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The little mermaid sucked.. This is why..

I'm not gonna say it was woke. I think inclusive is a grest thing. But I do wish the roles made sense.

It's like.. Hispanic merman and black mermaid make 4 whites. 2 blacks and an Asian. Then.. Prince Eric's parents were a biracial couple. Yet prince Eric was a green eyed white guy with wavy hair.

But.. That's not what ruined it. Confusing cast isn't a big deal. Performance on the other hand. Was bad.

When Ariel is singing part of your world. You can hear a vocals change a few times. The spoken words part was breathy. The delivery was bad.

Same with Melissa McCarthy as Ursula. Delivery was bad in poor unfortunate souls.

They added a lot of things it did not need. Like the queen. The Queen was hateful,of sea creatures. You'd think someone who overcame diversity would be more welcoming. It was an unnecessary side character that we didn't need.

Aquafina was an alright time.

The underwater sea stuff was bad. They didn't blend in with rhe underwater background. I'm sure in Imax and 3d it would be worse.

It takes in a lot.

But like the Mario Bros movie.. It's nostalgia that made it. It had nothing to do with being woke or not woke.

It's stupid to even say woke.

Woke is a term people use to buffer their bigotry. You can't soft serve racism.

686 - violet

He was white...

Im talking about the white buffalo born at Wyoming State Park.

Its a rare birth.. because the white buffalo is not albino.. and you ask yourself.. why do you care? I like to teach.. so let me enchant you with the story.. of why the white buffalo is sacred.

A long time ago... during a hard time.. famine.. a chief sent 2 scouts on a party to find game. While they were out they came across a beautiful woman wearing white buck skin. 1.. intent on raping her.. died when he touched her. the other.. who did not move... she told him.. her name was White Buffalo Calf Woman.. and if he followed her instruction.. the tribe would prosper.

He was told to go begin a feast for her arrival... and when she arrived.. she carried with her.. a sacred pipe. she taught the people some ceremonies and when she was done. left her pipe. as a sign of their bond/contract.

So every time a white buffalo calf is born.. its considered a sacred sign.. a true white buffalo calf.. will turn all 4 colors of the medicine wheel in its life time. itll be white.. then golden.. then red.. then lastly.. black. these are the colors of man.

so when you see medicine wheels or things of that nature and the colors are white/red/yellow/black.. that represents the races of man.

youre welcome.

685 - black

Yellowjackets season 2 finale. Spoilers

Yellowjackets hit the season 2 finale last night. It was all sorts of weirdness.

We pick up where episode 8 left off after Javi drowns in the icy lake. The girls carry his body back in order to have Mexican night, so spicy.

In the present.. We are with Lottie, Van, Taisa, Misty, Natalie and Shauna talking about how "the wilderness" broughtbthem all together because 1 had to die. Shauna suggests a hunt in order to buy time to get the loony wagon to collect Lottie.

In the flash back. Coach Scott returns from following Javi's map to find his hideout. Only,to find the bloody aftermath of butchering Javi's body. He asks Natalie what happened. She replies "nature chose and the worst part is she let him die"

Then the story gets weird. Misty gets a boyfriend and he helps her cover up the killing of Shaunas lover Adam. By framing the cops looking for Adam. Which is weird since Walter and Misty are online cold case detective hobbyists. But then who would know how to cover a crime than 2 sleuths?

While the ladies prepare to bamboozle Lottie, a few deviate from the plan and it makes you wonder...why? Van and Taisa call off the Looney van. And go to,the tribunal to decide who should die.

Misty, Natalie and Shauna unaware of these events join and draw cards. Eventually Shauna draws the queen of hearts - death card.

The women all seem to want to hunt down Shauna. Shauna not knowing if they are serious or not rejects the hunt and flees. Only,to be chased by the others.

Shaunas daughter stops them by shooting Lottie in the arm. They all confront her. Little explains that the wilderness brought them together again. It orchestrated the events. Someone has to die.

Lisa, one if Lotties cultists shows up with the shotgun we see in Lotties locked closet when Misty is retrieving her cellphone. Lisa asks them the truth. Little of course bonkers starts rambling.

In a flash back we see Lottie gives up leadership to Natalie, making Natalie the antler queen we see in the flash backs.

We come back and we see Misty, true to form lunge at Lisa with a knife. Natalie jumps in the way and gets stabbed.

