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Sweet tooth season 2 /w spoilers

Netflix is dropped Sweet Tooth season 2 yesterday. Let's do a recap.

Set in a lost apocalyptic word where a virus known as "the sick" has decimated nearly 90% of the population. We find a hybrid deer human boy named "Gus" the hybrids emerged at the same time as the pandemic, thus they are blamed for it.

In season 1, it ended with Gus seemingly captured at Aimee Eden's zoo refuge for hybrids. General Abbot is the leader of "The last men" and they hunt down hybrids.

Under the belief that hybrids hold the cure, Dr Singh performs gruesome experiments on the children. His Wife is sick and he staves off her death with injections of his experiments.

I won't give away much.

Gus's friends "Bear" and "Big man" try different routes to save him and his friends. Big man teaming up with Aimee and some mercenaries. Bear joins the last men in order to get safe passage to Edens sanctuary.

Meanwhile Dr Singh tells Gus that he won't have to kill any,more kids if Gus helps him find the origin of the sick. Gus reveals while breathing in the spores of the purple flowers he can see vivid dreams.

Dr Singh brings the flowers to Gus. It's in his memories Gus sees "Project Midnight sun" Midnight Sun was made to slow aging and bring good health to the world using found cell organisms within the frozen Ice. There was a tribe of people in the north who lived past 100 with relatively superior health. The goal of midnight sun was to obtain this for the world.

By using chickens, they were trying to create a culture that had these abilities. But a mutation occurred which led to the hybrid children. It also led to a separate mutation which caused the sick.

They were linked but not in the way Dr Singh hoped.

Still. Dr Singh, with the help of Gus and the research left by Gus's mother Birdie, who was a scientist for Midnight Sun. Created what seemed to be a cure. However because of the disease's ability to mutate, the cure became less viable.

This is where we dig into the psychological aspect of the series. The frame of mind.

Aimee Eden. Feeling the need to protect the children she gathered and adopted, had the maternal instinct to save her kids and would have to redefine the line she would have to cross to save and protect them.

Big man is led by guilt and the need for redemption. As a former last man, he hunted down many hybrids in a desperate act to find his wife and hybrid baby he abandoned. He cares for Gus. Maybe slightly in a way a father would, but definitely as a man trying to do better.

Dr Abbot only cares about winning. He doesn't care about stakes or others or the human race. He wants to be seen as a savior and remembered as the man who won the war against the hybrids, the sick and the rest of humanity.

Dr Singh, at first it began as saving his wife. But then it became about means justifying the ends, that he wasn't a murderer for what he did to kids in the name of science. That being remembered as the man who cured the world outshines being the man who experimented and murdered kids in the name of science.

Rani Singh, Dr Singh's wife. Who after realizing a kid had to die to slow her illness tries desperately to save her husband from himself, in the end realizing that she needed to actually live for whatever time she has left free than in a prison created by Abbot, her husband and the sickness.., just walks away.

Bear.. And her belief that her hybrid sister Wendy is alive after seeing Gus at age 10. Which I'm glad to,spoil, she does find Wendy among Aimee Evan's hybrid children. She also realizes that her Rival in the animal army, did indeed care for her. That Tiger was always a sister she never realized she had in a friend.

Anyway so there's a raid on the zoo. By 4 separate sources. Aimee Eden and her hired mercenaries. Big man solo. Bear solo.. And Tiger and the animal army.

They manage to escape with the kids.

But happiness is short lived as Aimee has the realization, she has the sickness. She says her sad good byes.

Abbot begins his hunt for the kids. Why? Because Dr Singh informed him the missing ingredient from his cure were stem cells from a hybrid kid he killed.

Meanwhile., birdie left to Alaska 10 years before this all happened. Looking for the source of the sickness. Finding where an expedition ended looking for the fountain of youth. Which she explains on a cassette tape she left for Gus and Pubba.

Anyway Abbot catches up to them in Yellowstone at Gus's home, it's here Gus, Big man and Aimee take a stand. Taking out most of the hunters. After a good beating from Big Man, abbot takes big man out by injuring big man's knee. He then tries to fight Aimee Eden.

