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The political world kind of sucks...

I try not to involve myself in political discussions because you often realize you're matching wits with a moron. And by matching wits you prove you're at a moron level. No one wins.

But you look at the news. They're talking about GOPs and pundits and you're like.. Ok. St the same time, blissful ignorance is why we're led by morons.

The same political leaders who got vaccinated telling you, the vaccine is bad. Telling you masks are bad. Telling you abortion is bad. Telling you working us bad. Same people maming bank by keeping the average American stuck on stupid.

So stupid they rant about gun laws but don't know the vaccine is a shot. Rant about rent prices while living in daddys basement.

My point. Every now and then.. Like the groundhogs, I'll peek my head out of the dirt to look at the world. Seeing it's still stupid and going back in my bunker.

But it's attitudes like mine that lead us to getting stupid being led by the stupid.

For me. I don't like leading. Which is something ENTJs are good at. But for me. It leads to being depended on, when I want to just do my own thing. However, I'm not above being manipulative to get what I want. But I cast a small net, too many people leads to people demanding more of me. And I just want to be left alone to be amazing.

Sometimes... You gotta just ignore the stupid. Cuz even when the titanic sunk., Jack saved 1 person. 1 was enough. The metaphor being.. The US might be in a state of shit. But I'll find my floating bed post.. And drift away.

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Being old shouldn't be political fodder.. But it is.

The past week, we were treated to more classified docs being found. This time former vice president Mike Pence.

President Joe Biden had 2 different cache of docs found. Donald Trump and his pea brain chickens clucked "prison!" But it's like for what?

Joe Biden is our US President. Nothing is classified if you're the man running the nation. So shut your mouth.

However it begs the question. Why are all the old people politicizing a snafu of being aged? It's not like any of you people over 50 let slip you left your wallet home or fitgit why you went towalmart in the first place.

As the bible said.. Let he who is without sin, cast the first stone.

I guess the Quaker lady is casting stones without Sinfx.

My point though. Is that with you all being elderly. You'd think you'd want a president in your forgetful condition to be someone you cN relate to.

For you see, I am not saying it's ok because Joe Biden is in his 70s. I haven't even made fun of Mike Pence. Shit happens. But at your elderly years, I do not expect perfection.

Biden and Pence aren't out here making asshole out of themselves, spending $1m to fund a stolen election narrative. They aren't starting a super racist social media platforms for the mass parroting of their meandering titanic tales. They're just elderly men. Flawed, they aren't a fat fake millionaire.

For all of you old people screaming pro-life..let me remind you of a horror fate worse than rape.

I want you to open your door. Look around your neighborhood at the teens these days. Hood rats. Fentanyl addicts. Tiktok morons. Tell me... You want more of this. Tell me you feel safe,

There's a lot of people without jobs who gave nothing to,do,all day but sex. Step back and recall Africa. It's not the Africa in the Marvel movies. There's mass starvation. Mass violence. Peoole surrounded by Aids and starvation and guerilla warfare. Sitting in their tarp huts and mud huts. With nothing to,do but Fuck and pose for Sally Struthers.

In America it's different because we have communities with aids and violence. But we also have jobs at McDonalds. People would rather live in section 8 housing surviving on food stamps than work. And they have all day to Fuck.

Tell me.. We don't need birth control or abortions.

. On the bright side.. Valentine's day is coming up. Better get you a Valentine! ❤

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If conning is so easy...

George Santos's lies are unravelling. He is added among liars like Anna Delvey (fake heiress) and Simon Leviev (Tinder Swindler). A level of obvious lying to obtain the money of the stupid and trust me there's plenty.

If you bother to go down the rabbit hole. George Santos has built the type of wonderment that should have been obvious. Fake gofundme accounts to "help bury my mom" and "animal fundraising" the obituary for his mom is comical. He must have spent days spoofing comments to bolster his lies.

People often lie. Like saying you drive a Lexus instead of a cheap Mitsubishi. Or that you're so rich from day trading that you dont live in a hovel with a deck made of thrown away wood. So cheap you don't have doors on your shed. You had to use impact wood.

George Santos went as far as using an alternate name to fleece thousands of dollars in a cheap ponzi scheme. Using his mother's name to fund a fake foundation.

I wont lie.. There's been a few liars in my family. My uncle Gerard once convinced a white chick from San Diego in the 90s that he was in line to be chief and had money. She married him and he brought her back during a pow wow. She found out he wasn't that great but It was too late. No prenup.

