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Freeze sucker!!! The Twilight years

Everyone is making a big deal about Mitch McConnell's freeze moments, suddenly it's ok to make fun of old people for a moment's. So I am going to write.

When it's Joe Biden, dummies hop on it like a train to stupidsville. But when it's Joe McConnell it's a national tragedy.

Honestly, since there's an age requirement for some government offices there ahould be an age limit.

For instance, Dianne Feinstein. I can appreciatededication but at 90.. It's time to give it up, I know theres a psychological thing where people live longer if they feel they still have work to do. And 90 years is a long time for it.

But since McConnell is highlighting when its time. Sure, why not?

With the ban on abortion but not guns, it makes you wonder how long it'll be til folks are shooting themselves in the tummy to get rid of pregnancies. And get back to hating budlight but secretly drinking it. Be cause Damn it, its still bikini season.

Our country,try is still being ran by the same folks arpund during the civil rights unrest if the 60s and 70s. Still believing rich republicans are so important. Old money. When it's their uneducated kids/grandkids blowing the family,fortune on hookers and coke like it's the 1980s.

The weird thing is when the elderly Republicans try to get rid of social security, not understanding that it keeps their medicine prices low. Its called an elderly discount for those on fixed incomes, watch your medicine bills skyrocket without a safety net.

I offer dislike the old folk on wire. Because they fixate on politics they don't know shit about. It's usually the drop outs who had kids young and never paid attention to the world. Meanwhile, the educated ones wipe the floor with them and their MAGA Trump ideals. You can't talksense intostupud people. Trust me, if years of teachers trying to teach them and they drop out.. They chose to he stupid, let them be stupid,

As for the world watching Mitch McConnell freeze and stutter.. You could be next. Don't wear your welcome out. Do what you need to and get out.


Navy blue

Maternity tests.

Its a rare occasion when folks demand a maternity test. But they happen.

If you were adopted out. Abandoned. Left in a trash can at prom. Buried in the back yard. I Wonder if that cheerleader that buried her living baby found true love yet?

Imagine being the guy falling in love with a baby killer. Weird.

Imagine you are told one day that you live in,the same town as the woman who gave you up. One day at a party you get drunk and throw fists and someone is like.. Yo. That's your mom! Do you throw a few extra punches? LoL

My point being, sometimes people equate loyalty with a title. Like I had a cousin who rarely even seen her father. Met him a handful of times, was like an attack dog when anyone was angry at her dad. I had nieces and nephews denied by their other families, suddenly after a little acknowledgement, all is forgiven.

I guess that's how it goes in the D,

I think science is neat. How DNA can be traced back. I was impressed by the case of baby Andrew.

For decades people thought baby Andrew was an abandoned native american baby. Turns out he was white. His mother Teresa Bentaas abandoned him by the road when she was 19. She confessed when caught.

My point. She probably had a life after what she done. Woke up everyday thinking she deserved a good life. Until the day a maternity test caught her.

Imagine though, you grew up poor.. In foster care. One day you find out your mother is a celebrated actress. Like a cheesy 70s-80s movie. The outcome is usually 1 of 3 things.

You write a tell all book. You sue for money or.. You jump into their lives after a public apology.

You never hear "Fuck that lady and her money" just once I'd love it if someone did that.

Pink. Cuz it's wednesdau

Breaking down faux egocentrics

We all know one. But a good example is Penelope from SNL. Penelope always has to one up people to seem superior. It's a weird mentality.

Yesterday while talking to a very egotistical person. He revealed that he was deteriorating physically. And that is why he brags about his body/mind.

Which anyone would have guessed. I certainly did when I made fun of his receded hairline.

My point. Braggotry is a tell tale sign of people who literally got nothing. It's like catfusjing but with personality stuff and belongings.

It's like owning a Mitsubishi spider and telling folks it's a Lexus. People brag because they know they lack personality, empathy or interest.

Saying you're logical and intelligent does not make you logical or intelligent. It adds to the lies you tell about yourself. Compounding how ridiculous you most likely are.

You know why I never brag? What would be the point? To win? Win over who? Life isn't about winning, I learned that years ago. Life is about making choices you can live with.. Live by or live to be. It's living.

When I do brag it's superficial because it's things I don't really care about, like being hot or being amazing. Why should I want to impress the lowest common denominator? I don't. That's the point.

You can lie to everyone, even yourself.

