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Standing your ground.. Or bending like reeds

Today I guess Twitter is angry with Jimmy Kimmel for saying the pandemic lockdown caused people on average to gain 25lbs. When the ratio was 29lbs.

Waiting to see if he apologized but it brings up a good topic. Is social media in cintrol of everything now?

During the pandemic, cancel culture ran amok. And a lot of tv shows and movies were collateral damage. Not to mention folks were doing pretty much anything to stay relevant. So they could apologize and yada yada.

One if the most ramous was Rioseanne Barr's tweet about Valerie Jarrett. Recently, he firmer co-star John Goodman came forward apologetic about his silence during Roseannes cancellation. To which she doubled down blurting the holocaust never happened. It's hard to tell if sarcasm but my faith in Roseanne took a hit when I found out she's a Trump MAGA fanatic.


Growing up Roseanne made a brand for herself as a Domestic Goddess. Her show was about a blue collared family in the heart lands that used humor when dealing with the hardships of the common American family. She pushed hard for Gay Acceptance, pushed hard for equality both gender and race.

But then she turned her back on things she brought to the front of America. Now she's Republican, hooked on drugs and supporting Trump. oh well.

My point is about standing by your words, your principles. Having an opinion not influenced by a buncha faceless folk on the interests.

People divulge too much and get angry when you say like.. Well you said you were a drop out.. Why you mad?

It's why I dislike Kathy Griffin. She says something then back tracks and goes to the next topic she will milk for attention. No one has time for that.

Very rarely does someone stand by their word.

Dr Fauci forever

718 - green

Pow-wow Highway

Growing up. Pow-wow highway has been a staple in native cinema. One time they played the movie in my 5th grade class. I don't remember because childhood A.D.D. I do remember a specific scene ending the movie. A haunting vision of a naked man's butt.

I decided to give it the old adult try where I can undetstand what was happening. And it made even less sense.

The movie is based loosely on an event in the life of Buddy Redbow. Whom I've always known as a singer. They always played his music on Kili radio. By loosely based on, because i don't know if it's a true event. Wiki says alternating life time events.

Anyway the movie starts with a guy named Philbert. Like a lot of young natives, becomes fascinated with the old ways. Beliebing in signs and dream walks. Whila watching a used car commercial, has a vision that it's tie for him to find his horse.

He goes to a local junk yard and exchanges weed for a Buick wildcat. It's rusted and barely runs, throughout the movie parts of the car fall off.

Buddy Redbow enters as an activist against the strip mining on the Cheyenne reservation. In a side plot, his estranged sister is pulled over by the cops in New Mexico with a huge brick of marijuana in her trunk. They take her to jail and place her kids in a nearby reformatory.

She calls buddy and begs him to bring $2k to bail her out of jail. Buddy needs to leave quietly and encounters Philbert. He asks Hilbertfor a lift to collect Bonnie, whom Philbert remembers as a kind person amd always was decent to him.

So they set off on their adventure. Philbert doesn't go directly to new Mexico though. He does side quests related to vision quests to find his purpose.

Philbert seems mildly retarded to me. He's always smiling and sort of wandering off.

Their trip leads them to Pine Ridge at a pow wow where they encounter "Mr Miller" loosely based on Dick Wilson. The catalyst of the American Indian movement. By that I mean.. Once elected tribal president, he sort of made his own laws and hired men he called "goons" to enforce his bullshit.

Anyway they make their way to Santa fe, broke as hell. It's there Buddy sees his tribal arch enemy Sandy Youngblood. And pieces together that in,his absence, the tribe could vote for strip mining. And that his sister was set up.

Philbert, influenced by an,old western movie. Ties a rope to the jail window bars of Bonnies cell. He rips it down with his "war pony". They escape and are chased by cops.

They hatch a plan. They will jump,out of the car while Philbert sacrifices himself. They all bail and Philbert goes off the side of the road where his far crashes and blows up. Everyone gathers and cries. Philbert stumbles out of the bushes and exclaims "my war pony threw me" then they walk back towards town. Leaving an,open ending.

So... Things I didn't get. 1. Gary Farmers terrible wig. That sucker was Halloween witch wig grade terrible. 2. The butt naked Gary Farmer scene. ,it's like.. Why? 3. How did the cops even get in her trunk to plant drugs? 4. If they were going 50-60 mph and each jumped. How did they all get back together at the same place at the same time. 5. Why did they start walking back to the direction they left?

Anyway, so Wikipedia says Buddy Redbow was from Oglala and he was lakota. But in the movie he was Cheyenne living in billings as an activist. Idk where they were but that was not pine ridge.

I liked that native guy who has glasses that tint in the sunlight. He looked like my uncle Pat before he died.

716 - red

Hemlock Grove - too fkn weird

I never watched this series til recently. A "bully scene" was posted in movie recaps. It showed. A really talk girl with. Hair over her face being bullied at school. Til her brother shows up and makes the 2 dudes bullying her kiss.

So I'm like.. Ok let's check it out.

Hemlock Grove is a small town in PA steeped in the supernatural. It's sort of compares racism with sects. Like vampires.. Werewolves. And being. Racist to gypsies.

The story surrounds Peter, the new boy at school who is a werewolf. And his friendship with Rich d-bag Roman, who is a vampire. And a recent murder of a school girl.

It also deals with Roman's mother Olivia, played by Famke Janssen. Who had given birth to and killed several offspring unless they were born with a call, she would eat to maintain her youth.

