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Republican stupidity is contagious

From talking to "Republicans" on wire and the general antics in the news. It's kind of easy to say that even with financial advantages, they're stupid folk.

So a while back. Gov Desantis thought it would be funny to sent 50 immigrants to Martha's vineyard in a lame attempt to "shibe the light on democratic relations when confronted with the problem,of illegal immigrants.

It was like he wanted to see what democrats would do by letting in illegals. See if democrats were shifty people. Instead, he opened to doors for criminal investigations of human trafficking. Exploitation od elders and minors. The immigrants might get asylum as victims of a crime.

Today.. On Christmas. Texas Gov Greg Abbott, thought it would be funny to send 3 bus loads of immigrants to Vice President Kamala Harris's home.

Once again, those 3 bus loads of people were victims of human trafficking and most likely spur an investigation.

For people who hate immigrants, they hurt their own cause.

Futz said the other day "how would you feel if immigrants were dropped off in your city without jobs or a place to live" and I'm like "would you throw them in Nazi ovens?"

The point of it really is, why dehumanize immigrants? Why treat them like subhuman? To make yourself feel better?

This idiot spends money on himself. No one's asking him to provide shit to immigrants. They don't know he even exists.. Now what? They need him to survive?

As I said stupidity is rampant. Even with better schools and 2 year bullshit degrees somehow makes you tge master of others destiny. Shut the Fuck up about things you don't get.

Stop parrot squawking about shit Trump blues out because he is stupid.

Then again. It's better people know you're stupid up front than find out later.

Merry Christmas 🎄

523 - red

Chill out.

LoL. This cold weather is rough. A lot of businesses are closed early or during the storm it makes me wonder about vhrustmas shopping. If you're the type to hold off a day or two to do shopping.

They're still planni,g community things like Christmas dinner to feed the homeless and a toy give away. Typically we have mild Decembers.

The other day when the roads were opened and it was semi-safe to go out. I got so angry. Why? Because it was cold. Single digit cold and this couple were walking on the road dragging a wagon with a baby in it. They went to the place I was getting gas so I'm like.,
.what kind of dummy would take a baby out in this weather?

It's like.. You only need 1 person to get groceries. It's like., a man would go out and get food for his family. But I feel like he probaby cheated on his gf/wife. If she's hovering over him like a hawk. I'm upset by the fact a baby is being dragged along in the cold just so a couple of dummies can eat microwave burritos.

Snow madness i guess.

I bought a keroscene lamp just in case. When I was a kid my grandma had a bunch of stuff when bad weather came. Kerosene lamps. Candles. Canned food. Blankets.

One year like 4-5 feet of snow fell and we had to tunnel out. Our neighbor Tony offered to walk to the store for $5. Made me wonder because he had on joggers and a coat, how he didn't freeze. Probably worked up sweat from carrying bags and bags of food.

People do weird things during winter. One year a neighbor lit a fire under his car. To warm,it up but.. Guess where the fuel line was LoL. His wife beat him with a pan.

I'm gonna be setting my chrustmas stuff situated since I'm home. Might have admin leave tomorrow. Trends on how much colder it gets in the middle of the night. Some say down to -40. At Least the wind chill factor anyway.

It made me think,of that simpsons when it blizzard and Homer was like "what were you saying about global warming, Lisa?" LoL and Lisa is like "global warming can cause both extremes dad"

Snow day definitely. Hopefully the cold streak ends early tomorrow.

With that I got you good day.

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Avatar 2 - with spoilers. Oops

I spent my night watching avatar 2.

I wanted to escape into a world where I could be a race of indigenous creatures who were peaceful and worshipped the planet and followed a path of peace which was ultimately disturbed when white man showed up to claim the land. Oh wait.

In this installment, which was repetitive of the first. We once again rejoin Jake Sully in his adventure in betraying the government to live with the na'vi. In the time that passed since he helped chased away the humans and their quest for unobtainium. He had a family. 4 kids. One of which echoed a controversial story from the realm of natives.

Kiri. Ok let me get into this. Kiri is the teenage daughter of Dr Grace Augustine's avatar. In,the first movie Grace (Sigourney Weaver) dies and because she was always kind and respectful, the na'vi allowed her to join Eywa.

