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Shanghai'd for Halloween 🎃

Today Disney Shanghai shut down because of covid with people inside who are required to test negative to leave.

Covid is not over.

It makes you think, if China isshutting down with people inside, yhen this disease has gotten tougher. Stronger. Deadlier.

Right now there's the need to be normalized. Politicians are trying to be the one in control if and when Covid is dealt with. Covid has been politicized for awhile.

People complain about mask mandates. None of us want them but they keep us safe. But because no one wants them, they take away mandates to keep covid going. If people are still getting sick and dying they get to keep the public under their thumb and make you think you're getting what you want.

Let me ask you a question you probably haven't asked yourself yet.

Do you want to have to not wear a mask?

That's possible, but you maskless dummies breathe in covid and let it incubate and infect others.

We can't go back to normal because a lot of you don't have the brain cells to realize, you are the problem.

I'm not gonna hold your hand and baby you. I'm like a motherfkkn mama eagle kucking you out the nest. If you fall and die, that's your problem.

Because if you wanna fk with the Eagles, you gotta learn to,fly.

Good day. I said good day!!!

468 - blue

Musk owns Twitter.. Idiot move

Knowing a platform filled with bots.. Knowing freedom of speech was not threatened. Knowing people know you're a moron.. He still bought it.

After his purchase was made public.. Came a surge of racist tweets and hate filled tyrades. People who Musk said would be protected by his need for freedom of speech and ability to unban Donald Trump.

To me it was like Justin Timberlake buying MySpace. It doesn't affect me because I never use it. I had a Twitter once and got the boot for asking Miley Cyrus to show me her balls. So I have no,dog in this fight.

One reason I never used it was your posts are size limited. There's far too many. Anyone worth following is dead or censored for jokes. It's lame.

But now that Musk owns it, the need to use it lessens.

The honest truth is.. When you become part of the brainless masses and it consumes you. You aren't an individual. You are part of legion.

Social media did not make us kings.. Dragons did..

466 - peach

Pretendians. White lies for attention...

It was revealed a couple weeks ago.. Sacheen Littlefeather was not native American. She built a career on being native American and an actress. People ask why?

Cher made the claim in the 60s-70s by wearing a feather head dress and wearing skimpy costumes and singing a song about being a half breed Cherokee squaw.

The most infamous pretender was "Iron eyes Cody" who was a Sicilian man using his pretend status to get movie roles.

I bring this up now because there is a white lady going around staying she is the reincarnation of the White Buffalo Calf Woman. And it's kind of a controversary how deluded she is. She refuses to show documentation.

You know at a time people would claim cherokee. It was a tribe that was once regarded as the largest nation. You could be white as hell but say Cherokee and people would bow. Because people like Cher.

Like 10 years ago when the Cherokee tribe decided to get its shit together because they were bleeding money. They removed 10000 blacks from their registry. Why? Because at one point, in order for the blacks to get their 10 acres and a mule, they needed to claim Indian blood to take land allotments so the whites "we're not steaing native land" they gave it back to the "Cherokee" who would then sell it back. A legal but illegal loophole to claim land.

Thetes every day folk who do it. Even on wireclub. A real native will know because we have something they don't.

A blood quantum level and a u-number.

These are based on your genealogical registry within the tribe that verify your ancestry. This can be traced back numerous generations.

When people say shit like. I'm 30% Cherokee, they are lying. BQ levels are a fraction. And anyone saying they are 1/2 to 1/10 are lying. You can't just sprout out of nothing like that. There has to be more in a generational dip. I've known people at 123/145.

These are things.. Documentations that legit natives possess and can offer to those who really want verification.

Also not every tribe speaks the same language. The Cherokee had shit I never understood. As did the Navajo and the creek. As did the Seminole. Don't even get a started on the metis. How do I,know this? I've met other tribes.

So you can be a white turd claiming Cherokee and say "osiyo" and I'm like. The Fuck you say. That's because we dontspeak the same language. But because I know what Osiyo means because I've actually been around other tribes. I'd say Hau.

And for those who don't know. In the old movies when the Indians said "How" it was Hau. Hai Kola is hello friend.

. Blog fodder

Covid Evolution.. Explained..

The recent boosters are outdated by now because of evolving subvariants.

