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Cocaine Bear.. with spoilers.. lol

Cocaine Bear is a fictional story based on true events. Like the titanic movie.. jack and rose werent real people. lol. Cocaine Bear never killed anyone.. He died from an overdose 3 months after a drug runner crashed his plane.

In 1885.. Drug Runner Andrew C Thorton II drops a shipment of cocaine from his plane valued at $14m they say.. the real value was like $2m

Im not gonna do too much spoiling.. save that the music was good.. it was entertaining.. and I def needed to see something good on a friday.

It was good to see Ray Liotta again. Dear Ray left us in 2022.

We miss youuuuu.

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also if youd like to see the cam version.. stream

The Whale has landed (spoilers)

The long awaited Brendan Fraser movie finally came out. It was winning awards and brought Brendan back into our lives after a long period of nothing. The buzz was it was a triumph but never full viewed outside theaters. There were no handheld cam versions. Trust me I looked.

I wanted to see the big deal. Was I disappointed? Not really.

The movie follows Charlie (BrenFray) an obese, gay and recluse online english teacher. He is speaking to his class about showing who they truly are with honest writing.

After he concludes his class. He masturbates. He's tugging his weiner and starts convulsing from high BP and heart failure. Thomas, a guy from church doing johovas work happens to knock on the door. Charlie yells to,come in and read an essay. Which he does. Liz then comes in and checks Charlie's vitals.

Liz is a nurse and Charlie's friend. It's revealed Charlie was her deceased brothers lover. Thomas is a dior to door Christian with a secret.

After they bith leave Charlie calls his daughter, Ellie. He hasn't seen,since he left his family to be Gay with Alan (Liz's brother)

Ellie shows up in typical butthole teen fashion. Angry at the world. Ellie still pent up with anger discovers Charlie will die, but will leave her $100k but all he wants us to talk to her with his remaining time.

Charlie is severely obese and refuses to go to the hospital. He's eating himself to death. Its a form of Psychic Suicide. He's fully aware of what's happening. It's a slow process. But before he died he wants to know his daughter will be alright.

Ellie drops by for a few days. Every time she does she runs into Thomas. Thomas believes he is there to save Charlie's soul. In one of the last visits. She forces Charlie to smoke weed and he confesses his secret.

Thomas was disenfranchised by the church. He felt that saving was widdled down to nothing more than handing out pamphlets. So he stole $2k in petty cash and ran away from home. Ellie recirds this tale on her phone.

Liz informs Charlies ex-wife Mary, that Ellie has been visiting Charlie. Things cone to a head when its revealed Charlie has stored away $120k which he plans to leave Ellie. Liz is angered by the fact she has been taking care for Charlie thinking he is living on what little cash he makes. Mary confesses she doesn't allow Ellie to see Charlie because she fears being judged as a bad mother.

It's then Dan., the pizza guy catches a glimpse of Charlie and gasps and runs away. Sending Charlie down a spiral of binge eating and despair.

During his binge. Charlie assigns his class to write something honest about themselves, to which they do. This leads him to turning his webcam on and revealing himself finally.

Thomas visits one last time to tell Charlie that Ellie had found his church and sent them audio recording of Thomas's confession. His parents forgave him and sent him a bus ticket home. He then tries to give Charlie a reason why Alan killed himself. By saying Alan feared not being allowed into heaven for being gay. To which Charlie's like go home and Fuck yourself.

Ellie shows up angry that an essay he had her turn in got a bad grade. It's th an Charlie asks her to read it. It's an,old essay she wrote from 4 years prior about Moby dick. He says he loved it because it was honest and showed who she was. She gets angry and starts to leave and he tells her, she is perfect. His heart starts convulsing and he asks her to read it 1 last time. As shes storming out he pleads.

She's opened the door and hit by an actualization that she can't abandon him as he dies. She starts reading her essay. As she reads he stands up from his far guy wheelchair and walks to her. As she finishes his feet sort of jump into the air. Symbolizing he died.