Upon telling her she has no future. She raises her hand up revealing she has the sickness and he has it now. Saying "neither do you" Gus takes the semi-antidote dropped in the scuffle and runs. Only to be shot in the leg. Just as he is about to shoot a downed Gus. Gus cries out and a herd of buffalo trample Abbot to death.

Aimee dies shortly after. Gus was in a coma after being shot in the back.

Having a dream of his mother needing help. He wakes up and says he has to go. Big man, Bear and Wendy agree and say they will go with him. It ends with the group walking north.

It was a pretty decent season.

It had funny parts, sad parts. Weird parts. But it was a pretty good post-apoc tale. I'd recommend it.648 - green

A little sunnier

Today fox cancelled Tucker Carlson.

Suddenly the sulverlining came back. Texts were released that showed Tucker hated Donald Trump. But the stones the flames of misinformation.

Marjorie Taylor Green got removed from her role for stupidity. And now Hunter Biden,is going in on her.

I hope this is the end of stupidity.

Probably not.

But I think it's time some opinions were silenced. Tucker being one.

I think Kid Rock should finish c4ack rocking jus way into death.

Never liked his music, don't get me wrong, some of it was catchy. But shooting paid for beer over trans hate. Seems like the actions of a man who went looking for clam but found sausage.

you never know.

643 - pink

A thousand and one... a review

Labelled as "A love letter from mother to son"

First I would like to say.. I didnt like Teyana Taylor. All through the 2000s she was like a wannabe socialite. She was on my super sweet 16 on mtv. ever since then it felt like they tried to make her happen.. as a a singer.. as a dancer. I never got the appeal.

She's so good in this movie.

In this movie.. we follow the story of Terry. a boy in foster care in New York. One day while on the streets he is spotted by Inez. Who claims to be his mother. Though he does not recognize her as he is like 6 or 7. He assumes she is his mother.

One day he gets hurt at foster care. Inez shows up to visit.. tells him she is going to do better. that she's out of the shelter. All these things make sense at the end. Anyway, she asks him if he would feel better living with her. So they leave the hospital together.

They end up at Inez's friend Kims house. whole looking for a job.. Terry stays with Kim and her mother. Inez and Kims mother argue about Inez being a bad mother which leads to a scuffle and Inez and Terry being told to leave.

Inez, frustrated and scared.... see's an ad for a cheap room to rent. She applies and is given a room. She does hair out of her apartment for rent. This eventually leads to different jobs.. but enough to get their own low rent apartment. Needing to get Terry in school, Inez obtains a fake birth certificate and social security number. Inez also enters a relationship with a man named "lucky"

Lucky becomes the father figure in Terry's life. But Lucky and Inez often go through hardships.

Fast forward a few years.. Terry is now a teen. He is told that he is smart enough to go to a specialized school. But fearing failure and being further away from school.. he tries to reject the idea. Inez seeing that he will have better chances at a better life.. is determined to push him hard.

Meanwhile... Lucky gets sick with Cancer. Lucky tells Inez that its time they told Terry the truth. about where he came from. Time and time again the chance is missed until Lucky dies. With a new building manager seemingly trying to push them out of their rent controlled apartment.. Terry confides in a school counselor his fears of losing his home.

The counselor offers Terry a work study job. until the summer when he can get a summer job.. All she will need is his birth certificate and socual security card. which he gives them.

One day..the counselor pulls Terry in her office and tells him that his social security number is fake. He reveals he was in foster care at one point and that they will deal with it.

Anyway.. Terry confronts his mother about this and she said.. dont worry Ill take care of it.. She leaves in the middle of the night for work.

The counselor and the social worker show up and inform him that he isnt Inez's biological child and put him in foster care.

It comes to a head when Terry returns home to collect his clothes and finds Inez. He demands answers.

Inez tells him.. She didnt abandon him on the street.. she was the one that found him at 2 years old and waited for hours outside the shelter with him until foster care came after him. When she saw him on the street.. she felt a need to make sure he was ok. something made her feel like she could be his savior...

she says "I won.. it doesnt matter if they catch me or not.. you are going to have a better life because of me. All my sacrifices made you a better person than I could ever be"

at the end Terry helps her leave new york.. the driver askes her where to.. and she smiles...

it was a pretty good movie.

