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LoL @ my daddy issues

The other night Futz claimed I had "daddy issues" and I asked what issues those were? He went silent.

I wrote a blog about 2 years ago when scooter and sunquaker told everyone I was molested, no one believed them. It's like. Court docket? Evidence?

For one I never talk ill of my dad. When I was 16 my dad taught me to work on cars because he said "atleast 1 of my girls won't need to depend on a man"

Futz however says things like he hates his dad and one time he said he wss do angry he stopped answering phone calls from his elderly dad. He says a lot of questionable things about his dad. This is known. It's not me starting rumors.

The other day I made fun of the fact Futz goes on vacations with his dad. I admit I say these things jokingly. Futz is free to block or report me which he never does.

Anyway so I know Scooter isbehind the daddy issues story. The guy is fumbas rocks. This tale reeks of. drop out level stupidity.

First If i have daddy issues I'd be hyper sexual, I'd be dating old men and breaking their fragile legs. But I guess because like sunquaker,I am not handing out nude pix to every guy for complacency. Like cybering with 56 year old obese virgins. You're obviously a virgin scooter. I asked a lot if women if you were bankable. One barfed. 2 went gay and a few blocked me for insulting them.

I'm also the reason your relationship with bird lady failed. Relationships based on hating me always fail. This is known.

You make me barf too. I imagine you smell greasy and like coffee grounds and forbidden onion.

So imsaying this now. If you believe anything this fat sack of scrap says.. Then you deserve him in your life.

A cat porn filming.. Drop out.. Lying tool bag.

LoL Google the company he claims he worked for.

For my fan Morb

It's funny how obsessed you are with me. So obsessed you turned of people. And you don't even matter to me. I think its hillarioys how mad you are I,don't share your political views.

Mostly because I went to,college and I'm not slinging cheap booze at a bar at age 50.

I honestly find you too pathetic to bother with.

I still think it's funny you psycho'd out of sloop because you think she and I were in cahoots about you.

As I said you don't matter. When you deleted me, I didn't even notice or care.

It's funny you said only idiots read my blog then said you read them. Admission of idiocy. What a dummy.

Was it racist though?

I don't get what was racist. I think any college professor would have asked and made that comment. Because it was a true statement. Why are you wasting time and money not being in class on time? It's the type of reprimanding a parent would give their child.

He asked a few other students what they were doing and said they were on time and not wasting his.

Then I read lower. This "Allie" said that she bumped heads with the teacher over political issues prior to recording the video. Then it's like.. oh that's why this video exists. An attempted media takeout.

Honestly, I saw nothing racist about it. The guy is from Cameroon. Which is central Africa. Africa is not just black people. South Africa has white folks like Elon Musk and Charlize Theron. I think Oscar Pistoriusi was south African too.

My point is... Manufactured racism will always be just that.. Manufactured.

Take a look at "boyz in the hood." After the first 4 or 5 times you wonder. One at the beginnibg when Treys teacher calls his mom,about his disruptive behavior. Everything Treys mom said was forced racism. "Did you think we made babies by ourselves" then she takes Trey out of school instead if disciplining him.

Then that part "we were pulled over for being black on a Friday night" when they left a place where a gun was fired. Speeding away. Yeah sounds like you were singled out.

Anyway this Allie chick goes on to say it's her life mission to,get this teacher fired because he didn't agree with her political views about abortion. And the reason she didn't call him out was shock. What bullshit.

I wonder whatever happened to,the Victoria Secret Karen?

Does Taylor Swift have.. Too much power?

ately you read about stuff Taylor Swift has done. Like getting voters to register. She has a lot of fans. Im not here to trash. Just discuss some stuff.

My niece was a huge Swifty at one point. She had all the CDs. The posters. She even had that weird white dress from a few years ago. Then all the sudden she stopped.

I think it's pandering to young girls. 1. Females out number men. Because of war. 2. Her songs were mostly about being 13 and having 18 year old foot ball players after you. 3. She talks a good game about overcoming bullying.

