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Minding your own business

I think society has reached a point of overstate that makes everythibg less special. It began with the Kardashian's getting the boot from E!

We gotta deal with every day nobodies in the spot light. The amount of bullying going on is just Clickbait. It does not stop "content" creators.

For instance "Nik Avocado" The guy started off with comedy and gaming videos. But people hated him. So he doubled down and gained 100 lbs, the hate became even,more rampant, why? Because haters can reach a bigger audience and nik isn't exactly stopping.

He makes muckbang videos people often use For memes. His hate became monetized.

But now everyone uses platforms to get monetized hate. No one isspecial anymore.

Look I feel for Britney, but she should have said something I,stead of getting hatedgor breakimg Timberlake heart.

My point. Im sick,of it. It's not even news anymore. It's like irony care what housewife hates the other. If none of you are doctors or humanitarians. Fuck it.

So stop

Elin Musk is a giant moron. More proof.

Aside from losing billions from his Twitter acquisition. The man is making stupid decisions across the board.

Let's talk about space x. It's like.. Are we any closer to sustainable life on mars? Do they at least have a space station? From looking at Google he doesn't have his own space station,but whatever.

The news today is space x'd constant trips to space are causing holes in the atmosphere. Crazy right?

But what does he care? If he burns through our resources and we have to abandon earth. He has supposed land rights on Mars. Because he will be the only means.

He isn't brilliant, he's dangerous. The worst kind of parasite because we may never see Mars in his life time. But what does he care? Aslomg as idiots buy his shitty nfts.

He's a moron and snyone who idolized a turd is also a turd wannabe.

Good luck with that.

Be well

Ginger snaps back -The Beginning

The 3rd installment that serves as a prequel to the ginger snaps movie franchise.

Stars Katherine Isabelle and Emily Perkins as Bridgette and Ginger Fitzgerald., supposed ancestors of modern day Bridgette and Ginger Fitzgerald of movie 1.

Tells the beginnings of the curse if the Wendigo/werewolves that befalls human kind.

When the white folk show up to kill everything and take their furs. Baturefighrs back with a bitter winter and a blood curse.

I watched this for it's winter theme. Tells the story if one sisters' inability to abandon but also fail to save her sister. Tgats the theme if these movies. Fight the inevitable outcome fir the same of family.

I heard forever ago a reboot Would happen.

It makes sense to speculate Bridgette would still be alive. Still be a werewolf. But it would be cool,if she tried to regain her humanity and try to fight the disease that changed her DNA to lycanthrope.

Anyway be safe

Trans confrontations seem odd

I've seen a lot of these videiscand chats where "straight" people comment about trans people's identity. Seems fake to me.

It's like why are all these bored people going on national television to discuss things that dont concern them.

Y'all know potato right? From chat. Every day he will say the same old tired thing about Transgendered people. It won't even be a topic. Like we could be talking about bread recipes or music. And out of no where "trans women are not women. Can a trans woman get pregnant"

It got to a point we would troll,him and say he demanded to see a man impregnate another man. Which he did demand to see.

But it's like.. Why do you even care?

But then comes the realization that he probably doesn't lead an interedting life to never break character.

It's never like.. Guys I went hunting.. Or. I saw a movie. Or. I went bowling. It's always the trans pregnant thing.

Idk. But as I said. It's like these video clips where seemingly upset old.. Sexless folk are there to shut on people's parade.

I always tell my nephews and nieces.. To leave the trans/gay kids alone. Because you don't have to openly hate anyone.. You also don't have to openly make an enemy of someone who isn't even going to be part of your life. It's not tolerance.. It's minding your own business and live your life.

Because that's something a lot of people can't seem to do. Mind your own fucking business and live your own life.

I know what you're thinking. "Then why were you mean to ladyfiddler?"

He was a bitch to me. Still is. Months pass and he still talks shit. Is it my fault an,ugly man turned into an ugly woman? But notice I never say a thing about their chopped up weeny or tax refund tits? Notice I never attack him for being trans. I attack his unattractiveness and Wal mart polyester wigs.