Anyway right off we are presented with the creepy relationship between Roman and his cousin Letha. They were extra touchy feely with each other.

Ok time to summarize. Romans sister is accused of the murder because of her size and inability to talk. Letha has a dream she fucked an angel and gets pregnant. Peter and Roman become friends and realize there's a rogue were wolf murdering chicks.

Ok.. So the killer-werewolf was the sheriff's daughter, Shelly (Romans sister) crushes her like a can. Letha give a birth and dies. Its revealed the Angel she banged was Roman. Their incest baby was born with a caul. Olivia wants Romanto eat It. He kills himself but only to be reborn full vampire.

Season 2.

Shelly is offered a chance to it her mind-soul into a new prettier body. The bad guy this season is a cult lookingtfor Romans incest vampire baby. Olivia gets cured of her vampiric but contracts Cancer in the process. She tries to redeem herself.

It's revealed Letha is really Romans sister. Making his incest baby even incestier.

Roman and Peter wipe out most of the cult. The babysitter tried to suicide at the end with the bat when a humanoid bat saves them.

Then I tapped out.

Might watch the final season. Might not.

But i watched it... So you won't have to

715 - brown

RIP ~ Julian Sands

I guess tgey found his remains near the hiking trail. They re going to do an autopsy and find out the why. At 65, I think it was premeditated murder. Why would a 65 year old man just die. It's baffling.

When he went missing, I made a joke to nerd boy. I said. You know Julian Sands was a bastard like Jon Snow. . He got it.

I didn't have to explain but I'll explain to you all.

In game of thrones, if you were born a bad yard you went by regional specific last names. Like at one point Ramses Bolton went by Ramsay Snow until Goose Bolton officially claimed him and renamed him Ramsay Bolton. Anyway.. In the last season, Bran Stark said to Sam, "Sand is the bastard surname of those norn in the south"

To which Sam replied Jon's parents were actually married before he was born and his true last name is Targaryen..

We cool? Great.

Julian Sand was cool. I liked him in Rose Red where he was a mind reader psychic.

And he was good in Warlock.

It's kind of weird. Sad and weird. It's like.. Why go hiking in January? But them crazy health nuts.

714 - gold

Little big horn day.

June 25 & 26 1879

Twas the day the Lakota, Cheyenne, Arapaho, The Crow and The Arikara joined forces and crushed the United States Army.

The battle where General George Armstrong Custer and his men were defeated. LoL. I'm trying not to be aggressive about this, I promise.

Anyway.. So when I was a teen.. I considered going military. Even took the Asvab. They talked a good game. They were bringing up the code talkers and saying they honor Lakota soldiers and value them because of their crazy spirit.

One even said "the Lakota were the only force on earth to defeat the US Army. What was that move called? Bolster.

Because the elders would tell us,don't you fkn dare. Don't fight the white man's war for them. Legit.. The friction between the US military and the Lakota hasn't really subsided. Thus "bolster"

There are 2 days the Lakota never forget.

December 29, the massacre at wounded knee..
June 25th. The battle of little big horn.

Those of us who embrace what this means, take on the role of being strong. Not backing down. And I don't. That's Warrior Life. And it lets me not give a shit about anything.

Recently someone girl interrupted me. He was all "YOU write about people in your blog and make fun of them. You hurt people.. You're already dead Angelina"

Legit. And the lame manipulation attempt. "You're always here.. For someone so allegedly hot you're dying alone" I'm like. Oh so I'm supposed to stop?

Truth is, I don't really care. As I said you have the option to block me or just not read. I'm not here for validation or for "guys" to find attractive enough. Fuck that mess. The last thing I need is for a simp crying about a chick he is lucky to have gotten lashing out at me because I said don't be a bitch go to her house. Cuz frankly, leys be honest. Anyone can find a jobless loser living with their mom. Lying about a successful graphics design career. That's why there's a deviant art. Suck it up.

And to bring it back home...

Today is a reminder to myself I came from warrior stock. I never let shit hold me down or back. And I'd like to encourage others to stand up. Life is often too short for b.s. whether it's a bully or simping for a girl or feeling lost. Stand up.

enjoy today's blog. My fanatic readers

712 - green

Dory life

Just keep swimming.

There's a lot of helpless folk out there. People who bemoan their problems and feed off their co-dependency. People who still think the illusion if a helpless princess is the way to live.

Being ENTJ, it's ingrained in me to cheerlead others to finding their way. Even before I,knew it was an ENTJ trait.

I'd often talk to and help friends get into school or degree programs. Encourage learning and growing and to follow their dream. Because I had no one to it for me. I drove myself. And it felt good to have positive effects on others.

I bring this up now because There's too many busted cogs in this machinery.

Fuck it I'll give a good example. Toots. This old bird probably never had to work hard for anything. Now every day she sits here tellingbtge tale of her no life. We all know it. She is in love with a meth head convict. Works to pay for his stupidity. Even though he's in jail now, still trying to get him to an altar to commit.

And every day people tell her to move on. Tell her that's not love. Tell her she needs to get it together. Every day its the same conversation.

I blocked her so I wouldn't have to know. Encouraged others to. I get it. Watching a train wreck is fun. I'm not saying to stop. LoL. I'm just using this as an explanation point. I swear

Lately, in DbD, they've been saying an expression. If someone isn't swimming for their lives, they'll drown you too.

If someone isn't fighting to stay alive. They'll end up killing you too. So it's ok to not be the savior.