Since the avatars can't be used by just anyone because only genetic matching is needed. In case you forget, Jake was used for his twin brothers avatar. That's right.. Twin. Matching DNA. To not use Jake in part 1 would A meant they had a $millions corpse.

Anyway., Kiri was born,of Grace's comatose avatar. No explanation of how it happened. As far as we know the genetic make up of na'vi and humans wouldn't work, thus synthetic avatars.
Anyway.. So.

A couple years ago, a native woman who was comatose had a baby. No one knew who did it. She had been comatose most of her life. Showed no sign of movement in years til she went into labor. She was in bed still. Then was like. "Oh boy!". A baby came out and she went back to a lifeless shell. Of course they found out she was raped repeatedly by an orderly after DNA test were run. This was our story!!! Jk.

The reason I wrote this blog was for that explanation and joke. Anyway.

So the old military guy from part 1 had his memories put in an avatar body they made for him and his elite team, and they're basically told to hunt down and kill Jake and his family.

Earth is back for an even weirder prize. A goo from the whale creatures brains that stop aging. This is reminiscent of fur trappers killing millions of buffalo for their hides and leaving the plains with mass amount of carcasses. They kill these whales, suck out maybe a Red Bull can size of brain juice and leave the carcasses in the water.

Jake and his family fight the humans of course, til they capture and almost kill his kids. Realizing he is the target, they flee and hook up with the ocean na'vi.

They spend an hour doing the whole ocean world beauty tourist thing. Learning the skills to pay the bills. When the humanitars show up, they once again capture the kids leading to a battle. Jake and quarich battle on a sinking ship. They lead you to believe quarich drowns but he is later saved by his feral but educated beach bum son spider.

Oh did I not mention spider? Spider is the son,of quarich, who was born and raised on Pandora with the human scientists and humanitars who got to stay on Pandora, Jake refers to spider as sort of a stray cat. The family pet.

Once again, the message here is that you can't just show up., decide you want to take from a place and set up shop and stake claims, yes, humans are a huge parasite. We are. We cover the earth and suck her dry and eventually she will run out of resources. There isn't another planet like earth that sustains us. It's like Mars? Fuck outta here. If life could be sustained on Mars why is there no life there?

Sometimes you gotta start thinking about saving our planet and quit trying to overtake realms not safe for living. Ok so riddle me this. Say we do colonize Mars. What happens when oxygen runs out?

As far as we know, you can't take off your helmet indoors. The shit in movies is not real. What? You're gonna be protected by tents? Tents with glass windows?

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Frumunda the icy tundra

That's a Lot of snow to be shovelling, trust me. I did it myself. I didn't dig my way out. Why? Because then I have no excuse but to go to work.

This snow stuff ends tomorrow. Hopefully merciful Satan warms it up a bit.

I saw some guys deep in the snow sweating as they shoveled. And came up with the idea for the title of my blog. The frumunda tundra. Where the cheese is always smelly cheese.

So far the plows are being d-bags but that's ok. I don't need anything, not food or to be amongst the riff raff.

Just gonna kick up my feet.

P.s. Avatar 2 is up on m4uhd. It's recorded by cam tho. But I can see the movie a day before release.

It's a blizzard out there. Be careful.

511 - white n black

Lot blizzard

The cold makes for strange bed fellows. It's not unheard of for the homeless men to snuggle each other for warmth. But blizzards blow.

One year before a blizzard hit, this drunk lady in a wheelchair was on the streets armed with a blanket and a folded up cardboard box. She had a home and family but the need to be drunk outweighed all that.

I was getting off the morning shift and it was snowing and I saw what I thought was a box robot from the 60s. Then the topdropped and this lady was so drunk and exhausted she passed out. Hadda call an ambulance.

After some "take care of your mom" shaming. She eventually was placed in a full time care facility. Itslucky She was a land owner. Her lease checks paid for her care.

But not every person is fortunate.

One year we discovered 2 men frozen together. Their sweat linked their bodies with ice. Was kinda sad.