But it won't change how you see yourself to create lies.

Anyway so the guy said he is balding., fatty liver. Skin like raisin bread. And I said.. You would probably be a decent person. Maybe friend.. If you weren't such a shit personality. And it's true my anugos.

I'm not saying chat persona. I'm talking a living, breathing personality.

I always feel bad for a minute when Futz says he has no real friends to go hang out with. But then if his conversations are about politics. It makes sense why his url friends abandoned him. Im pretty sure he offended his "ex Latin gf" with his wannabe Republican rantings. So he deserves his loneliness.

So my advice. Unless you got it like Penelope where the universe backs up your lies.. You should really stop.


Biden is old - Trump is corrupt... Ha!

The title was from an Associated Press column about a poll done about what certain people feel about the 2024 elections. I won't be getting political. Just explaining my thought process.

Joe Biden is old. And sure he stumbles and sure he forgets a few words. But you can't deny the man gets things done. If he weren't stifled by the weird actions of his son. He could have been great. But he isn't great. He's just a good president.

Trump is a piece of shit. He lies. He schemes. He weaponized racism and stupidity and it's proven he is just a cog in someone else's plans for America. He has no actual stance or plans other than collect money from stupid folk. Hes supposedly rich but begs fir others to pay his legal fees and his meals, he's a huge mooch.

We are divided and I guess that's just a reality we have to live with. Because people are so fragile right now. This need for self importance and acceptance takes lead to our deluded visions of being celebrity. Having only fans if you will.

People want fat acceptance, so they muckbang and wear circus tents from bloomchic. There's nothing wrong with being bigger, but risking your health isn't the way to do it. You xan promote a healthy journey together. Learn sugar control. Protein control. Understand food and ultimately learn to accept yourself. You don't live to eat.. You eat to live.

People want trans acceptance. I can totally get behind that. But don't push it on your kids. Don't sterilize your child before they are 100% sure about children. Don't mutilate your child's body then write to people magazine. Wait til they are mature enough to understand what the procedure means.

Trans-athlete bans. I'm for it. You shouldn't suck at men's boxing, then switch to women and beat the fk out of them. You shouldn't suck at make track and field, switch and suddenly the women's records are broken by tuckers.

Woke is bad? No. Because our ancestors didn't go through the bullshit of slavery, genocide or fighting for civil rights for nothing. You were born white? Good for you, you never had to know struggle or hate. You never had to be denied a job or use if a bathroom. Congratulations. But Fuck you.

Cutting education is a bad idea.

Growing up poor, you see the value of education. You understand that it's not just about 1 person making it. You push yourself because the world does not want you to rise. You push yourself so that those who come behind you know how hard that path was. How you blazed trails. How you did not accept the plans everyone and no one had for you. Become the thunder before the lightning.

Because the only person who can stop you... Is yourself. Fuck that asshole right?

What I'm saying,.. Is change starts with us. Sitting around bitching changes nothing. Tired of taxes? Campaign.

Otherwise shut the fuck up.


Jezebel 1938.. Was weird in 2023

The other night I saw Bette Davis in step mother and I thought to myself.. Why have I never seen a young Bette movie? So I randomly chose Jezebel and it was weird.

Wikipedia says Jezebel was made for Bette, who lost the role of Scarlet Ohara. To compete with a 4 hour movie about slave era times, Jezebel was pushed out fast to compete.

Jezebel is about Julie (Bette). She's kind of a weirdo. She's from a rich family during the antebellum period in New Orleans. She seems like a progressive chick, yet has slaves.

It begins with a party in which Julie was to attend but shows up late in her horse riding outfit and a whip.. Sort of saying.. I'm a rebel! But not really. She meets up with her boyfriend Preston and her aunt Belle.

We find out she is to attend the Olympus ball, where all the unmarried women are expected to wear white. Though she is engaged, she has to wear white.

So she goes to meet Preston a while later and he is to view her dress fitting. But he is busy at a bank meeting about railroads or something. He tells her he can't go and she leaves kind of pissed.

While getting fitted she sees a red satin whore dress with black lace. And says.. I will wear this whore dress.

Later that night Preston goes to apologize but also ask why she caused a scene at the bank. It's then she shows him the red satin whore dress. She's like.. If you really love me you'll take me to the ball in this whore dress. They kiss and he's like. Whatevs.