638 - gray and black

Super Mario Bros and anti-wokeness

The media still trying to force lines in the sand recently claimed the success of the new Super Mario Bros movie was its anti-wokeness.

Being woke or anti-woke had nothing to do with it. Everything relied on nostalgia. The Mario Bros franchise has lasted decades.

It's like when a new star wars movie opens. People remember that feeling. Seeing Luke and Leia and Han. The story of Good vs evil.

But then the sequels started to suck because they introduced politics. Like a space senate? Excuse the Fuck out of me for loving a wild west but in space. Now you got viceroys and trade embargo laws. Fuck that mess.

So what did they do? They rewound it a bit with Rogue One and showed a young Leia in cgi to rekindle before the final 2 films.

The final 2 films were like Fuck politics. Let's get back to hunting and being hunted and bring back Luke and Leia and Han but as elderly people about to die.

Nostalgia. It makes you feel like you grew with them and died with them but in reality were only part of each others lives for those few hours.

Mario brothers had 1 failed movie. It went a weird route. Koopa turned the people of the mushroom kingdom into actual fungus. Not mushroom cute but sopping slimey yeasty goo.

The reason they chose the actors were for their recognized voices. Nothing to do with their skin color. You can't run an animated movie with rum of the mill talent.

Like Seth Rogan said he doesn't do voices. Every animated character he's ever done has his voice, same for Jack Black. Jack Black can't not sound like Jack Black.

As I saud before. Woke is the new scapegoat they use. It's like AOL keywords. They add them to the bottom of the page so y'all can be scared.

Racism lost the war. The fact you hang on to stupid shit and say racist things is because, surprise you're racist. Buy I digress.

Nostalgia also plays a part in politics. MAGA. Nostalgia. They convince you that black people didn't exist and that white us the way it should be. This is what led to Nazis. People remembering a time before they brought slaves to their homes. But pissed we gave them human rights. Everyone deserves basic human rights.

The fact you scream MAGA but we're never nobility.. Kind of makes you look retarded. Because you're whining for a time you were never part of.

Saying the super Mario Bros was anti-woke. It's stupid. Probably more stupid considering you think you'd know what race someone is by the sound of a voice.

638 - brown

The stupidity for presidency begins.

It started with an ad from Trump's followers. Calling Desantis "Pudding Fingers" saying he's putting his fingers in things he shouldn't be, but also implying he's eating booty for votes.

Today, Desantis launched a reply "attack dems, not Republicans".

If ever there was a case for dividing our nation. Its these 2 morons.

America was never great. We were never united without a war.

So we are going to watch the moron levels rise. Instead if looking for ways to bring us together., they're dividing us and themselves. The funny thing is lustening to a moron talk politics,

There's this "hacker" I met at training a few years back. He put me on an,email chain of like 30 people he brags about going to hacker conventions and begs others to attend.

Anyway, he said some Futz level stupid shit this weekend. These were his claims...

Joe Biden is a dementia patient and Hunter Biden us a criminal. And Dr Fauci should burn as the witch he is,

I said.. Present actual documentation Joe Biden was deemed "demented elder" what crimes has Hunter Biden done? Being on meth and adultery seem like personal problems. They don't seem like tgey will wreck the US.

There's an investigation but never formal charges. So what's the big deal? All the repubs did was leak hunters nude pix and make him sexier.

Then i mentally challenged him.

I said use your "hacker" skills and produce these docs.

I'm not political. Everything I say is against stupidity. But it's funny dopes thing I'm staunchly dem defensive.

I do vote Democrat. I'm a hard worker and by no means rich. I can't make the $100k+ claim. I'm not sitting here basing my beliefs on my parents success.

I do believe in equality and I do believe everyone deserves an education and the ability to eat. I do believe that you shouldn't be harassed or rejected by skin color.

I don't owe explanations to you if you're an uneducated white person puking stupidity. I didn't say I hate white people. But it seems like everyone I encounter thats politics stupid is white. I'm not saying it's solely whites, just what I'm dealing with every day.

Now. As a "Republican" are you really at war? Is crying and whining war? Is fighting among your own, war? Is saying racist things for attention, war?

