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Questionable tactics.

I had the privilege recently to talk sh!t to some guys at work. These weren't co-workers. Just some dudes there. LoL

So there was a pride poster up looking for members of the community. And it was a sassy as hell poster. Had a rainbow on it. It was like "why a gay club? Cuz why not?" And I'm like gurl... Guuuurrrrllll *3 snaps* 3 for every letter in the word gay. LoL

Anyway these "straight" guys were standing there all disgusted. "They should be ashamed" "God hates gays" "it's not natural" "fkn f@g$"

At first I'm like. I'm trying to work but y'all are being too loud. Can you keep moving?

"Do you support gays? Fkn gross"

I'm like. First of all. Why are you standing here mad? A normal person would look at a poster and just continue to go. Why is it important for 2 guys to stand here and whine about something that has nothing to do with them?

Then I'm like. Most straight guys aren't wasting a minute of their day thinking about men having sex or marrying each other. Unless they have empty lives or are in the closet. It's like who cares? No one is living their lives based on your wants and desires.

I'd ask if you were closeted but gays tend to be either stylish or attractive. And this is a big no. LoL

Its always been my belief, and this goes both ways. If we aren't banging. I don't care how you live your life and you shouldn't care how I live mine. We don't know or have to know each other. I sleep good not caring about most folks.

Whether it's politics, religion. Sexual orientation or popular opinion about books, movies or music. If you aren't giving me tang.. Dont let the door swang.

And to the obsessed porkers out there. The tools reading my blogs out of hate, .

It's funny you bully me even when I'm away. That's how empty your life is. You should really take a look at it. Step back and be like "I'm bringing up someone I don't even know to a point it's making you create fake accounts or ranting about me in chat." I affect you that much and I'm not even trying

Friday Potpourri. Mm that smell

This week the war took off in Gaza. Man these guys took no time to escalate it. Using their desert money to buy weapons.

Its funny to think these folks live in old stone buildings and caves yet have $ for death.

Atleast they aren't asking for aid.

Taylor Swift is dating Travis Kelce. And I don't give a Fuck. I don't know why,anyone else is. Suddenly we kniw too much,

They said Travis has a rule that he has to Fuck by 3rd date. Meaning Taylor Swift fucks by the 3rd date, and she doesnt give bjs. Crazy

The Kardashian's are still trash. Send them to Gaza I say.

RIP - Suzanne's Somers

She made a career out of the bimbo aspect. Behind that blonde hair and big blue eyes was probably a big brain. She spent a lot of her 40s and 50s promoting fitness and the thigh master.

Known for her Roles as Chrissy Snow in "There's company" and Carol Foster Lambert In"Step by step" 2 roles that varied. Chrissy was a kind, sweet dimwitted simpleton. Carol was a brilliant mother of a blended family that always went to bat for her kids.

Alas heaven gained a slim thighed angel.

You will be missed

Day of jihad. Is not the purge., :laugh:

So the unknown mysterious Charlie townsend-esque (Charlie from Charlie's Angels) leader of Hamas has asked for a global day of Jihad. Which is when they fight against the enemies of islam.

Basically he said durka durka Mohammad jihad" and that's all they needed to hear to start stabbing people on this sacred day. Friday the 13th.

I think it's to bolster their kill count by adding Jason Voorhees kills to their totals. Which Is rediculous.

Honestly, the fact they're trying to make this seem religion based is stupid, they're surpressing themselves staying in the deserts. It's either kill yourself or kill otgers than yourself. Unfortunately no one's gonna remember the great murderer Jafar Rajin Mohammad Ali Akbar from the 10000s of other guys recycling variations of that name.

It's like how in America there's 100000 William Smith's but people only know 1.

Turning it to religion is far too late. Just get your kills in and live with that.

But I repeat. Its not the purge.

Happy Friday the 13th

But I thought they declared peace in the Middle East?

This war between Isreal and Hamas sure went nuts. 2,200 dead since what.. Saturday? That's crazy.

The weird thing us listenibg to the people around react. Saying a new world war. Saying America will auto-send troops. Funding 2 wars. Isreal., Ukraine and a side slice fir Taiwan.

My question is if you're so against sending out money, why are you already deciding it's the apocalypse? Why are you assuming USA wants war? You know this doesn't all rest on the 🇺🇸 shoulders.