The following day, they leave for the Olympus ball. Aunt Belle is stunned to see Julie in a red satin tube top whore dress. But her date is like shh.. Mind your business.

So they get to the ball and all eyes are on Julie. In her red satin whore dress. People are whispering. She realizes her plan to embarrass Preston backfires and she is embarrassed. She demands to be taken home but he makes her stay and waltz til the ball is over.

They get to Julie's plantation home where Preston grows some balls. He says he is leaving. She slaps him. Aunt Belle is like.. Don't be a bitch, go to him. No one's trying to bang a ginger. But Julie is like.. Oh he'll be back.. Oh yes he will. Tomorrow he will be back begging for this 1850s unwashed Louisiana swamp poon. Watch.

*a year later*

Word comes to town Preston is coming back from his New York excursion to buy railroad stuff. Naturally Julie looks like shit until she gets it in her head, he will come for her. Then come for her *wiggles brows*

Preston comes back. With his New York wife Amy. For some odd reason they plan to stay at Julie's plantation. While Belle shows Amy the grounds. Julie gets Preston alone and begs forgiveness in her should have been,Olympus gown. She's like... "I'm ready for you" but Preston instead, introduces his wife Amy.

Julie convinces a meat head to be super aggressive at Amy for thinking slaves should be free. Which leads to a gun duel with Preston a brother Ted. Ted kills Buck and blames Julie.

Oh I forgot to mention. The background story. . They had a pandemic going on in the background called Yellow Jack (yellow fever) when people had it they were yellow jacking. So random background characters would be getting it.

Anyway while visiting a bar a guy comments about the duel between Ted and Buck. Preston happened to be there. Angrily he was like "Why I oughta..*falls down coughing*" he has yellow fever.

Its then they tell folk. To stop the curve, they gather the sick and send them to the Leper Island to die. And they will pick up Preston after supper. Why they let him hang around infecting people was odd.

Anyway so.. Julie and Amy get into a confrontation. Who will leave to leper island with Preston? Amy is like. "I'm his wife.. Sickness and health, bitch." Julie seemingly wanting redemption for ending their love with stupidity says.. "Let me go.. You don't know the Creole words for food or medicine"

Amy's like "voulez-vous coucher avec moi man bitch?"

Julie says.. "Preston loves his wife, til death do you part.. Bitch he's dying. Do you want to die too?"

Then they came for Preston. Julie gets in the wagon with Preston and all the others going to leper island.

It's weird how they dealt with their pandemic. It left me wondering.. Did Julie die too? Was yellow fever that bad? Was there a guy who lost his ears and was known as Deaf Leper?

One thing i did notice. Bette Davis had a different voice. Like way different. I guess that was from the smoking. Suffice it to say, she was ever changing. Adapted to her circumstances. That's probably why her career spanned decades.

All in all, Jezebel wasn't bad or good. But acting skills have changed since. I think it could be updated. Like the rest of the junk from 30s. Like when they did that all grandma remake of "the women" where there were no male characters, they were implied to be there but you never saw a single dude. I tho,k they redid that in the 90s with every old lady they could. I think Mag Ryan was in it.


Ahsoka. Is not good for my ADD

I'm not that into the star wars universe. So when they decided to make Ahsoka.. I thought. Ok. Origin story.

So Ahsoka. Happened during the clone Wars before Anakin went baby killer and murdered a bunch toddlers for old man Palpatine. So sometime in the week between leaving obiwan and secret sex sessions with padme. Anakin took on a padwan named Ahsoka Tano. And 4 seasons of adventures started. It was an action packed week.

I'm not really sure where Ahsoka was during Anakins teen angst murder party.

But she shows up during the mandalorianto talk to baby Yoda,

This bullshit is why I hate non linear story telling. Because you already know how it's gonna end. We know Ahsoka is going to fail to stop the war because it already happened.

Just like we knew obi wan sucked balls and it's only saving factor was a little girl with a disappearing lisp.

The fight scenes were bad, because during Ahsokas prime story she was a young adult. Whereas Rosario Dawson moves slowly like a 45 year old woman playing a 18 year old. I get it. Hard to be acrobatic with huge knockers. I'm not hating.

The story included a chick.. Asian chick who lost at a sword fight. She was all. Sirry ritto Caucasian guh. Time to pray with samurai sabers" and got shanked.

They should have picked up after Palpatine death.

However... If you think about it. Anakin did bring balance to the force. How?

