek (Fin Argus) is the older brother. The main caretaker, He works menial jobs with dreams of acting but often has to find his passed out, overweight mother and be the responsible one.

Ethan (Wyatt Oleff) dreams of getting as far away from his situation as possible. And it's a dream that comes to fruition as he is accepted to Brown University and given a full scholarship. But he has guilt about leaving his brother alone to continue taking care of their addict mother.

It shows the embarrassment of having to drag your mother to the hospital after a drug binge. People looking at you while you wait. Frustrated that any type of negative reinforcement will cause a spiral.

There comes a moment when life sort of seems to get better when Michelle is in rehab. Derek auditions for a movie and gets call backs. Moments away from fulfilling his dream. He has to mind his mother getting released, and misses his chance.

Its then Wyatt tells him that he can't use their mom forever as an excuse not to live his life. His words affect Derek in a way that changes his mentality briefly into giving up hope on their mom.

Wyatt then... No. I mustn't. You will have to watch to find out.

I don't know where its streaming. I just checked.. It's on

Anyway be well

Boxing day should be a USA ordeal

What's boxing day? It's the day after Christmas when you give the things you no longer need to the poor and unfortunate. Charity.

As it was explained to me by a friend long ago.

I think it's a great gesture of humanity. In previous years I would buy cheap gloves and toiletries and hand them out because it felt like a nice thing to do and I felt better about myself. I didn't need to post on social media about it, I still don't.

Sometimes people need that. To lessen the darkness. To feel something you don't get to feel every day. Humanity.

It's why Dolly said Fuck that to getting a Nobel prize. Doing the right thing is it's own reward. Because one day... A single action could touch someones heart and give them a reason to do the right thing.

In my culture we took care of each other. In my community we do as much as possible for each other. Making sure people have warmth. Making sure we survive. It's why genocide didn't end us, we have each other.

I think boxing say in America would remind us all.. We have each other.

Maybe it's "Democrat" of me to want everyone to be educated and warm and thriving. LoL. No Fuck that. No political trolling, LoL.

Just help someone today for no fucking reason. Buy a cup pf coffee for someone cold. Just.. Feel.

Be well

Oh Christmas don't be late 🎄 🎅 🍪

Merry Christmas!

I guess later today a blizzard is gonna hit us. I think it sucks cuz no snow days already off. Dunno. Maybe tomorrow will be cancelled.

I delivered presents this morning. Everyone was like thank you. And gave me 1. I was like oh I dont need nothing.

Me? I want a hula hoop.

Kinda sucks about the winter weather. I need to winterize my cat though. So im noogging to remind those around me.. Winterize and make sure you have enough left overs to last a couple days.

Be well

Saltburn. More like eye burn

This movie had me going what the Fuck.

So it's about this tiny little guy Oliver (Barry Keogahn) who is obsessed with a tall handsome rich boy Felix, (Jacob Elordi) while at college

Oliver seems like an introverted guy who has no friends and is often met with hate because he wasn't from money.

Ok so... It's super gay. Oliver follows Felix arpund like a sick puppy. Watching Felix bang chicks and jerk off in the bathtub. Then he drinks the seen bath water. After Felix dies.. He fucks his grave. He literally digs a hole in the mud and fucks it. Was weird. Then this mixed black guy is giving him shit. What does he do?

He hops on top of him and jerks him off while on top.


So the end is the big reveal. How Oliver orchestrated killing Felix and his family to take over saltburn, which was the name of their house. Then he spends the last 2 minutes dancing naked in their mansion.

I kept thinking what the actual Fuck. But I guess that was the purpose.

Was it worth watching? Probably not. The intrigue wasn't very high. You could almost sense there was a big reveal coming. What a tweest!!

Rebel Moon pt 1

was introduced to rebel moon from Netflix last night. It was pretty good. I won't give away much but I will say this.

If you're gonna bitch about diversity and woke. Skip it, no one wants yo hear your bullshit.

A bland recap.

Rebel Moon is about a space kingdom of war folk who conquer everything. They kill the inhabitants and steal a few kids to raise to be just like them. Sound familiar?

Colonization? Heck yes. That's a theme.

Anyway the story follows a girl named Kora, as she gathers fighters to fight the intergalactic empire. And the story of why Kora ended up living in a farm village after a life as a decorated super soldier.