Anyway.. It's good she's doing positive things, I wont dog her for that. I do find 1 thing odd.

Joe Jonas and his wife Sophie Turner are going through a separation then divorce. And in walks Taylor, taking Sophie out for girls night. Then you wonder if Joe and Taylor dated. And it says 2008ish.

Now.. It's like. Sophie should be at home with the kids or on the phone with her kids or atleast on a Skype/zoom spending time with her kids, why is Taylor making sure the paparazzi catches them out sucking down mimosas and dancing at clubs?

Why is Taylor going out of her way to showcase what a bad mother Sophia is while pretending to be besties with her ex's soon to be ex-wife?

Then to,throw folks off her scent she gets seen with Travis Kelce. Something don't seem right.

Maybe this is where the dark side led her. The duality of Taylor Swft. Doing evil while doing good, and I'm kind of impressed. Not enough to be a fan unfortunately. I gotta shake it off. Damn it. She got me.

Register to vote though, and vote for smart younger folks. This old dementia laced world of politics we live in needs Its Ritalin.

P.s. Futz took a screenshot of something I said. If you need a laugh. Definitely, check it out. I guess I'm that big of a concern now. It's a power I always had possessed.

How it ended. Xena - 22 year wait

I never saw the end. Like I stopped watching after season 3. I missed the whole lesbianic friend love between Xena and Gabrielle. But I decided to watch the series finale. Dunno if it was good or bad.

A friend in need *part 2*

We start off with a Japanese House with paper doors and apple blossoms. 3 female spirits sit waiting. Xena's naked ghost shows up and they start dressing her in red silk robes. Akemi,staets fangirling. Like "Oh preese honorabur Xena. I want write poem but have no words"

Then a obvious white guy playing a Japanese spirir called "Yodoshi" shows up and with a flame whip slashes Xena naked again. She submits to him and says she will work,for him.

Meanwhile Gabrielle searches the after battle from the previous episode. There she sees ghost killer Harikata slaying ghosts and sending them to heaven as to not end up being used by Yodoshi.

It's then Gabrielle has to come to terms with Xena's death. Oh yeah.. Xena died. But I think I pointed that out saying those ghosts were waiting at that Japanese House.

Anyway they tell Gabrielle she can resurrect Xena but will need her complete dead corpse. To do this Gabrielle must fight Morimodo.

She dies thus during a stormy night and she doesn't kill him. She bops him behind the head and takes Xenas body and her beheaded head that still had a deep tan and eyeshadow and lipstick. It's like Morimodo used her head to practice his tiktok make up skills.

Anyway so Xena hatches a plan to take out Yodoshi. She steals a anklet from his bottom bitch ghost and uses it to call Yodoshi. Where cena, a memo and the ghost slayers will fight him and when he flees follow him to his fountain of life.

They fight him and knock off his arm and when he flees, follow him to his secret fountain. Meanwhile Gabrielle creates Xena. Grinds her bones to make her bread. No she puts the ashes in a to my bowl to take to,the fountain.

While Yodoshi heals xena and a memo attack, meanwhile Gabrielle gets attacked by Morimodo who was shamedcand not killed honorably after their fight and he kicks sense ashes Tupperware off the side of a cliff. Gabrielle dispatches him with a couple kicks to the head. And climbs down to get the ashes.

Xena and Yodoshi get into a fight and just as he's about to win. Xena drinks from his fountain and her spirit transforms into her brown,leather armored Xena and she takes out Yodoshi. Akemi thanks Xena for killing Yodoshi.. Again, making him double dead.

Just as Gabrielle is about to resurrect Xena. Xena stops her. Xena explains that though the 40k souls of the dead are free. They can't "live in glory" if she revives. She has to remain dead so they can feel avenged.

Gabrielle is like.. K den.

It ends with Gabrielle and Xena's ghost on a boat like how Arya Stark left winterfell. Not really having a destination.

Gabrielle like "who knew that a girl would end up travellingbthe world, going to every edge of the world?" To which Xena says "and end up finding the place she always wanted to be.. Your heart" then they smile at each other.. Sigh and dreamily look at the sunset.

