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Donald Trump Indicted.. Question becomes.,,

Who fucking cares?

Like I been saying to all the stupids, how does this disrupt your life? There's a reason his call for protests were pretty much ignored. Its stupid. Why are we expected to riot for his little dick sex adventures?

It's all become ploys to get more money to him. If he had billions, why beg for money? If he had billions, why pay just a mere $100k? If he had billions, why not just go live in chokeonwang with Melania? In her tiny shitty country, they would actually be billionaires.

The question becomes, how stupid are you?

It's all a ploy to get what little money you have. As it is we are deep in debt to China. Money borrowed in all our names against our lives. Yet you still want to follow this turd ball.

Everyday, it's the same stupid regurgitated stupidity. It's the dems. It's the liberals. You word vomit stupidity and it's just.. Astonishing how stupid some of you are.

I for one give zero fucks about Trump or Stormy Daniels. Do I wanna hear the sex details? Fuck no. He's an,obese grandpa and she's a box shaped aged porn slut with fake tots and a tummy tattoo to hide her stretch marks

Even if Trump is found guilty, what's gonna happen? Is he gonna do hard time? For what? As I said I'm not a supporter. But those if you trying to rage and riot should ask yourself this. What is the crime? Paying a hooker through a middleman? Isn't that basically what being PayPal is?

He should just say yeah I fucked her, and had her sign an NDA. Then buy Melania a diamond necklace and be done with it.

If you think about it. Why? Why now? Johnny Depp and Amber Heards trial had a massive amount if attention. Plus they're asking for donations to fight.

"This will destroy America"

It won't.

Anyway enjoy your Friday

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Ladies.. All the ladies. Let's talk about sex!

I never got the memo. But were we supposed to find a guy with no job or car and let him nut in us? Hear me out.

So lately we been having a lot of females in jail fighting over a guy. Today we saw a few bond out and the guy are never like... Worth it?

I could see the point if the guy had chiseled looks or muscles or even a great smile. But a 100 lb acne scarred drug addict? Lordy.

One time I was paying a parking ticket. This lady brought in her son like "I need 2 restraining orders against my son's ex-gfs" I'm like.. Here we go. Let's take a look at this stud. Dude had bad acne scars.. A lazy eye. Front teeth gone. Maybe they did it to him. Or he was already like this.

When I was like 13. I swore off dating til I finished school. This decision made as a few of my friends were pregnant at 13. I didn't need my parents to tell me. I was like fuck this. However I had friends who would date a lot. Never anyone good either. I wouldn't even pretend to be jealous.

My younger sister was opposite me. She always went for ugly guys built like little boys. She picked probably the worst guy to be with.

This guy already had a kid. He was 110 lbs. Maybe 5'10. Really bad pizza face. He was also bulimic. That's how he maintained his frail figure. One time she even told me he ate breakfast with her., then purged. I was like gross. I even told her once he was in a news story on NBC learn in a news report on fetal alcohol syndrome as a toddler. I'm like dude is FAS and mildly retarded.

Anyway so my sister and her friends were at a fam cook out. So I asked them. I'm like.. Y'all are dating and mating some of the ugliest dudes I ever seen. Wtf?

Turns out they do this because ugly guys are easier to control. But it doesn't work if alcoholism is involved.

As I converse with people sometimes that I feel can benefit from my knowledge. I ask them. Why would you want someone without a job, home or car? Why would you let a guy like that nut in you? Most times it loneliness panic.

can't wait to live my life with you, can't wait to start.

I dont like bragging. But I am lucky.

Life is about choices. Make smart ones.

But I digress. Used to be a time, quality men had at least a car. Then you'd meet and date and figure the rest out together. But when you can live off food stamps a few years, it's like.. Bottom rung living.

I always tell my nieces or young girls I deal with. If you can't trust yourself. Get a depo shot. It'll keep you from being stupid for awhile. It's not permanent. But you shouldn't have your life made up for you before 25.

With abortion off the table. Depo might be a good option. Especially if you like to binge drink at college parties. An hour of waiting at the hospital could be worth it in the long run.

You don't need to lead a rooster life. You know. Any-cock'll-do

But if you do. Be smart. Use condoms. HPV could suck.

Have a glorioys day sisters

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Family. There are no other people on earth you will love.. hate.. cherish,, despise more than your family. When you come from a large extended family.. that is your tribe.

Back home.. people often forget this. They become depressed.. lonely.. angry. but never realize there's a whole tribe of people who love you.

Someone accused me of having daddy issues.. I think he thinks I see him as my dad or something. but my dad isnt a fat troll with rhinophyma.. but I digress.

I dont hate my dad. Im not like donating kidneys to the man either. When I was in my teens. He told me that he was glad I was his.. tall.. strong.. smart. everything most of the girls around me werent. So he taught me to work on cars in the summer. things a female should know as to not depend on a guy. Change my own tires.. understand how everything works. And when we parted ways.. I never ran to him for anything.

I was also brought up around strong women.. who were education oriented and were all about family. I never lacked for love. I had a tribe of aunts and secondary aunts who married into the family. Back home everyone who you didnt know would ask you who your parents were and would honor you.

Thats how a tribe works..

So Im taking this moment.. to remind you all.. to understand those around you. care for them. Honor them.

but if they're fucking assholes its ok to tear em apart.

because learning through error is how others grow.

be well

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Liberals, easy scapegoats for idiots?

