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War Pony.. Was WTF

So.. A lot of folks back home were talking about a movie filmed on the reservation. A story supposedly about back home, fictional names. A lot of the edited cuts were in different places.


War Pony tells the tale of 2 guys. A half breed stoner weirdo named Bill. And a native boy named Mato. In the credits it's "matho" but that's wrong.

Bill seemingly a half white guy in his early 20s. Gets caught up between both his babies mamas. He finds a dirty poodle in,his yard and returns it to owner who informs him poodle puppies go for $4k a puppy. But he has. To buy. The poodle for $400.

So he autistically focus on hustling to get $400. Stealing cars. He meets a rich white guy broken down in rez territory. And this chance meeting leads him to sex trafficking native females to bang white guy.

Meanwhile Matos story is that of a 12 year old living in a meth house full of addiction and abuse, he gangs with his 3 friends and through the movie Mato sells meth.

After his father realizes his meth stash has been used. He chokes out mato and kicks him out. This sends mato to live with a drug dealer. Selling drugs for her for room and board.

He gets busted at school and is once again kicked out of a home. So he robs the drug dealer on Halloween night and after hot wiring a car, goes on a joy ride with his friends while under the influence and crashes the car.

Meanwhile Bill is sex trafficking and working at the White guys meat plant. It's at the Halloween party his relationship with the white folks end after his poodle is killed.

At the end Bill and Mato finally meet after Mato breaks in to. Steal food. It cuts to Bill trying to get his wages from the white guy and getting shafted. Which ends with Bill and some of the others characters robbing the meat plant and dropping off food and stolen items around the Rez.

Ok so.. Some criticism.

The way they have people talking, they portray everyone on meth or some other. Addiction. Like.. Matos mom was in the movie on the couch. When his dad dies its like Ok But where's the mom?

I was telling people.. You know.. I was going to feel bad for Riley Keough. She probably wasted money making this. But luckily Lisa Marie died and now she has Presley money.

Ima give this a 2 out of 10.

I think this movie intended to ride the wave of success of "Reservation Dogs" but for me it's like.. Illusionary charity porn. Life isn't like that.

Oh well

Friday Potpourri.

I'm talking about news topics. A bunch.

Arians Grande apparently busted up a marriage. And the dude is the ugliest ginger I've seen in awhile. No offense but a musical theatre actor that's straight? Anyway Ethan Slater plays spongebob in the spongebob musical. So I can,only imagine that voice.

The Barbie movie. Who the Fuck even is Gerta Greenwig? Google's like. Oh she was a background actress. She remade little women? She says Woody Allen was an influence? Gross.

I'm not a hipster so,I would not know who gerty is. Why she's being praised for thevshitty Barbie movie is beyond me. It's terrible. It's a bad movie with a shitty plot. It's like oh Barbie is a quasi human that wants to be human?

Oppenheimer is only in the news because of a sex scene with Flo Poo. It's like.. Making 2hour movie from maybe a 5 minute documentary piece about the man called "the father of the atomic bomb" there was a tv series called "Manhattan" that was probably a better series. It told of the mathematicians and various physicists who found the method.

Elon Musk changes twitter to X. Opens himself up for copywrite infringement lawsuits. I don't want to be ageist. But X? Seriously? What a boomer. Literally. He's dropping bombs in stupid ladies still trying to convince the world he's brilliant. The dude is a moron and a soon to be broke moron.

Speaking of Geniuses, I'd love a Nikola Tesla movie. How he was such a germophobe that he never bothered with a romantic relationship because at the time women bathed maybe once a week. Toilet paper and deodorant werent available.

How he got screwed out of greatness by Edison, and finally.. Coo, the love of his life. Thats right I named the pigeon he fell in love with. Coo. Cuz Coo is Cool. And Coo was probably koo koo for cocoa puffs. There was rumors he married it but it didn't survive the wedding night

Enjoy the weekend!!!

Fast car is back... But..

Fast Car is very catchy. But it's never done he way Tracy Chapman does it. Because as the writer, it's believable.

I made fun of the luke combs version. Like " he said he works in the market as a check out girl" but I failed to realize maybe this version is for the trans.

Because country music is in the spot light for racism and sexuality. Singing an unchanged version might be veiled for the trans listener. Sneaking in pro-lgbtq goodness.

At the time of its conception, fast car suited the times. A story about a poor woman with dreams of leaving a small town, but getting sidelined by love. Having to deal with dropping out of school and taking care of an addicted parent. Time passing by. Remembering being young and having a fast car and the hope of leaving.

Tracy Chapman wrote alot of deep music. "Behind the wall" dealt with spouse abuse. I might have blogged about this before.

Music no longer has a message. Now it's about pandering to stupidity, racism and blind americana.

It's like if you're racist. Be racist. Stop your veiled bullshit. That's why I dont respect these stupid actions. People crying about democrats., wokeness.. Reversing inclusivity. Because even white peasants want to be better than the white trash they clearly are.

But yeah Tracy Chapman should sue for royalties. If i we're her is Sue Justin Bieber hardest. Break his account and send him back to Canada.

RIP - Sinaids o'conner

Sinead O'Connor dies at 56.

The Irish singer best known for the song "Nothing Compares" was also steeped in controversy. During her performance in Saturday Night Live, she tore a photo of the pope and called him the real enemy. Then she switched go Islam.