And that was it.

After 22 years I know how it ended

U.S. appears to becoming a gerontocrasy. Really?

Saw this headline and snorted like Urkel.

A gerontocrasy is a society led by Old People. And it's like.. Becoming? Do they not know they are old?

Have you seen the people in charge? All old and pasty and fumbling. Even Trump is in his 70s. And y'all want that old orange turd to lead us? Lmao

Let's talk about the Supreme Court. The folk determining if abortions should be banned. All the people are well past menopause age. Where accidental pregnancy is out of their reach. Except the guys. All it would take is 1 pregnant hooker.

Our presidents have always been old. The assumption being old age means wisdom. But it's not. Not lately. It's about agendas and keeping themselves rich.

It sucks age is no marker for wisdom. Education is. And not many people understand that. They look for the loudest tard on a soap box and blindly follow. That's life.

Lauren Boebert getting beat-off juiced

I like to refrain,from politics but omg. Why... LoL

Colorado Rep Lauren Hubert was recently seen getting kicked out of Beetlejuice the musical. And the details are funny.

So it starts off as she was removed for vaping. She denied it. Then night vision security footage was released. But it twisted things up.. Literally.

So during beetlejuice. Boebert was getting her nips played with while she vaped. of course she denied everything til the video was released.

Then to put an asshole on the cake. She says the guy twisting her nips was a Democrat and it was a set up by democrats to take her down. But it's like.. Yeah but you still got your nips nurpled. No one made you such a vape.

What a dummy

Danny Masterson is feeling it now..

Recently, Danny Masterson.. One of the actors from that 70s show was found guilty of Rape. Notice I didn't say star.

Anyway, so a lot of famous people wrote character testimony letters to the judge asking for leniency. One of the ones that stood out was a letter from Ashton Kutcher. Ashton threw in a bunch,of things. That Danny started a 9-11 club. And a bunch,if other things. I think one said he donated $5 to a girl,Scout and he dontbeven need the cookies.

Anyway Ashton resigned from a group called "THORN" Which combats sex trafficking and helps victims of sex trafficking. Guess Kutcher stops giving a guvk when his friend got busted.

Bijou Phillips, stood by her husband throughout the trial. At the beginning, other actors came put to say what a bitch She was. Most notable was Daniel Franzese, famous for the role of "Damien" in the movie mean girls.

Bijou and Daniel worked together on the movie "Bully" in 2001. Daniel spoke about Bijou bullying him for being gay. She body shamed him and outed him.

So it's kind of Karma for her life to been destined for ruin. She not only supported her rapist husband. She kind of spit in the victims faces by continuing to support him even after the first trial. So Karma got that bitch.

Ashton and Mila both did apology videos for their letters. But separation kind of came too late. Character letters wouldn't have changed the fact he is a rapist. Leaving groups that help victims does nothing but harm the group.

The ripple effects of his actions will probably take a few more people out.

Guess the real message here is Scientology is not a rapists friend afterall

Russell Brand is gross af

Aside from the rape allegations, the dude is gross as Fuck.

1. His beard is all stringy and oily looking. His mouth always looks frowning. His jawline is rectangular. His eyes look both beady and way opened. He has almost no muscle tone. His hair always look dingy and greasy even after a shower.

Oh God his voice. I would probably throw up hard if he ever called me babe.

His acting sucks. His comedy blows. I honestly outside of dating Katy Perry once, see no point of him.

Currently he is accused of rape/sexual abuse by 5 women. One was 16 at the time of her incident. Reports he harassed others have been known for awhile.

I guess he said once he had a sexual addiction. I remember once reading he was a fat teen and it gave him an eating disorder and other "trauma" which led to his sexual deviance. But it's like grow the Fuck up.

Anyway I'm just saying. He is gross af.


Talk to me

Talk to me is a 2022 Australian horror film.

The premise surrounds a ceramic hand, that when touched allows you to communicate with the dead and even allow possession.