It's not. It's stupidity.

Take your head out your ads and start to breathe. Get air to your brain. You'll be amazed once you look at the shit you say.

You sit here day in and day out like a lap dog waiting for Trump to ding your bell. To unleash the stupid hounds. Watch you yap at nothing.

You know the funny thing? I can cuss and talk shit in a blog. No repercussions. But Twitter limits how long you can go. Will block you for asking Miley Cyrus to show you her balls and call musk a moron with bad crows feet. It's a Canadian site and it's upholding my right to free speech. Crazy!

In closing. I want to say don't be stupid.

But you probably won't know what it means.

I'm watching a fat girl buy up the hot Cheetos out of a vending machine, what she spent on 2 bags could have gotten her a bug bag from the grocery store. She stuffed 6 small bags into a tiny back pack.

636 - yellow

Florida - the definition of America

Yesterday, the National weather service issued a tornado warning. What did Floridians do? They gridlocked the highways and airports. There was flooding, and they still waterlogged vehicles.

I mean, I can understand not having been in tornado warning before. But at some point, common sense should kick in like.. Run for cover.

Unlike a hurricane, a tornado isn't gonna wait for you to evacuate. It's gonna drop in and wreak havoc.

You gotta either get in a basement or in a room without windows at the center of the house. With flooding, I understand Floridians might not have basements. But still.. Packing up the fam and getting blocked in traffic? Dumb.

Dave said he was worried about his weed and was gonna bury it. It's like a tornado will yank it out. Especially if it's freshly disturbed earth.

But that's America.

I mean the past 6 years.. Bad. We had a shit president. A hero that inherited the chaos and dealt with it. He got the Republicans to say publicly they will leave Medicaid alone.

Joe Biden is a sly sexy fox. And we are fortunate he is.

Right now he's trying to pass a bill that will let healthcare workers not disclose abortions.

Today 18000 cows died in a fire at a dairy farm in Texas. The food chain took a hit. Would making unwanted births burden us? Yes. It's not like there's a shortage of people.

I still say that if you're gonna be a drunk drugged up slut.. The depovera shot would be a must. I think they should offer it for free, especially in the ghetto cities.

The church should condone the depo shot. Gotta start stopping teen moms. Or make male contraception free. Whichever.

Especially in Florida.

There. The topic circle is complete.

632 - red

Covid is over.. Except it isn't.

Declaring yet another end of the pandemic. It's not over. But because they don't want to keep paying for free care. The Gov is declaring it over.

You know. There's a lot of stupid people I had to put in their place lately. Someone mentioned Fauci and he shoukd be in prison.

First of all. You ask why, they say "he lied saying the vaccine is a cure" and to which I say. The vaccine is not a cure. If it were immunity, they would call it.. Immunization.

Vaccines are meant to weaken the disease. They don't prevent it.

Covid 19, is an aerosol, not a droplet. Meaning it lives in the air and not on surfaces.

The term mutation means, an organism makes not exact copies of itself. If it were a perfect copy. It would be the original. But because organisms don't always make perfect copies of itself, it's mutation.

The mutations of Covid weakened. Which is good. It's still infectious.

Is covid over? No. But under the terms the government use to stop paying for free health services it is. Masks work.

Don't sit there and be stupid.

631 - blue


The other day some toolbag (Ignatius) was crying about student loans. Both Jessie and I said we never had student loans. Financial aid and scholarships paid for most of it.

To which he went on a rant about how our degrees don't count because we got "a free ride" then last night he says I am poor lol. Very reminiscent of Sunquaker.

All bitter and mad because I laughed at the time he was trying to say he was a hacker, what with spending 15 years on the internet building and maintaining his geocities (free) website.

I'm not complaining about it mainly because as I said.. He or she doesn't know me. He or she's opinion of me doesn't change anything about me. I'm not the one sitting here crying about a cheap engagement ring.

What I am going to cover is this. When you say racist things because you have nothing else. It kind of shits on the story you tell about being educated. It shits on your claim to use your mind for anything.

I can cut people down and it never having to be about race.

Take friday for example.