She was staunchly against Catholicism. Which makes the cinversion make sense. She was against the sexual abuse of women and children within the catholic church. 10 years before the pope acknowledged what happened.

For the world to turn against her for putting a light on the sexual abuse in God's name was uncalled for. Because people have done some really fucked up tjings in the name of religion.

Genocide. Reprogramming, cult programming. Instilling a fear of hell. Suicide bombing for Allah. Blood sacrifices. Gay aversion therapy.

Religion is fucked up.

Anyway. In recent years., sinead would threaten suicide and go missing for days. Only to be found sitting in a park or at a coffee house.

I don't like suicidal people. It's why I hate Billy Joel. Billy Joel weaponized suicide to break up a marriage. Only for that relationship to not last. Owen Wilson.. Remember he was suicidal so they wrote me myself & Dupree just to get him a paycheck and attention.

But even dealing with attention suicides blows. One time a lady called and she would not STFU about feeling lost. She's like "save my life" I rolled my eyes and left. Its a good thing I wasn't talking to her.

It goes against ENTJ code to salvage weak folk. We aren't savers we are leaders. One thing every ENTJ does is maintain emotional distance. Feelings lead to not getting the job done.

It's not that i don't care. But if you don't care abiut yourself, why should I?

Take toots. There's a reason i blocked her months ago and stopped telling her she can do better. I honestly dont think she can. I dont think or believe she deserves a good life. And I'm not interested in saving her life either. She deserves what she got.

But I digress cuz I'm talking about the wrong bald woman.

Sinead O'Connor was a protest singer and even 30 years was still relevant. Not music wise. But stunting for attention. But it's like a media chapter ends. It kinda sucks that like Janis Joplin, she was more of a cover artist. Nothing Compares 2u was originally sung by prince.

Oh well. Rest In Peace you bald angel

Try that in a small town sucks...

The only reason anyone cares is cuz it gives stupid people a chance to throw an opinion behind it. Weaponized it.

The backlash is not because of the song or lyrics, but the video imagery that glorifies violence. It hints to stand your ground laws which dumb asses adhere to for justification to kill without consequence.

I'm just so sick of hearing about it.

Recently our dbag governor tried to grab attention for it. In a twitter post Noem claims she heard the song in May and said they should film the video in south dakota because of our small town values.

Let me shit on that idea.

South Dakota has always been filled with racists. Old white people say the foulest shit. Which is why when people try to use racism on me.. I'm like ok. It's not new shit to me.

White guys frequent the reservations and draw swastikas on stop signs. They'll take random homeless guys and beat em up. They'll openly say racist things in stores in the cities.

Kristi Noem is so detached from South Dakota the majority,of her time is flying away and trying to get a presidential bid. She isn't any smarter or decent as the other Republican GOP dumb asses. She's just as stupid... If not stupider.

Anyway my point.

Stunting for publicity.

As I said before.. Even negative attention is attention. Even manufactured anger.

Obviously this tactic was made to boost attention and sales. It's cheap and y'all are making a fat guy with no work skills money to continue not working.

So congrats.

Barbie sucked.. With spoilers..

I wasn't expecting Shakespeare. Thats exactly what I got. Not Shakespeare.

We start off with the creation of Barbie, but as told by Mattel.

Ruth handler "created" Barbie for her daughter Barbara Handler. The story goes, Ruth noticed all dolls prior to Barbie were of baby dolls, girls were expected to be in mommy training.

In 1956, Ruth and her family. Inclydingvher children Barbara and Kenneth went on a European trip. While on this trip they came across a doll "Bild Lilli" based on a german comic strip. Uike other dolls Bild Lilli was an adult female.

Upon returning from Europe Ruth stole the idea. Thusly, Barbie Handler was born.

Anyway so in the movie Barbie is living the perfect life in Barbieland. Til she starts having dark thoughts. About getting old and dying. She starts losing perfection. Her feet stop arching leading her to seek advice from weird Barbie. Weird Barbie is the doll most girls had. Chopped up hair. Marker on the face. Disjointed limbs.

Weird Barbie informs her the real world represenation of her us being influenced by the owner and she must fix the problem,or end up...dying? I wasnt too sure.

Shortening the story.

They go to the real world. Ken sees men rule the real world. He goes back and teaches the other Kens. He becomes Logan Paul. Blonde douchbag. The lens turn .. Not evil. They're empowered by boy power. The barbies become bimbos.

America Ferrets shows up,and reminds Barbie she is an icon and to Bitch Up.

They thrawrt the Kens plans of conquering Barbie world. Then Barbie tells Ken he needs to,find an,identity without her. Barbie becomes human and it ends with her going to the gybecologist.

It was not enjoyable. But then again I never had a Barbie. I had a knife, some yarn and a really fast bike. I had a childhood.

Idk if nostalgia makes this movie good or not. The musical numbers didn't. Oh She's Perlman plays Ruth Handler. "Creator of Barbie"

She's like the Edison. And Reinhard Beuthien is the Tesla.

Anyway. I think it's making a lot of money because it's something new to see. I mean it's competition is Oppenheimer. No one's putting out anything good.

The ice princess... Yeah.. No

Over the weekend I decided to binge watch an old tv show from the 90s. "The Torkelsons" I've been getting into wholesome tv from yesteryear. The Torkelsons is about a abandoned woman and her 5 kids in 90s Oklahoma. Her husband runs off and he shows back up in a few episodes.