Because I know it hurts him to know he's ugly. Why attack his build a bear body parts? I'm not here to hate the gays.

But as I said. I never bothered to get to know him or his struggles. What would be the point? Tgats because I'm minding my own business. If this ugly tool bag would have been nice. Things woukd be different.

I treat people as good as they treat me. Dispite the drop,out level,rhetoric. I dont "go out and make enemies" or "burn friends" can't name a single friend I've burned.

I don't get too involved in others lives enough to burn them. The people I do not like know I don't like them and the reason. I don't change my mind about them either.

If I dont like you I probably never will.

That's why I mind my own business and live my life. Because it's easy to hate, but it's a lot more fun to be indifferentband watch people you don't care about try so hard to get your attention.

So you shouldn't spend your day to day life askimg about Transgendered. Too much interest lets the world know.. You are just waiting to love one. Live one anyway!

Be well

Attack on Titan.. How it ends..

10 years ago it began. Attack on titan made a jump from graphic comic to animated series. I'll do a quick explanation.

The series follows 3 friends. Eren Yaeger, Mikasa Ackerman and Armin Arlert. Born on an island surrounded by 3 walls that separates them from monstrous giants called titans. Paradise Island is seemingly cut off from the rest of the world. Technology slowly catching up with the times.

One day the Maria is breached by a titan no one's ever seen before. The Collosal titan. It's destruction allowed the Titans to enter the city and create an onslaught that destroys many lives.

Eren, Mikasa and Admin find themselves orphaned and join the military upon their teens. They train to kill titans. While Eren, the leader of the group struggles to learn proper fighting skills, Mikasa excels.

Upon a second breach, this time of wall Rose.. It's discovered that Eren is indeed special. He can transform into a titan. The attack titan. He maintains mental control over himself in this form. Setting him apart from regular titans.

Armin Alert is discovered to have a genius level mind with advanced strategic capabilities. It's later revealed that as an Ackerman, Mikasa excels because of her DNA. One of her ancestors inherited this ability.

It's revealed that everyone on Paradis Island suffers a genetic trait. This trait is why they are overcome by titans. Because the Titans are themselves. The rest of the world has no titans.

It's also revealed that the origins of the titan began with a girl. Ymir. Ymir was born into a slave camp and lived most of her life as a slave. One day, she is blamed for the killing,of the Kings pig and is released, only to be hunted to death.

Wounded she escapes and falls into an,underground cavern. It's then she is saved by a parasite that when bonded to her spine changes her DNA. Allowing her to become a titan.

The king seeing only value in her worth as a weapon, marries her and impregnated her to give his offspring this power. Ymir, sacrifices herself to thwart an assassination. The king didn't care. He ordered his daughters to,consume Ymir's corpse to gain even more power.

The Titans destroying everything was Ymir's curse.

Years pass and Eren decides that he is to fulfill a plan already set,in motion. A plan that will probably end mankind. A plan called "the rumbling" the walls of paradis island were filled with hibernating titans.

The rumbling awakens the Titans and they begin their death march. Trampling and killing everything in their path.

Along the lines it's discovered there are like 9 special titans. They are not mindless. Their power is either inheritedly passed down like Buffy the Vampire Slayer. 1 die A, the next is activated. Or.. Someone with paradis island blood has to consume the spinal fluid to gain,it's power.

However there is a n alpha titan,called the founding titan. He can control the others. He who is the founding is the ultimate.

It's later revealed that ever founding titan is connected. Dead or alive they can witness each others lives. But also realize they can't change their paths. If they're going yo be evil, they have to. It's an inevitability. Thus by beingbthe titan with the most freedom become the biggest slave to fate.

Eren already knows he has to doom humanity. His pain began with himself.. Making the titan who killed and ate his mother, kill and eat her. He begat his own hate and fate.

He erases his friends memories and turns evil.. Seemingly. Beginning the rumbling that is decimating the world.

It comes to a head at the last fight. Mikasa, admitting her love once, is to be the one to end it. And she does. They fight their way to,the core of the founding where Mikasa beheads Eren. And remembers their last summer together. How they lived each other.