Just keep swimming.

Co-dependency is like that. In love. In business. In life. But it can drag everyone around down too. Like the titanic sinking. It sucked people in and under as it sank. LoL I think I might have predicted the titanic fiasco.

I referenced Trump as the titanic. Then suddenly some dumb rich folk go down to see it and die. LoL

But anyway. Collateral damage. When it affects others like kids.. Family or friends. When you're borrowing money to fuel a druggies addiction.

I'm all for climbing on little people on your way to the top. But if you aren't fighting for your life.. So long sucker.

And that's the point I'm making.

So long sucker.

711 - red

Smokin Joe Biden remains President

Republican Colorado rep Lauren Boebert tried to take out President Joe Biden yesterday. It was her second attempt. And she failed. She tried to force a house vote but even fellow Republicans said "Fuck Off" because of dislike for her.

Surprisingly, Marjorie Taylor Greene got up in Boeberts face and called her a bitch. MTJ.. Called Boebert a beeeyotch.

Anyway recently, the DOJ offered Hunter Biden a plea deal on tax evasion and guns in exchange for no jail time. It's not a pardon. He still has to pay court costs and get right with the government.

Hunter has tried to clean his image in the past few months. He was a huge train wreck. But his life wasn't like.. Cool. He was hooked on meth and escorts. At some point people have a moment of clarity and want to stop. So he's trying, whivh is why people often scream "Hunter Biden made shady deals" yada yada without actual knowledge of what's happening.

I digress, Boebert claims Joe used his influence to broker this plea deal and abuse of power. Failed smoke screen to shift attention away from Trump's 37 indictments, which by the way, there's recordings now of Trump bragging about showing to people at his Mar-a-lago resort. Which he says now we're just rolled up magazines as props to fearmonger the stupid.

Boebert has recently began experiencing her own problems. A man has exposed her as a one time escort. With photos. Aaaand. A failed paternity test that proved her dad isn't wrestler "Stan Lane" whom her mother said for years was and started a smear campaign that he was a terrible father. Turns out he wasn't Boeberts dad.

But the big news is.. Joe Biden is still president. And the best president since Trump.

America Forever

709 - blue

If I could, I'd remake the fly

I spent my morning filing and watching the fly. The 1986 version with Jeff Goldblum.

I think we're far enough technology wise for this to be redone better.

For those who don't remember. The story us about a scientist names Seth Brundle, a young physicist who in his spare time created teleportation pods. During a test run. A house fly sneaks in his pod and they fuse at a molecular level. He transforms into a human-fly hybrid. After killing some folks.

I feel like technology has cause up to science fictiob where we do use voice recognition on a daily basis.

Anyway it's lumch time.

707 - brown

It's all about me.. :howl:

Twas the weekend of meltdowns.

And for some off reason. I was at the core. Irs weird lol.

I won't point out peeps or make specific information known. But let's just say.. Blogging stuff and talking about Why things make sense to me and normal folk.. I don't see why it angers others. But I will mot be silenced.

No but first. I do not control others. I am not the reason you aren't liked. Some of you were not liked decades before I even appeared. I do not campaign for people not to like you. Just ask one I am friends with how often we PM. I say things in chat because I dont do shady things.

So if folks ain't saying Hi to you. It's nothing to,do with me.

If people openly mock you. It's nothing to do with me. They do it when I'm not around. So obviously their dislike is personal. Nothing to-do with me.

If you're whining about your love life. And I chime in. It's an open topic. You can keep your personal life in private. All I did was chime in when the topic takes up the whole screen. And the advice was common sense. Which appears to be lacking in a lot of people.

If people haven't liked you the bulk of your life... Nothing to do with me. But maybe you should take a step back. Count how many people don't like you and consider.. Maybe you're the problem.

If you're reading my blog and get angry. You have the option to not read. I'm not here to change your mind. I'm not here to sway opinion. I'm not here to,collect your input on social or vital issues. I don't care about you. I'm certainly not here to debate you.

I don't care if you're gay or straight. I don't care if your left or right. You can be my baby, it don't matter if your black or white. Hee hee hee. *tip toes*

All this drama is in your head. If I don't say hi to you or acknowledge you. Accept it and move on. Why do you need me to like you?

You don't. And we don't need each other.

Grow up

707 - turquoise

RFKs weird theory

Recently RFK Jr was on the Joe Rogan podcast claiming multiple covid vaccines are causing autism. A leading researcher laughed so Joe Rogan offered $100k for a debate.

As a normal person, I wouldn't listen to Joe Rogan. Not after his own stupid guffaw about covid vaccines or racism or general stupidity.

He is often referred to as the king of idiots by more distinguished reporters.

In recent years he was roasted for claiming horse dewormer cured his covid. Then it was pointed out he is often racist. So much that over 150 of his podcast archives had to be removed and edited for racist rants.

These were rating hooks though. A lot if people took notice to an otherwise unheard podcast host.

These things are all publicity stunts.

I don't think this latest one will work. Especially since no one cares.

RFK Jr has also claimed chemicals in the water are turning people feminine like with frogs.

Oh no. More womanly women? Garsh

Fact is at age 30 men produce %5 less testosterone per year. Which is why all these dudes in their 50s are fucking nuts. Jealous. Self hating and gossipy.

Did you know up until we are born. All humans are female? Eventually our bodies choose which is why they dont tell you right away if you're having a boy or a girl.