Did you know after the holocaust.. There was a summit to decide where Jews would be given refuge. And from all the "concerned" governments. The Dominican Republic offered refuge to Jews at a high cost? Help costs money. Obviously, since the Russia Ukraine war is being funded on both sides.

I try to like not think about it yet. But it's hard when everyone wants to talk about end times. Forgetting the fact the Holy war has been waging for decades. I mean who is to say why all the sudden Israel and Hamas we used to lose their minds.

But it's given plenty of nobodies Asian
Box to parrot stupidity. For instance I saw a article on Yahoo about some uppity Harvard students signed 36 petitions about it, and I'm like.. Petitions?

LoL. Even in chat rooms.. A bunch of powerless people react mike they would do anything. Only showcase how powerless they are and how little they understand. Instead of yammering untruth.. Read up.

Honestly, war is messy business. It sucks innocent people had to die. But you took a risk to visit/live in a country gone mad by religion, money and the need to feel superior. You don't need to live right next door to your enemy.

🇮🇱 🇺🇦 🇹🇼


also my quote

Totally Killer (with spoilers)

Released Oct 6, 2023.

Totally Killer is a sci-fy - comedy - slasher film. Starring Kiernan Shipka, Olivia Holt, Julie Bowen and Lochlyn Munro. Set to the theme of Back II the future, which is referenced a lot in the movie.

Jamie Hughes is the typical stereotypical teen. Embarrassed by her overly protective mother. Into rock music. It's Halloween. It's explained that 35 years before, Jamie's mother Pam, survived the serial killings of her friend group in the 80s. And the killer was never caught.

Aside from dealing with over-protective parents, Julie spends her time with her friend Amelia. Whose mother was a would be genius. Amelia spends a lot of time working on a science fair project. A time machine made from an old photo booth from a somewhat abandoned carnival,

It's Halloween night. Jamie has left home to see a concert with her friend Amelia. Pam is home passing out candy when the killer returns and attacks her. This time Pam has taken self-defense training and rigged her home with weapons taped under furniture. After a pretty good fight. The killer murders Pam.

The following days Jamie deals with cops and rumors about her mom and a rumored affair with local podcast tool bag Chris Dubusage. One night after talking to Dubusage, Jamie is attacks and flees to the carnival where they are working on science fair stuff. After a short fight Jamie hides in the time machine set to Oct 26 1987. And after a final attack is sent back in time.

She arrives in 1987 and realizes she has time to stop the original killings, knowing where the victims might he she goes to the high school,

She enrolls in school with no problems, being back in the 80s where you didn't need to verify anything. It was easy. She locates the teen version of her mom and her friends. They're sort of mean girls. That combination of cruel and dumb that are the hallmarks of 80s mean girls.

Knowing when the first murder happens, Jamie decides to try and stop it without realizing she is changing events in real time without noticing at first. Tiffany is killed in her parents bedroom instead of the garage. Causing a Mandela effect in the future.

Every decision Jamie makes has changes in the future. Changing the order in which the teens die. Let me shorten this up.

Jamie also gets in contact with Amelia's mother Lauren, who first started inventing the time machine but stopped when it failed to work. Together they figure out how to deal with the killings, Lauren starts working on another time machine to send Jamie to the future.

So the killings happen and it leads to a plan to lure the killer to the carnival haunted house and end things once and for all. Which is successful. The killer is revealed to be Randy Finkle. Teen science geek In the 80s and principal in the future.

Its revealed Randy was dating Fat Trish. Who was invited to a slumber party by Pam'd friends. They got her wasted and let her drive home, resulting in her car accident and death. But the twist is, theres a second killer.

Jamie has to get to,the new time machine and leave before her iPhone rums out of power and she can't use WI-fi to navigate back to the future. The killer and Pam both enter and a fight ensues. As the ride spins around they fight and Pam is stabbed but survives and is ejected from the carnival ride. The new killer is revealed to be Dubusage from the future.

Anyway Jamie wins and comes back to a changed future where her mom is alive. Among other things. Jamie has an older brother now named Jamie, and her new name is Colette. Lauren is a successful bioengineer. Some traits from the 80s teens have changed for the better. The end.

Also he things I want to point out.

In the movie. Jamie goes back to October 26, 1987. In back to the future. On October 26, 1985 is when Doc Brown first shows Marty his time machine.

In this movie, changes in the past become Mandela effects in the future. Which was never fully explained in,back to the future. In back to the future they are explained as alternate timelines. Whereas in this movie, it's the same timeline with different results explained as remembering yhings differently.