But it's also when predators come out. Thus dude who was 30 was raping the elderly homeless men. They were too ashamed to admit they were bad touched until they were told the only way to stop it is to tell. 3 elderly homeless men pressed charges and that predator is still in prison. Doesn't matter if he changes his life around. Sex offender registry til death.

The churches aren't opening their doors today. However the elected officials (the dems) are providing shelter and a warm tomato and macaroni soup meal. Which is awesome.

This blizzard is affecting numerous states. Be sure to call and check on the elderly. A Lot of times they are too prideful to ask for help.

You wanna make America great again? Start be helping someone teetering on the edge. The bible says love thy brother.

Love em Damn it. But non-incestously.

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New Zealand is full of stupids

Te Whatu Ora, New Zealand's health service stepped in to save a 6 month old child's life, after the parents said no to open heart surgery because they didn't want donor blood with covid 19 vaccination.

The parents were basically riskibg their child's life for a political stance that was reaffirmed by a protest if other turds who did not value a baby's life over a political stance on vaccinations.

I don't tjonk the Maori were involved because they got the vaccination en masse. Minorities are twice as likely to get covid and die from it.

The vaccination does not last long. So I don't get why the anti-vaxx stance. It's not like our bodies cling to it. When we getbcovud our bodies do not mutate and we gain immunity. That's stupid.

This is a child who doesn't really have a say as they are 6 months old. It begs the question was this child wanted in the first place?

If it were me and my baby needed emergency surgery. I'd grab the doctor by the collar and be like.. Save my baby. I'll sink in debt. Save my baby. If you come back without my baby... I will burn this place down.

I don't fk around when,it to my baby. LoL.

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I believe that children are the future...

Recently a video of a white teacher in a black school was uploaded where the teacher says he is ethnocentric, he believes he is of the master race. And syddenly it's time for change?

We all grew up different, had different experiences. Get this. You might have grew up in a picturesque utopia, but we were not all that fortunate.

Growing up you had 3 types of teachers in a non white school. 1. The altruist, who wanted you to rise. The illusionist, who made it seem like they cared but only wanted the money. And the sexualist, who preyed upon our sweet flesh.

I've had teachers tell us we weredestined to live off food stamps and welfare and that's all non white girls were good for. Meanwhile Agnes and Becky were told they would be nurses.

And I've had teachers who would tell us. "Artistic talent is easy, don't be that asshole.. Study" you wont be anything hppp dancing and weaving dream catchers. Reach high.

And I've had teachers say "yeah shake it.. Ima put in a brass pole and teach you all a real money making skill" thanks a lot Mrs. Breuer.

A lot of them made it seem like they sacrificed their time and white reputations to demean themselves by working at a reservation school. But they had that white savior mentality, like the chick from the movie "dangerous minds"

If you take a step back.. Their lack of actual education derived from other white teachers, you get pigeon holed and the excuse being "we are under funded and I am over extended" when you are in these classes, they say things 1 time and ignore when you dont understand. But because of their pride, they actually pass you with terrible math skills.

When I got to college, I got actual help. I passed 4 levels of English in 1 day and I got to learn the math skills I was denied in my rez school.

I had a professor. Mr. Curry. I was in,his class one day and out if no where he asks. "Who is the superior race?" I guess he wanted to spark a debate but I was like.. Oh shit I'm gonna be hung from the tree out front. This is where they're gonna don their hoods. LoL.

He was like.. The Chinese are suposedly the smartest. The whites took ownership of land, slaves and fought in wars even against themselves.

Then he said "in my opinion, it's the native American people. They live by codes of honor. They have their own languages..not 1..many. They can look like any race. The southern tribes get super dark skin. The northern tribes get lighter skin. They're hunters and trackers and athletes." Then he told them about the wind talkers movie. LoL

Im like "and everyone wants to Fuck us" kidding. But there was a time when all the dudes were telling me they were Cherokee and asking to,spend time with me "to learn" LoL.

Anyway, my point.

There's always going to be a mixed array of teachers in life. Some will try to,hold you down and suppress greatness. Some will look at you and see the future. A future we are like Dwayne "the rock" Johnson and Paula Abdul. People of all ethnicities combined. The tomorrow people it used to be called.