It was pretty good. I made some jokes last night. One was "I always wanted to see Brendan Fraser naked in,the shower
.. But not like this... Not like this" "Brendan Fraser almost dues from tugging his weiner"

And The whale almost died but that asian lady did an elbow drop from the top,rope and saved his life.

It was pretty good. If you would like to watch it. I'll provide a link.

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Madonna's face..

At least she didn't look like Marjorie Taylor Green.

In all seriousness.. Whether she did it for vanity or business. As long as she's happy with the results.

Personally I woulda got jaw implants too. To level out those cheeks, I get it.. Bulge cheek bones means youthful. But Madonna had sort of a chiseled face. The lack of jawline only reminds of boneless in the mouth.

It was mentioned in "mommy dearest" that a lot of actresses had their teeth in the back removed. Referred to as "the buckle" which they do now days by removing the fat causing a sharp jawline.

Madonna has cheekbones like the saw mask. I think its even made worse by the bleaching of her eyebrows. Well not bleaching.. I'm sure they turned white with age. Madonna always had dark brows. Dunno why the need to seem blonde.

Its weird.

But as I said I'm just suggesting. I'm not saying she's ugly.

And again.. At least she isn't an ugly monstrosity named Marjorie Taylor Green.

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Healthcare workers: mandates need to end lol

Saw a report on Yahoo. Said healthcare workers at elderly homes are in an uproar from being turned away for failing a covid test to care for the elderly.

They're so angry from having to pass a test to work. A test that keeps their patients from dying.

Said they had to-do it a year ago in Missouri but the facility still git ravaged by covid. Obviously it was one of the higher ups. The ones who micromanage and don't wear masks or need vaccination.

Oh by the way the article said the outbreak happened before vaccine mandates.

The funny thing is most of these "political leaders" are elders. They sit there at their cut social security meetings all old. Never realizing that it also means cutting your elderly freebies.

I believe if you're bitching about being a carrier., take a hot shower and wear a mask in public. Cleanliness is next to covidless.

Everywhere I go no one wears masks. Either out of ignorance or vanity. Triple lined lips. The next make up job could be your casket make up.

Id like to point out. In tribes we honor our elders. They live at home loved. Unless they're sick of thrir families they apply to join a home.

We don't stick old people in them out if convenience and only visit once a year and it's Easter... Because it's 1 day and you can check em back in at sun down.

Love and care shiukd not be politicized. But it is. With mask mandates and abortions.

Oh well. Atleast Trump. Will be indicted.

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The great lube job.

I'm at the mechanic waiting for my car to get fixed. If it's the alternator is rather get it dealt with now than wait til after prezzys day.

So what's going on? They're already crying about snow. Next week. It's a wet ugly winter. Maybe tgat means it'll be a wet ugky spring and refill the reservoirs. People don't get it. Once these fresh water pools dry up we are fucked.

I'm not worried but I'm also prepping for last of us times. Learning to make gun powder. To shape metal, how to be awesome.

The other day Morb told me I was woke and a dreamer. Like it's a bad thing. Was I supposed to heil Hitler her or something?

But I was thinking about dreamers. Trying to find their happiness. Going to college and learning. It makes sense she would be mad. 50 and a bartender. Never had a grown up job. She git upset I was helping Dave with his homework and encouraging him.

Why? You ask.

I've always liked people continuing their education. At any age. I don't think it's cool to kick ssomeone for educating themselves at 50. Or 60 or 70.

They felt incomplete and if education helps, then great!

I've always pushed my friends into college and it was altruistic and satisfying as it could be. Helped people with FAFSA and look for scholarships. I really coulda been a guidance counselor. But my flaw is I don't like being depended on to lead.

The ENTJ is a cheerleader.

I said this story before. When my grandma died a few years ago at 92. They laid out photos and poetry. But one thing caught my eye. My grandma got her GED at 45. She already had a family and raised them. But it was important to get educated. She even took a couple college courses. It made me smile.

So when someone tells me they want to go to school. I support that. Even explain homework. I'd rather see someone shine than shove them in the mud.