The killer had a lot of traits borrowed from the iconic killer Michael Myers. The big plastic mask. His ability to seem almost unstoppable. He even stalked Jamie on the street resembling lampkin lane, Haddonfield. A La Halloween. Which they say is most likely filmed somewhere in Pasadena CA.

Anyway it was a decent time, I recommend it

6/10 innocent bystanders


The now of philososophical duds.

Its odd when you come into contact with very off setting weirdos who believe they were sent to start cults.

Recently, I talked about a guy who,claimed to be INTJ. And the whole debate took off on YouTube chat.

So back story. There's this 49 year old guy named Sully who believes himself INTJ and a narcissist. And he offers what most deluded INTJs offer others "Alpha advice" and they refuse to acknowledge their shortcomings when deluded.

And as they were talking about the functions and shadow functions of this guy being "sociopathic" and "narcissistic" and as I pointed out. An INTJ wouldn't be getting sh!t on so hard.

Into are supposedly the ultimate personality. Vain, manipulative.. Leaders. But the exchange is being a tool bag sometimes. Its why a lot of men claim this.

But yeah. Part of the reason ididnt believe was when I found his shit posts about giving advice to others about business and computer engineering while not have had a job for a decade.

He was leeching off the government when he was an entry level technician and developed migraines because of his eyes. He sued his employers for blindness caused by screen,glare and was put on disability after his frivolous lawsuit.

Since then hes been filter feeding off his escort ex-wife. Living in cheap section 8 housing claiming custody of his son to attain his apartment.

So I took part of a discussion about some of his claims. Pointing out that his linked in information probably was bullshit considering a lot if people make up businesses and fake accounts to portray a company that never existed. Imike they never had a business website and it's supposedly a software company.

A lot of people do thus. I bet if Dave claimed to be a vending machine tycoon and made DDP vending profile. People would believe him.

Anyway Sully ended up deleting his X and other stuff except Facebook and Instagram. Because X is too public.

My point was that because he cried about having his rights taken away and his voice was shaky. He sort of has a following. People who refute his exposed lies because in the end. The dumb want to be led to feel part if something.

Its like Trump and his grab em by the pussy nonsense. A lot of really dumb women voted for that. And it's like. 1 He isn't handsome. 2 He isn't rich. 3 He isn't interesting. 4 you're probably lonely and no one's touched you in awhile.

Just saying. Even ugly folk clung to uglier folk. To be part of he circle of life,

Debates are fun


Luc Besson returns in 2023 with a movie called "Dogman" a thriller.

It was an interesting movie. Tells the story of Douglas. A seemingly unloved boy who finds love and affection in the form of the dogs his father raises for dog fights.

The story begins as Douglas is pulled over and arrested in Drag. Bleeding and in a wheelchair, he is taken into custody. There he meets Evelyn, a case worker assigned to figure out where he should be detained. If he is male, female or trans.

She asks about his life story, and the tale he tells is terrible. Born 1 of 3 sons to an abusive father. He talks about his mother being abused also. Even while pregnant.

After his brother tells their father Douglas is feeding the dogs while they're supposed to be starved to make them meaner. His father beats him and throws him out to live in the dog cage. Where he spends months/years. He forms a strong bond with the dogs. One day his mother leaves the home and Doug, while pregnant. When asked how he felt. He said he understood, in the dog world, if a dog is weak they will leave and probably die alone. But humans, no matter how weak., will often find a way to survive,. For awhile.

One day his brother, who is a religious freak finds Douglas with a dog who had puppies. His dad pulls a gun and while arguing fires. The blast knocks off Doug's finger. But The bullet ricochets and gets lodged in Doug's spine, crippling him.

He tells Evelyn that he can stand and walk, but he risks dislodging the bullet and bleeding out internally. "I can walk but only to my death"

Then he talks about how his dad killed himself being ill equipped to live caged as he did. When his brother was released his dogs enacted revenge. He trained his dogs to do all sorts of things.

A background story is the old lady dry cleaner he uses is being threatened by a local gang for protection money. Her grandson Juan seeks Doug out and explains the situation. To which Doug has h8s dogs threaten To chew off released a genitals if he doesnt leave the dry cleaner alone. This sparks outrage in the gang leader.