I had an aunt who convinced a group of people that her daughter was a model. She got them to sponsor my cousin in her travels. Right now. My cousin still ain't doing shit but lying to herself she's still a model-actress. She was stuck up at a recent funeral.

My brother still lies he has a secret love child. Even though he's full of shit.

People often lie the same way. With an upward inflection. Plus people often look in a certain direction when lying.

Would i have believed George Santos? Doesn't matter. I wouldn't give money to someone I don't know. Not without verifying some facts.

Even then I doubt I'd give money.

Am I above lying? No. I don't see the point in it but I would. But sometimes if you lie to a liar. They'll falter. Liars only do it for acceptance. The reveal for approval,

But the main reason I don't lie.. Is the truth hurts worse than a lie. I don't need gains. I need tears and hurt feelings. I'm a sociopath.

A bored sociopath so don't worry, I'm safe.

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The last of us... But was it?

The much anticipated HBO adaptation of "The Last of Us" landed. And it was ok. It kept true to the formula of presenting the drama as in the game.

The game packed a lot of dramatic performances, considering it had to because The voice actors didn't look like their characters. The deliveries relied on the actors to give a realistic performance.

Maybe that's why I expected it to suck, Pedro Pascals dim Inigo Montoya-esque performance in game of thrones. Which is the opposite of his performance in the mandalorian. But he at least looked the part of Joel Baker. That texan farm boy style was good.

I'm still on the fence about Bella Ramsay as Ellie Williams. She doesn't look the part. Ellie didn't really have to delve into her emotional side as a character yet, which is why I'm not ripping Ramsey's performance. However, in the game Ellie cusses a lot. This is all that's shown of Ellie so far.

Some of the scenes were straight out of the game. Like Sarah's death. And some had me scratching my head.

There was a large fear of complaints about "wokeness" because of the change in cast. Such as Pascal being non-white. As well as Sarah Baker being portrayed as biracial instead of a blonde girl. At least for me, it was because Bella Ramsey didn't look the part.

Ellie looked like Chloe Moretz, same kind of voice. It's like Chloe Moretz is still 5'1. The her hair brown. Ellie is basically "Hit Girl" with brown hair.

I'm holding off on a full review on this. Mainly because we haven't gotten to the nitty gritty of it. It could still give great performances with liberties taken. We still haven't gotten to the zombies part either. Which is not a spoiler since it was in the trailer and eluded to in the opening about the fungal infection plus that catatonic old lady Joel killed.

Anyway.. Hope you enjoy your MLK day.

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Friday the 13th horror fest.

I was talking about this with my brother. And we were talking about the story arch.

It came to 4.. That triggered a memory.. Well not memory. A fact. Friday the 13th the final chapter had Corey Feldman in it.

Corey Feldman made a documentary about the rape of the 2 Corey's. Friday the 13th is where it began for Feldman.

Feldman for some reason was atoinf Domimick Brascia. An obese guy who played a over weight sort of mental handicap guy.

According to Feldman, he ended up raped by Dominick. And this eventually led to Corey Haim getting rapes by the same guy. The way this came out was weird.

After Corey Hain killed himself. This Brascia guy posted about it and how he tried to help Haim get clean.

It's then Feldman accused him of raping both Coreys. Then he started accusing more people. He began his mission to expose rapey Hollywood.

He exposed names and basically no one cared. And thats sad. Because they were both damaged by it. Feldman began a weird obsession with Michael Jackson and ruined his career by never changing his appearance.

Haim OD'd.

And it began with Friday the 13th. How it created a monster without trying by the name of Dominick Brascia.

And that should be why Friday the 13th is scary.

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Willow? More like Will-No w/spoilers

The much anticipated resurrection of Willow reached its climax. It was a bunch of Meh.

We left off with Prince Arik being kidnapped by the Crone's crow. Cone full circle with a haircut and a cultist mentality. It was lame.

Over the course of the series we find Elorah with her hair turning from blonde to red. Which could be caused by 2 things. Fans noting Elorah was born with ginger hair. And th changing her hair to,appease fans. Or that once she is in contact with her magical center, is flushed with color signifying change.

Then there's the tropes its borrowed from other 80s movies. Such as the futuristic war in which everyone was dead aka terminator dream. And the red vs green fight aka star wars/Harry Potter.

One thing I noticed was the cuirass. It's very similar to the witchblade.

The witchblade is a powerful sentient gauntlet that chooses it's female hosts. It creates a suit of retractable armor and weaponry to protect its host. The cuirass is basically a ripoff.