If everyone wiyh magic abilities dies and the last one decides to die a spinster in a plastic dome house in the desert. Effectively ending the force. What better balance is absolute zero?



Kid Rock had you hating trannys for nothing

Kid Rock is absolute brain damaged trash.

That being said. Vkud Rock was at the beginning of a gate filled twitter post against bud lights partnership with Transgendered Influencer, Dylan Mulvaney.

In the manliest show of rebellion, kid rock shot 3 cases of bud light, which he paid for. Missing %65 of his shots while the rest were hit by off camera, camera crew guys.

I never got the reason. Because bud light sided with gays?

But it brought out the hate of a lot of angry white guys who didn't want their diet beer ruined with sissies. The refused to let their fat free, sugarless %8 algo beverage be ruined with girliness.

Turns out he's a hypocrite and still drinking bud light.

It's my belief as a struggling decrepit washed out rocker of the 90s almost in his 90s. He couldn't afford bud light on his fixed income, what better way to drive down prices and scoop up cheap beer? By saying if you love gays drink bud light.

LoL. Marketing for idiots.


First man 2017. Hmmm

First man in a documentary about evolution from grunting ape people to join sapiens.

It marks changes in evolution with learning new ideas., often dangerous ideas.

We follow the journey of several groups through leaps and bounds,

We begin with the monkey types. Learning which plants were good and which were poisonous. The heirarchy of male dominance and how in the beginning, it was women who had dominance,

Why women? Because there were more women and they were most resourceful. They were teachers, mothers.. Gatherers. No one were hunters yet.

We learn that at the time, they would kick out matured young men and women from the group because the passing,if information was important in their tiny monkey brains. They would learn simple things like which plants could kill you. Which plants can save you. Using sticks to eat bugs in holes. The youngster wo7ld wander out and find a new "family" and get adopted and teach what they know.

How finding females eating fermented fruit and getting horny led to a dangerous concept. War. Murder. Yes. 3 dudes teamed up to kill a giant alpha male to bang his drunk chicks, it was like revenge of the nerds.

Jump ahead a million years. As Pangaea, breaks up into continents. The apes evolved into scavengers. Living in trees to avoid the hungry lion. We are not an apex predator. But not low on the food chain.

We find this is the area where making crude stone tools for cutting meat off fresh kill carcasses is a must, women have traded dominance and power for protection. A new concept is born. Politics. Making allegiances for favors. Probably prostitution. Doing sexual favors for potatoes.

It's then during a fierce hunt with,lions. The concept of seeking safer places is born. And man leaves Africa/Pangaea. And move across the globe.

And as the millions of years pass, man gets smarter slowly, giving rise to the homosapien.

Religionists dislike evolution. They feel like Adam and Eve came straight out of the Barbie boxes already tan and beach ready. Eating fruit.

Christianity is stupid. There's never been any proof. Yet retards believe it. Someone asked me.. If I believe everything I read out of a book. No. Not the Bible.

For thousands of years, my ancestors lived withiut the concept of white God and his magic Hebrew son. For millions of years we lived life learning. Hunting. Being good folk. We follow our own virtues. Then white folks show up with a book like "you owe our God" same thing with Mormons. You know how Mormons religion began with a guy who went off to the forwdt and came back with a book he says he deciphered from stones about God. Mormonism began and grew and rivaled Christianity. Same with Scientology. Folks be nuts for zanu.

Ultimately religion is stupid.

And as for my faithful troll blog reader. As I said before. Your opinion doesn't matter to me. You're obese, ugly and probably the hugest lying sack if shhhit. Why would I ever change to meet your standards? You're disgusting to look at, you're the punchline to every joke my friends make. A big dumb joke. So good luck with your predictions that "war will choke on her own toxicity" itsjust another bullshit prophecy made for. Your 2 years of bullshit. The concept you have actual friends is weird. Even weirder is you thinking a married woman would cheat on her husband for you. LoL

We both know why you're alone, you're obese, you're ugly. You're ashamed of your uncircumcised pig in a blanket. You're broke as shit and you suck at lying and rumors. Generally, life made you an uncle for a reason. So you'd never know the joy if being a valued member of society. #truth

So learn something from first man. That even though youre basically stupid.. At least in 1000000 years humans will still exist without any,contribution from your wasted existence. We good? Good.