It's origins are unknown. The movie claims the statue contains the hand of a psychic that could talk to the dead. Sealed within ceramic. The possession happens when you say "I invite you in"

The story begins at a party where a guy shows concern for jus friend seen holding the hand. The guy snaps and hoes out to the pool and kills himself.

It's sometime later. Jadr and Mia are friends. Jadeis more outgoing and has a boyfriend. Mia is different. Displays sort of an abandoned personality disorder. Mia also has a hard time dealing with her mother's death.

They go to a party hosted by Haley and Joss where they encounter the hand. After a brief explanation, they are ready to play the game. Mia, desperate for friends, volunteers to play. Her possession dealt with telekinesis. The opening and closing if a door.

Jade and Riley are scared after.

A few days pass and jade hosts a party while her mom is out of town. Haley and Joss bring the hand.

This time Daniel, Jade's boyfriend goes first. Daniel ends up making out with a dog.

Anyway they all try it and finally Riley tries it. After hesitation from Jade. Riley seemingly becomes possessed by Miss mother. After a brief talk Riley gets attacked by other spirits. Leaving him catatonic and beat up.

Yada yada. Mia still fucking around with spirits, she talks to her mom who says Riley us being harmed. They didn't close the connection.

They try the hand again but it doesn't work for Riley cuz he's catatonic. So Mia goes in and sees him tormented by a lot if spirits.

She again talks to her mom who tells her to,and Riley's suffering. Mia kills her dad under a hallucination and goes to kill Riley.

As she pushes Riley in a wheelchair to the road side.. She finally realized she can't do it and instead kills herself.

She winds up at a hospital being chased by darkness til a hand reaches out for her. As she takes the hand, she is transported to another party where she is the ghost this time.

The end.

There. Now you know

:) how's it going?


How's things? No seriously. How's things?

We are at that weird part of the year when the boys of summer go home. And you arent really certain what's up.

I know I'm not sure. Nut that's for another time.

I've been sort of disconnected lately. From a lot to sort of prepare for winter I suppose. Weird.

Anyway I've been in a educational kick lately. Trying to learn. Just feels like I should occupy my mind with things other than shitting on trolls and laughing at greasy weiner strangers.

Cuz it's like.. Ok. And then...?

LoL. Anyway just asking how you are before I mentally dump .

Be well

Rosh hashanah

It's Jewish new year !!!

Recently I talked about a movie I watched the other night called "The Devils Arithmetic" starring Kirsten Dunst and Brittany Murphy.

The devil's arithmetic is about a magical Jewish girl named Hannah Stern. Hannah is very modern teen, worried about being cool. Tattoos and boys. Basically giving zero fucks about history.

It's during Seder, that Hannah drinks some wine and gets snarky. He mom is like "Hannah you're being a lush.. Lay off the wine" Hannah's like.. "I'm just being religious! Jesus Christ!" I guess it's ok cuz she's Jewish.

Anyway.. So the door bell rings. They tell Hannah to get it. As she opens the door she is transported to 1940s Poland. The very day the Germans invade.

It's here she meets her young grandmother Revkah (Murphy). Hannah is in the body of her grandma's cousin"Chana Abramowitz (pronounced Hannah with a heavy Jewish "kuh" sound. Like kannah. Kannah Ambrahama

Anyway so they are at a wedding when the Nazis show up. They get thrown in a truck and led to concentration camps. I won't go into details. But it shows the hardships of the holocaust. The gas rooms. The alleged typhoid outbreaks. The enslavement.

Some real character development happens. Hannah realizes she spent way too much time being a naive girl. She should have paid attention to the stories her grandma told her.

It ends with Brittany getting sick, the Nazis accuse her of typhoid. They start randomly picking people for the gas chamber. Hannah grabs Revkahs head wrap and puts it on. Dying in her place in the gas chamber. Naked holding a scared boy.

Then we have a wizard of oz ending which is odd as hell. It's like sepia toned kind of. Hannah wakes up surrounded by her family. She was like I had a weird dream. You was there.. And you was there.. And you were all raggedy like the scarecrow.