I might have to rewatch but to me it looked like she got stabbed in,the front shoulder. But anyway Natalie dies.

We end with a flash back. The cabin the girls were staying in catches fire in the middle of the night. They watch their shelter burn.

So obviously theres a lot of loose ends that the into a season 3 being made.

1. Coach Scott left for the cave. But also he probably set the cabin on fire because he thought they were evil for "killing Javi" and you know.. Eating the bodies.

2. Teen Gen. In the end titles there was a character name change. Well 2. Season 1 it was Teen #1. In season 2 it was "Teen Gen" meaning Adult Gen might be a character. They also added "Teen Melissa" so there's gotta be an adult Melissa.

3. In the first 2 minutes of the season 1 opening. There was a hunt. The girl being hunted was a brunette with hair around shoulderblade length. This season introduced more characters for it to be. And because Lottie has an adult version, it wasn't her.

4. Misty is a psychopath. Maybe it's always been eluded to. Misty is complex. She's smart and manipulative and childlike. She switches from the weakest to the strongest when it's convenient.

The hunts began with her planting it in the others head they need to feed. That Lottie said to eat her body when she's dead. But in order to save Lottie someone must die. She has everyone dependant on her but when they shift their likes for hate she manipulates her way back into good graces. She killed Kristen to keep the secret of her destroying the black box. She manipulates walter into helping her.

I can admire that but sometimes the way Ricci delivers is kind of.. Tilt your head sideways like., why the theater grade acting?

Hope season 3 amps it up. I think this season took way too long with getying to Lotties cult camp and her weird hallucinations.

Enjoy your Friday


Summer roast

When I was a wee child. My parents would roast each other. Like Dan and Roseanne. I enjoyed it. They would tease each other about the various drunks and being dumb.

I bring this up because soft roasts are a staple of many relationships, friendships., love.. Family. I wanted to share some of the stuff I've seen recently.

I was sent a screen shot if a wanted person for theft of a wallet. "Have you seen this woman?" She was a big girl. LoL. One of the top comments was "have you checked the nearest buffet?"

The other day a co-worker said "how's your husband? Oh wait.. You don't have one"

A few more co-workers walked in like.. Uh oh. Fight!

I'm like.. Still got that speech impediment? All the guys say you don't know how to say no.


But it's all in good fun.

I might try to think of more to use.

682 - brown

I'm sick of your shit...

Catchy hook right?

Dunno how it was in your area. But after the lock downs ended people went crazy. Believing either, they could fight and no go to jail because covid or slow response meant get away time.

Lately folks have been fighting and drunk-drug annoyances. Lotta pent up toxic mumbo jumbo. I mean release is always good. But randomly fighting on the streets?

You see it on tv too. Like recently a politician was caught drunk. And you coukd just tell he was sick of being around everyone. Sick of having to talk with babboon face MTG. Sick of the obese elderly representatives stuffing their pelican necks with garbage.

Can't blame him for trying to cope with booze.

You ever notice.. People who constantly talk politics are so exhausting? The other day I was waiying in line to buy potatoes and this old guy maybe late 50s. Was rambling about debt ceilings and Democrat villainy. "The price of eggs is high because if dems" "only dems still wear masks" "there was a time you could walk,around with a gun and a holster on your hip"

And I'm standing there like.. You got a hungry man dinner and a 4 pack of toilet paper. Why you complaining about eggs?

No one even asked.

I was like Jesus... What form of autism is this? But then I remembered that lonely folks do that. Even negative attention is getting attention. We live in a social state of needing attention.

I too am guilty of attention neediness but after awhile I'm like.. Why? Then I stfu.

Its the same for people who act out. They don't really want to fight, it's why they scream at the top of their lungs. Hoping the cops are coming. They just want to be seen in a fight so someone will ask them about it later.

Once people get their attention, they will go bavk under their rock. So if you too are wondering why people are going crazy.. Its lack,if attention and free time because its summer.

Subvariant Arcturus is in the US now. It was the dominant strain,in India for a few months. I read it's 12 x more transmissible and carries the symptom conjunctivitis. The mutation was linked in kids.

So we might be under a surge soon. Enjoy acting out.

679 - green

Why do people care about their genders?

Ok, so I'm neither for or against gender preference. But no one cares when you're going to jail.