Friday Potpourri - aug 18

A Canadian woman was sentenced to 22 years for Ricin letter sent to Trump in 2020. I used to bark at non Americans to not worry about american politics. But I'll let this one slide. Typically the foreigners are wannabe Republican stupid folk.

Trump Georgia grand jury identies exposed. Possibly facing death threats and assassination attempts if Trump loses. I'd sue. Last night Marsha said jury is a right not a duty. To which we said "it's a duty., I mean.. Jury duty.. It's in the name" sh@t on her proper.

Hurricane Hilary makes its way to California. I'm sure they meant Hurricane Hilaria. Es un es way tu Cali. Why name it Hilary? Probably Tucker Carlson naming shit. "It'll cause a disaster for America like if Hillary Clinton were president" and all the brain damaged inbred Republicans would cheer.

Beyonce back tracked her dismissal of support to Lizzo. Apparently she was reminded abandoning a fellow black woman under suspicion is in itself suspicious. Meanwhile, Lizzo is in Japan not giving a Fuck. 👑

There is a new Covid coming. BA.2.86. It has 36 mutations and has been identified in America, Denmark and Israel.

You know the probability of a highly mutated version was an inevitability, people ditched masks and vaccines and went back to being stupid. They refuse to stay home. Refuse to socialdistance. XBB was expected to have a winter wave. But a new branch with 36 mutations would probably take its place.

Don't be stupid. Mask up. When yiu get it.. Blame yourself.

Maui burned. That had to be one he'll of a luau. I hope everyone got lei'd before they got burnt.

Real talk., that was the best pig roast.


Free Britney... Again!!

News reports say her husband of Maybe a year, Sam Asghari filed for divorce. There were red flags.. So buckle up and lets talk.

I think it was 2017. Yeah 2017. Sam entered the picture, a lot of drama websites were told by his ex that they were still fucking while he romanced Britney. <~ red flag.

Sam Asghari is apparently a fitness instructir. <~ red flag.

He's broke and she pays for everything. <~ red flag.

Sam is 29. Britney is 41 <~ red flag

Sam didn't put a baby in her. Meaning he was too stupid to know child support is a thing. ]~ red flag

Honestly. Men ruined Britneys life.

Her dad basically sold her to take church people causing her to make them millions and get sh!t on.

Timberlake told folks she broke his heart. Causing women to hate her and branding her a slut.

Federline knocked her up and cheated on her and rumored caused her to do drugs. Then ditched her which led to her melt down which led to her conservatorship.

Now Sam Asghari came in like a vulture to pick her bones. Kind of sad.

I read an article on Yahoo about this guy in reddit wrote a statement about how girls ruin men's lives at various stages.

Said it begins at puberty when guys have to fit the role if jock, drug dealer or party guy to get girls attention. This leads to guys getting jobs to buy cars to impress girls. Some guys never recover from their teen years wasted on drinking and drug abuse and insecurity.

I told this tale many times. When I was in 8th grade. Half of my friends were already pregnant abd I was friends with everyone. Half of 26 girls is 13. 8 of which I never saw during high school.

So I said no to guys. Fuck that mess, I never entertained the idea. Trust.. Your girl drove a couple guys insane in her day. But I always kept them baseball bats length away. One dated and knocked up my cousin. She was his silver medal.

I think people consciously Fuck up their lives sometimes.

I love Britney. But I wouldn't have had a public breakdown over Federline. I woulda been like.. Bye hoe. Just like Marsha says.

With as many Red flags attached to Sam Asghari. I woulda walked away in 2017,

Cuz it's evident now that he's challenging his prenup.. His intention was money.

Just another guy ruining her life.

Shame on ya house!!!


He said he was INTJ. I shook my head..

The INTJ. Probably even rarer than ENTJ and supposedly the ultimate personality. True leadership. True focus, true dominance. Yet everyone whose made the claim wasn't. They were pure beta.

Recently an "INTJ" made himself known. I'll refer to him as SR. Anyway recently SR has been making small splashes to gain attention to his plight. Mainly not being able to see his son.

So SR claims to be INTJ. And works in computer and cognitive science. Claims would be scientist if not for women troubles and adds PHd behind his name.

Ok so the women troubles. He married a dummy 10 years ago. How they met he claims she was alone crying in need of a ride home. He offered her rides and eventually a place to stay.