It ends with Hannah calling her grandmother Revkah. Grams like.. How do you know that name? Hannah grabs the photo from nearby of her grandma and her dead cousin as teens who is 100% her. "Maybe it's my imagination?"

Then a seder miracle happens. Hannah's Jewish level went up by 3 sizes.

With that I wish you a happy Rosh Hashanah. ✡

Vaccinate 2023 Part II


So... weird time for it. but...

Ok so I made an appointment to get vaccinated today.. the chick was all "Sure! We will get you fixed up! Just come sign in and it will be quicker than a blink of an eye.. you only need 1 shot now"

Im like.. yeah its a booster? right.. 1 shot.. cuz I aint no bitch I can take 2.. 3? bring it,.. 10 shots bitch.. lol

you gotta get gangsta with hospital clerks sometimes.

Anyway so I show up early and Im like signing in and the fat girl at the counter was all "Uhhh.. we arent doing vaccinations... until the new one gets here... sooooo,., yeahh" Im like,,, but when I re-confirmed early this morning.. the chick said yup, got you scheduled here,,,,

fat girl is like "Yeahh.. but we arent using those vaccines anymore.. cuz a new one is coming,,, and.. yaaaaaaa.. "

So Im like,, bitch Im taking my business to walgreens., lol.

Anyway no one is doing them until the new vaccines are here..

spared another week I suppose.

So there's a new vaccine out.. and this new covid has 34 mutations and can evade protections.. so when the new one gets out. get the jab, then you wont have to worry for awhile and the people at work can stop bitching.

Im not against vaccination.. or vaccines..

its a time frame thing for me, I like to plan things and execute them.. goal oriented? anyway I guess thats my conditioning., get mission and do it.

But Im not gonna be like a certain fat coward loser using military lingo.

thats fucking sad yo,

Be kind

Vaccinate 2023

I haven't really run,amok with covid news in awhile. Because like everyone, I'd rather not think about it. So far infections remain low. Which is good.

But getting vaccinated is a bonus.

There's a lot if people out here like.. Oh I had the sniffles. Consider yourself lucky, nearly a million people died from it.

But enough scare tactics. Just want you to be safe. Don't be stupid. People die all the time. You're alive because of a Big boost Goddess. Her name. The Devine Dolly.

Or Dolly Llama. LoL I,wonder if she owns a llama. Dollys llama.

Another question I must ponder.

The unsinkable Joseph Robinette Biden

It was announced another impeachment inquiry will be done to President Biden. Man, these old people are really trying so hard. It's stupid to impeach him now. It's like., you don't want him to be president again? It's like dude might die soon. You want that on your conscience?

We are at the end of term. Some of these ding beetles won't be back too. Wait it out. LoL

At the end of the day, it will be just another win for the albino Don Juan.

So good luck with that.

Landscape with invisible hand

Landscape with Invisible hand tells the story of 2 teens who live stream their relationship for money. But it's so much more..

Set in a dystopian future, after aliens have arrived and pretty much taken over. Adam Campbell and his mother and sister live a somewhat passable life. His mother looks for work while his sister farms food.

The vuvv have pretty much taken over. They arrived with advanced alien tech which was traded for, for land.. Money. Whatever it took to buy us out of our homes. They resemble buck tooth toads.

Anyway one day at school. Adam meets Chloe, the new girl. And they firm a fast friendship. Chloe reveals she us homeless so Adam invites her family to dinner. Which turns into Chloe's family sort of moving into the basement.

Chloe tells Adam she has an idea. The vuvv are an asexual species that self replicate. They are fascinated by the idea or love and romance. So they would start to live stream their romance for money.

However, Adam seems to be the only one genuine about it. Chloe was in,it for the money. One day they get a letter at school. They are being sued for deceit.

The aliens explain they know they aren't in live and demand their money back. They spent it. So the aliens say they will sue and enslave their family for 6 generations.

Adams mother then steps in. She confronts the aliens and they decide to study a side of love the aliens don't,know about either. This leads to Mrs Campbell marryingban alien.