It had everything. Fighting. Lasers.. Aliens. Yes it was kind of a star wars rip off without the incest. This time the gay British robot was voiced by Anthony Hopkins.

So yeah. Catch it. On Netflix

Be well

Friday Potpourri - 3 days til Xmas 🎄

It's been a weird week.

Trump gets banned from running for president in Colorado. So that puts a lid on his presidency. That takes a load... Off my mind. And by load I men 💩 Trump.

Actor John Schneider recently tweeted that President Biden and his son should be publicly hung. He deleted his tweet. However word on the street the ladies of the Senate and House of Representatives said "Oh Hunter Biden is hung... Publicly.. Ask Marjorie Taylor Green" she displayed Hunters nudes earlier this year.

Mathew Perry's cause of death was death after taking a bunch of Ketamine. You ever Google the uses? 😆

Ketamine is a dissociative anesthetic used medically for induction and maintenance of anesthesia. It is also used as a treatment for depression, a pain management tool, and as a recreational or date rape drug. - Wikipedia

It's like everyone assumed of.. Druggy died of drugs. The media was so secretive. Then wammo. Drugs. Weird.

Biden pardons marijuana use. And yet unemployment won't ride. It's like Dave. Weed is ok but he won't get a real job. People are set in their wannabe church and chong lifestyle. Church or chong don't even use. They were figure head parodies. But ok. 😆

Enjoy your weekend

I'll be home for Christmas 👼

So glad no shift work.

I can heat up a pizza and talk to the family. So glad I don't have FB to deal with "friends" kidding.

But honestly. I was hoping for better Christmas movies. I'd like to see one where Mrs Claus has her come up.

Picture it. December 24th 11 pm.

Mrs Claus (Melissa McCarthy) is panicking because Santa has Covid. So Whats a girl to do? She slips into his suit, smacks her elf played by Mathew Broderick.. And rides her sled to give toys out.

She realizes Santa's power comes from his suit as her body is manipulated to go down chimneys.

Then while at a trailer house she encounters a piece of shit drunk dad who tells her she looks like shit and he would not Fuck her. And she sadly eats a cookie and gives up.

Then a sassy elf comes out of the bag, it's Trixie Mattel in elf drag. And Trixie says.. "Look bitch.. You gave a big heart.. Cuz you're a big girl. 300 lbs? But anyway. With big heart comes big responsibilities. You gonna let that Kmart version of Bradley Cooper bring you down? Bitch he lives in a trailer, depending on you for Christmas presents. Why should you even care? Now pick yourself up. And let's set his trailer on fire."

Then she gets her glow up make over. Something red and fur lined and a flexible corset that shows her waist. And she delivers toys at mach speed. Then she gets home and Santa (James Corden) is like I'm the luckiest man who really does exist *winks at camera* and they lady and the tramp eat a cookie and the movie fades out with their hungry kiss.

I'd totally watch that. I'd get cable to watch,it on VH1. Totes.

Be well.

The enemy of my enemy is a gossipy ho

You ever need with someone and all the sudden you got new friends coming out the wood work? LoL

It's happened to me on wire. And as I said before... Friendships based on hating me never last. I'm cool and awesome. So I never worry about multiple haters. They will always turn on each other.. Always.

Why not? I'm amazing. But anyway.

After beefing with diabetina.. All the sudden people are telling me her life story. And I'm like I got zero concern.

Why? Cuz why would I? Her tragic love affair has nothing to do with me. Her undue hate., is nothing to me. However tell me anyway. Knowledge is power and I love power.

Anyway suffice it to say. Shit is weird.

I think everyone is just way too bored. I think as adults and we work our jobs and raise our kids, we need spice.

It's probably why people are huge fans of reality shows. You get to be judgemental without any real consequence as you call Lisa Rinna a big lipped hooker on Twitter at 3 am. Boredom.

I don't mind gossip as long as there is no quid pro quo. I'm not Lecter. Just gimme the goods. LoL

So my lesson for today. Be kind.. Rewind. Enjoy the holidays. Hate can return after Jan 1st.

Be well

Ending hate..

I think as we mature we find ourselves at a precipice of carrying hate forever or finally making peace. Like resentful emotions to absentee parents. Or unreasonable distrust of a friend who went on to have a life. You get to a point where you decide if it's time to forgive.

I am no exception.

This week I was met with a situation that wasn't long in hate. I've explained this tale a bit. A diabetic lady in the cafeteria started drama with me. Out of the blue, she's like 38.. Has teen sons. Has been diabetic and angry. Alcoholism and bored I guess.