Armin also remembers their conversation and Erens plan. His true plan to erase the paradis,island power from humanity. They grieve. Mikasa sees Ymir in the smoke and chaos and says she understands why she was chosen. And tells Unit to rest in peace.

Mikasa takes Eren's head away to bury it in secret. The power of the titan is gone. But the world still remains shitty and unforgiving. It's a long road to change it.

The one death I can't stop watching is hange's. She went out like a G.

Anyway peace and Happy Thanksgiving

Good Burger 2...

Yesterday the world was gifted a sequel to "Good Burger"

like all reboots, it began with a familiar opening. In good burger, the opening was Ed having a dream about talking hamburgers. In this, its the same thing.. that familiarity that lets you know.. Ed is still the same Ed.

Dexter Reed... 26 years later is still a scheming selfish dude in to get rich quick schemes. Loses all his money plus investors money. Realizing that Ed, being gullible and probably rich from his "Ed's Sauce" from part 1. He decides to go see Ed.

He goes back to Good Burger, Ed's restaurant. as Ed was gifted the restaurant from the previous owner for saving his business with Eds Sauce.

Here we meet the latest bunch of teens who might be passed the torch. Including Ed's son Ed 2. and Dexter's neice, Mia.

I wont give away plot.. just observations

It had some SNL cast members.. Molly Kearney and Michael Longfellow and Ego MWodim.. and Leslie Jones as Dexters Sister.

We get a to see Connie Muldoon (Lori Beth Denberg) a character which she orders a complicated order really fast and blows Eds mind because he cant keep up. And we also see Josh Server as "Fizz", who survived being frozen for 22 years at the work freezer.

Roxanne (Carmen Electra) from part 1.

There's plenty of cameos.. from Mark Cuban.. Nicole Richie.. Al Roker... and so forth.

it was full of wholesome 90s jokes but the plot was predictable...

a fun time


Well that war started with a bang didn't it?

Of course I side with Isreal. But that's because people pick the stupidest reasons to start war.

It's either religion or money. Sometimes it's egotistical because a country is smaller. But like It worries kids.

Recently I,got to talk to some kids during drug awareness week. And a kid asked me about the war. Because his older brother turns 18 and the threat of a draft looms.

I'm like calm my child. First of all, it's not our war. America is lending support but I,doubt they will line up teens to die for desert folk. But a good idea would be to pay attentuon in science class. Why? Science could save your life.

First, should miles be involved. You need iodine to withstand radiation. It has anti-rads properties. 2nd how to make anti-biotics from fermentating plants like oregano, turmeric.. Apple cider vinegar. How to locate plants you might need. Like anything in the nightshade family can be used to stall a heart attack. It's chemical is called atropine.

Then I'm like plus survival science. Like hot to sharpen stone into knives and to make fire from ice. There's a lot of useful information you can learn from a science class,

As fir a draft. As I said it's not us at war

Imallfot supporting but not sacrificing lives for a religion I don't believe in Or want to understand. Too much importance is placed in religion for me to stay away from it. If I don't make it to heaven.. Oh well. Can't miss what I never knew.

Anyway this war shit is stupid. Especially,this close to Hanukkah 🕎

Its like do it and be done or walk away.

Be well

Hunger games ballad of thongbirds n thnakes

What in the woke mess is this? 😆

First.. Cornholio Snow. It's like black eyebrows and orange dingee blonde hair. His face was so bland and when he wasn't making a Easter Island face into the camera he was being awkward as hell.

Then they added Rachel Zegler. And imike ugh why? Apparently they're trying to make her happen. She ruined the west side story remake. They kicked her out of snow White. They said. It's Snow White.. Not bean brown. I was like whoa.

Anyway she was the songbird part of this mess that supposedly is to humanize President Snow, proving he wasn't always a piece of shit. And I guess turn this into a musical. Trust me it was bad. Predictable.

Above all.. The acting was sheet.

But yeah that's just my opinion. If you're a theatre geek or 13 this movie is for you.

Honestly there are hotter guys. This guy had such a bland James woods type face. And it focused too much on his hispandex Ben Affleck type love for Lucadora Graycia.