It also tells the tale of 14 year old Dorothy Jane. An articulate but self-conscious girl who writes poems and stories. And always talks to,the man in the moon.

Anyway, I wanted to talk about S01E14 "the ice princess"

Dorothy Jane, being rejected by the 18 year old guy next door, decides to change her personality from a brainy do gooder, to the ice princess. Inspired by Kelly. She adopts a method of getting and controlling boys in probably the dumbest fashion.

The idea of the ice princess is to be emotionally detached and acting like no one can possess you.

First you work on your points of conversation. Find subjects that appeal,to guys. Sometimes you gotta draw em out with a leading question. One thing you should never under estimate is the power of touch. And you have to giggle at anything they say. No guy can resist a flirtatious little kiss. And lastly you leave them wanting more.

i don't think I ever deployed these tactics.

But i do get the emotionally unavailable thing. I made it known back in the day I wasn't interested in dating anyone. It didn't stop the weird ones from being creeps.

Teenage years are weird. Hormones gets everyone weird. You ever remember in the teen rom-coms. When the guy would be just as insecure as a girl. For instance.. "Can't buy me love". That guy was a weirdo.

However, I found that.. If I wanted someone it came down to cues. A raised eyebrow. Working my eyes and smile. Pretending to look through someone. Once conversation is initiated, overwhelm with humor and points of interest. Then I cut off contact.

You make em miss you.

But the emotionless ice princess thing ultimately doesn't work for its intended purpose. It's mainly a tactic to seem unattainable. However... Times have changed.

Before 2000. People cared about their reputation and morals. You can be offended.. But ugly chicks learned 1 simple tactic to get guys.

Anything goes.

Anal.. ATM.. McDonald's parking lot sex. Out by the dumpster.. Grab a hamburger out the bin sex. Anytime anywhere any hole with any a-hole.

"What's disgusting to a pretty girl is another Friday might to an ugly girl"

I just wanted to talk about the old tactics pre-2000.. Before standing on your front porch asking bitches if they wanna smoosh stupidity.

Boo 👎

I found out Brittany Murphry joined in season 2 but Idk if ima watch season 2.

Who knows

The crowded room. "Family"

The latest episode was kind of... Hard to take. Because it dealt with a part of abuse people don't and won't even try to understand. The enabler.

Enablers will allow some pretty,intense b.s. in the name of love/care.

In the episode they were trying,to prove that a single event is what began Danny's fractured mind. That even was sexual abuse Danny either denies.. Buried or is unaware of. So I went back to episode 1. Which I hadn't seen.

In the first episode, it begins with Danny finding his step father in a crowded street and opening fire. Which resulted in 3 people dying I think. But I noticed, Danny always locked the door behind him at home. His step father was very aggressive. But I think locking the door was because of something else.

Anyway Danny's mom was still living with his step father. Their relationship was very autonomous. She works. Comes home. Makes him dinner. He constantly complains.

Anyway eventually she gets the nerve to testify for her son, only to,abandon him again out of fear of having nothing at the end. Danny, being sacrificed yet again for her security.

It's implied Danny was probably molested by numerous men. That his mom was aware of it but psychologically in denial. It voukd have been her ego in denial men would choose her son over her. But in the end.. It was probably sacrificing having a home and a life by tellimg the truth she denied so long.

At the end.. In the dark of night. Danny cuts his wrists and lays down waiting to bleed out.

Some people will allow some fucked up shit than face the world alone.

There was a movie with Asia Argento and the sproysevrwins twins called "the heart is deceitful above all things" based on a book by JT Leroy. It's about a young mother "Sarah" who,is a drug addict and often appears in,her young son's life, only to derail it and abandon him yet again"

After abandoning Jeremiah as a baby, she returns and takes him with her. After awhile Sarah gives him drugs and he often becomes victimized by predators.

At he movie ends after Sarah puts Jeremiah in the hospital for starvation. She goes to him in the middle of the night and takes him from the hospital and they run away yet again.

However, the book was supposedly based of JT Leroys life.. Which as it turns out was fabricated.

Jeremiah Terminator Leroy was the supposed author of his harrowing life story that included drug abuse and teenage gay prostitution. Turns out he was an alter ego Laura Albert. A nobody writer.

Alter ego. And it's come full cur me about multiple personalities. Wammo.

740 - green

We need more Charles Barkleys. Less kid rocks

Recently Charles Barkley announced at a golf tournament that he was buying a round of beer for everyone. Budlight only. And if you hate gays Fuck you.

Was it a stunt? Maybe. But if it's not. Cool. Bud light has been in the center of controversy for months because they partnered with transsexual influencer Dylan Mulvaney.

This caused an anti-gay backlash over cheap diet beer. Which is strange as fuck.

Kid Rock was the first to pay for 4 cases of budlight, open fire on beer he paid for with 2 other guys off camera shooting. And is like. Fuck the gays. So manly.

At least shooting diet beer was manly. Diet beer. Real mean live real beer.

This sparked a lot of angry white folk to protest a diet beer. A diet beer.

A lot of celebrities came out the woodwork in this MAGA bullshit point in time. To protest against the gays for more views and likes.

Charles Barkley. Former athlete.. Commentator.. Sports caster. Finally entering the ring. With some sense.