I dislike toots. This is not news. I'm sick of hearing about this loser. Everyone is so obsessed telling her she deserves better than the crack head latent gay she's in love with. I never make my dislike a secret.

Friday everyone was telling her she deserves better. So I said she's over 50. Her life is basically over at this point. It's not like she's going to cure cancer. A few people took offense to that assuming I am ageist. I probably am, who cares?

But in comes Scooter trying to turn everyone over 50 against me. I even publicly told him it's not going to work and just ignored him.

He spent the next few hours trying really hard to turn folk on me or make semi-racist remarks about me.

But then Ev showed up and Scooter lost his shit again. Flipped out. That's why I like Ev. He can make scooter flip out.

My point is this. If all you have is racism on your side. Thats all You're ever gonna have on your side.

I'll rip on your geocity. Your cat porn YouTube channel. Lies you mutter. Poop on your Republican ideals so hard you hardly talk. But have I ever called you a cracker or a honky? Or a Nazi?

Why use race when you give me so much garbage to throw at you?

It's not my fault you're a garbage person.

A stronger person would get my respect and I would stop. And you aren't.

Happy Easter racists.

That's something you didn't expect right?

Life will throw so mich dooky that you gotta decide what dooky is the dooky worth caring about, Tyler Perry as Madea once said "it's not the names people call you, it's what you answer to"

As I said in chat before. You gotta look at the people talking shit and decide if you care. It's like.. Old? Obese? Greasy? Special Education? Has to pay for a hand job? Druggy? Then why care? In th he end, if you are beefing with easy targets.. What would be the point of being upset by them?

Happy Easter trolls. Happy Easter losers.

Happy Easter to all.

Because life is about love. It's easy to hate. To love is the challenge. "Love is the illusion the mind makes to procreate" hating love is accepting you're unloveable.

Happy Easter. World.

Because there's 15 billion people out there. If you have 1 or 2 haters, so what? There's a huge sea of people.

So Happy Easter.

628 - purple

If God were a woman....

I think talent would be enough.

But we see all the greats.. doing concerts in rhinestone swimsuits and nude bodysuits.

Janet once did a whole tour in baggy jeans and halter tops. Janet once kept her life so private.. she was married for 10 years to Rene Elizondo and no one knew until they were divorcing.

I mean... Celine.. atleast Celine isnt out there in a nude leotard making a fool out of herself.

I commented the other night... remember when Taylor Swift did concerts in dresses? cute little tea dresses.. but now shes in tiny bodysuits and thigh high slut boots. its so bad even chubby as hell Meghan Trainor is doing it too.

Sad thing is Sam Smith is doing it.. and its gross.

Just commenting on entertainment.

RIP Paul Cattermole - 626 - black

Grease - Rise of the Pink Ladies

A pre-quel to the movie.. ROTPL is based on Rydel and its founding of the Pink Ladies.

The music was ok.. its about reputations. and how reputations affect social heirarchy of schools.

It follows Jane. A new girl from New York who participated in heavy make out sessions with popular guy Buddy. When damage control wasnt working.. Jane breaks up with Buddy.. it also deals with Olivia.. who has a reputation for an inappropriate relationship with a teacher the prior year.

Also follows Tricia.. who unlike her friends... wants to leave their town after graduating but her plans get side tracked when her best friends decide they want boyfriends than best friend future plans.

And lastly Cynthia.. who is a tomboy that the boys dont want to see as an equal.

OK.. so.. there's a part where Jane's younger sister gets her ears pierced and gets the nickname "Frenchy" who is gonna be Frenchy in the movie.. and her best friend Betty... who. will eventually become "Rizzo" hopefully they introduce Jan and Marty too,

its an ok time.

it ends with the 4 main characters mooning the student counsel elections.. they run away and form the pink ladies.

Episode 2 starts off on "Bye bye birdie" fashion.. with a phone tree with everyone singing and talking about girl gangs.

I called it a night after the opening

625 - yellow

Mandalorian - S03E06 - quick notes 1. Space fish creatures called The Calamari.. its like.. oh for real? the squid based food? lol.

2. A planet where no one works and everything is handled by robots. Wasnt that the plot of Wall-E?

3. A Droid bar? ala futurama

4. Christopher LLoyd was the bad guy?.. roger rabbit.

the true enemy is politics.