Have a lovely day

Will Smith's behind blues

A few days ago an allegation was made against actor Will Smith. It was that he has gay sex with Duane Martin, another actor and husband to actress Tisha Campbell.

Jada Pinkett Smith denied the rumors while will said "I'll get to the bottom of him... I mean this"

Honestly why should anyone care? If a man wants gay sex, it's like whose business is it anyway? What? We gonna lynch Will for his sexuality? He's like 60. Let him live his life.

Then again this reeks of publicity stunt.

His wife Jada has been dragged for comments she made about Tupac Shakur.

It's like in HS when the cute popular guy died and some horrendous beast is like "I'm pregnant with his baby" but it turns out it's her dad's baby. LoL

The point. She mighta felt that way about Tupac. But all he wanted was that black cherry. Black cherry is the b-hole. Don't make this racist.

It's been 20 years and she's just as psycho about a man she probably kissed once in the 80s. Cuz if we're honest, he died unmarried. Wasn't dating anyone. Didn't get anyone pregnant. The man was doing that hermit life and she's acting like they had a romance that ended time and space.

If will needs a big cucumber to deal with that. Cool.

Let him be.

Stay cool

Mister Lonely

😆 it's funny to me when lonely folk troll.

For instance Futz has been making beached whales remarks about others. He tried to do it on me but I can't be bothered to argue with a tard. If that offends you don't be one.

Anyway my point. You ever notice how lonely trolls are? They will talk shit and harass you, even if you don't feed them attention because they are so desperate for interaction?

Doesn't matter where you go now days. There's always a lonely tool bag needing their attention.

Why does it not bother me?

As I said before if we ain't fuckin. Why do I care what you think? If I'm not trying to be your soulmate.., then youreuseless to me. Because life is about natural selection. Even friendships are natural selection. Every wolf needs a good pack.

Your drones, your generals., your kamikaze suicide bombers.

So run with a good pack and dontfeel bad if you aren't a leader or a general. They are folks who don't have the balls to do the work. It's like that song..

I'm a movement by myself - but I'm a force when we're together.

I'm not worried about meaningless folk.

Like I said to Futz a few times. Look at scooter to see your future. Lonely. 20 years in chatroom whining about politics you don't understand. Missing the chance to mate cuz you are stuck on stupid. Sorry bruh. But it is what it is. Now you're calling folk pigwoman and being an add for attention. You manifested your destiny.congrats.

I still give 0% about anyone. Capt are a I actually valuable their humor or intelligence. Life's too short to hate.

Be well readers

The marvels was a flop? Shocking. Not

There was boind to be a black sheep in the cinematic universe. I'm glad it was the marvels. Why? Too much pandering.

I think the story of Carol Danvers being put in a coma by Rogue for decades was a better story. Part of Rogue's hero abilities were super strength and flight. Which She got when she nearly killed Carol Danvers. After Rogue absorbs the power or life force of others she also creates a piece of their mind in her.

Eventually Carol Danvers reemerges and they fight for rogues body. Until Jean Grey puts a mental block on Danvers personality. As Rogue reaches her evolution limit, she gains control,of past powers without the mind absorbtion.

The plot is stupid. So this girl Kahmala gets a bangle from her grandma that has energy powers and the kree (aliens) have the twin of the bangle and it has quantum powers and every time it transports, it causes a rift with abnormalities.

So Danvers, Kahmala and Rambeau start switching places and take turns fighting the kree.

I get that it's woke to use minorities. But ugh. Use better ones. There was a mutant from Africa named Japeth,whose mutant ability was he had 2 indestructible maggots in his body and they would eat and kill others.

I'd love a maggot movie.

Anyway I knew the marvels would suck. So I will skip

Love each other

Is bisexuality or lesbianism fake?

I've always contended that bi-sexuality was fake. It's like a soft landing for gays. If a guy is with you but wants Trevor.. Chances are Trevor will win.

Females use bisexuality for attention. You ever notice? Its like why are you announcing it loudly near a group of guys? Attention.