So with the threat of enslavement taken away. Adam goes through the motions of an angry teen.

Meanwhile things don't get any better. The schools get shut down. Employment is scarce. Chloe starts doing romance livestreams with new guys. Chloes family harbors resentment and desperation.

Adam decides to paint a mural to,express himself, using the closed school walls as his canvas. Mrs Campbell gets tired of having to pretend to be the happy wife of 1950s tv.

Mrs Campbell gets a job and confronts her alien husband. Stating she would rather work a low paying menial job than be the wife of a man who doesn't work at all but expects complicity. They slap fight.

Chloe's father steps in as the wife and thinking they're getting a better deal. Stays the wife.

Anyway Adam's mural gets the attention,of the aliens. They offer Adam a job and pay him millions. He accepts. He finds out soon that the job.. Was really sort if a way for aliens to,gloat.

Feeling like their presence inspired primitives to create art and poetry, they were needed to dominate our world for beauty to grow.

In the end.. That's how they viewed us. Primitive. It's why the idea of love intrigued them. It's primitive.

This movie has veiled commentary about society. And not very veiled comments. Like societies need to monetize their lives for easy money. Like how people who feel themselves superior (Republicans) hold on to that maga illusion where men are the providers and women are home makers. How women should be subservient. And closing schools to keep people dumb enough not to balance the scales.

Ultimately, it's how our inability to accept each other and come together and face a toad like enemy the size of a medium dog, will be our undoing.

To quote Jenna Jameson
"Come together... Right now.. Over me "

Watchers 1988

I watched a 1988 science fiction movie called "The Watchers" with Corey Haim.

It had Corey at his teen heart throb finest. Kinda dumb, lots of hair spray. Like if he fell off a motorcycle his brain would be protected.

Watchers is about a teen who finds a dog that is being hunted by a monster. But it tries to be more complex. The government creates a monster called OXCOM. (Outside eXperimental Combat Mammal) a monster that appears to be a hybrid of a few animals and human, mistaken for Bigfoot.

The monster was 1 of 3 assassin monsters. It killed the other 2 and is chasing the dog because it was jealous of how well the scientists treated it. The dog was also engineered to be of higher intelligence. It's implied they are psychically connected and the OXCOM will kill anyone whose been in contact with the dog.

There's this weird part Corey feeds the dog a candy bar. And I'm like.. What the Fuck! I started signing up for X to cancel Corey Haim when I remembered.. He died. So he and Einstein 1 are in heaven. I forgot he named the dog Einstein. A Jewish golden retriever. Hated all German shepherds.

Anyway I started to think, if chocolate is toxic to dogs and can kill them, can't you kill a werewolf the same way? Who needs silver bullets when you have a snickers?

Also reminded me, Haim was in "Silver Bullet"

But I digress. If a werewolf eats a candy bar wouldn't it die? Imagine that plothole in every werewolf movie. The vampire vs werewolf war of underworld would be ended on Halloween.

Jacob from twilight probably never ate chocolate. He had 0 body fat so probably not.

In ending.. I'd like to make this important Halloween announcement.

Hand out candy bars.

2 reasons. Chocolate kills werewolves and vampires don't like diabetic blood.

You ever see a vampire go after a 350 lb man or woman? No. They're easier to catch. But they are off limits for their blood.

Be cool and happy Friday


Danny Masterson is guilty!!!

Danny Masterson was found guilty of rape, sentences to 30 years to life. Why is this news?

He is a... Celebrity.. Well not lately. He was on the TV show that 70s show. That's pretty much it. But the part that makes this different us because of the supposed covered up by Scientology.

According to the females who were actresses and scientologists. Masterson would slip drugs in their drink and then rape their booties. Then instead of going to the police, they went to the Scientology masters and were told Danny would be given a stern talking to and a shameful nod.

I think,the disappointing thing is they went to some priests instead of cops.

But justice was had.

I think it's weird his wife Bijou didn't jump ship. She stood by her man. And now that he's a rapist.., . Idk. Word on the streets is she was a bitch anyway

SAGE. Set A Good Example

The world is short heroes. Folks who go above and beyond for everyone else. They're out there. Saving people.