Swarm.. What a weak ending

So ep5.

In this episode, Ris's parent cancel their deceased daughters cellphone plan. To which Dre shows up with a gun to get them to turn it back on. Plot hole. They can close the account but Dre could have taken the phone number and reactivated it, I mean she was texting herself. The # was up for grabs.

Anyway it's revealed Ris's parents blames Dre for their daughters suicide. It's revealed Dre was a foster kid they took in but was obviously kind of messed up. A fight ensues and Dre goes on the run again.

In episode 6.. It's the "story up til now" episode called fallen through the cracks.

This time the story is told through the eyes of a female detective. It's revealed Dre came from an abusive home. She was harboring violence at a young age. She attacked a Becky at a sleep over. Ris's parents sent her back into foster care. But Ris kept in touch as she developed a sister bond.

It's revealed Ris's father died.

The lady detective start a putting together Dre's path of destruction. Starting with Kahlids murder. She talks to,the strippers who knew Dre as "Carla" and finally decided to talk to Dre herself who supposedly was in custody.

Episode 7 - only God makes happy endings.

Dre enters a gay relationship with a college graduate, Rashida. She even goes as far as to meet Rashidas parents. They move in together. On their anniversary, Dre surprises Rashida with tickets to Ni'Jahs concert.

Upset, Rashida says she doesn't even like Ni'jah and says they could have used to thousands of dollars to go on a vacation. Dre finally snaps during the argument and strangulates Rashida. She takes the body elsewhere and burns it and heads to the Ni'jah concert.

It's then she realizes Rashida had the tickets in her pocket and she just burned them both up. She finds a scalper and gets him alone where she straight up murders the guy and heads in.

Finally at a Ni'jah concert. She sort of loses her grasp on reality and envisions Ni'jah as Ris, after running on stage she is tackled by security. In true diva fashion, Ni'jah holds off security and let's Dre speak. Dre confesses love.

We end with Dre and Ni'jah leaving the concert in a limo. Ni'jah embraces Dre and then that's it.

I don't recall if they ever caught Dre or what But....

Ok being fanatic is weird...

For instance right now a lot of dummies are outside the new york court house protesting Trump's arraignment. Saying America is destroyed and every one against Trump is a traitor.

The fact is the case isn't even about his affair with an old porn ho.

It's about book keeping fraud. It's about writing financial payment as "service rendered" and trying to get taxes from it. It's about 34 counts of breaking the law.

If you really support bullshit, that's fine. Just Stfu about it. The time to for sad whining for attention is coming to an end.

Grow up.

624 - red

Swarm. Smitten, bitten and spitten

So do 3 is called "taste" we start off with Dre murdering a social media influencer is his home. Now we get the idea that she is killing people who degrade Ni'jah. After she kills the dude, she steals food from his OCD pantry and his car and heads iff to the next.

This time it's a social media Becky. Just As she is about to kill "Alice" she is distracted by a guys Ni'jah your jacket. She breaks into his home but is discovered. She pretends she is escaping a psycho bf.

Anyway guy reveals he used to be obese and restricts food types after she pulls out a bag of donuts. Later she sneaks to her bag of donuts and he catches her. They bang it out and he takes her to a birthday party for Ni'Jahs sister.

She sees Ni'jah and hallucinate eating plums. Turns out she bit Ni'jah. Embarrassed she flees.

Which takes us to do 4. "Running scared" taking place months later. She is getying gas in a white town and the cops are looking at her. A white chick comes up n pretends to know her. She leads Dre to an all female therapy group "cult" led by Billie Eilish. Long story short. Billie uses diversion hypno therapy to break Dre and get her to join the cult. But Dre's connection can't be broken. She runs over Billie and another lady and leaves.

Which is the price most people pay for mind games. You get runned over.

I might just pack all the spoilers in the next post.

623 - gray

Swarm... Went from cool to blah

Swarm. You heard about it. It's loosely based on Beyonce and her relationship to her fans. But also Trumpsters and their fanaticism. It's about obsession and murder but also adoration and revenge.