You can be non binary panko breaded bring. But you're going to a male or female jail depending on your biology.

I'm not here to say what you deem yourself doesn't matter. Just not when it comes to finite definitions that keep others safe. The world isn't built to accommodate you.

Do trans rights matter? Sure. But not if you crime. I think being a criminal minimizes your rights. It's more of a reason not to crime.

Look. There was a time when no one had to hear how you labelled yourself. They/them.. Sure ok. But most of us didn't ask. We're just doing our jobs.

For instance the store cashier that says "have a nice day ma'am" she's trying to be respectful. But demanding you say "it's have a nice day prismatic sexual icon" don't press your luck. Just take your shit and leave.

In a perfect world. We wouldn't need to quality a nice day. Max at target would just be like. "Thanks for shopping with us, have a nice day" or "Hi, I'm max.. Would you like some help"

Not identifying anything but money and sales.

LoL. So there's this asexual androgenist worker at subway. They are like 5'9 and like 135 lbs. Really thin limbs. Long neck and a tiny jawline. Sounds like brienne of tarth. Really gentle feminine voice. For awhile I was like.. Girl? Has sort of a femimine build but no tatas. Has shoulder length hair

Anyway over a week ago.. They wore 2 things that shocked me. 1.. Was a nametag. It said "Jonathan" I was like oooooh. And the 2nd thing? Was hickeys all over his neck.

I'm like some brave lady did what she had to do to crack the mystery. She boldly went where no one's gone before.

Update - a few days ago Jonathan had a haircut and more hickeys and had a slight beard happening. LoL.

So I say.. No one's genders should gapper. Half the fun is the mystery

Anyway my point. Wait for someone to ask.

May 21 2011. We're all that remains..

It's been 12 years since judgement day.

The rapture came and went. Those deemed good were taken. What was left became a hellscape riddled with injustice, degradation and MAGA.

No,a of us survived. We are all trapped in the Donnie Dario-esque death dream of a tabby cat who is just about to wake.

How can anyone be woke with a sleeping God cat?

Nah but.. In 2010 there was a prediction made my Christian radio host Harold Camping. He claimed the bible stated may 21 2011 the rapture will begin. With 3% of the world taken to heaven. The following 5 months would be the end of the world. Starting with earthquakes and the sun getting closer.

A lot of people ran with this. Again Nothing happened.

Hang on to your dookie. It's about to
get spooky.

What if we all are dead?

What if.

Don't fear the reaper...

Every day is a new chance at greatness.

I'm so bogged down by stupid shit. Work shit. Family shit. Life shit. Weather shit.. It would be nice to rise above all the shit.

I'd have nothing to bitch about.

I slept horrible last night. Just could not stop thinking. I blame my sister. LoL

You ever have a sibling constantly worruing about getting,super sick young that it feels every week it's a new symptom? I got one LoL.

It's not easy to get in my head but once an idea gets in there. It sucks, like an ear worm.

For me it's usually a math problem or trying to solve world hunger. It's never drifting off to slumber.

But yeah my sister likes to remind me our aunts had dire illnesses that might be hereditary. Usually I'm great. But Jesus...

Anyway so i gotta push today. Gotta get things done and do my job.

. Glorious tuesday to you

As we go on.. We remember.. :tunes:

All the good times.. We had together

Nothing says welcome to adulthood like your first night in jail for public intoxication. It's a rite of passage that leads to either learning a lesson or continuing down the path of crime.


Hope is a word we seldom use anymore. We have become Karen's, all of us. Demanding to be heard, to be righted.. To be feared. Why?

Because human minds are fragile. Demanding to be heard from a life time of being trampled on. Obscuring personality for the all too critical Id.

Don't believe me? Have you ever gone somewhere and randomly spouted your political stance? No one asked. No one cared. But you hold up your sign like "Evil democrats!" No this isn't about politics.

It's understanding we are all Karen now. We demand people get cancelled. We demand no wokeness. We demand free stuff when we see others get freebies. And we are monsters about it.

We are the problem.

Sometimes we have to deal with Karen when we are just minding our own fucking business. Here comes bitter-woe is me- Karen crying about stuff not even,in your scope. Demanding your time and energy.

Sometimes you just gotta tell em STFU.