My mind has been blown by the amount if "lesbians" I know personally to give up clam for a guy. Not even a hot guy. An older guy, then you wiggle your tongue at them at the store and they whip out the Bible. So weird.

Recently.. A new girl started and she was so adamant about being a lesbian. Yet, flirting with every guy she came into contact with.

So when it was just us. I'm like.. Girl.. You really a lesbian? She's like "me and my girlfriend have been together for almost 2 years" so I looked her in the eye and I'm like.. What does pussy taste like?

Waiting for that lie about strawberries or watermelon sugar. LoL.

She is like.. Want me to prove my lesbianism?
I'm like yes. Call your gf now. Tell her your fingers are hard.

Anyway. I let it drop. LoL. But i explained that no one needs to know her sexuality. And announcing it opens her up for ridicule. I'm like.. Just be careful. The climate has not changed. People will still call you dyk*. Guys will still treat you bad. Just be careful.

And that's my point.

Whether it's for attention or intention. Don't tell folks your business. Have some self-respect.

Love ya.

The woman in me

Some describe it as raw and shocking. Heart breaking. Have I read it? No. I plan to look for it Friday when I go to the book store with Jen.

But recent news posts have sort of revealed some pretty intense things. Like Justin Broke up with Britney while she was filming the music video for "Overprotected (dark child remix)

Because she kissed Wade Robson one night. And I'm like Michael Jackson's gay bou Wade Robson? I woulda took that one to the grave. It's like a dancer? Then again she did marry Federline.. A back up dancer.

She also revealed she had a forced abortion from Justin, and that if you watch "Every time" she left clues. That the song was never about Justin as people assumed, but rather, the fetus.

And it does have undertones of Regret. "Every time I see you in my dreams, I see your face.. Its haunting me., guess I need you baby" takes on a different definition.

Her life under the conservatorship. Making millions for others and only getting about %1of her earnings. The birth control. Not being able to see her kids regularly.

I hope they read The book. I hope they understand she meant to be there.

Idk. I definitely gotta read it.


Faux Domination

What is faux domination?

It's people who pretend to be dominant. For instance. The bdsm community. Unsure you probably had a weirdo or two pop up and be like "I wanna choke you til you pee while we bang" or some other stupid 50 shades of gray b.s.

And you're like.. Let's do,it spanky. And the leave. It's like. Uh huh. One time a "fireman" on here told me I would be bothering him the next day cuz of attraction. I've never spoken since. I like playing psychological chicken with tools.

But my point.

The other day. There's a female pitbull who sort of dickheads and intimidates others. They brought in a rancher dog, also female. But the rancher dog has a slight weight advantage. So I'm in my car waiting at a stop light when I see pitbull run by and into its yard.

The rancher dog stop chasing it and walks to the gate and shits there.

And I'm like.. Tgats an act of war. Dogs urinate to mark their territory and use smells to get home. Rancher dog just what on pits escape route. LoL

So I grabbed a few dog treats from my glove box I kept for zeus's car rides and I fed the rancher dog. Cuz that earned my respect.

And it made me ponder about how faux domination gives way to real domination.

A force so strong you know you don't Fuck with it. This rancher dog was raised on love and knows to has to protect its people.

It's like when these old folks try to be dominating. It's like suuuure. I have parents. Suck it.

But that's just the way of the warrior. Respect us earned and long lasting.

Stay well

Remorse is regret.. Save your sorrow

Regret.. When you accept the consequences of your actions and accept what ever losses came of it. It's very different than remorse. Remorse is feeling sorry but also wanting to be forgiven.

But they both at their core deal with an action so terrible you feel bad about it.

They say if you have a chance to get revenge and you don't. You're over it. But if you haven't, then most likely you'll be wrathful. So it's best to deduct those who hurt you from your life.

Why am I talking of this? Who hurt me? LoL. I'm just explaining. All of us on some level harbor anger at others. And it's only human nature to balance things out of even get ahead. But an eye for an eye makes the whole world blind.

One if my shadow functions allows me to remember information and deal with those thoughts right away to feel less stressed or aggressive.