The story centers around Andrea "Dre" Greene. Who is kind of like an adult child. It's never really discussed but you can tell she's mentally handicap, it's like the shape of her eyes and how she never really looks at people she talks to.

She sort of turns her head to the side and doesn't fully connect with anyone. Plus she is obsessed with singer "Ni'jah" Jah, being a short form of Yahweh. Which is a name for God some religions used. One can assume "Ni" forms a derrivitive female aspect.

Anyway.. So the story starts off as Dre and her sister Marissa "Ris" living together. Dre buys tickets to Ni'Jahs concert as a birthday gift for Ris. Ris is seemingly normal. Has a job and is dating a guy.

Anyway Ris is dating a guy named Khalid who is kind of creepy and d-baggy. Dre sees Ris and Kahlid having sex. He sees her and sort of performs for her. Later Ris begs Dre to cover her job at the mall so she can do a make up job. As Ris is an aspiring make up artist.

While working Dre is met by Khalid who sort of walks her away and tells her she dont have to be a virgin as he likes what she saw. Dre responds with.. You don't like Ni'jah so eff you" she goes back to the mall kiosk only to find it was robbed. Costing Ris her job. It seemed like a set up to me.

Anyway Dre reveals she bought Ris concert tickets to see Ni'jah. Ris responds she is moving out after her trip with Khalid. That Ris can't stay a kid forever and has to grow up and be happy. She then leaves.

Dre ends up at a party alone and ends up banging Rory Culkin, who reveals his penis at the bottom of a glass bowl filled with fruit. It looked dirty and brown. And small. Anyway...

So Dre checks her phone to,find she missed a lot if texts and voicemails from Ris. Turns out Ris committed suicide after she had a fight with Khalid.

Dre gets turned away at the funeral. And to be honest... Who wears a red hoochie dress to a funeral? I woulda threw some back hands. Like the Fuck is wrong with you? the reason happens later.

At the end she goes to Kahlids house. As they talk. She asks why he wasn't at the funeral, he says he was processing loss. His personality changes from horned up d-bag to sort of a little boy. Asking Dre if she would like some tea. She says yes. As he's gettingbut for her, she smashes his head in. Then eats his leftovers from the fridge. Big mama's fried chicken and Mac n cheese with greens and chitlins and red koolaid. LoL.

Anyway episode 2. Dre is working in a strip club. She's Asking about a dude named Reggie. Sort of not stripping and waiting for Reggie to show up. She encounters an annoying stripper called Halsey. Played by Paris Jackson. In a ghetto dramatic relationship.

Halsey sort of just starts to be around Dre more. All the while arguing with her boyfriend she threatens to leave but doesnt. Then Halseys reveals she is black, Dre is like? You black? For real?

Halseys says "my dad was half black.. Just like Halseys, thats why my stripper name us Halsey. Anyway Dre goes back to her hotel room and Halseys is there being annoying. So Dre goes to the boyfriend and kills him. While getting rid of the body, Halseys shows up and kicks the body and helps drag it away. Halsey starts talking annoying like they could be the next Thelma and Louise. So Dre kills her too.

Back at the strip club. The other dancers who also prostitute ask Dre to be their designated driver to a party for cash. She agrees. They go to a frat house and there's so many weiner I had to turn away. Anyway after the party they are going back to the club when Dre runs over something that flattens her tires.

The other strippers offer to help change the tire when Dre drake out cuz she put the bodies in her trunk, luckily a Tow truck driver passes and offers to drag her to his house and fix the tires. Also seemed like a set up. Bust your tires then have a Tow truck.,, fishy.

Anyway turns out the driver is Reggie. While he fixes her tires, Dre starts thinking about things Reggie said about Ni'jah on twitter. After he is done the girls are getting ready to go. Dre says she gas to pee. She hears Reggies shower and assumes he is in it. As she is about to pounce, he walks in behind her like.. The Fuck?

She attacks him with a frying pan but he subdued her and starts choking her. Just As you think she's gonna die., the Go Squad show up and pull him off Reggie. Another hooker pulls her gun and shoots him. As they are in shock and about to leave they hear Dre's car start and speed off. Apparently they just stayed there because later it's revealed they were in prison.

Ima end this here. Might finish in another post.

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