It feels good when others admire you for bravery,or humanity, simple acts of kindness.

I guess what I'm saying,is we should all strive for the better,

Right now there's just so much gunk. So much strife. Bleh. But it is what it is. I myself will try to be nicer to others. Previous dbag trolls exempt.


Stalked by the pig of New Brunswick

. Clickbait.

This time of year always feels gloomy., new.. bland. I think because it's end of summer., new school year. September 11. It really is a confusing tine to know how to feel.

But suffice it to say, time is moving along, it's Smokey today. Fires. You think in the future we ciuld stop fires. But no. Something primitive us killing our crops, our air, scorching the land. Weird right?

And to top it off an organism so microscopic.. Is devastating our lives for a couple years. Preventable things that literally no one is strategizing how to end, at one point, fires would be clear cropped out. Viruses would go away.

But new seasons of tv shows are coming. Yay! I can't wait.

I had a conversation with my gay aunt today. And she was telling me about how she recently started to think about a man who showed interest way back in the day. And that she wondered what things would have been like if she took that path.

I'm like yeah Idk. At the end of the day. Life is made of choices that were either safe for you or easy. Choosing to love someone is hard, because we are conditioned to either love with out heart or bump with our uglies.

Then I told her outside my parents, I've never seen an actual couple make it. All the folks I was looking up to divorced or died. But I know love exists.

Growing up., my parents would talk to each other and sometimes roast each other. And laugh together. They've been,together longer than I've existed. Now that's something. Don't regret., you came out in 1 piece.

And that is why I am sharing this. Change is inevitable. Growth has to come. Evolving takes time. But if a microscopic organism can change itself.. Evolve., and wreck millions.. Billions if lives. Imagine what you could do.

Fuck the haters,

Labor Day 2023

Today Steve Farwell got rolled by the world. Who is he? The singer of smash mouth.

Apparently he had chronic liver failure. Cirrhosis probably. From the drinking.

I mean, I guess you can have it all and still carry addictions. Where money makes obtaining these addictions easier. I wouldn't know.

Last nights commentary on Futurama was a comedic cartoonist display of our current situation with covid-19. How the cure ended up being voodoo. I get it.

We deal with misinformation with the same candor as celebrity relationships. Never first hand witbessing, just parroting things we hear.

Someone asked me if I believe everything I read. About covid. And I'm like just the stuff you read from medical news. If TMZ said Vivid was dating Ariana Grande., is not believe it.

I've always maintained. This disease would go away if people would just stay home, not certain,people. Everyone, for 2 weeks. Binge watch a show. Cook. Stay the Fuck home.

But people can't. There's always some sort of protest or vacation bullshit. You know the weird thing? When this shit started, all you heard was black lives matter. I don't even remember the last time I saw it in the news. Maybe they stopped mattering?

As I said. Social media.. The thing meant to unite us, divides us. The thing meant to help secure communication, used to bully, lie and deter us. And that was the point of Futurama episode..

I liked the part Amy Wong says "they lied to us about landing on the moon" The professor says "but you were on the moon just this morning.. You grew up on Mars" and Amy says "That's what THEY want you,to believe."

You hear the same stupidity.

Yesterday Futz said "Governor Newsome is going to get lynched once the blacks realize they won't get their $13b reparations"

I'm like.. First of all that wasn't going to hapoen. Because California wasn't involved in slavery. Because the government paying reparations would be admitting wrongdoing. Because America wouldn't have the money to pay a billion people a million a piece. Considering they weren't victims but descendants of victims.

I can see maybe a few thousand but tens of thousands per person? Nope. Not in this economic climate. Plus as I said it was never going to happen.

If you're racist, just be racist. We already know you're stupid. that's why covid is still here. Because it's stupid, and drinking alcohol for years, knowing it leads to liver failure us stupid, and now we come full circle.

Today's blog was brought to you by the letters F and U. And the number 69.

Have a great labor day *Mic drop*