Like she has been through all her co-workers and started branching out her toxicity.

Recently she has been trying to flirt with a married co-worker while also having a boyfriend who is a janitor. She's weird.

Anyway about a week age the co-workers wife accused me of talking to her man. I'm like nope. I might have said good morning a time or two but not me. I don't use social.. Don't use apps. My phone is just family. So I'm like.. Girl.. I'm a techie.. Let's figure this out.

Anyway it was diabetic girl. So the wife confronts them both and I'm like living life as usual. A few days later the guy asks me why I got involved. I'm like "I am not. I was drug into this. Keep your dick in check." And walked away.

Diabetes chick decides she would make fun of me and like it was so lame I didn't address shit. I don't eat in the cafeteria so it's like w/e.

Anyway so the other day, I'm like..

"Yo.. We can keep on hating each other for no reason. We can continue this cycle of jealousy and anger.. Or you can let me jab you with this needle and save your life"

Oh she was having a diabetic attack and needed insulin. Did I not mention that?

Bitch was shaking like Shelby in Steel Magnolias. But like it's not as dramatic.

I think she forgave me. She nodded kind of before she crashed on the table and bounced off the ground.

I winked like.. You got it dude and jabbed her with insulin. As we sat on the floor and everyone was freaking out and sobbing. I'm like.. "Don't worry about the mess. Your boyfriend will clean it up", and went back to my office.

I'm down to 0 IRL enemies again.

I like being beloved by all.

So dispite the rumors you hear. War is friend to many. And i do not burn them. I told you once, you sonuvabitch, i'm the best thats ever been.

So as 2024 nears. Its probably a good idea to begin a new year drama free.

Only you can prevent dumpster fires

Be well

Another impeachment that will fail...

They should charge money when people do this stupid stuff. Then maybe every month we would not have one.

Republicans are moving to impeach Biden today. It's no longer about who is right or wrong and has become can we humiliate this old man.

I swear smokin Joe Biden is a tank though. Dude has survived many times. Had been drug through the mud and he's like.. Hi. I respect that.

This impeaching stuff reminds me of Betty White living til 99.998% of 100 years., tackles at the .02 yard line.

No doubt Biden will come out on top as per yoosh.

It's like he has 11 months left. Just let him finish cuz he is unstoppable. 😆

Be well

Ugly face = ugly hearts. And so forth

Its the holidays and the grinches are out in full force. It begs the question. Do Hispanics say grincho? Like es un grincho? Let me know.

I've been rrying to be nicer duringbthis time. Normally speaking to folks while not on duty. Because itslike being a politician sometimes. People wanna drop their woes on you and not take your advice.

It's like why I stopped telling toots She can do better. Frankly she deserves worse than what she has. But that's for God to dole out, not me. It's like that saying if someone is drowning and they aren't kicking and screaming to live.. They will drag you down with em.

So far response has been nicer. People say good morning and compliment my smile, even when my teeth are bleeding. Jk.

Last week I went to a Christmas music performance at my nephews and Bruce's school. It's still cute to go to these things. I feel it's important for kids to have stable family members.

Lord knows I didn't have many, I don't blame them. In a world where you have little to nothing,, having your life separate is a thing. I know. When I was in my 20s I was rogue for so long. I missed out on time with people I wish were here this Christmas. But I won't dwell. Life is choices you have to live with.

And no one gets through perfectly.

Try to be kind. You dont have to. I just feel like.. Positive vibes pay off. Esp when folks tell me I look younger than I am. I know it's b.s. but it feeds my ego enough I don't try to prove I still got it. All you need is 1 person full of love. 1 person who believes in your dreams. 1 person who kisses you good night. 1 person who looks into your eyes and does not flinch. That's how you know you got the keeper.

I do believe in love and I do believe in others, believe in yourself. Anything us possible.. Today.

Be well

Cat Person - watch trailer 1st

We're girls. Crazy.. Erratic.. fun.

This movie takes it in a step past fun. But it's all too believable in the now times. Based on a short story featured in the New York Times.

Cat person follows a newly budding relationship between 20 year old Margot and 33 year old Robert. And the zany twists and turns that turn a cute romance to a psychotic disaster that ruins maybe 1 life.

Margot is a college student who works at a movie theater. Seemingly scoping out older guys. The movie would have you believe she is intelligent beyond her years. It's a facade to attract older males.