Deep down I'm always aware others don't really matter on a scale of things. Like say if I'm at Wal-Mart and some old skank takes the last cart, I'm like she's old. I can carry a crate of Pepsi and not strain a muscle where as she needs it to carry a can,of her geritol complete.

My mind will figure out ways to not care.

It's like at this point whats the worst thing that can happen?

And thats my point you psychos. Don't lose your shit for nothing.

Stay well

Trumps civil trial update

Who gives a shit?

Honestly this circus was meant to be entertainment. But it's nothing like Depp vs Heard.

There's no sexy lawyer vs a bird like lady lawyer. There is no bad acting testimony.

Honestly it's like who cares? 2 things will happen. Trump will be found guilty but no jail time, or if jail,is on the table he will die of "natural causes" then his family will fade away because no,e of them are interesting. Not even,Ivanka.

Ivanka made such as add out of herself at 13 trying to be a super model. Anything she dies now is met with a pat on the head like "there there"

Something cool needs to happen before life gets boring again. Cyzsuicide rates are high on the holidays,

Anyway Stay safe

Quiz lady with spoilers.

Last night I watched quiz lady. A comedy featuring Sandra Oh and Awkwafina.

Quiz lady tells the tale if Anne (Awkwafina) and how she grew up in a broken,home with a gambling addicted mother.. And free spirited older sister Jenny (Sandra Oh)

It shows how lonely Anne's life was growing up. Her only,comfort was a tv show "the quiz show" Anne also has a deep bond with her Dog "Linguini"

After her mother runs away from the nursing home. Linguini gets kidnapped and is threatened to cover her mother's debts. Her sister Jenny hatches the idea of auditioning for "the quiz show"

The show features a contestant looking to break the winning streak record.

Anyway I won't give away much. Just that they go on a road trip and meet some odd people. Eventually they fight and open up to each other and find out that they really do care about each other than they let on.

Meanwhile Paul Rubens makes a cameo. After being mistaken for Alan Cumming. He speaks with a Scottish accent. That was my,favorite part. Was nice to see Pee-Wee one last time.

You can watching on Hulu. Or you can mosey on over to they have streams you can watch on your phone. I watch from my iPad all the time.

Stay cool and I'll see you around.

Puppetry bullying in the workplace

I'm sure many folks dealt with this form of bullying in their lives. It's when say a co-worker who you thought of as a friend or acquaintance runs to a boss or manager and throw a you under the bus for whatever reason.

Say they dislike the smell of perfume or the fact you wear silk shirts or even the fact you bring home made lunches to work.

They will look for a tiny reason,to Fuck with you, all the while using the facade of being a friend.

It's like that friend in high school who gets you to gossip about someone and then tells them. Itself Shirley tells Amber you called her a slut, even thought Shirley said it first.

They use stronger folks to bully you.

Recently I witnessed this between 2 cafeteria ladies. 1 tells the supervisor the other is slovenly and doing a poor job of cleaning.

After their meeting I went to the supervisor and I'm like, so Ophelia told you Janice dud some stuff? Cuz it's like why was Ophelia even in on a personal meeting? I'm like there's been a few times I've heard Ophelia tell the others in the break room "just make it look clean" like she promoted minor work.

Then I explained puppet bullying. I'm like it's a very basic psychological move. You shouldn't involve more than yourself and the worker in on any meetings. Because it looks like even more bullying. If 2 workers can't co-exist. Make them.

People only Fuck around until money is on the line.

Anyway. . Have a great Saturday

RIP Matthew Perry

He often played kind of quirky dudes.

A few days ago Matthew Perry was foubd dead in a hot tub. Apparent drowning. Right away folks focused on his drug problems.

I think at first the drugs were recreational. Nut at his age it could have been pain management. Self-medicating. Guess time will tell. Depression might also play a role in drug abuse.

It's like being called handsome most your life., then ragged, how does one deal with negative scrutiny? Withdrawing and drugs.

It's like Cameron Diaz. Around 2002 she was one of the most beautiful women in Hollywood. But suntanning aged her. She withdrew for a decade.

Anyway my point. Rest in Peace Matthew