So naturally men revert back to females later. Which is why they gossip like the nail girl doing your nails. One day he's Tom.. Sex god. At 50 he's Tomi and is filing your nails talking about the neighborhood tramp.

So anyway. Just wanted to ramble blog

706 - red

Joan is awful - what a tweest..

This week black mirror returned with season 6. The season started with "joan is awful"

It starts off with Joan waking up and secretly texting her ex. She goes to the kitchen where her boyfriend is making breakfast. She then sings in her car on her way to work. Relatable.

Anyway long story short, she has weird encounters with people that end with her going to her ex-bfs hotel where he says he is staying for 3 days. After a kiss, she goes home guilty.

After eating her bf's dinner. They decide to watch tv. They use a streaming service that's Netflix with a name change to Streamberry. Which oddly enough I saw on a github list of streaming sites.

Anyway as they figure out what to watch they come across a show called "Joan is awful" played by Selma Hayek. They notice similarities right away. As they hit play Joan quickly starts to realize it's the events of her day.

Her BF watches her text her ex and sneak off to see him. And realizes she is a terrible person..

Naturally everyone in her life watches the show. Eventually she loses her job.

She visits a lawyer who explains to her that she signed off on the show when she accepted The terms of service for Streamberry's app.

Reminiscent of "the human cent-iPad" episode of South Park in which Kyle signs away his rights and ends up in a human centipede experiment when failing to read the terms of service in his iPad user agreement.

Joan decides she wants to sue Selma Hayek. But the lawyer explains it is not really Selma Hayek. But an AI generated model using her likeness rights as Selma sold her likeness rights.

Recently Dead by Daylight purchased actor Nicolas Cage's likeness rights and will add him to the game. Presumably with cosmetics from his past movie characters. He looks super young in his DBD rendered model.

Anyway the lawyer is like.. Selma Hayek signed a licensing agreement. Meaning They can make it look like she's blowing a gorilla and nothing can be done.

This prompts Joan to-do something extreme. She chows down son a bunch of fast food And chugs "max-lax" and dresses like a cheerleader and sharts at a church wedding. Meaning Selma Hayek has to do it too.

Selma sees this and is horrified. She goes to her lawyer who explains the situation and tells her She signed a likeness agreement and can't sue.

Selma tracks down Joan and confronts her. They realize legally they are both powerless. But remember the lawyer explained how the show works. Created by a quantum computer which gathers Intel in real time. It decides the course of the show and the only way to stop it is to destroy the computer.

They infiltrate the Streamberry offices intent on destroying the machine. It's then they meet the IT guy played by Michael Cera.

The IT guy explains that destroying the computer wouldn't matter because they aren't real. They re the show based in source Joan. He's like "That's why she looks like Selma Hayek.. Why you look like Annie Murphy from schitts creek and why I look like Michael Cera. We all sold our likeness rights. If you destroy the computers reality.. You're killing yourself"

And so it becomes, do you want to destroy 2 parallel realities that are computer generated but everyone in them believes they are alive?

Joan deduces that if they made it to the computer, then that means the real Joan made it to the computer and the choice to live is no longer hers, but a choice the real Joan has already made.

She smashes the computer.

We end with the real Joan getting arrested and Annie Murphy is waving by.. Dressed in the clothes Selma Hayek wore to infiltrate the building. Joan is seeinf a therapist saying her life is better than it used to be. Less stress from her old job. Has love and a life.

But not knowing if it's her happiness or another inception universe version of her.

What a tweest.

I blog this because it was funny. The shitting in church. Selma Hayek popping jokes and being uncharacteristically mean. And I wanted to mention likeness rights in terms of oncoming games-movies. Nicolas Cage didn't start this. These cgi things go way back.

An interesting aspect to me was dead by daylight. They made a deal with Netflix a couple years ago,to bring the stranger things universe to dead by daylight. About a year ago that license term ended and dead by daylight had to discontinue the Hawkins laboratory map. They hoped to renew to add the Vecna variation to the killer as well as new clothing cosmetics from season 4. Alas, no go.

I killed enough time

703 - plum

Psst. Wanna know a secret?

I often write about dealing with bullies. Recently I talked about controlling your narrative. People often weave lies. You have to control the narrative.

It's like when *bleep* and *blop* were telling people I was raped. No one believed it. Know why? Because I controlled the narrative. You know what helped?

People who know you already. That was their mistake. Everyone knew i wasn't and because it originated from 2 big liars.

You can't control the narrative by tgriwing out keywords. It's not subliminal at all. Saying you're rich and handsome every 10 seconds... Will not work, because everyone knows you aren't. Saying you're a beacon,of knowledge won't work if everyone knows you had to get a GED from being bullied out of school so hard you switch continents and never went back.

You need to start over with new people. Abandon your crusade because it will not work. Go elsewhere.

You can't though. Because you tried and made even less impact.

So you're only recourse would be to shut your mouth and blend in.

A smarter person would adopt the chameleon aspect. But you aren't smart.

Anyway so my new lesson in dealing with bullies. Forgive and forget.

Lets face it. You are the one making these trolls feel strong. Cut em out.

It's like the end of nightmare on Elm st. When Nancy took back her energy.

So that's my lesson for this week. Forget.

Schwartzenegger for President?!?!?!

Recently Arnold Schwartzenegger did an interview promoting his new series, Fubar and a doc about his life. He revealed he would like to run for president but can't because the president rules state you must be US born.