We find Willow admitting he isn't a great sorcerer, but at the same time after abandoning Elorah, that his destiny was always at her side. It's why the fairies chose him.

Oh yeah and maybe 10 minutes of the brownies. They returned.., well ruul did.

The end was predictable. Elorah awakens her inner magic and defeats the crone.

It was a meh time.

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Biden Declassified.

The fake Republicans chant impeachment. They say what he did was worse fhan Trump's treasure trove. Pull up a chair you weirdo, I shall tell you the difference.

The classified documents were found in a locked room. From a time when Obama was president. He didn't take these documents to his private residence.

They were found in his old office and immediately returned upon discovery. Also he us currently the muffukkin president right now. Which means classified or not, he was still able to,access them as the man in power.

Of course Donald Trump would try to use this discovery to his advantage. You know the real reason Trump wants to be president?

He is broke as shit.

He blew all his money on campaigning and wine and dining the Saudi's. When his taxes were revealed he didn't pay shit under some sort of blanketed bankruptcy law. His illusion if being a billionaire were trampled

Biden is President.

Don't be stuck on stupid.

540 - violet

The Mayfield Witches... is garbage.

Adapted from the Anne Rice novel "Lives of the Mayfair Witches"

its about a powerful spirit that haunts and knocks up the women of the Mayfair witch clan. Its weird.. because it deals with 2 time lines.. The Now time follows "Dr Rowan Fielding". raised by an adoptive mother to conceal her biological past.

One day Rowan begins to harm her co-workers and fellow doctors with her ability to smash veins in their heads.

And "Diedre Mayfair" in the 60s...70s... 80s maybe. dunno.. but diedre is Rowans Mom.

OK... so a demon calling itself Lasher both knocks up and haunts the women of the mayfair witch line. Diedre lives with her grandma/aunt.. because her mother committed suicide after she was born.. so Lasher knocks up Diedre who is probably his grand daughter or great grand daughter or great great great grand daughter.

you cant have a tv show without incest being a part of it.. game of thrones.

Im assuming the inbreeding is what causes each generation of female mayfairs to be both smart and incredibly stupid. Anyway.. so Rowan starts to magically bloom thus turning her great grandpa father uncle demon on.. and thus begins his courtship.

As I said its incredibly stupid.

I think this show relies too heavily on Alexandria Daddario's eyes. Yes she has pretty eyes... but as I said once before.. she makes an "uh oh I accidentally sharted" look with her eyes.. lol google it.

My point being.. they're relying heavily on her eyes to carry this shit show.

Ok so if I could improve it. idk if I could.. I dont see an actual salvageable story arc for this.. I think its a 1 season.. 6 part series.. it will fall in the same catagory as other shit shows.. like the secret lives of Chloe King.

Story about a special girl.. being hunted by her horny grandparents.. to become a brood mother.. yada yada.

539 - black

Black snow - I watched it so you won't have to

Black snow tells the tale of Isabel Baker's murder in 90s Australia. For 25+ years it was unsolved or investigated.

The racism is both in your face and denied. Isabel is an aboriginal teen. 17 year old high school senior who was dating a white boy and had a white best friend. She was smart and kind.

The film follows Dat. cormacks investigation of the cold case murder and scenes leading up to Isabel's death.

It begins when a class time capsule is opened duribgbthe 100 year anniversary of the town of Ashfords founding. A town that relies heavily on a sugar mill owned by Isabels bff Chloe Walcott.

During the opening they find Isabel letter of the future. She says she is surrounded by predators and will expose them soon if she is not killed first. The discovery leads to evidence in the form of Isabel hair left wrapped in a tee shirt.

Got back thrn goes full force trying to figure things out.

His initial suspect is Isabels boyfriend Anton. Whom claims he was busy cheating with class trollop Tasha.

I won't bore you with details.

It comes to head when it's discovered Isabel witnessed the kidnapping of 2 aboriginal guys being tortured by her boyfriends dad. Anyone dad claims he caught them trying to kidnap and rape his infant, critically injuring one of the brothers who succumbs to his wounds.

The dad finds isabel's handkerchief and finds her and Anton at a payphone, where he walks up and bashes her head in. Anton explains after moving the body he leaves her hair in the time capsule.

Other details.. Anton impregnated Isabels younger sister and at the and tells their daughter he is her father.

The background story is the history of aboriginal slaves being worked to death to maintain the sugar mill.

It was an ok time. I give it 2 out of 6 Spielbergs.