One night she sees an,older man at the movies alone and she sort of hits on him. But he seems uninterested. After going home she runs into a seemingly abandoned dog before a storm and tries to sneak it in. The dorm advisor catches her. She has a nightmare the dog mauls the resident advisor.

Oh before I forget. Margot frequently has delusional fantasies. An overactive imagination of scenarios that don't really happen. It makes the trailer kind of deceiving but not really.

Margot is very ego centric. As most young folk are. She often feels like a victim of her own youth and looks and fails to,take responsibility for being socially inept.

Ok. So Robert shows up a second time to some bland low level flirting before he asks for her number. They plan to watch a movie, they talk via text for awhile. Robert is seemingly a sweet guy. She finds out he has a cat. Then it revolves around how "cat people are nice and loving" thus the movie title cat person.

After a few awkward meet ups. One is he brings her cereal to her college lab and they break a giant ant farm by accident. Where she has a couple of fantasies where Robert is a creep and wants to kill her.

They don't speak for awhile. Margot goes home to celebrate her dad's birthday. Because Robert hasn't texted her she kind of messes witI his head and sends a sexy photo. She then,finds out her ex is asexual. Further damaging her ego. Robert finally texts back about seeing a movie

Anyway they watch star wars on a following date where Robert is really into the "nerd" aspect of the movie and Margot only fakes an interest because she wants Robert to like her,

They go to a bar, she can't get in cuz she's 20. Robert didn't know her age but they manage to go elsewhere and then back to his house upon her suggestion.

Then they have sex and it becomes a scene of Margot having a conversation with her ego that it was a bad idea and she really doesn't like Robert at all.

So she plays head games. Her friend/room mate Taylor even asks her to stop answering texts and even takes the phone and does the break up text for Margot. Margot mentions she never even saw a cat. So Robert is lying about himself.

Anyway after a night at a bar where she sees Robert and freaks out. He texts her and asks what he did wrong and kind of does psycho out a little and calls her a whore.

Anyway.. So Margot Is at work and she wonders if Robert is out in the shadows lurking. The ego wondering why he would give up easily. As she walks home she hears a dog bark and a random car start and freaks out and calls the cops. Cop is like I don't got time for your white girl antics.

The following day Margot and Taylor hit up a pawn shop looking for weapons. Instead they buy air tags to track Roberts car, Margot and Taylor get into an argument... Because Margot apologizes and sort of defends guys vs Taylor who kind of feels like women need to stick together and it's not,ok for guys to kick their doors in and come in uninvited.

Anyway later that night Margot sneaks out with her trackers to put on Roberts car and gets caught. Meanwhile Taylor arrives home to find Margot gone and goes looking for her.

Margot seeing the abandoned dog from earlier surmised Robert has been stalking her and tries to pepper spray him but gets herself and in an ensuing struggle bonks her head.

Robert takes her in and they finally sort if lay the air out. Robert explains that yes his dog did follow her and that he just wanted to meet someone but,not on an app. That he was a nurse and he didn't want to get in trouble for her breaking into his home.. With pepper sprayed eyes screaming around with a bump on her head from falling.

Again Margot feeling victimized calls 911 and then they struggle and fall down stairs. By the way his cat finally gets revealed. As they get up off the basement floor the house catches fire, Robert has a sort of fire shelter in his basement he begs Margot to hide in with him. She refuses at first til death is the only option left. The house burns down.

Taylor is there waiting to hear if they find Margot body. They don't. They find Robert and Margot alive in the shelter.

The movie ends with Margot yet again at Roberts burned house lot. She says the hispital said robert moved away. Then shes all "or that's just the lie they tell for him and he's out there waiting" then she's at work again. Another lonely guy shows up asking about a movie and asks for her number. She smiles looking at the camera and the cycle of dating a psycho bitch begins anew.

It was a weird fucking movie but Elizabeth banks made it. I like her give no fucks style of movies.

Be well

Frienemies... How dare you!!!

I don't have them. And I think I respect my friends to hate me to my face. It's like what's the worst thing I can do? Release your nudes? Ruin your credit? Jab you to your face? Yes! But I won't. Why?

I believe friendships can be mended. Cuz it takes 2 to make a thing go right. It takes 2 to make it out of sight.

I'm not into making enemies though. Fortunately I'm too self centered to care. I'm like she said what? But my was looks plump in these jeans tho?