She confessed she wanted to be married and have kids one day, so he married her. Somehow she ended up trying to be an actor. After they were married she had a fling with an actor. But after the actor left her.. SR found out his wife was in porn and was an escort.

All the times she needed rides was to her tricks. Basically he became a sex trafficker while being married.

He divorced her and ended up living with his aunt in a log cabin with his ex and their baby. Because he claimed he was doxxed and chased out of the IT industry. Meanwhile the ex was still escorting at comic conventions.

His ex met up with and banged a popular gaming streamer and became pregnant. During the divorce they had a clause that stated they can't live more than 100 miles from each other or lose custody of their son.

SR moved with ex to NC, 100 miles away.

SR hasn't seen son in a couple months. Threatens to expose streamer and escort wife. Meanwhile SR is dating a female with brain damage.

So let's tally up why he isn't INTJ.

1. He's such a dope he didn't know he met his ex-wife after one of her tricks. 2. Didn't know his wife was doing porn and still hooking. 3. Gave up a job and house to live with his aunt in the woods. 4.
moved across the United States to let wife bang a dude. 5. Had to date a mentally handicapped woman. 6. Doesn't work in the industry he supposedly went to college for. 7. Claims companies wont hire him because his ex-wife does porn.

I just did a deeper look, he is on Github. So I doubt his computer science degree. Claims to be a teacher there. He's supposedly half Japanese, which explains the desperate beta mentality.

LoL apparently he offers "alpha advice"

I say., How do you ask life questions to someone with no life? Weird.

In conclusion. INTJ? Definitely not. An INTJ wouldn't get shit on repeatedly and end up with nothing. I come across many on here who claim INTJ. but you look at them and it's like.. sure hoss.

I never announce I'm an ENTJ. I never PM like.. I am ENTJ. Your search is over. Cuz Fuck that. I exude awesomeness. I'm so awesome I have fat obese gross incels obsessed with me. Writing blogs and making fake accounts trying to get my attention.

But as heathers stated.

Life sucks losers dry. If you want to Fuck with the Eagles. You gotta learn to fly.


He said he was a bio-engineer. 😁

LoL. Today I was updating a few of the comps rarely used. I'm like I sure don't miss any of the Sturgis BS.

So this chick and her mom were trying to force a guy to see the girl. I guess they had a fling and he ghosted her. And she ended up pregnant.

The guy won't see her and changed his number. And she's like asking how she can get him to talk to her.

They're like.. You can't legally summon anyone to talk to you, if someone one night stands you, ain't much can be done but prepare for child support court.

Advising her to get a DNA test and the court can enforce child support.

With abortion,off the table., thanks Supreme Court. She has to either give the baby up or keep it.

Anyway I'm sitting at the desk listening and she's like.. "He was so nice when I met him. He is a junior in college. I can't believe a guy that nice could be such a scum bag. He's in school for bio-engineering. Atleast that's what he told me"

:face palm:

I'm like bio-engineering? He wasn't lying. He certainly bio-engineered a baby in your womb.

I think between 16 and 22., girls should seriously think abiut the depo shot. I talked 2 of my 4 adult nieces into it. It wears off. There's no surgery or anything inserted. Give your mind time to mature out of that fairytale mode. Even Taylor Swift wrote songs about "you believe when a man says he loves you"

We all have that friend who started having kids at 17-20 and all they do is bitch about it on their 2nd or 3rd husband. I mean look at the trainwrecks on teen mom.

Bio-engineer. That was a good one

Blue & white

$24b to Ukraine? Uhhh

Look. I'm all for Ukraine and their freedom, I'm even inspired by Zellensky and his bravery. Staying with his people, arming himself, defending his country.

America isnt the only country supporting them. But why do we have to go even more in debt for people half way around the world? People who won't even just assassinate Putin,

Its like everyone has a cellphone now and can be targeted, even pinged in a general area and a scud missle launched. What's taking so long?


It just feels like with the supposed amount of people dying... Why are we still here?

Our economy needs more jobs and ways to make bank instead of massive spending on people we needs translators to talk to.

They need to get off the fence and just fight their way to the kremlinand Fuck up Putin, chances are like Saddam, he will be in his toilet hole under a stew pot lid.

The problem with American businesses is that they don't want to keep businesses going, they want to make their quick $$ and bail.

You know a good idea? More experienced vehicle mechanic shops.