It feels like the world is socially inept.


People are using this Dylan Mulvaney for attention. It's reminiscent of politics in chat.

People feel like it's something to brag about. Hating is bad mmkay.

But for real. It feels like the stupidest people mention budlight hourly, minutely.. For attention. Say you're at the water cooler talking about a summer trip. And the lonely dude no one likes wanders over and is like.. Fuck budlight and the gays. And waits for a reaction.

However Charles Barkley typically says the thing that needs to be said. He's friendly.. Kind. No ones ever really accused him,of dickhead things.

I guess it's why they called him King Charles. Yes, I was a Phoenix Suns fan back in the day. 🌞

In, cosing I'd like to say. The gayest thing is to fight gays over diet beer. DIET beer.

But it'll be a nonpoint now with the introduction to "Gay Water" alcohol sparking water. . I wanna see kid rock shoot 12 cases he paid for.

739 - brown

Radioactive Dreams update...

After some reading, ifound out that the fallout series gained inspiration from this movie.

It's why you emerge from a bunker after a nuclear war. To 1920s nostalgia, the story lines are similar. You fight raiders, mutants and other factions such as greasers and cannibals.

The concept behind the past few fallout games were you emerge and try to make the world better. Whether that's destroying raiders.. Androids.. Super mutants. Finding cures for diseases and making water safe for all.

But one thing i noticed was the character Miles Archer, seeming had on a pip-boy.

In the fallout series a pip-boy is a portable computer than monitors your health, your intake of drugs/radiation and mutations. Plus it allows you to hack entrance terminals of other fallout bunkers.

Anyway Wikipedia says that radiation dreams inspired wasteland, which eventually became fallout. Neat.

Now I,understand why it's a cult classic. Campy acting but entertaining.

I circled Miles Pip-boy

Radioactive Dreams.. was so 80s.. maybe too 80s

Last night I was blessed with the masterpiece that is.. Radioactive Dreams.. a post-apoc movie set in 2001. A cult classic apparently.

So.. in 1985 there was a nuclear war. And 2 boys were put in a bunker with a ton of food and 2 nuke keys.. and seemingly abandoned there. years had passed and its 2001, 2 19 year old guys dig their way out of the bunker.. grown.. but not necessarily smart.

Left below, all they had were movies from the 1940s and books about old timey crime detectives. Which is why they've adopted these personality traits. when dames was dames. and flatfoots were flatfoots.We follow Phil and Marlow's weird adventure of a dystopian world.

first things first.. the music. LOL! Apparently, they soundtrack was a mishmash of new wave rock songs. some were made for the movie.. but we are gifted with a gem. Sue Saad and the next.. whose song Radioactive Dreams plays alot in the movie.

We run against a sky of black and red
Premonitions of tomorrow
Is there a future there for me?
It's been a long and lonely wait
Now I can see your face in everything
I see and know today, in my life (radioactive)

Sorry, Side tracked.

So these guys break out of the underground to a world over run by gangs. Everyone is like out to be the best.. raiders vs raiders. Phil and Marlow encounter their first upworlder. Miles Archer, who is running from mutants. They save her and she steals a gun from them after they get to safety. the radio says she is a wanted gangster.

Anyway guys encounter some red headed biker babes in leather. after a chase in which their gas supply trailer gets blown up. They figure out they have the last 2 keys to the last nuke.

They encounter another gang.. the "Disco mutants" Children dressed in disco suits who cuss alot. Its kind of odd.. kind of. They rescue another female.. Rusty.

Anyway they get to a city/outpost called Edge City. Rusty immediately betrays them and hands them over to the cannibals. She helps them escape and is like.. sorry.. my bad. But this causes distrust from Phil. who is kind of cynical to begin with anyway.

Oh.. did I mention... the reason they have 2 keys? So these guys were dumped underground with food and water and nostalgic gangster movies. But the reason is because with all the nukes destroyed.. 1 nuke is left. and you need 2 keys to use it. He who controls the nuke controls the world. Cuz scientists are all dead.

Anyway I wont bore you with details cuz I missed alot. Like the plot is these 2 guys go looking for their fathers and everyone they meet knows their fathers. turns out the disco mutants warlords and their fathers.. or.. I dont know.. they never like say if they were their genetic fathers or just some dudes who threw some kids into a hole and buried them. Phil eludes to this fact alot. As their fathers die, Marlows dad says the last gangster standing wins and its Miles.

Miles.. being a hot chick.. cant really fire a gun straight.. she bad shot robots and ends up getting killed.

The movie ends with Phil and Marlow controlling Edge City.. and they hid the keys to the nuke.. cuz one day they might need it.

Movie makes me wonder if this was in anyway the inspiration for the fallout games. Most of the games take place in a dystopian future.. which is apparently obsessed with the 20s. Then the bombs drop and they spend like 100+ years in the bunkers.. only to come up and they're still obsessed with the 1920s.. even though its like 2155.

I guess this movie is a guilty pleasure..

I only said that so I could add this

738 - Red

The crowded room - a big hmmmm

So I dove into "the crowded room" at episode 8 "reunion" only because Yahoo had a story about Tom Holland getting plowed by a dude. 🌈

Anyway the story follows "Danny Sullivan" a guy who seemingly has multiple personality disorder. It follows him through his time imprisoned and in therapy sessions where he tells his life stories through multiple personalities.