Although Schwartzenegger is a US citizen and has held the position of Governor of California. He is hindered by being born in Austria.

"I mean, it's like me and California. And when that was, you know, running for governor, it was clear that people are looking for some new answer, not a right wing or left wing, but someone that can bring the nation together," he says.

Schwarzenegger continues: "There's just so many things that need to be done. And can be done. And what makes it so wonderful is because it's doable. It's all doable, or at least it's just people coming together and say yes, we can do it."
(People mag)

He's not wrong. I say this all the time
There's no one to cheer for. Before they even get into office, bags of crap like Trump are already selling deals with sponsors. Promising tax exempts for the rich and defunding schools. It's redic.

If it came down to popularity, Arnold had them all beat. He shows what happens when you migrate and work hard. You know the funny thing? He's been in tons of movies. Soldiers, cops, robots, scientists, barbarians.. Spy. But he's never ditched his accent. Thats how big his personality is. Fuck accuracy of linguistics if he won't be in this movie.

He still does so much. Earlier in the year he filled in a pothole on the street. The city came for him. Saying he damaged $10k worth if dirt. He said it was a pothole and he paid for the concrete. So they changed up and applauded him.

He changed something no one asked.

He is nether far left or far right. He understands what needs to be done to bring us all together. Why not?

702 - where my girls at... Violet

Trump is stinking and sinking...

I don't like politics. As I said before, there is no one to cheer for. No David and Goliath, underdog success story. There hasn't been in decades. Not in my life time anyway.

Until there's actually some,e who understands what it takes to thrive, evolve.. Inspire. What is the point?
South Park did a repeat episode like 8 years apart. About an election between a douchbag and a shit sandwich. "These are always our only options"

Its why I pushed for Elizabeth Warren. I'm not a feminist. She actually had ideas that woulda helped. But she had zero campaign funding.

Yet.. A "billionaire" received millions from stoking racism and fear.

Anyway I digress...

Everyone is reporting his failure now.

He pleads not guilty yesterday. Now everyone who had his back is encircling. Like Tucker Carlson who said he knew the exact moment Trump was doomed.

I dunno. It's always the bottom of the barrels that will cling to him. .

I hope it stays the course. I rrally am sick of the cesspool seagulls chanting MAGA.

Ok I killed 15 minutes.

701 - yellow

And so it begins...

Currently they are reporting Trump supporters have gathered outside the Miami court house. Where a Trump supporting judge will preside over the case. Why is this not bad?

Because she is under the microscope now. Any move can be seen. Meaning her ability to separate herself and her duty comes into question. It's very public. So if she sides with Trump without hearing the case and evidence. Her integrity will be questioned and a conspiracy will begin. For days people have told Her to recuse herself.

Reports are pouring in that Trump's lawyers are dropping like flies and fighting amongst themselves. A lot of Republicans are ditching his #.

As I said a sinking ship. But we will see at the end of the day.

Mean while I am in the office today with my desk fan keeping it cool. The server room is at a steamy 145 degrees. Glad I ain't in there lol.

Today 2 things are happening. 1. The fallout 76 season 13 starts. Boasting 2 new cryptids. A werewolf and a stegosaurus looking cryptid. 2. The Dead by Daylight 7 year anniversary begins. And it comes with the release of "the singularity" the first Alien horror killer. And new survivor "Gabriel Soma"

Yesterday GTAV released their mercenaries update featuring new missions and vehicles for online players.

Idk wtf Saint rows update entails but that game is a complete dumpster fire.

Also it's rank day on Dead by Daylight. I hit iridescent I weeks ago. Which is like 2000000 blood points when I log on.

I spent the past 13 days maining Ace. I dressed him in a pink sweater and shorts with rainbow charms and red hair and a porn stache. Why?? Pride month baby. I don't know if Ace is gay or severely European. Buy he had a pink sweater and paired loafers with shorts. It was good enough for me.

Ok I wasted enough time.

Have A great day.

700 - blue

Transgendered athletes. A simple solution

The only thing I'm against, is trans-athletes. Why? Because it is unfair to use non bio's to represent bios.

A simple solution? Make trans league. It's like. Yeah you can be a female in a man's transitioning body. But you aren't the only one. Now you can compete with others like you.

It seems like an easy solution. And make men's and women's leagues biological. And you can't complain about inclusion if you have your own category.

I'm not against trans. But it is unfair to be the suckiest male runner. You toss on a bow and change your name to Manfreda and become lead in women's running. That's uncool and unfair.

Esp if you're in the UFC. You sucked as Charles, but kick the sh*t out of women as Charlize. You should still be able to be challenged by men.

Or by other trans.

Seems simple and fair.

Because why are you demanding to be allowed to compete with women but are trans. But won't compete in trans league?

Instead of banning. We red to categorize and make it fair.

I'm not gonna be the worlds fastest woman or female UFC champ or women's Olympics female swim master. I,got no,dog in the fight. But I'm not for men with wigs pummeling women.

Even then.

They re the ones crying witch hunt at news conferences. Outing themselves.

Also.. I'd like to add.

Recently actor Kristen Davis said something so profound. I thought I'd share.

"I'm so tired of that word "woke" it's been weaponized so that any time you speak.or act educated. People scream it to keep others dumb"

And it's true.

People will call you woke for saying you need todreamso you can follow dreams. Yeah I went to college. Yes.. I have diplomas and degrees. I believe in universal education. It's called knowing that we need to evolve. Keeping the world stuck on stupid ensures our destruction.