Liberalism is a political and moral philosophy based on the rights of the individual, liberty, consent of the governed, political equality and equality before the law.[1][2][3] Liberals espouse various views depending on their understanding of these principles. -Wikipedia

I went looking for a simple answer. What is liberal politics. Boy I found a lot of long winded definitions.

Basically what it is.. Is a made up monster people use to seem like heroes. You hear about it in,the news a lot. Liberals want to attack freedom of speech,or raise gas prices or pay for Raheem to go to college.

All it does is highlight how big of a bigot you are. How racist you are. How you think you beling in the upper caste society parroting other idiots who use fear mongering to control the stupid.

Why do i bring this up? LoL

I saw an article like "Gov Ron Desantis attacks liberals at GOP in California" and I'm like.. Why?

Its the same stupud shit Futz puppets. Same stupid shit most of the elderly wire users spout off in politics chat. Crying that we must Make America Great Again.

When was America ever great? Pre 1492 most likely.

Since religious retards came across the ocean. We have nothing but crime and slavery and wars. You ever stop to think the problem is politics and religion? You get to rape and pillage for Christ? Oh joy.. Oh bliss.

There was a tv show called "Raised by wolves" about how humanity wanted to repopulate a world without religion because religion and politics led to the destruction of Earth.

And they did. The automaton androids found a world and started to form humanity at its basic level. 12 unfertilized eggs. Their sole purpose.. A world without religion.

However lunatic cult survivors escaped a dying earth. And when they got to the new world, tried to infest their beliefs.

The series was cancelled before the story could reach it's climax,

But it is a cautionary tale.

Right now people divide us to stay in power. Like ranchers and cows. Dangerous ranchers against vaccinations yet get vaccinated. Oppose taxes but tax you anyway. Will tell you a Hispanic girl is the enemy for trying to go green and save the earth.

Same ranchers that tell you they will end social security but are trapped into making a publuc promise on live TV by the slyest silver fox Joe Biden.

Ultimately, liberals are an easy made up monster. Used to get the morons to moo in the fields.

Go into politics chat sometime, it's like a bunch broken autistic androids. They even disagree with each other about the same aspects of politics. Ultimately, it's for attention.

For instance.. Hardly anyone talks to Futz except a couple people. So he resorts to yamnering the same puppeted political view everyday.

And as I said about people no one like. "Any attention, even bad.. Beats being lonely." It's why most of these people do it. They'll wander in and be like "Trump was right" and hope that other moo cows moo. Which a few might. But mostly people are sick of fake attacks by liberals.

For instance a toolbag started to say something about democrats. And it's funny that they think it's insulting. For instance, people gotta care about you as a person to be offended by your political stance. Parroting is different, if you can shut the fucking bird up and tell them they don't matter. They sit there quiet.

But as I said this article didn't trigger me. It made me wonder.. What exactly is a liberal? It says freedom. I love freedom. But am I going to subscribe? Probably not. Because liberal democrats lacks a clear definition.

Just a bunch of long winded history of attempts to either celebrate or destroy it.. Or weaponize it. Liberal democracy is the boogie man you need to fear I guess.

Anytime someone says libtard I see the definition as. "advocating for or taking measures to promote greater social and economic equality, and typically favoring socially liberal ideas; liberal or progressive.
"left-wing activists"

Equality sounds bad?

but as issue we live in a world full,of genetic involved seepage, can't expect intelligence.

"Heroes emerge from sometime unlikely sources"

Bear in mind that public opinion in stupid things do not define you. People, especially empty ones.. Fill their void with lies and bring others down because their flaws will be seen for what they are. But to err is human. Do not expect nice words, thoyggts or beliefs from others who don't know you. Define yourself to yourself.

To,tho,e own self he true

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There's always a few

So like we had an outbreak at work. And it all traces back to a few dummies at a high school basketball game.

Cobid sucks and why people think we are back at normal astounds me.

Anyway so these dummies come in all. "I have a headache n my,tummy hurts a little" then test positive. Then leave and not tell anyone.. That's a dbag move.

Anyway so.. Now I know who the dummies are, I'll know who not to share my cookies with. I mean.. The nerve.

Ither than covid resurging it's a slow day.

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Jena Malone's restorative justice b.s.

Jena Malone, a 38 year old actress. Started as a child actress. She revealed recently that she was sexually assaulted whike filming the last hunger games movie.

She then says by a process she called"restorative justice" she got healed and justiced. Sounds like bullshit to me.

If she forgave her rapist.. Was it even rape?

I've talked to victims of rape. They display emotions like guilt, sadness, anger and hopelessness. They aren't out here making instagram posts not naming their rapists. Because guilt that anyone they rape after you is your fault.

And in the US there was a law or something that extended the statute of limitations on sex crimes. Dunno if thats still a thing but it allowed people like Wade Robson to accuse dead people 1o years after MJ died and 20 years after he denied any wrongs.

Like that chick from 40 years ago to accuse Bill Cosby of rape from 1975.

This isn't victim shaming. Because Jena claims justice was served via text messaging for 10 years. Can you imagine waking up everyday. And texting a guy like "hi.. You raped me. God bless" then one day, 15 years later you're like "I forgive you.. Our unborn rape baby woulda been 15 today... "

Idk. I feel like it's not justice until your rapist is the one getting raped in jail. A brown eye for a brown eye. Idk.

Injustice anywhere is injustice anywhere.

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