532 - red

George Santos is a weirdo

Lies! Yet he is not the first person to.

Recently Republican George Santos has been dragged for his lies. But he's in good company. For is that not why people go into politics? Maybe he wasn't as stealthy with his lies. But it makes for good entertainment.

So things he's lied about. His residency.. His finances, his mother's death. Being Jewish. Being gay. His businesses. And leaving debts in his wake.

So I'm gonna get to his mother's death. He didn't lie.. She's dead. But he claimed she was a survivor of 9/11 and died of 9/11 related cancer. Yet the 9/11 survivors never heard of her. She came from Brazil. If you ever met a Brazilian they like to embellish. They will claim Spanish Royal blood or whatever is needed to base a lie. It's easier if they have a light complexion.

I went down a rabbit hole. On website where obituaries are posted. On hers was a message from actor George Hamilton. It's a posted photo of Andrew Stevens and his wife Kate jackson. The message said it was them at a dance.

According to recent comments, this lady had a lot of gofundme's. Probably her son scamming people. So bizarre.

When asked about his ancestry, Santos claimed to be Jewish. When confronted with the truth he said "no.. I said Jew...ish"

You know what's funny? Trying to lie in modern times. Information is all around us. Even when you think you created shadow functions to back up lies.. They see the light.

Say for instance you made a LinkedIn. Claimed to be a day trader. Claimed to work at a prestigious company with a generic name like.. Heavy duty plastics co. Every business has a website now. And even those business pages are backed up to the archive "way back machine"

So by looking for these business sites and finding nothing. The illusion is broken. Meaning we know you're a lying piece of sheet. You put your info out there trying to solidify your lies. So say someone knows your physical address and looks at Google maps and sees your miata is just a Toyota.

Your Lexus is just a Mitsubishi. Then ha!

Say you give out your aol name not thinking anyone wouldn't look it up,and find out your a 60 year old woman ptetending to be in her early 30s with a wide-deep musical knowledge.

Then you're in good company. As George Santos's reality comes crashing down.. You'll find that your own illusion is breaking away. You can lie to people all you want. Just shut your mouth around people like me. We aren't skeptical. We're hyper focused and always 1 step ahead.

Anyway happy first Monday of 2023

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M3gan with spoilers

M3gan - model 3 generation android.

It tells the tale of Gemma, a woman working for a toy company working on new techno toys like the furby.

After her sister and brother in law die, she is given guardianship of her neice Cady, who survived the accident. They got hit by a snow plow driving during a winter storm to go skiing.

Having to deal with making a new toy, she developes a prototype android child. During one of her talks she shows her college experiment with robots she named "Bruce". It's then Cady shows interest in robotics.

Gemma finishes M3gan and introduces her to Cady. They hit it off and do a sort of presentation to Gemma's boss David. He is excited but tells Gemma not to let anyone know about M3gan until launch. Cady and M3gan bond.

One day while shooting toy arrows, one goes into the neighbors yard, where a mean dog lives. It attacks M3gan and bites Cady. The police do nothing. The neighbors dog goes missing the following day.

Cady shows a strong connection to M3gan during a therapist visit prompting Gemma to sort of try to wean Cady away by sending her to an open air school. It's there Cady is bullied by a kid. The kid takes M3gan into the woods where he takes off her shoe and starts slapping her.

M3gan turns on and scares the kid. He slips down a hill and gets hit by a car. The following day day the cops find the neighbor dead. Oh yeah., M3gan attacks her with a pressure washer filled with pesticides. A cop tries to make a connection.

It's then Gamma decides to check M3gans memories via the cloud but finding only corrupted video files. She then tricks M3gan into shutting down and taking her in for repairs.

Cady gets angry that M3gan is gone and slaps Gemma. She apologizes and they talk about the things they neglected. The death of Cadys parents.

M3gan turns herself in and escapes. In the process she kills David and some other guy and goes to Cady.

M3gan and Gemma have a confrontation that turns violent. Gemma and M3gan fight in the garage when Cady comes in. M3gan reminds Cady that outside Gemma and her grandparents, she has no one.

Cady says "there's one more family member we never told you about..his name is Bruce" so Cady uses Bruce to tear m3gan in half. Gemma tries to escape but gets caught under Bruce, just as Gemma is getying choked out. Cady plunges an object into M3gans pentium processor, it wasnt that impressive.

The cops show up and Gemma and Cady smile at each other and it ends.

It was a pretty good movie. Best movie of the year so far.

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