Seemingly, consciously aware of his other personalities. He talks about their traits and lives.

This is loosely based off the 1977 case of Billy Milligan, the first person to be acquitted of a crime due to multiple personality disorder.

According to the case, Billy was unaware of his multiple personalities wrong doings. Which included armed robbery and 3 rapes. Apparently his personalities emerged around age 5.

Danny, however tells his lives stories in rather detailed fashion. Aware of each of them.

Anyway I was watching and during the episode he invites a chick to a party at his house. Everyone was around the table doing drugs and laughing. Talking to each other. When the girl shoes up she's like. You said this was gonna be a party. And he was alone with a joint and a 6 pack.

And I was like... I get it. It was the crowded room.

Anyway one of Danny's personalities was Ariana. She liked butt sex. Butt sex and leather and cat eyeliner. He had a gay blonde personality that liked blowing dudes.

Anyway he was aware of all this, which made me wonder.. Was he truly a schitzophrenic or justifying bad behaviors by role-playing?

I've met schizophrenics through work. They're usually shy.. Meek. Withdrawn.

I knew one from childhood. He seemed to be normal. Then I heard he got really into drugs once and I'm not sure the circumstances. But suddenly he's schizophrenic. And it's during times he's not on his meds that he ends up in jail.

I talked to him awhile back during one of these times. But childhood friendship kicked in where you deny things. You don't want to seem weak or fucked up.

But what he told me.. Was not cartoonish. Was not exaggerated. That he blanks out.. Sometimes for days. But when he comes to, it's like a bad hang over. And hes never like outrightly done anything wrong other than ask to be left alone.

The family he has contact with say he's usually living that hermit life. But a lot of times alcohol will become a factor. He's never identified a split personality.

He's never adopted a African American Tyrone personality who says mamma jamma.

He says he blanks out and loses time.

That I believe.

I'm not sure what to make of the crowded room. But I will say this. It's kind of trashy for Apple TV to add a..

"If you know someone who needs support visit.."

Not a national crisis hotline. An apple network hosted site.


737 - violet

Junk-head. The movie!!!

Today I saw Junk-head. A 2017 Japanese stop animation move directed by Takehide Hori.

Set in a dystopian future where humans, in the act of creating better humans, lose the ability to reproduce. An epidemic ravages humanity.

But our salvation is under the ground. In the subterranean race "marigans"

We follow the journey of Junk-Head. On his adventure to find a cure for reproduction.

In snippets of the past. We find that humans were reduced to just heads kept alive artificially and life above ground is autonomous. Living with android bodies and virtual living. Because of the epidemic? Probably.

Junk signs up to be a scout for the government, exploring the underground for a specific marigan. Why this one? It's implied because it's humanoid with a giant weiner.

The story begins with Junk-head's decapitated helmet falling below to 3 legendary hunters. They bring him to the doctor who informs them,Jjunk-head is human. And to be considered God as humans created them.

But he has a weird knack of bumping his head and losing his short term memory.

This had a lot of commentary about humanity. How our choices led to a dying planet. How playing God, has terrible effects.

Midway we find out that the Marigans can not reproduce. At least not like humans.

They all are born from a tree of life. The mother. The fantasy was beautiful if anything.

A tree of life spawns from a female marigan. They have tree bark like infections that set them apart from the rest. Every tree blooms hundreds of offspring. And depending on how the seed is raised determines the outcome of their offspring. And since most if the offspring were twisted and violent. A few trees never knew love.

That whole nature vs nurture argument was dominant through the journey.

Junk finds a tree who was raised by a kind old man. Protected by a nice deformed marigan and treated nicely. Had not shown signs of angry mutation.

It ends with a battle with junk, the hunters vs a monstrosity. During the battle the 3 hunters. Seemingly named Alexander, Francis and Julian. Take a drug that makes them super human for awhile,

I wont ruin the end, but it was a decent movie. Artsy. Dystopian. And metaphors up the wing Wang.

I like how there's a nod to art students. With everything in the credits attributed to Takehide Nori.

Its like.
Written by. Takehide Hori.
Directed by Takehide Hori.
Produced by Takehide Hori
Best Dolly by Takehide Hori
Best Grip by Takehide Hori

Junk-head - Takehide Hori

Associated with the Takehide Hori Corp.
Food service - Takehide Hori


It was a good 101 minutes

734 - yellow

About last night. What fun

Last night was interesting. I know a few of my avid readers - fans were waiting for this post. So here goes.

From what I gathered, as I was busy playing DBD. There was an argument going between Bob and saint. And some random guy called Elmandingoi69i69 was white lighting for Saint.

He was all. Schenectady is beautiful at night.. With your legs in the air under me.

So I said is Mandingo flirting with Saint? Weird. Started a new DBD match. Lasted 20m. I survived. Anyway I come back and they're still arguing.

Somehow... Saint calls me a loser. Why? Because I have no kids and I'm in a chatroom. And I said.. What makes me a loser? I have a job. I'm not living with my mommy. *Edit*

When He couldn't take me down. He went for Ev. Ev is probably the funniest most decent dude there is. But again because Ev has no kids, He's a loser.

Then he starts mentioning my blog. Esp the one I posted him and moon talking shit.