Because 1. They hate it and 2. They need to know you give zero fucks. And 3. Because you decide what to waste your time with.

I digress. Being a Karen won't get your kid out of jail. A governor wont risk their career for you. It wont even get your parking validated.

If you want validation. Try daily affirmations in the mirror. Then ask yourself... Would I engage in conversations with me? With the stupid shit I yammer? Is this why I have no one visiting?

Healing begins with you.

Have a lovely Monday

672 - violet

Fostering hate. A mother's day joint.

What we teach our kids solely rests on parents. For a couple decades the buck had been passed to schools. It's like 90s therapy blamed everything on mom's and how you are raised. But since then it turns out that might exactly be the problem.

Not just moms. Dads too. Why?

Because after the first few kids are growing most check out. Parenting went from television to computers to phones. There is no parental connection. It's so bad that parents don't know how to deal with their kids.

Some if ys were latch key kids. Parents were either working or fucking off. Which made older siblings responsible. A little parent shaming brought about helicopter parenting. Which is basically checking in every few days to make sure kid is alive.

Ok so my point.

Fostering hate. It's clear from some of these idiots who still blindly follow their parents beliefs. Futz n potato. Who clearly know nothing but parroting hate.. The ball was severely dropped. This isn't just my opinion. A lot if people say it to their "faces"

But this isn't about those 2. LoL. This us about hate filled mom's. Mom's like Majorie Taylor Green. Megan Kelly. That lady who joined Republican mothers fir Trump in an attempt to murder her neighbor.

People who got no business trying,to be political beacons of rights and beliefs. I'll put tjis out there. Angry White mom's. None of the political pundits on tv that reach masses are ethnic. None.

It's like if Marjorie Taylor Green is such a great mom, why,is she constantly galavanting around Capitol Hill? She's from Georgia right? Who us rausingbthose kids while she's howler monkey howling stupidity?

I bet in a couple years will come the mtg mommy dearest books. Verifying what we all know. Bitch was crazy.

Look Im not dissing all moms. I know a lot of great moms. Wonderful mothers.

It truly is about nature vs nurture. And sometimes without knowing it, you nurture division by race and gender by being hateful and misinformed. I'm not saying not to have beliefs. I'm saying raise your kid with love. You can never go wrong with love.

One day when your kid is savingbthe world and says.. Thank you mom. It'll be worth it. Or you could drive a wedge between your kid and yourself over political wants. It's your world.

Happy Mothers day. 🌼 🌼 🌼

669 - green

Demented world

I claim I don't like politics. I don't. But sometimes the things they do makes you go.. What the actual Fuck?

Take Florida Governor Ron Desantis. He signed a bill to include Asian and Pacific Islanders history to be taught. Yet took away racial theory. It's like you're racist but anti racist? Fucking weird.

George Santos.. Went a couple month low on the radar. Now he's being indicted for fraud.

Disney vs Desantis Florida. After fighting about gay rights and transgendered kids have a very public talk about Disney paying $13 billion over the next 10 year's to create jobs for 16000 people at their resort.

Donald Trump was found guilty of sexual abuse and defamation. Still tryibg to run for president. And these dummies still back him.

It's like.. Golly.. Stupidity is at its height.

And tgey gave the audacity to make fun of Silver Fox Joe Biden? LoL

Last night I made fun of Futz for being special ed. To which he said he took a screenshot. I'm like for what? Like it's not known? He didn't post it.

People often make these threats and try to get the public behind them. Like people asking me for specific reasons I,dislike Trump or anybody. I'm like so the public is gonna shame me? Pleeeeeeease.

You don't touch a snake and not expect a bite. Be smart.

Anyway my point. I think we live in a state if dementia. Forgetful.. Angry at everything and nothing. Not swallowing that jagged little pill. waiting for people that won't bother to remember we're alive.

The USA is our shady pines. Cheap.. Broke., can't be fucked with to care. And it's because old people are terrified to die.

It's like why pick your 50s yo go into politics? Your brain will fail. Just look around.

667 - red

Trump found GUILTY

Fuck yeah.

A jury in new york found that piece of shit Donald Trump guilty of sexually abusing and defamation of E. Jean Carroll. I don't think it will cause jail time. But it definitely fucks his public image.