The rules change for acquaintances. I deal case by case because they could just feel left out. Then there's tools who think I care to identify as their peon. Like I will abandon my beliefs and be their clone. I'm too fucking advanced for that.

So my advice. Be aware of those you befriend. They might betray and want to be starting something. Sting like a bee.

Just be.

Happy Hanukkah day 2 and be well

My secret recipe for....

Cutting a bitch. Jk

So today I met some chicks from a neighboring pd. They were so ghetto. They were old and had weird accents. Not rezzed or maybe rezzed. Twas weird.

So I'm like getting a granola bar from the snack machine and im like. They are so ghetto. But they're so ghetto they probably don't understand what it means, walk around the corner to the lot if them standing there silent.

I hold up my phone like.. Tiktok plays some stupid shit.

They smiled. LoL.

Look I'm not about to fist fight 6 women with,no eyebrows in stretch leggings. Not today.

Anyway so my point. If your ever caught talking shit. Jold up your phone and blame tiktok. Works like a charm.

Happy Hannukah to my Jewish readers. Shalom Harlow 🙏

You're the one that I want...

Ooh ooh Ooooh honey

As we edge closer to,Christmas, out come the scam artists. Recently the talks of bonuses went out into,the ether. And right away the jobless demand their cut,

"My kids deserve a Christmas too" but it's like then go make it happen. Because being a shit parent should land on yourself. Look.. I do sympathize for the kids. It's why I donate candy to the Xmas parades, then I know kids get my funds. I'm not about to cut a $50 for no one. Mostly because who even uses checks? LoL

Stores use shame. There's been plenty of skits about it. "Would You like to give $1 for so and so" and yourself. No thanks. Then they're like "bitch" and yours like,. What? "I said grinch" sure.. Grinch. One day ima get hit for that joke

As the year winds down I just want to rest my head. Hopefully things reach a normal. I'd love that.

So watch out for scams.

As I walked to McDonald's from my car a bum says to me "get me a burger on your way out" I came out and flicked a booger at him like. You're so welcome. 😆

Be well. Tis the season.

Gran's advice for forgiveness

My grab never made enemies. She was such a beloved pillar of the community. I know a lot,of you grew up spoiled with money and patents who let you drop out.

But there's a term called "Tank" people who are the strongest and unstoppable. They weather anything. That was Gran. She raised a lot of people and made feasts with so little.

She often gave me advice. And the one advice she gave me was about forgiving enemies. You shouldn't create hostility.

Befriend thy enemy.

Then invite them to spend a night and get your revenge. And if they submit... Make them a friend for life.

I don't make enemies. I don't befriend those unworthy of it. You only get 1 chance to make a good impression. If you can't do that.., suck it.

Be well

Fry bread face and me

Fry bread face tells the story of Benny and his cousin, Fry Bread face.

Benny has a close relationship with his mom. Which includes a love for the band Fleetwood Mac. During a family outing. Benny dad informs him he will be spending the Summer with his maternal grandmother in Arizona, building a fence for their sheep ranch.

When he protests, he is told Fleetwood Mac is Devil music because Stevie Nicks is a witch

While at his grandma's ranch, he meets his cousin Fry Bread face. They bond over a shared distaste for ranching.

They both discover a deeper bond in family. I won't give away much. But you'll learn a few dine curse words.

I liked it. I give it 2 thingies up

Be well

R Kelly is still a piece of shit

I like how they are tryong to make R Kelly a victim of race. His time wasn't for just 1 person. But many. Consensual or not, these were kids.

I saw a news article where Isaiah Washington said Aaliyah wasn't a victim of R Kelly at 12. She was the master of her sexual destiny. Fuck that.

No child shiuld be exposed to anything sexual at 12. They shoulda executed him. Because it's habitual. Aaliyah wasn't the only kis he did it to.

Her parents are partly to blame. Who let's their 12 year old girl spends hours and days with a 30 year old man in the studio?

Celine Dion was pretty much a victim too.

At 13 she was working with her would be husband about 20 years her senior.

Trading sex for stardom was bad,

Anyway. So now folks are claiming R Kelly was given a harsher sentence because he is black. Negating that R Kelly could afford defense attorneys and paying for his live in harem,of suspiciously young girlfriends. He is not a victim of unfair equality. Considering he had the financial means to pay for defense.

He lost. Being rich did not prevail.

Fuck that guy.