Moon decides to angry gramma bear and co,e for me, she says "no one likes you war!!" To which, Bob, Ev and Blue were like we luv war.

I told her no one likes you. Trust me. They constantly ask me if you're Crangran or JennyFr. They tell me flat out they don't like you. Plus all you seem to do is pick,on toots and Lie all the fkn time. One point she said her man worked for Mercedes and then she's divorced. She lives in a huge house yada yada. Who knows or cares. My point? I told her the truth.

Then she leaves and saint is still crying about my blog. So I attempted to talk it out. Told him my blog about the situation was accurate. Told him all I said was pop a vitamin c and go be with his made up gf.

Then he attempts a will Smith. Telling me to keepmoons name out my motherfucking mouth. I'm like or what?

Then. He tries to attack BB. But BB didn't care. He was elsewhere. BB is a childless loser too. This close to pride month 🌈

Then he mutters something about wasting 10 years in a chatroom.

I'm like then get. No one's keeping you here or begging you to stay. Get the Fuck on.

Then He mutters my advice was wrong as vitamin c hurts his tummy.

I'm like.. You think I care or am interested in your medical problems? LoL.

Ev was there. Blue was there. I'm not making this up. LoL.

It got to be 10:30 and a storm was coming so I just left.

Moon said "You have illusions of grandiose about your importance" and I said., how is it an illusion when you're both here proving it? You read it. You name dropped it. You complained about it.

As Bob said to Saint numerous times...

You don't have to read it.

A smart person wouldn't. They'd block me and be done with me.

And my list of obsessed weirdos grows. So congrats being on a list with Scooter,

Your cries taste like winning to me.

733 - lime

The blog that changed the world.

"Write it in your blog that no one cares about!!!"

"You hurt people and write. About it,"

"You are a disgrace to your ancestors"

A lot of unhinged angry folk in the world.

Heathers was a great movie. Full of wisdom. Because Heather was right. People either want you as a Fuck or a friend. And it's true. Especially when you're the most gorgeous girl in school/chat.

So as y'all know Scooter is making more accounts again to "harass" me. All the effort is one sided.

Am I making new accounts? Am I spreading rumors or making up lies about him? Am I campaigning for People to dislike him by claiming he is using them?

The answer is no.

Am I afraid? Am I bothered? Does this affect me at all?

The answer is still no.

Let me explain because i know he reads my blogs. I know you think arguing with me means we're friends. You're that lonely and pathetic that fighting with me means we are in each others lives. That you mean anything all to me. Nope.

It's like when you hit on sunshine and message her on FB claim to be hacked. Then just change your name before Someone pointed it out and then you reset. And deleted.

Sunshine told you. No.. Gross. Right?

If you weren't such a POS people would probably tolerate you. But for 2-3 years you what this bitter hateful troll think it you're tough when all you do is hide behind fake accounts. Fight women. Yeah for 2 years all you did was insult sloop daily. You act moved them go full turd when rejected.

That's your problem.

But anyway. My point.

The reason I'm not bothered is because Heathers was insightful. The big lesson at the end was... You can try to be in the alpha group. You can try to lead it. But at the end of the day... You should realize Its all bullshit.

Just make a bowl of popcorn and watch a movie with Martha Dumptruck. Because nothing is better than not giving a Fuck and having good friends to watch movies with.

So that's my advice today for any of you dealing with b.s.

Make a bowl,of popcorn and Netflix with Martha.

The white house cocaine debacle

I wasn't really gonna comment about this because it's just publicity fodder. But.. From the looks of things, the idiots came out in full force.

Ok so first thing.. The cocaine was found or planted in the tourist area where hundreds of visitors per day have access. It was not in the President's bathroom next to a credit card and a rolled up $100 bill.

Second thing. Hypocrisy. Take Futz for example. Futz condemned others for disliking Toots and her BFs addictions. Calling it unfair to judge them for an addiction they can't control.

And yet. Accuses and jokes about Hunter Biden, a recovering addict. Says things like once a crack head always a crack head. Yet demolishes his friendships over Toots addictions. Weird right?

Selective humanity I suppose.

But yeah The cocaine was found in a heavily public area of the white house.

Folks like Marjorie Taylor Green called for an investigation on Hunter Biden. Then got angry when the FBI said no. Why no? Because there is no suspicion of Hunter being involved. Just the media driven narrative telling low educated Republicans what to feel and attack.

A lot of people forget that yuppies work for the tourist jobs. A lot of these young white kids not yet ready to face adulthood. Who do drugs. It's called functioning drug addiction. They'll work harder and drone for the money to keep the coke train moving. It's not an unknown variable. Interns in the 80s and 90s made it a known practice.

. Happy Friday.

732 - yellow

Biosphere - fkn weird

"in the not-too-distant future, the last two men on earth must adapt and evolve to save humanity."

Billy and Ray are trapped in a blo-dome after some sort of apocalyptic disaster. With dwindling food supplies, they look for ways to stay alive. Partly by raising fish.

One day Billy notices that for no reason, other than evolution. One of the fish take on hermaphrodite qualities.

Then there's a long boring conversation in which Billy reveals he was POTUS, and a staunch Republican and his decisions as a Republican tool bag led to the apocalypse.

Ray on the other hand is a black, Democrat biologist and I think adviser to the POTUS, which is how they ended up in the bio-dome.