I bet you're sitting there like "but I'm vaccinated" the vaccination is not immunity. The vaccinations job is to prepare the body's immune system to fight the covid protein by use of synthetic-protein.

Ok so.. Bullet point. Even with vaccination status, you can still get Covid.

Since the summer began. Invariant b.5 dominated the infections between April and September of 2022. Since then 3 sub variants have emerged. They all had the same power. Evading your vaccination and boosters and anti-bodies from previous infections. Why?

Covid evolves.

When dumb people got vaxxed, they decided to go to concerts, music festivals, cruises and international travel. They were not immune.. Not immune.

Meaming while they might have had mild symptoms, they were still carriers. Allowing incubation of covid to evolve past vaccinations and immunizing itself.

That which did not kill it, made it stronger.

I'm not saying not to get the new booster. I'm saying any protection is better than none.

I'm just explaining that covid evolves with us except it's better at immunization.

So let's sum it up.

Covid is an evolving disease. Getting vaccinated was not a golden ticket back to pre-covid days. Don't be an idiot.

I hope I helped inform the dumb.

462 - brown

House of the Dragon leaked early.. oops. spoilers.

House of the dragon was leaked maybe a day early.... and boy did it suuuuuck. The trailer made it seem more exciting than it was.

First.. Princess Reyrey was preggers from her uncle.. but wasnt really showing. Hey aunt Reyray.. shows up and is like.. yo your dad died and your bitch of a step mother already crowned your half brother as king. She like.. I dont give a fuck about your war.. but.. I did come to warn you they are coming to get you out of respect for my cousin.. may he rest in peace til I get there.

Reyrey is like.. OOOh snap.. my water broke. Her uncle/husband wants to start murdering but shes like "Im yo queen to beeeeeee" and squashes that.

She gives birth to a really messed up baby that died in the womb. because of the incest upon incest. It wasnt like flowers in the attic when u bang your uncle and get 4 perfect blonde kids. No incest can lead to really bad things.

So.. everyone is like... saying they regard her as queen but also pledge their allegience to her brother who doesnt even want to be king. I digress... so then her aunties husband comes back from abandoning his family for a few years and is like. "you have my fleet m'lady" and they start talking about plans to get the throne back.

So she decides to send messages to larger richer houses for their support.. she sends her kids out.. Her 2nd born son heads to storm island or whatever.. and he is beat by his 1 eyed cousin Emon... Im not gonna give correct names.. k..

So they argue about who storm house should support and Fkn Zach Galafinakiss is like.. "YO! you come to house galafinakiss and expect us to be like dogs? orf orf orf? Fetch? fuck you two.. We out"

So Lucerin is leaving castle storm island and his 1 eyed cousin E-mon is like.. bullying him on a huge dragon that eventually eats Lucerin.

OOOOH wait.. so before this.. Demon is in the basement singing to his weird ultra skinny kate moss dragon. and they lock eyes and its implied that the dragon spoke to him on a telepathic/ethereal level.

Anyway.. so it makes sense the end of the finale... when he walks up to Reyrey and is like "They ate yo baby"

cuz its like how would he know? Lest he used his dragon telepathy to order Lucerine's death.

anyway most of the episode was about playing the game of succession looking for people to co-sign the king loan or whatever.

dont waste your time.> I gave you the good parts. its blew.

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Unnecessary D-baggery

Musk be thy name.

A few weeks ago. International moron Elon Musk offered to strike a deal between Russia and Ukraine. He basically was on the side of Russia.

He wanted Ukraine to hand over territory, Ukrainians to leave these cities. Proclaim Russia the victors. Pardon war crimes.

The ambassadors told Elon Musk on Twitter. "Fuck off"

So Elon, decided to cut Ukraine off his internet company. He was petty as hell. He claims he is losing $billions doing this service for free. Truth is he was butt hurt.

So hegoesto the press and is like. I turned Ukraine back on for free. I can take a hit.

It's like why are you even involving yourself? Countries offered aid in the form of weapons and food and choking the ruble down to $.00.

Ukraine is winning. They stand their ground. They got Putin to start making nuclear war threats.

Why would you throw support behind a guy with nukes?

Musk is an idiot.

PIGGY a review with spoilers...

OMG Piggy finally released.. and it was everything I wanted and more.