When I first went to college. There were older people enrolled. Mom's who had kids early. A few people in their late 40s. It wasnt all hot 18 year olds.

I admire that.

When my aunt wanted to go. I said Yes. She kept askung me what keywords mean. LoL. But she didn't go. She got wrapped up in a guy who was a tool.

So.. If you are thinking of taking a class.. Be it.. Cooking.. An art class. Or getting a degree in accounting. I say do it.

The past few years have revealed a stupidity in our country. And if people are gonna get educated. Yay!

Good luck

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The Black national anthem. 🇺🇸

I don't get the big deal. It's just a song. Why does it piss the racists off? If you're sitting there rolling your eyes while it's happening. Face it. You're racist. You are fucking racist.

It's just a 2.5 minute song. What? You were inconvenienced to show respect to others?

Here we do the national anthem and the flag song. Because we demanded respect. We didnt politicize the flag song because we said it's gonna be part of our lives. This aint up for debate.

The fact that offended whites are saying "why? Also I'm not racist.." If you've ever said woke. You're a fucking retard and a racist. If you told people they're woke agenda blah blah. You're a racist. Only a fucking racist would give a shit about something that deals with skin color.

Dont sit there and say you aren't racist.

Because everything you said about it was racist. If you had any fucking brains you'd listen to yourself before you blurt that shit out.

I know some of you will say racist shit to me to get my attention. Say it because you think it hurts me. It really doesn't. You're lying to yourself. The fact you stoop to racist bullshit reflects you have nothing else.

My point. The Black national anthem has already happened. It happened without you. Shut the Fuck up you dont like it. It's happening. It's a thing. It's born. You voted against abortions, now you got a black national anthem. Eat a dick.

Thank you.

Its Valentine's Day.. But winter is coming...

It's February 14, 2023.

It's love day. It's chocolates day. It's blow a kiss at the window guy at McDonald's day. Because if there's anytime to be overly flirty.. It's today.

So a few days ago I revealed that Miss SD 2022 was arrested for ripping off Wal-Mart. Well she was charged with petty theft. But was only given fines and court costs. Which is fine. She was spared jail time. But she was thrown to the social media wolves. For Shania Knutson is forever known as a wal-mart shoplifter.


Last night menopauseangel tried to say I was woke and my beliefs were shit while I tried to help Dave with his homework. Trying to,alpha female me like I'm one of her shit kids. I didn't crawl out of your vagina so Fuck that mess. You can keep your stupidity to yourself. Let me know how woke i am when your daughter has a half African American baby. K thanks.

But today is about love. Especially since there's a snow storm on the way with the potential to dump 10 inches of snow. Which is fine I guess. Almost timed. People will be snuggling, trying to survive the cold.

Reminds me of that movie "alive" the one that soccer teams plane crashes into the Andes mountains. They were sitting in half a plane with the exposed hole plugged with luggage and bodies. Eating half a chocolate and a capful of wine and water.

Then a plane flies by and they foolishly Chow down all the chocolates and wine and turn to cannibalism after a few days.

That's basically a Valentine's snow storm in the north. Surviving on valentine chocolates and left over strawberry wine waiting for the plows to dig you our. Waiting for the food to run out and suddenly pets go missing but somehow there's fried chicken on a plate.

Like that "the family - the attic" skit from,the Carol Burnett show. Where Eunice recalls her pet bunny. One day she comes home from school to,find out her pet ran away. A while later Ellen says "that wasn't fried chicken we had for dinner that night, sister dear"

But I digress.

Even an icy prison can be great with someone you love. That week anyway. But if you're gonna do that. Don't bring chocolate. Bring a box of snacks. It's still winter. The groundhog told you it was still winter and you'll need to bury your hog to stay warm

I expect this joint will be full by sundown. Either from psycho love or people escaping the cold for a small stay with the state and 3 squares a day and all the warm air and prison sex you can handle.

Happy Valentine's Day.

574 - red

Also God bless Betty White #neverforgotten

The Genius that is Joe Biden. SOTU redemption .