Meanwhile Doug is still talking to Evelyn. He tells her after his escape he was put in foster care. Which was hard now that he was in a wheelchair, he meets Salma. Who is a drama teacher and teaches him Shakespeare, they form a bond which leads to Doug developing a crush on Salma. He tells after he grew up he found her and tried to confess his feelings only to find Salma had married and was pregnant. Heartbroken he leaves and returns to his dogs.

His job as a veterinarian assistant gets squashed by the city and he finds himself jobless. Though he has a degree in biology, the fact he is crippled leaves him with nearly no job aspects.

One day he sees a help wanted sign at a drag club. He enters and finds the pageantry interesting, he asks for a job but is told he is crippled and it probably wouldn't work. He informs the owner he can stand for a song or two and knows a bunch of old French music his mother often listened to,

The drag queens beg to give him a shot. And they do. He performs 1 song every friday night.

He finds while in drag it's like a disguise that allows him to live freely as he chooses. However 1 night a week drag performances don't pay the bills. So his dogs perform burglaries from rich people he calls a reappropriation of wealth. And he wears the jewelry during drag performances before he can sell them.

This begins an insurance investigator to funding him to recovery assets. The investigator follows him home and before he could steal back the jewelry, the dogs attack.

We end with why he was arrested. The gang from earlier said his home and it ends with a confrontation of Douglas and The leader. The leader tells Douglas in drag "I'll send you back to he'll" to wh8ch Douglas says if that's what God wants then do it. The gun us empty,, the dogs attack.

We find at the end the cops were kind of chill with Douglas seeing as he took out a gang. We end with Doug's escape. His dogs come for him. It isn't a flashy escape. A skinny dig brings diyg the je6s and he walks out slowly. User the shadow of a church steeple he Raise a His armsxr3ady for His to claim him.

The story is very much how if evil is truly nurtured, because despite Doug's upbringing. He kept with him the sense of knowing between right and wrong. Even though the world didn't seem to want him. He thrived when most would succumb. Even in rejection he found purpose in his dog family.

I liked how his dress was a red satin replica of the famous "Gentlemen prefer blondes" pink dress made famous by Marilyn Monroe. And Madonna's "material girl" video. Sorties his face reminded me of EG,Dailey. When in drag. Evenslighty reminiscent of Lee Tergesen in drag in "to cast a deady spell"

It wasn't a supperviolebt movie but it did have violence. Trigger warning for child abuse.

The part that made me smile was how the drag queens rallied behind him. Helping him after his performances back to his chair. Helping him get a job. Applauding him.

Have a good day

US stops funding Ukraine war.

I had to talk with some folks this past week about the money the US is sending to Ukraine to fight a stalled war.

Like in the movies it seems like war lasted months. But in actuality it took years. This war in Ukraine is taking a long time but it's still less than WWI or WWII

I think WWI was 4 years and WWII was 6.

It just feels like they could send in an assassin and get this over with. Especially since Russia is still doing space launches and other things. I think the oligarchs money was unfrozen and they're fist deep in hookers.

Recently, Poland stopped Aid to Ukraine. And now the U.S. is about to stop because of a Government shut down.

You know.. With the zany antics of politicians and their stupidity. They don't want a shut down to their bank accounts. This threat is on their lifestyles. Not ours.

I digress. My point is this.

The fighting,in this war is not every day. It's stretched out. And I feel like it's just taking too long to,do 1 of 2 simple things. Kill or overthrow Putin.

Look I admire Zellensky. Here's a man who said Fuck you to a mentally handicapped European leader. Never fled the country. He picked up a gun and probably killed 1 enemy. At best backed em down. A man who at best, swallowed his pride and asked for help.

It's not like he took the money and bought a mega yacht and claimed it was worth $600 million and it's true worth is $2 million. That was Trump. Did you see where he claimed Mar-a-lago was worth $620 million and the state of Florida was like uhh no it's $24million. Then,he claimed Trump Tower was worth $600 million and lied about how tall it is or the state of its structure. It too was dropped to $20-$30 million. LoL

But anyway. I too am wondering what's taking so long to end the war. But that's cuz I have A.D.D. . I need bright flashy lights. Not day and days of nothing followed by a sneeze. Take like $100000 and buy one of those super body armor. A back pack of bullets and take out the Kremlin. Gosh. Load a drone with a bomb and fly it to putin under the guise of Amazon delivery. Wammo!!!

The point is to shit before we get bored.