Around 1993.. Donald Trump raoed E Jean Carroll in a dressing room. Then defamed her. He talked about it in a video about grabbing her by the pussy in a shopping center. Then denied he ever met her. Then.. He talked her a shabby looking hag.

Though he can't be charged for raping Ms Carroll, he can't defame her either and she took $5 million from his alleged billions.

And should he start defaming her again, and you know he will. He will probably be sued again.

What a great time to be alive.

*grabs Ms Carroll's hands* we got $5 million dollars.

Suck it Trump support holes

657 - blue
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Tara Reade - vs - Joe Biden

Politicizing rape. How far do we have to fall down the tree?

I'm not rape shaming. But holding back a rape claim for 20+ years? I've also said this about Trump. There really is no point past the statute of limitations. Unless you put your rape panties in a baggie and three them in a freezer.. You have no evidence.

Flash forward to Tara Reade, who us doing the most on Twitter about President Joe Biden.

LoL Google has some weird shit about her. First and foremost, she wrote a book about it. According to politico, Reade went be aliases as she duped people into her domestic violence claims seeking cheap rent for her and her dependant child.

It reminded me of my brothers ex, Dana. She was a real peace of shit. When they first met, she was a wannabe black girl. Acting gangster. She was in her mid 30s and he was 17. They used to scam churches for handouts on money. But things got hopping when they had kids. Dana had 3 previous kids she was collecting food stamps for and getting section 8 housing. With 3 more kids they were getting over $1k a month in food stamps and paying like $50 on rent. But alcoholism eventually left them broke.

Dana split on her kids. So my mom raised them while my brother was a drunk p.o.s.

Every summer.. Dana would kidnap her kids a month or two to collect food stamps and section 8 in Denver. But return them before school. She eventually remarried a dude and allowed him to beat her while pregnant. Her scheme was to have 1 messed up kid and live off its social security. But they told her she had to have had a job she paid taxes on a few years to qualify. So after she had her baby she abandoned it at the hospital.

Tara was probably the same. Her rental owners told a myriad of the same story. Tara shows up claiming violent,husband looking for her and her kid. Suddenly paying rent becomes siphoning money out of them with her tale of woe.

She would house animals that would destroy property and move on to the next sucker. All the while she would regale of her year working with Joe Biden. Then some senator O'Connell out of California, her Google books bio regaled if her tales if being a domestic violence survivor. But how accurate are these?

We live in a time when lies can unfold in an instance. Like George Santos. Speaking of.. What's he been up to? LoL

My point is this. Politicizing rape won't work without evidence. You should have gotten in a police report and ziplocked them pannies. Or if you had to turn in them pannies. Rib a maxi pad on your roast beefs and zip lock that. DNA evidence can't be disproven.

So I say this. Ladies.

If you find yourself in this situation. Zip Lock your pannies and maxi pad. Get help. Don't wait 20 years and be like.. Oh yeah. That guy molestered me.

Tell someone.

656 - red

Gay Sunday

Its a time to be happy.

Its odd people cant just joke around.

I saw a post of Tomi Lauren crying about trannies in schools.. and at first I was like.. gay teachers do not do this stuff. From the things I saw it was like assembly... show and tell type events.

But let me just say though. Ive had gay teachers. they never like sat down and were like "Turn to page 9 of the gay text book" so a few drag queens twerked. the point is its not an everyday thing.

Why do we let stupid people be angry for us?


sexuality is stupid.

656 - Pink

Late night snackin

Morb called me a libtard.

I don't think she even knows what that is. A lot of people have various definitions depending on their "understanding" of the term.

But the general definition given on Google and Wikipedia states "a person who believes in social and financial equality and left wing points of view.

So let me just say.. Financial equality? Why would a 50 year old bartender yammer about that considering its bartending? I got money in the bank working a grown up job. Why would I want her to make the same as me? LoL

Social equality? Pardon me but a floridian grandma slinging beers isn't my social equal. People love and adore me.

I'm not female gator yelling and bitching at people about stupid shit and then blaming it on my alcoholism.

The reason I didn't address this in chat is simple. Denying people attention pisses them off. I'm not new to the game. The fact she tried to talk shit, then went afk. It's not so much asmusing as it is sad.

There's a reason I never noticed you unfriended me. It was a relief not to have to listen to stupidity. There's a reason I'm not at a loss of your unfriendship. Let's not get it twisted. We were never friends. You only added me because sloopy and brat did. Rather than be on the outside you friended me.