Last week the SOTU reaped some good news. Aside from heckling by the goon squad. Joe Biden threw down some facts. Fact 1. He cut spending by 1 trillion per year. Under atrump we had a %25 increase on spending.

Fact 2. Jobs are happening. Reopening tech jobs.

But a big one was stopping social security and Medicaid from being phased out. A lot of Republicans wanted that and even campaigned for it.

Biden shared this with the public. And while being called a liar and "It's your fault" got these dummies to say on camera "do not phase out social security and Medicaid. He got them to publicly vote to leave it alone. He got unification on it by trolling all these lying tools.

Biden set a trap and they all walked into it. All these dummies that think they are Republican can suck it. Y'all got outfoxed by the silveriest fox of them all. Joe Biden.

I know there's a lot of you "Republicans" who can't really read and have trouble comprehending. Luckily I have a video that explains this.

So suck it.

573 - yellow

Even queens shop at Wal-Mart

Wal-Mart has been threatening to close it's stores while self-check out thefts run rampant.

It's like what did you expect getting rid of our beloved checkers. That you'd rake in all profit without flaw? What a bunch of maroons, yes I said maroon.

Which brings me to firmer south dakota teen 2018- miss SD 2022. Shania Knutson. Currently under investigation and suspended for Wal-Mart self scan shopliftery. She stole almost $600 of merch by either not scanning or itemuzing it as a cheaper knock off. We can't all afford Lane Bryant.

They have cameras supposedly at check out. And built in one's at the check out that will clearly show you even if you're wearing a mask. Ok so. Wearing a mask to do your crimes could be hindered if you are using a debit card. But most will use cash. Which makes identifying harder nut you will be caught.. Oh yes. You will be caught.

Stealing already rolled back merch is bad mmkay!

Wal-Mart has decided to temp close stores to deter stealing. Which would only bring it's profits down. Now's the time to jump ship on your stock and invest in Jeff beezo. Amazon, where the only stealing us done by Amazon by sending you oversized or undersized clothing and soon to be expired food products.

That should be the slogan.

570 - purple

Republicans are so lame

The recent SOTU speech was met with jeers from the Republicans. Calling President Biden a liar and "It's your fault"

Yesterday Dave said domething similar. Puppeting stupidity like Futz. Rambling about immigrants and fentanyl in the streets.

To this I said. "Did you know your state senator-governors and other reps are responsible for writing and enacting laws that would benefit all? Did you know they don't? Did you know these same hecklers haven't done shit for their states but somehow manage to take in $50-$100k a year?"

I don't tout South Dakota. I never say anything in defense of Kristi Noem. I know she's a dumb shit. I know at this point she doesn't care about south Dakotans, she's got her political day dreams of presidency. A day dream that weakens with age. Bitch almost 60.

Republicans look,to their stupid followers to parrot stupidity. And they do. Used to be Yyou had to be upper class to be republucan. It still is. If you're making less than $50k a year which is the minimum intake to be Republican. You aren't Republican.

Especially if you're living off social security. Especially if you're a 50 year old bartender raking in like $20k. Especially if you live with your daddy.. Parroting his insane political beliefs. You aren't Republican. If Trump,didn't email you askimg for a donation after Mar-a-lago. You aren't Republican.

Sorry but that's truth.

Lastly. Marjorie Taylor Greene is ugly as Fuck. She has a cave man forehead.. No lips and a face shaped like a tiki shield.

The meme this week is her shouting liar while wearing a white fur coat. She's ugly as shit. But.. She's putting white supremacy out there. Dressed like the white queen from Narnia. Lmao.

There's a reason her husband Peter Greene speed divorced her. He files in September of 2022. Got finalized in December 2022. I'm sure he would take his last name back if he could.

She's an embarrassment.

But it is true. Republicans are trying to get rid of social security. Even Futz. He hates his dad so much he wants him to suffer, not realizing,once daddy's gone. He will have to pay his own bills.

Wakanda Forever!!!

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