Billy eventually reveals he too has become intersexed via the evolutionary leap,of the fish, and that he has a menstruation period and a lady hole. He still looks like a guy with little boobs.

Anyway Billy suggests that they should have a baby. Which weirds Ray out. Ray comes up with various reasons not to. Dwindling food for survival. Not being prepped to care for a child. But at his core truth, he isn't gay.

After some time alone and thinking. He confesses to Billy that he rejected him out of his ingrained beliefs as a child. When guys are told being gay is wrong and a sin. Yada yada. But he gives in to the idea in the name of science.

Billy suggests to quell any awkwardness. Ray sort of masturbates and when he's about to bust a load. Billy will come in and take it.

Instead. Billy covers himself with a sheet with a hole in it. Ray comments it's like fucking a sheet ghost. But he climaxes anyway. They kiss and cuddle and then it gets very gay couple like while Billy's tummy grows.

There isn't an ending. Once they look out the bio-dome walls at the sky and comment it's like a second world ending. Then they go to their drawing board while Ray cries a little and there is no sound.

I wonder about the evolution from dude to hermy. Was it achieved chemically? Radiation spurn? Did the brain evoke a change?

See with some animals like fish. They're "protogynus" meaning women first. As with reptiles and fish, climate has a hand in gender. If the egg is in a warm place, a female is born. But during times when the females overpopulate, the female and produce more male hormones and become male.

The bearded dragon is probably only animal that can change its gender while inside the egg, then change if it needs to.

Like say it's originally male. Can turn female before hatching.. Then if it's one of the ugly ones who can't get a date.. Turn into a guy and plow away.

Science suggests humans are all female at conception and after a few months change into males. They say it's why we produce both male and female hormones. It's why men,produce less testosteroneat 30 at a rate of 5% a year. And women get hunch backs and mustaches.

Isn't science fun?

729 - red

Jonah Hill is emotionally abusive? Slow news day

For a few days, there's been reposted posts from most media outlets about Jonah Hill being emotionally abusive to his ex. And it's like... Big deal?

First of all. If you're a 26 year old surfer.. And the best you can do is Jonah Hill... You got a lot more things to worry about rather than being emotionally abused. You need to find out why you don't love yourself. Not to be mean but he isn't exactly an adonis. Or adonai.

He's like an adult Eric Cartman. His siblings are also overweight too so there's probably bad genetics going on there.

Personally if I were sexting Jonah Hill I would not want anyone to know. I would run to TMZ like.. Jonah sent me b hole pix. LoL.

Secondly his gas light methodology game was weak. If I asked a guy to hang out and he's like "Out of transparency, because I care for you... But I'm dating someone.. No disrespect.. I value your spirit"

I'd be like Eww and end it there.

Because if someone is publicly dating someone else and says they're dating.. Obviously the choice was made. Even more obvious, it's a waste of time to try to win... Especially win Jonah Hill.

I'm sure he's a pleasant guy. Funny.. And humorous and fun. But like saggy skin and a Dbag mentality? Yeah. Hard pass. Plus hes like 5'5. Short and dumpy are not my desire.

But also. Hanging on.. Especially after the guy rolled snake eyes on you. Makes you a target for ridicule. The better revenge is to walk away cold turkey. So when they try to be friends again after they break up.. You can say. "Out of transparency and respect... Go Fuck yourself. Of course she was gonna leave, you got the smallest dick under your massive gut Jonah Hill"

That sounds like winning.

But of course she won't. And this is all fodder for his next movie publicity. Where he plays a therapist who gaslights and cheats. Wait... Doesn't he have a tv show like that already? Shrink I think.

Oh so this makes sense. He learned low grade psychology and now other guys will watch and learn. Ugh.

729 - green

The lovecraft zone

Lately I've been gettig into HP Love craft lore. It's got Its good side and bad side.

It's set in the glamorous 40s. The aesthetic is guys in suits and work in dresses and chic hairstyles. Pin curls adnd victory rolls. Old Hollywood steeped in magic.

But it also has depression and racism. In a world where white folks have the power.

I recentlywatched Lovecraft Country in its entirety. There were things I liked.. Things I,didn't like. Things that made me go hmm.

I'm not a huge lovecraft fan but the introduction of multiverses made me go,hmm! Cuz that seems to be an aspect of the MCU. But Marvel comics did have alternate universes. And racism.

Racism in the form of mutants vs humans. At the core of everything is "humans hate and fear what they don't understand"

At the time, civil rights were a big thing. Comic books allowed anyone despite race, gender or religion a way to find heroes to aspire to.

But it's only,in fiction do we did equality and justice and peace. Kinda sucks right?

I watched "to cast a deadly spell" and they showed Cthulu. Ad it seemed like an ok time.

727 - purple

The obsessed..

You know. More and more people get obsessed with me everyday.

Obsessed. And why wouldn't they? I even warn folk now. Just block me. Forget me. Cuz once you're infected you can't help yourself.

Fallensaint is mad at me cuz he was whining about some bitch who probably don't exist anyway. He said she wanted to hang out but he felt sick. And I said. Pop some vitamin c and get out there. He had a shit fit conipption.

It's like if you didn't want someone commenting. Talk to moon in private. But no. It's wars fault.

Now he makes snide comments while I have him blocked. He tried to use me not acknowledging Bob as his ammo. I said yeah whatever. Reported for harassing. LoL.