But you were never worth my attention.

Not even when you drunkenly attacked me because I'm not a Trump supporter. The fact you think i'd change my views because of your opinions is hella retarded.

I don't change for anyone.

Not a weak ass simpleton. I'm not anything to you. So why bother or care? I'm never goung to care about you, you're as meaningless to me as anyone. Maybe even less.

You should really try to understand the stupid things you say before you say them. Nobody likes you really. You throw out badges buying contempt. But dont get it twisted. No one really wants to be your friend. No one cares you deleted them as a friend. No one noticed til you readded them.

I think,it's important you understand that. No one cared.

Do I ignore you? Yes. I'm glad you can see that. Because as I said before. You're no one. Nothing to be bothered about.

Do I care about your political opinion? Nope. Never did. Do I want to debate them with,you? Nope. Don't care to. Do I care your feelings are hurt? Nope.

So why write this? Because I want it publicly known why I don't talk to you or at you. Because I give zero fucks who knows it. I'm not here to get to know you or waste energy talking at you. There is no point.

I'm not here for you.

I don't care who knows it.

655 - gray

Stinko the guyo

Happy cinco de mayo.

It's nearly graduation time. That means the carnival will be up, it's gonna be fun and sucky. But what a great time for corn.

Elotes I think they're called. And I'm an elotes elitist. Hail me.

Enjoy your chico de gayo

654 - green

May the 4th be with you...

Star Wars day.

Star Wars has never like.. Been my thing. Because when you step back.. You go hmmm.

Like why is teen Anakin such a easily manipulated bitch with a speech problem? Autism maybe? If he was so powerful, why was he so easily made into the bitch?

Why did they add the Senate and embargo and gross domestic product? I mean., spice runner? You mean hit Cheetos have no future?

The mandalorian was a nice side quest but then you have to remember., Ray Palpatine us the supposed last Jedi. Meaning Grogu had to have died between 30 years before her birth to when she is 30 now. So 60 years. But he's dead alright.

This series with Toscana Russiashaunna., would be pointless because she knew Anakin as a teen pre-Vader. And Luke was still young during mandalorian.. But she ultimately dies too.. Because Ray is the last Jedi.

I'm sure it makes sense. I just don't get it.

Its like you got a clean slate.. Why not begin a new tale? Because star wars relies heavily on nostalgia.

But if it were in my hands.

A baby is born on the ring around Uranus.

His name? Bussindat assopen. The son of a soldier and a former super model. His birth marks a cosmic rise in mitochlorian cells across many planets. He follows the voices in the wind to a chamber where Luke's boob aliens still live... Dripping green milk from swollen boobs.

It looks at him with sad cow eyes. Milk me!! Milk me! He reads its thoughts.

Them as he squeezes the boob... The screen turns black.

Yellow letters rise.

It's been nearly a century since the force went silent. But just to,Fuck with us, aliens resurrected a power. And this big hairless cat alien that looks like Bella thorn decides it's time to abolish space abortion. No more putting your booty out the window and the vacuum of space yanks out your baby.

Star wars X - The Right to choose.

653 - black

An honest conversation.

I was asked to talk to a small group of soon to be graduates. I thought it was about career orientation. But it was about the future. My nephew asked his school to allow me to talk about life after HS.

So I roll up and im like.. What kind are you interested in? Because you'll need to secure financial assistance to go to college. I was stopped there. They were like.. Bobby talks highly about you and that you speak like he's an adult. He trusts what you say.

I'm like.. *kicks up feet* first of all.. Don't try to fall in love right away. That's a trap you can avoid. Wait til you got some semesters in college. By then the folks you meet will have some education and form their own identities and goals. You don't want to mate with someone stupid. You'll grow apart faster but will be trapped with a kid.

2.. Lock down a reasonable goal for college. Don't try,to get degrees in literature or art unless you plan to be a low income teacher. A degree in English is supposed to get you rich? Probably not.

3. Pick an accredited college. Doing community college is fine. But do your last semester at a known college. It looks better on a resume. University of South Dakota > wakonda community college.

4. You can't be sheltered anymore. You'll need to experience things that will improve you. Just not drugs. No. You might sound cool now but when you're in your 30s it's sad,

Then I was asked "They say our generation has no future, is this true?"