Who is gonna be smart enough to survive? To save lives?

Who is gonna just lay there in radiated ash screaming MAGA?

Life is about choices.

Choose to be stupid. I'm not here to save you.

699 - red

Why no Trump blog?

Right now, his fans. The brainless old white folks are sending and answering a call for violence. And a lot of stupid people will answer.

Like when they searched his home. Dave was calling the FBI and demanding they leave him alone. When he said they will be protesting. Dave stood outside his mom's house with a sign that said "Stop the Reveal"

But he isn't the only one. A lot of people did the same. Then they ask.. Why not Biden?

And I'm tired of explaining that Leader Prime Joseph "The Silver Fox" Biden is the current President of the United States. Yeah they found documents at his old office, but they were in his locked up, unused office. Again, he is the current seated President. Meaning nothing is private for him.

Whereas Trump, holds golf tournaments for the Saudi's at his "country club" and 37 boxes full of files, photos were found just laying around. Even in the bathroom stuffed down the toilet.

Trump is the Titanic. Big.. Boastful. Gilded and not A lot of life boats on his low iq deck. And as he's scraping the iceberg of Karma. Gashing a huge hole and bleeding money. It's known,he is going down. Question is now, will you go down with the ship?

Get out asap.

Cuz like the titanic, you'll get sucked under by the final gasp for air in his oversized hull.

On Tuesday, we will find out how far this will go.

698 - brown

Promising Young Woman, a review

I never. Othered to watch thus because of the title. I thought it would be a copy of 50 shades of fray and the main was a secretary,. I was wrong. And it was a pretty good movie. The end kinda blew.

Sort of like Kill Bill, it begins with a revenge list.

Cassie Thomas lived mediocre life of somewhat solitude. She spends her time working at a coffee shop and drunk baiting scum bags. All in an attempt to teach a lesson about taking advantage of drunk women.

One day she is met by Ryan at work. He was a former classmate at medical school who attempts to ask her on a date. Now a pediatric doctor, Ryan confesses his crush on her. To which she gives a fake #.

Upon hearing a guy.. Al Monroe's name, which stirs something boiling underneath the surface. Its then she makes a list.

On her 30th birthday, Ryan shows up,and asks her to see a movie as friends. She agrees. Things go great until he asks her to come up to his apartment.

She then contacts another former college school chum, Madison. They meet for dinner to discuss why Cassie left school. It's revealed Cassie's best friend Nina was raped at a party and the investigation of the crime was swept under the rug.,

Cassie gets Madison drunk and sends in a scumbag to "sleep" with Madison. Madison begins to call Cassie leaving voice mails of panic.

Cassie goes for the 2nd person on her list. The Dean, Mrs Walker. She convinces Walkers daughter she is filming a boy band music video add to wait while she runs a gambit on the Dean. Telling Dean. Walker her daughter us drunk at a frat party. Once the Dean admits fault. Cassie reveals the. Daughter is safe.

Along the lines there's a montage of Cassie and Ryan dating and falling in love. Cassie introduced Ryan to her parents.

Next Cassie goes to the III name on her list. Al's then lawyer Jordan Green. Mr Green says he was waiting and understood what was coming. Saying the huilt he had for his job built up and he had a psychotic break. He begged forgiveness. Cassie forgives him and he plays a role at the end.

After visiting Nina's mom. Cassie decides. She should move on. She has a shot at a happy life. Things seem to be going great until Madison shows up at her home.
Madison asks what happened? Cassie assures her nothing happened. Madison reveals that Nina's rape was recorded and gives Cassie the video under the condition, she never contacts her again.

Casdie watches and is horrified to see her boyfriend Ryan was present and participating. She confronts Ryan at work and asks for the location it's bachelor party so she can enact her revenge.

Cassie pretends to be a stripper and roofies most of the guests. She gets Al alone, handcuffed to the bed and reveals her intention. They fight Adam breaks a handcuff and smothers Cassie. In the morning Al and Joe dispose of the body and burn her remains,

Cassie's parents report her missing. The cops talk to Ryan, everyone figures she ran off. But there's one last surprise.

A scheduled text message tells Ryan it's not over and to enjoy the wedding. Mr Green gets a package from Cassie with an old black berry phone with the video of Nina's rape. And her last location shout her revenge plot fail. Which led the police to her smoldering remains. Al and Joe and the rest are arrested at the wedding.

If you ask me, she shoulda roofied Al too aand just leave a note like "enjoy your new scar bitch, I'm out!" Then release the video.

Get in. That. "Legend of Billie Jean" ending. Throwinbgup. A thumb and hitch hiking to Canada.

But it is what it is.

A good movie. Not great. But good. My favorite thing was the "toxic" by Britney violin instrumental.

. Happy Wednesday

Drawing Parallels - we drove em crazy

Gaslighting. It's a term used to describe mental and emotional manipulations of others.

The term “gaslighting” originates in a British play-turned film from the 1930s. The play was called “Gas Light” and the plot is about a husband who mentally and emotionally manipulates his wife into believing she is crazy by changing the intensity of the gas lamps within their home. Because he wanted out of their marriage. And committing someone to an asylum was better than outright killing them.

I bring this up because of Britney.

After a decade of being forced to work and getting nothing from it but having her whole life legally ran by others. It makes you think.. What's real anymore?

From a young age, Britney has been in line for stardom. I don't think she was forced into it. She liked singing. She didn't have range but she had determination. Can you imagine being 11, having to learn new dance routines and songs and skits every week? From there having handlers sexualized you at 16 to sell pop songs.