Why blog you ask? I like transparency and letting other folks know how my obsessed fatties can't live without trying to get my attention.


After all my blogs and words hurt.. Cuz Im so cold hearted. LoL.

725 - black

TFOL - Common Ground

I nearly forgot this episode of TFOL when Natalie was almost sexually assaulted.

Not to be mean but he coulda picked a better victim. I mean Blaire, Jo and Footie were hotter. Tootie even had on a dress so tight she could barely walk.

There's also another obvious reason. And No. Not because she's fat.

That voice. Can,you imagine that voice in the throes of ecstasy? It's like a bag pipe voice. Even when she's sad it's like letting the air out of bagpipes.

Ok so. My reason for posting this aside from laughing. Self-defense.

The self defense instructor gave some poignant tips. I don't walk like a victim. Stay in well lit areas. And anything can be a weapon, even a lollipop. 🍭

You go for the eyes or weiner. 🌭

And most important. Don't stop fighting. A lot if these rape stories now days have 1 common theme. The girl always just laid there waiting til he's done. Scratch.. Claw.. Bite. What's the worst thing he can do? Considering he's got his weiner out.

Help prevent your assault but remembering... Claw out his eyes. Even if he does kill you.. His DNA will be everywhere. Under your nails.. In your love holes. Even sweat and saliva he leaves.

724 - gold

Take your pinch

Recently Michael Rappaport said something that made me wonder. He said August is gonna be Hell for Trump.

Trump will hands to answer for his indictments. His lawyers bailed. His secretary is gonna witness that she saw him mishandle documents. Most of his GOP henchmen aren't answering the phone.

He recently posted Obama's Address and an armed man showed up. That's doxing and directing violence.

Anyway I Digress.

Rappaport said. Take your pinch like a man. A reference to "Good Fellas" in Which Henry Hill went to prison and didn't snitch, when he got out he was both respected and made.

But Trump will most likely take as many people down with him as possible.

Taking your pinch. A lot of people need to. Because how does one learn from mistakes.

This is why I dislike Caitlyn Jenner. She killed a woman named Kim Howe. He got away with it by changing his gender and name. Effectively killing Bruce Jenner in the process.

He did not take his pinch, now he's a bitch. Capishe?

722 - gold

Something is hella fishy....

The media is out of control. So some things I've noticed.

I saw an article about a drag queen who said "I love to read to kids" but then you see videos of drag queens twerking for kids. And it makes me think.. Why us this? Furst of all the drag queen twerking doesn't seem drag queenish. It's about glamour.

These dudes twerking were there for a reason. To cause drama. I don't even think they were true drag queens. Because they never came out and defended themselves.

Meanwhile the drag queens who were there to read a book were met with "macho" guys.

Its like recently the Supreme Court sided with a woman who claims she didn't want to make gay websites for Gay married couples. She cited a reference.

Turns out the request never existed. She used the name of a straight guy who was married to a woman. The court never bothered to confirm the truth. They never did a fact finding report. Now this guys name is in law history forever.

It's like when the SCOTUS deniedcabortion rights. When a case was cited about a pregnant 12 year old girl. They went on a massive witch hunt yo,slut shame a 12 year old rape victim. When identified, they still said no abortion.

Idk. So weird. But I think the media uses these for entertainment fodder. Do you remember "sweeps week"?

I think,it's sweeps watch every day.

Just pointing it out. Happy Independence Day Eve.

720 - navy blue

Gator is a weirdo.. Doo be doo be dooo

Earlier Gator was looking for attention. No one really cares for the guy.. so he typically attacks Sloopy or Brat. which is weird, he never harasses guys.. but I digress.

Tonight he said "War.. no one loves you and no one wants you here"

lol to which people were "I War" lol

And I said to him.. No one is gonna jump in and attack me for you because no one likes you. youre unhinged.. a pretend drunk with pretend cancer.. who is lonely and any attention.. even negative is attention..

Because its true.. alot of the trolls we have are lonely guys losing 5% of their testosterone a year.. crying like abused women. its truly pathetic that they stoop to harassing folks for attention.

They get away with it too. because the mods dont care. they dont bother updating mods or enforcing rules. Yet people are buying wire gold to keep the owner in canadian pennies for a site he rarely even goes to.

so if its gonna be lawless.. dont show up like the hero you arent if things go too far. Its like last year when that couple murdered themselves after meeting on wire. ignorance is bliss til someone gets killed on your watch. just saying.

Happy Pre-Independence day

719 - floral

Boy meets world cast should meet reality.

I'm not talking about reality TV. I mean actual reality. Recent months they have been in the news for exposing inappropriate behavior from crew. How casting agents sexualized a teen actress to Ben Savage ghosting them after he went into politics.

In this age of social media and. Influencing. It's hard to know what's going on. But I will say this.

If you're a child being sexualized, tell someone. Grab $10 and go to an attorney and be like help! Letting people get away with it for 20 years helps no one. Name. folks.

As for Ben Savage ghosting. He never signed a contract guaranteeing a life long companionship. Guy is married.. with kids and working on a government level, it's like get your own life. LoL.

I write this because I kinda hate having to. Read about b.s. from a tv show in the 90s that wasn't really that great.

719 - green

And if this blog hurts you.. It's ok. Crying let's the hurt out.