Piggy tells the tale of Sara.. an overweight teen.. who is constantly bullied by the skinny bitches.. Watches them get kidnapped and its like.. fuck em. HAHA

Sara is bullied by Maca.. Roci and her former friend Claudia. They do the thing of harassing Sara for instagram. They call her Piggy. So Sara is a loser because she works in her family butcher shop and is slightly heavier than her peers. Its like.. Oh no.. she works and has money to eat.. what a loser. Meanwhile the skeleton crew find ways to harass her.

One day Sara decides to go swimming in a teeny tiny pink bikini.. as she is about to jump in the dirty pool... she catches the glance of a guy swimming in the water. Suddenly Maca and crew show up. Maca teases Sara.. calling her piggy and sort of teases the man about being Saras boyfriend. He gets out and leaves.. so Maca throws a pool net over Sara and says "We caught us a piggy whale" while Roci films it and posts it to the interwebs.

They decide to steal Saras bag and run off. Sara decides to run home in her bikini. while she runs.. 3 guys in a car chase her at like 3 mph calling her piggy. They get out and smack her booty and one tugs her bikini string. she gets to a dirt road and sort of.. slows down and passes a white van by the side of the road. its revealed Maca has been runned down.. she is bleeding from her head.. the driver picks her up and throws her in the van. Luckily Sara is too big to kidnap..

He slows down the van.. just to see her ex-friend Claudia screaming for help.. She sort of waves at the driver who was the guy at the pool.. he drops a towel for her and she runs home and gets in the shower. She goes back to work and the town is a buzz about the cops finding a corpse in the pool. It was the life guard and the waitress.

Her mom takes her to the crime scene.. and tries to like.. get attention for her daughter... Not knowing the lifeguard or waitress were dead.. She tells the cops she went to the river to swim because the bitches at the dirty pool call her piggy.

Anyway the killer is following her around town taking notes. he sees she doesnt have enough money for twinkies so he buys them. He sees people call Sara Piggy and later kills them.

At dinner Claudias mom shows up to her house and accuses Sara of knowing where her daughter is. Saras mom is like "Why would she know? your kids bully her and call her piggy" Sara's mom gives her the boot.

Sara.. scared and frustrated.. goes to her bedroom to her snack box but remembers she has no twinkies.. there's a tap at her window.. when she gets there she sees her snack cakes waiting. its later shown the killer slashes an old ladies neck that called Sara "Piggy"

Thats where I got jealous. Im like.. she aint even hot.. how come she gets a psychopath murdering people and leaving her little debbies? fuck life! haha

Anyway... At dinner her brother mentions that they could find the girls by using the "find my phone app" Sara uses this to track her bag and her phone. it leads her to the woods.. she runs into a bull.. still looks for her phone.. it leads her to her bag.. as she is checking her phone.. the killer comes up.. he knows her name..

a group of people led by Claudias mom are in the woods using the find my phone app.. as they get closer.. the killer and sara.. get closer and closer to kissing.. then he like.. takes claudias phone and leads the search party away.

Claudias bf pedro sees Sara on the street and tries to charm sara into confessing she killed the girls. he kind of says "the police think I did it.. Im too pretty for prison.... halp" in his tank top. lol. she confesses something happened but says nothing more.. its then the cops find them and he throws Sara under the bus.

As Sara is being interrogated.. she has her period.. her mom berates her and calls her stupid and shows Sara.. claudias bloody towel. asking her if she killed the girls.. its then the killer beats the crap out of her mom after a moment ago choking her dad out. He grabs Sara and they leave. As they leave they see the 3 guys in the car that chased Sara earlier.. he reversed down the hill and slams into the fence they were leaning against. they leave.... they run into the bull Sara found in the woods earlier causing them to crash.

Sara wakes up in a warehouse on a concrete slab. She looks around and finds Claudia and Roci still alive.. hanging from their arms on a ledge. She tries to untie them but is stressed out by Claudia being a bitch. The killer comes in and Sara hides.. As she is sneaking around she falls into this pit with Maca's dead body and screams. The killer finds her. He tells her he did this all for her and yada yada yada.

She then finds a knife and lunges at the killer.. she stabs his a few times and he gun butts her with his shotgun and it goes off. As she recovers.. we see.. the killer has blown off Claudias hand.. and she now dangles by 1 hand.