Some of you white b-holes tell me in racist. When I never call you honky or cracker or hillbilly or inbred or juggalo or Nazi. But because I quantify my terms as "some white people" I do that so you kind of feel shame, which you do and try to turn around on me. It's fine, just so you understand now. I know who I am. I defy definition because I've not identified anything.

I'm not here to lift you up or bring you down. I share an opinion and if you cant handle that.. Sucks to be you. I'm not changing and cancel me if you must Karen your white privilege. Makes no difference to me.

I am war.

And it's lunch time.

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The price of idiocy, Kirstie Alley

Yesterday Kirstie Alley passed away from colon cancer. I won't hate, she was a good actress. That Smokey voice combined with those gorgeous eyes were nothing short of beautiful. However.. They can't all be Hedy Lamarr.

Kirstie in recent years been part of that crew of stupidity called the Republican party. Worshipping Donald Trump and denying covid vaccines.

She opposed mask mandates and vaccinate to work mandates. She would travel unvaccinated. She would shit post on Twitter. Calling Fauci a traitorous demon from hell.

Today Howard Stern brought up something that displeased the racist Republican wannabes.

"It's weird to die from cancer after just finding out about it. She must not have seen a doctor when she was sick because she refused Covid Protocols. Had she accepted these she would have found out long enough to fight it"

Whether that's true or not. You can't deny the stupidity of folk. People like Dave n toots who think they had covid once in 2019 and have been immune for 3 years. Who refuse vaccination because it means getting a shot and not knowing where to go to get one.

These protocols are set up to protect everyone. If you're stupid enough to deny an illness that's killed up to,a million people. That's on you. Regret is for the near death.

I'm sure if Kirstie Alley had understood this and had just worn a mask and gotten her b hole swabbed. She woukd be alive right now.

Don't be a Kirstie. Get vaccinated.

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Willow... but not Willow..

Nostalgia has for the past few years.. kept us entertained. with remakes.. reboots.. retcons... We got to see the return of the Karate Kid.. the Sanderson Sisters of Hocus Pocus,, Obiwan.. Heck even Robocop a while ago. gossip girl got a reboot.

Willow falls short. <-Not a dwarf joke.

The Original Willow told the tale of a young nelwin farmer named Willow Ufgood, Whose dream was to be a great sorcerer. After failing the test of the apprentice, he finds himself the leader of a group of fellow Nelwins on the quest to return a baby to the Daikini.

Its a tale of how an ordinary chap comes to love a child not his own. And how he learns the magic needed to defeat an evil sorceress queen Bavmorda. Thus saving future Empiress Elorah Danon of Tirasly.

We begin as Queen Sorsha's bratty kids enter the story. 1 a slutty dude.. the other a over-privileged lesbian. I mean i get it.. wokeness. But the Lesbian Princess is so annoying. She's constantly reminding people she's not like other princess and being like overly close and always touching her friend romantically in public it seems.. overly affectionate. Stating she is going to marry a dude but only because she is told to and that not where her heart is. Not at any point is she unable to pack a bag and just go live her best life. She puts herself in her gilded cage.

The Prince has fallen in love with the ditzy kitchen helper. you know what? Spoiler alert. its Adult Elorah Danon. And in flash backs.. we see that Willow sort of abandons Elorah. First as a baby.. he tells Sorsha he would train Elorah to use magic.. as he is now a self-proclaimed master sorcerer. Shes like nope.. So then.. he waits awhile and goes to see Elorah sort of like a creepy uncle and Sorsha.. says NO!. then Willow throws a fit like "Fuck you.. fuck you.. fuck you. *Looks at old lady peeling corn* and especially fuck you.. I dont care if you all die.. fuck you" he drops the mic and leaves.

lol. essentially he abandons Elorah over hurt feelings.

Then Elorah and the lesbian princess and her crew show up at willows village.. and Willow begins his bad acting.. then he informs Elorah she is ichita copita malika mytica. And shes like.. nope.

she disbelieves in her power and at the end of ep 2.. gets sucker punched in the face trying to do magic.

its unwatchable.. I did like Willow's Terminator style dream of the future. you know.. at the beginning of terminator when the robots are walking over skulls and bones at night. lol.

it was legit dumb. but Ima give it a few more episodes.