I was thinking the other day. Why dont they make instruction videos anymore? I was trying to find a video on YouTube about power steering cable replacement and I found one. But it's too distracting. There was annoying generic rock music playing. No voice over. Just text on screen during shitty rock music.

I feel like instruction video should be added to skillshare. And they should go back to the original voice over step by step instructions to fix a problem. This bland rock music blaring over 3 hrs bullshit is distracting.

And I feel like someone should provide Ukraine with step by step instruction to espionage and assassination or how to win a war.

step by step.. Oooh girl


No hard feelings..

"No hard feelings" came out with an HD version. It's a movie starring Jennifer Lawrence plays Maddie. A woman who is desperate to pay her property taxes.

Maddie works as a bartender and an uber driver. After her car gets repo'd, becomes desperate. She answers an ad I assume is on Craigslist to date a rich couples 19 year old son, in exchange for a Buick with 40k miles.

It's a comedy and has some funny parts. The intention is to deflower the guy but he's seriously shy.

My problem is the pick up routine.

She shows up in a tight dress and comes on really string. Eventually revealing to the guy she was asked to date him.

Anyway she deploys a lot if low grade tactics. Working a guys guilt.

Also jennifer Lawrence beats up 3 people naked, stay the Fuck out of Montauk, 👽

Amazingly a Jennifer Lawrence movie I didn't roll my eyes at.


Elon Musk should stop ✋

I think it's weird how many dupes still find Elon Musk their idol. I think its evident the man is overhyped bullsh!t.

Recently he tried to be cool and challenge FB CEO Mark azuckerberg to a cage match. But now is saying he needs special neck surgery to fight. He's 300 lbs by the way. And he's 52.

He's trashed Twitter. Bled money, clouded our atmosphere with space junk. He's generally a terrible person.

The funny thing is his wannabe nerd ex-gf Grimes. Is saying a bunch of stupid things. She calls their kids engineers. She gave them "nerd" names. She claims she makes more money designing nfts than she does making music. Nfts probably ordered by Musk. It's basically child support.

I never thought Elin was a genius. As I said before he was smart enough to make PayPal. To be a middle man between the bank and perveets who didn't want their bank statements to show porn purchases. With the advent of porn portals and their eventual death. It was smart to sell PayPal and claim genius.

But those who take a step back know it's bullsh!t.

Leon Musk is just another rich socialite nouveau riche dong bag. Run,of the mill idiot burning through family cash with stupidity.

All his investment into Mars life and space travel has done is add space junk and green house gases to our atmosphere. What a joke.


Pandering is not adapting or evolving

I hate politics. Mostly because it's not anything but arguing stupidity. Politics never solved a government crisis.

It's basically "debating" views that govern our country in hopes of obtaining power. But it's not.

Bitching is not political. It's not debating. It's not interesting, but that's what we have . It's what a shoved in our faces daily by a bunch of not so bright tools.

But my purpose today us to talk about pandering. Pandering is saying or doing something that pleases others in the moment.

For instance. Florida Governor Ron Desantis who says he is not for punishibg women for abortion. Yet voted to initiate abortion band and laws preventing it.

The same guy who told people to get vaccinated, then told people not to months later.

Pandering is not adapting, it's not evolving. It's an empty gesture that promises nothing. Yet as stupid as it is, people fall for a pander. Especially stupid people. They often love pander express *rim shot*

My point, in these dark times called political tours. Before you stupidly try to vote for Trump. Log iff face book and Google things he says. He often hack tracks and says the stuoidest things. There's a reason he lost and hit impeached. Why jan 6th happened.

And try to remember., pandering is not adapting or evolving and does not last.

Thank you


Cancelling Lizzo

In recent years. Lizzo stood for things like body positivity. Helping the lgbtq community. Showing girls despite your size, you can be talented, beautiful and powerful.

Cut to recent days. 3 former dancers have decided to sue Lizzo for body shaming and sexual harassment. According to posts.. The sexual harassment was Lizzo supposedly told them to dance naked and demanded threesomes.

Now.. Otgers have come out the woodwork to say Lizzo is toxic and arrogant.

The lady who was making a documentary claims Lizzo was demanding, dismissive and gaslit her before she bailed on the project. True? Dunno.

But she never coroborated the sex stuff.

But since the allegations went public, Lizzo has been losing friends. People are abandoning her titanic. Her silence also hurt her image.

That was until she finally denied it. She called the story disheartening. She also says she fired the 3 dancers earlier this year. I'd have asked for proof.