Sara jumps on the killer and they struggle.. she then pulls back showing she bit a chunk out of his neck and bites again. as he lies dying she realized there goes her shot at popping her cherry.. she picks up the shot gun and fires it at Roci.. her body falls to the ground.. She then points the gun at Claudia.. claudia screams "Im sorry... I wont tell.. please" she fires a shot at Claudia... and drops the shot gun and walks away.

its revealed she shot Roci's bindings and claudias bindings.

Oh.. how was she able to do this? I mighta skipped a part.. her mom, asks her dad to take Sara Hunting.. then they show a photo of Sara with a gun.. so yeah thats how she shot those 2 free.

She walks down the road covered in blood.. she runs into Pedro.. wearing the same tank top he wore for a week. Shes like.. help.. so he lets her ride on the back of his motorcycle back to town.

then its like PIGGY! the end.

I left out other parts.. like Sara Masturbating with a stuffed animal thinking bout her almost kiss with the killer. And the part the police search dog tackles Claudias mom. lol

its a weird movie. I give it 3 out of 5 innocent standbyers

452 - gray

Native American Days gone by

I remember when it was Columbus day... The day they celebrated a guy who accidentally landed on a new continent and named it after a ship cook.. That was the version in history books. Amerigo Vespucci made the best salty seadogs or something.. Got a new world named for him.

Then some activists were all Fuck that mess. And slowly we've taken that day back. A lot of the major cities were like.. We are behind "indigenous day"

A lot of people refer to,it as Columbus day because of that fear they spread in history text books of the godless evil cannibalistic savages murdering innocent civilized white settlers.

Yesterday MTO posted a story where Dolly Parton said "White civilized settlers" which I'll get to in a second. Look.. You'd think we've come far enough and evolved far enough racial shit would be squashed. Sucks it isn't.

Anyway Dolly Parton. I'm not mad at. Considering it was another white tiktokker who was so offended. But it's like.. Why did you need to spread it? Why you tryna cancel Dolly?

Dolly Parton has done the most selfless things lately. Donated $1mill to find a vaccine for covid. Donated $1mill to find infectious disease studies to do more. Donated money to schools. Funded black music programs. She declined awards for just doing humanitarian efforts.

Dolly doesn't have kids. I doubt she's gonna leave millions behind to already rich god kids she has.

It's gonna be a dark day when she goes., but until that happens, let her shine.

Anyway back to my original thought.

Indigenous day means a lot when you consider for a century we were told we were evil. We were nearly wiped out.

But we thrive. Not unscathed. But alive.

And this is what makes me proud.

Some of the haters act as if racist things will hurt me. They don't. I've been desensitized all my life. And when I look at your fat disgusting faces. It brings me joy thinking you actually think I care for your opinion.

I am war..

Anyway enjoy the rest of your short week.

448 - purple

The Luckiest girl alive - With spoilers

I watched it so you wouldnt have to.

Mila Kuniz plays Ani FaNelli... a writer for a womans magazine in New York. She is also engaged to a handsome socialite and is heading for a perfect life.. but Ani has a secret.

Ani explains that she spent most of her adult life trying to attain a perfect and successful life. Writing in New York,. Marrying into a rich family. All the things she believes she does not deserve. Early on.. we find out that Ani was part of an event in the past which people trying to make a documentary on beg her to take part in.. she is hesitant because there is someone she is avoiding.

Its revealed that she was a survivor of a private school shooting massacre. but because she is poor and on a scholarship... people dont really want to pity her.. which is why she thinks she is unworthy of things she has gotten in life.

She reveals she was gang raped at a party by 3 rich kids. One of which was her boyfriend. She reveals this to her friend Arthur... who reveals their friend Ben was also attacked and defecated on by the 3 bullies.

Arthur asks Ani to stand up and tell someone about the rape.. she does.. but backs out when the school says they have to tell her mother. She backs down and is called a slut at school.

it cuts back to the present and Ani is planning her wedding.. buying a dress and dealing with her judgemental mother.

in a background story.. Dean - one of the survivors who was cripped by a gunshot.. is trying to push a law that makes background checks necessary to own a gun. Thats the background story.. gun violence.