I'm like. The fucked up thing is if you don't it's 2 generations above you. These old men and women are setting up laws now to doom you. Think about it.

They take away abortion, you accidentally get pregnant. The law says you're stuck. Thus us what they want. They complain poor people ruin the US, yet they want you tied down with as many kids. Meanwhile their grandkids can travel to the Bahamas or Canada for abortions.

They legalized weed because a drugged up nation us easier to control. Its like a 90s movie.. You'll beg for drugs to a point you'll give another man oral. Exposing yourself to STDs for a hit. How long til weed is illegal again?

They also will attack your retirement in the hopes you work yourself to death.

When I was in the 4th Grade. My teacher Mrs Harrington told us before the standardized testing. That these tests are set to peg us. They'll determine if we excel or if we get married young and live on food stamps

This white lady then said something that stuck with me the rest of my life.

Don't become a statistic.

So if I had any advice to give. It's don't become a statistic. Don't be that guy or girl.. Already has a kid. Living in a crowded house waiting for your food stamp card to refill.

And if you're female. I'd also suggest the depo vera shot. It's not permanent. But it'll take some of the worry for awhile. If you aren't grown enough to follow abstinence, you aren't grown enoygh to raise a kid.

Also.. Try to avoid student loans. That's why this student loan crisis happened kind of - sort of. My sister n law was in $50k debt and this was in the 90s. In today money it would probably be $200k. Just be sure it's what you're willing to do for the life you're getting.

Peace. Then I got linch and write this blog. LoL

652 - brown

The Artifice Girl

Coined "an AI that advances far beyond expectation"

Gareth has designed a 3D cgi model he uses to catch online predators. Using motion capture and rigging he has found a means to bait his predators.

It begins as the government using a ruse to get access to his technique. However they discover that Gareth had gone leaps and bounds by adding an AI to his cgi creation named "Cherry"

And then we go through the process of how his AI is learning. Her ingrained objective is to catch predators and turn them in with a 200 people a week success rate with 10 real time chats happening.

The secret agents then ask Cherry what she will need to improve her success rate. She says secure servers. And eventually adds the agents as primary users against Gareth's wishes.

Years pass and Cherry is still learning to mimic human emotion. She comes to a point where she herself can't determine if her learned mimicry is her or human feelings.

Then we get to the end where decades have passed and Cherry is given an androids body. The last philosophical debate begins.

Cherry tells Gareth she is learning to dance. Gareth asks if it will be bait material. She replies no., it's just for me.

She tells Gareth she's discovered who she was modelled after and she knows about his past in Florida.

He tells her of a girl he knew when he was taken and sex trafficked as a child. That this girl and he became friends and dreamed one day they would be secret agents and would stop predators together. That the girl died during a raid and saved his life by shoving him to the ground as they were shot at.

He tells Cherry that he found a way to make their dream come true. But he resents that she chose to help the agents rather than stay the course with him. That she made a choice for herself that negated his wishes and prime directive.

Cherry informs Gareth she is struggling to understand why she believes she has emotions when at her very core she still follows one objective. "Protect children" She questions if she truly wants to dance or her mimicry programming making her want to. She asks why he never asks if she is happy.

To this he gives her a final update. It deleted her prime objective. He asks her opinion of humans. That what she thinks of humans since she will outlive humanity.

She exclaims that if there are people in the world saving lives and protecting kids. Humanity isn't that bad. And that even if humanity died.. She was born of humanity.. So in a way.. Humanity lives on.

He asks what's next.

She says she will continue with her work but will seek outside activities as to find out who she will evolve to next.

He asks what her opinion of him is. She calls him a liar and selfish and other things.. But she said at the core of it is she respects that his actions were about saving children.

The trailer made it seem like terminator was happening. It doesn't.

In truth it was about nature vs nurture. Kids are like AI. They only take in what you program. What you teach. If you're a piece of shit and abuse your kid.. They will only know to be abusive.

If you teach them to be good. They will continue because they were given the based sense of morals and kindness.

At the end Cherry danced because it was what she wanted. The part of happiness that allowed her to continue her work.

Symbolizing that you can't always have darkness if your life. You can't always hunt down perverts. Sometimes you gotta have your own peace or darkness will consume you.

652 - black and white