So far its speculation and rumor.

Lizzo has been in a relationship with comedian- actor Myke Wright for some months now. It's like.. She was getting dick, why sexually harass 3 back up dancers? Female dancers at that.

Look I can get how people would see her as arrogant. That's Her character. Being bold and extra for big girls. Saying you too can be big and sexy. And maybe this attitude could be seen as arrogant. It's context.

But I seriously doubt a woman making bank.. With a boyfriend and performing would just randomly ask 3 dancers to strip and eat my beef. I don't see it happening.

But then again.

I hope its not true.

As an aspiring big girl. I'd like to know I can be big and sexy and powerful. And not be sued for it.

Twisted Metal... Hmm

Twisted Metal the tv series came out on peacock. Based on the video game.

Twisted Metal takes place in a dystopian post apocalyptic world. For some odd reason electronics went nuts and doomed everyone. Twisted Metal follows the character John Doe. A man who suffers amnesia. Delivering supplies from city to city.

In true fashion, the vehicles are outfitted with weaponry.

In the game, the participants take part in a demolition derby type contest. The winner gets to have their wish come true, courtesy of "Calypso" a mysterious man with seemingly supernatural abilities. Typically the wish granted has a twilight zone twist to it.

I'm only 3 episodes in but so far the bwst part was the introduction of sweet-tooth the clown.

In the game. Sweet-tooth was an ice cream man turned psychotic killer clown. Calypso offers him the location of the girl who got away. Despite killing dozens of people, is still focused on just 1 girl.

In the show. Sweet-tooth embodies the clown aspect more. Leaning toward being more vocal and using humor than the typical heavy breathing under a mask.

Some characters were retconned. Specifically "Rayven". In the game. Raven was a gothic teen whose best friend killed herself after her friend Kelly was exposed as aslut by some guys. Calypso offers Rayven, revenge in the form of the 2 guys that prompted Kelly's suicide.

In the series Rayven us the mayor of one if the walled cities offering John Doe sanctuary and a home within the city if he delivers a package from half the country away.

I'll finish the series whenever.

I think it relies on nostalgia to carry it. It's cheesy. Like almost as bad as DOA. (Dead or Alive fighting game) with the cheesy name title right before the comnercials. It's too cheery to carry the dark that was twisted metal. But it does say comedy.

Oh well

Bebe Rexha might be psychotic

You'd think the tale of her break up would have ended by now. But nope. The media milking every second out of it.

Ok so. Bebe Rexha, singer- songwriter recently posted text of her ex "fat shaming" her. She literally posted the text like *whale sound* come to me my pod! P.s. a group of whales is called pod. Also its a joke.

She blasted this dudes texts and it was literally like the nicest way to talk about her weight. He said he loved her and she was beautiful but he did notice a 30lb gain and her face changed. She asked for an honest opinion and again that he loved her, and that she should not weaponize honest as a means to destroy the relationship.

Never mind cutting out what caused this text. Did she ask for honesty? Did she badger for it? Cuz frankly, it seemed like way nice.

The media posts this tale every day taking a different side daily. One day he's wholesome. The next he's a fat shaming frat jock. So weird.

All this on the tails of her getting hit in the face during a concert. Where the media mocked her body because of the scantily clad body suit she wore.

It feels like a fight for relevancy.

If I was with a guy and he said. You gained 30 lbs. I'd be like.. Your dick was small before I got a Buddha belly. The problem is you. I'm a treasure, 100% booty.

I feel like if you feel body shamed, then that's your thing. Someone who lives themselves would be like, "in fat? Ok" *bites snickers bar* At least that's a sweet relationship. Girl and chocolates.

I miss when celebrities lived private lives. You'd never know who they dated. What they ate. How many poops they made that day. I don't want to know Taylor Swift been giving up her black cherry and still failing the wife test. Or bead putt has a small weiner. I like a little mystery.

It's been awhile since there was a movie about a normy dating a celebrity. I think we are due.

Like Keanu and his age appropriate gf.

I brought this up the other day with sweet face. Leonardo DiCaprio. You hear about him dating models and actresses, sometimes a fraction of his age. After the break up., you never hear any of them begging for him to come back.

It's like.. Small weiner? Shit personality? Is he into like.. Having gerbils shoved up his ass? What the hell is wrong with Leo?

See that's the mystery.