A couple of decades in the spot light. Having every decision scrutinized. A very public break down, post partum. Couldn't even enjoy her "waiting to exhale" burn your ex's clothes scene. Having birth control forced in your cooter for 10 years.

A couple years ago, she won her life back and got married. She went into her making up for lost time phase. Then something happened.

About a year ago. Her ex husband.. Released a recording of her "abusing" their kids. In this recording she is angry at her son for not wearing shoes in Alaska. The public asked why? When she was parenting her sons

Their response was to not attend her wedding. Now that her son's are almost grown. She won't have to pay $60000 a month in child support. $60k a month? Itemized it pays for their school and clothes and I guess rent

Anyway when her oldest turns 18 in a few months, that support gets halved. For another year.

So in order to keep being burdens, Kevin Federline and sons are moving to Hawaii, where child support is extended to age 23.

Britney agreed. But I think it's just so people won't call her a bad person.

I wouldn't. They constantly judge her even though they refuse to be part of her life. She bleeds money and gets nothing for it. These 2 little shits will probably write a mommy dearest style memoir.

The media plays a very big part in this.

For decades the media has followed her. Has made people love and hate her. Has probably controlled a huge chunk of her life to sell magazines, newspapers and subscriptions.

A parallel is the tale of Michael Jackson.

MJ was known as the king of pop and had nearly 5 decades in show business. When Michael was in his 40s. He was accused of child molestation. I'm not saying he is innocent.

But he often said that the media has portrayed him poorly and he was scrutinized and made out to be crazy.

Like Britney, he was made to learn dances and perform every day at a young age. In the beginning the money went to his father. Unlike Britney, he got to keep his money when he was legal and maintained a close relationship with his mother and siblings.

Another parallel, Drew Barrymore.

Drew was a child actress whose young life was displayed with her addictions to booze and drugs. Once she over came these things. Had to get back in the graces of the public. This was her "wild child" phase. The one she flashed Dave Letterman her tatas.

Now in her 40s. Drew is very outspoken about addictions and how the media portrays her. After her divorce, she picked up drinking again. Until someone told her it's healthier to process and to be there for her kids.

Not everyone is as lucky as Drew.

The media is out of control. They continue to use tactics to gas light us all.

They can control the lives of our stars. They use fear to keep us inundated with new cancers or diseases. Global warming. Financial crisis. They divide us.

Michael Rappaort said recently. It's not Trump or MTG or Desantis or the GOP or AOC that's keeping us divided, it's the media. And in this era of dying printed news columns. It's fear and hate that sells subscriptions.

Cuz it's like who is buying TMZs news paper? No one.

Most news sites offer comment sections for the average hateful troll to spew their garbage.

And he's right, he gave an example. Last weekend. Memorial weekend, 57 people in Chicago were shot and killed. The media didn't say a word. They were too focused hating Trans kids and Hunter Biden's dick pics.

but it isn't just the media. It's us.

We're so lacking of excitement we read this bullshit. It's our hunger for entertainment that caused Britney to lose 10 years if her life. Were any of us concerned when she was doing her Las vegas residency or the circus tour?

We're any of us concerned when Michael Jackson was addicted to,the drugs that killed him? No. We were busy making fun of his jesus juice and nose falling off.

No one cared an 11 year old Drew was in studio 54 snorting coke. She coulda been raped. We just stood there feeding off them vampiricly.

. I'm exhausting I know.

Now everyone's singing the only part of anti-hero they know.

"It's me, Hi. I'm the problem, it's me"

693 - teal

🌈 gay pride and the ugly

Don't you love when ugly folk take offense to others just living life? Not just ugly on the outside.. But the inside.

It's funny how being gay is pissing people off. Because it really is no one's business if you're gay or not.

But I noticed in chats here, it's never good looking people hating on gays. It's usually some fat gross old man or a craggy witch looking old lady. Screaming they hate gay folk.

I read this today...

Brandishing her own scissors in front of guest services in a Target store in south Florida, the customer chopped up her store credit card while lambasting the retail chain for carrying Pride Month merchandise. "I am never shopping here again," she warned.

And it's like. You just cut your credit card, you aren't shoping anywhere dummy.

Recently we had a lot if dumb people complaining about gay pride. Let's see., there was Dave.. Toots.. Scooter.. Futz.. Morb. . potato.. I'll name folk. I don't care and have nothing to fear.

My question is if no one's asking them to be gay. Why do they care? ,if tgey aren't gonna be wearing rainbow clothes, why do they care? If they aren't drinking budlight or slhopping at target, why care?

To be controversial. Because otherwise no one would notice them.

Tom MacDonald for instance.. Thus lame wannabe white rapper. No one really knows him outside of his old wannabe cool fans. What better way to boost his presence than attacking gays? Same for kud rock. Kid rock hasn't been cool since 2005. Suddenly he's shooting beer he paid for.

Why am I compassionate? You really need to wonder? Not I'm not gay.

As a minority I've always had people hate me. Angry old white people acting like they control your opinion or have a say in,your life. Especially when they have zero control in theirs.

No one is more fabulous than a gay. Dramatic, stylish.. Funny. Friendly.

So swallow your hate. 🌈

693 - yellow

Roger Stone.. On manipulating Trump..

Recently, it's been teased that a documentary called "A Storm Foretold" is coming. A man named Roger Stone has been manipulating Donald Trump to do his bidding. He manipulates Trump by feeding his ego. And it makes sense when you actually listen to Trump's speeches.

Roger Stone was a long time Republican operative who was convicted of obstructing a congressional investigation of Donald Trump's 2016 campaign and possible ties to Russia. He was pardoned by Trump afterwards.

Trump is an egoist. He brags because he really isn't that special. He isn't self-made. But he, like most wannabe Republicans will parrot stupidity.

When Donald Trump announced his bid. No one believed he would win. They,often referred to him as the clown Prince. That his boast of being a billionaire was a joke. Towards the end his tactics changed. He turned to using fear-mongering and arming racism.

Don't believe me?

Before he said it, why was it important to build border walls? Did you even care? He touts mexican mafias would appear and everyone was doomed. Suddenly every white person over 40 was screaming.. Build the wall.

But these weren't his ideas. Roger Stone fed him these. Roger Stone knows something the rest of you don't. The real power isn't in the gun. It's in the finger. He who controls the hand.. Controls the power. And it's in their best interest to keep the stupid, stupid. Think about it.

What would keep people docile and stupid? Drugs. Legal drugs. Legal.. Twice as potent drugs.

Anyway, Roger Stone offered an example:

You have to say, ‘Remember that night we were in Buffalo and you gave that speech, and God, it had to be 10,000 people, the biggest crowd they’d ever seen. And you said XY and Z, and the place went crazy, remember that? I don’t know where you came up with that line, but it’s one of the best things.’

Now.. If you watch any Trump speeches. He parrots these stories verbatim. Verbatim means word for word. All his speeches are exactly this.

He'll be like. I was here last night. 10000 people showed up to,the mall. Biggest crowd you ever seen. They were chanting MAGA. Send your $ and we can stop Desantis.

By repeating this.. You've become part of the human centipede of stupid information. You swallow and poo out to the next idiot.

It's not a veiled form if manipulation. It works on the ego of the person it's supposed to. Goes from Roger to Trump.. To fox news.. To other repubs.. To whomever listens to their speech.. To brainless chat room junkies.. To box boys.. To Sal at hotel 8 to their dogs. It's a trickle down effect of dopey commentary that makes you feel like part of something.

I wouldn't say Roger Smith is a top tier manipulator. It's not hard to manipulate a stupid.. Maybe rich.. Racist tool. Considering he told his method. But... The take away is this.

The head of your political centipede is supremely stupid. And now the world knows it.

You're welcome.

689 - green

Racial theory is not seeking victimization

You're lucky you are born white. These are words parroted by white supremacists. Especially when they face a racial equal opponent.

History books only paint the United States in 1 way. That whites conquered the US. And had to defeat savage, godless natives. They often paint the picture of pure, wholesome white families decimated by raids.

The united states was born on lies. Whites fleeing other whites for religious freedom? Christians fleeing Christians in the name of Christ? Likely story.

The tale was told, their ships lost their way to India. Another country for them to conquer. Finding a new continent and calling it's natives "Indians" because anyone not white looks alike, namingbit America after Amerigo Vespucci.. Who was either a cook or an explorer depending on which made up tale you believe.

The only thing the history books told the truth about was the freedom,of black slaves. Black people they kidnapped and shipped to America like cattle. Anusing, maiming.. Crushing and destruction of people in the name of white supremacy.

Then it was white vs white fir the freedom,of blacks. Who they in turn gave liberties to jn order to win elections. To cheat each other politically or financially.

Does this sound like a harsh lie?

It's not. America was never great.

Since whites came.. There's been nothing but destruction and racism and hate.

Am I anti-white?

Youve never seen or heard me tell someone to go back to incest Europe. Don't get this twisted.

Racial theory is there to teach a lesson. That you can't destroy lives to feel better about your skin color. We learn from,the past and to not repeat the mistakes.

Now that it's politics season, a lot of candidates are pulling out their tales of racial woe. Nikki Haley says growing up Unjab Indian was hard Under the years of Apu from the simpsons, the white kids would "Dink ya veddy much" so much She doesnt use her name. "Nimarata"

These same folks saying it's hard being non-white also vote against racial theory.


Anyway. Stay informed.

688 - teal

Mr Hyde.. Danny Masterson is a rapist..

Today Danny Masterson.. actor.. scientologist.. husband.. father.. was convicted of rape. 2 counts of rape. 2 of the 3 women got justice.

Danny Masterson played "Steven Hyde" in the popular tv show "That 70s show" thus my pun.

His wife and family were in court and broke into tears when he was found guilty and tried to have the leaders of scientology silence the women.

Earlier in the Month.. Donald Trump Sr.. was found guilty of rape and defamation. So what does this mean? Jail time? who knows.

These after the fact accusations arose from a brief halt in the statute of limitations law that let victims accuse their rapists past the 10 year deadline.

Now.. Im not like hating or victim shaming. I think winning is wonderful.

But.. like.. the sad thing is.. a court also deemed Scientology of concealing the attacks. instead of letting the women go to the police.. they would mediate therapy.

These chicks would have to attend the scientology Nanu Nanu luncheon with their rapist and watch him like the eggs seductively. gross.

Justice was eventually served. so kudos.

If you were a victim of sexual assault.. plz.. go to the local cops., dont run to a priest.. its like.. whats a priest gonna do? exorcise the rape demon? I think not. Get some help. or pay someone to kick the living sheet out of the guy.

687 - brown