We go back.. to the day of the shooting. Ani is getting lunch when there's an explosion and Ben comes in the lunch room and starts shooting random students fleeing. Ani leaves knowing she isnt a target. she goes to a common room where another girl is shot... Ani takes a knife from the desk and tries to leave the school. Ben shoots Finn.. one of his abusers.

Ani ends up running into Liam, another of her rapists.. their group goes down the stairs to escape.. Liam is injured and is running behind then Ani opens the door and lets another student out.. but lets the door close... Ben shoots Liam. when asked why she didnt open the door she said "I wasnt brave enough" but in her mind she says "I wouldnt risk my life for my rapist"

Just as Arthur emerges as the second gun man. Arthur shoots Dean stopping him from running away. He hands Ani the gun and demands she shoot Dean. She doesnt. he calls her spineless... Ani stabs arthur.

Dean tells everyone Ani was part of it.

As Ani is doing this interview Dean shows up.. and says he wants to talk to her. He later tells her.. he doesnt want his wife or daughters to know he raped her.. and tried to blackmail Ani into silence.. she records the conversation. Dean admits to her he raped her.

Another background story is Ani and her boss Lolo are trying to get hired by the New York Times to really write something meaningful instead of the typical "50 ways to give a blowjob" cosmo articles. which they get.

Ani writes an Op-Ed about her version of what happened. backed up with Deans Confession on tape.. She doesnt get married,.. she starts her job and the NYT.

445 - Yellow

Let the right one in.

Showtime has made a tv series adapted from the movies "Let the right one in" and the American "Let me in"

The movie is about a vampire child who befriends a bullied boy in school. in the original movie "Eli (Elly)" is a child who moves into a building with her father. she is strange.. she doesnt wear shoes... she sits in trees.. she is out all night. Oskar (bullied boy) lives with his mother next door. endures abuse from classmates. They meet and become friends. Its later revealed Eli is a vampire.. Oskar asks her to be his girlfriend.. she reveals she can not.. because she's also a dude *removes wig* Dante.. jk.

Eli reveals he is male.. but doesnt have genitalia either. and has lived for decades. her m.o. befriend a boy.. become friends.. boy takes care of her.. as they age.. she replaced them with the next.

In "Let me in" Eli is replaced by Abby... and the boy is Owen.. She follows the same story.. kills bully boys bullys then they flee..

In this series.. It follows Markus.. and his daughter Eleanor "Ellie", His ddaughter who got infected with vampirism 10 years ago.. she is still child like... meanwhile Markus's family search for a cure. it follows Ellies friendship with Isaiah. the boy next door. who is bullied for implied racism.. and because his hobby is magic.

The background story is.. they live in new york where a string of violent killings is also taking place.. they havent said if its to hide her killing people for blood.. or because there's other vampires out there to kill.

Either way.. the first episode was kind of slow.. but it is what it is...

444 - black and blue

He was and will always be mine

No This isn't a Taylor Swift song.

It's a tale about Zeus.. My warrior dog.

I got him around Christmas. Not for Christmas. I was starting 2022 and felt like it was time. And he was a challenge. The constant crying and pooping. By Valentine's day, he was ready for his own dog house. He had 2. LoL.

My nephew made a dog house in wood shop and I had bobs dome house. So barely over a month old and he had 2 houses.

At the end of April I went to new mexico to the police academy for a week to renew my certifications. I mentioned this briefly. Anyway when I got back. Zeus was attacked by a pitbull. He had 2 legs broken and a neck wound. 1 leg was nearly ripped off. He died briefly. Like legit when I got there his eyes were glazed over and he was not breathing. Then his head pops up and he whimpers.

Getting to a vet was ultra hard because the vets only work on Thursdays since the pandemic started. So for a few weeks we had to manage pain and clean his wounds.

Around mothers day weekend we had some drama. I had Zeus kennelled so the vet could check on him. They told me they were gonna remove his damaged leg. A lot of people told me I was horrible for prolonging his life. But when I looked at him all I saw was that fat puppy dying to be loved.

It was then they told me he died. They even gave me a body. So I buried him and mourned. A week passes and the kennel calls to tell me I need to pay for his care. I'm like. My dog is dead. They said no.. He's right here.

I buried a stray dog. Well she wasn't a stray. She was orphaned after her owner passed. I buried a white Labrador.

Zeus was alive and healing. And things were amazing. All summer I'd set out a bucket of water and fill his bowl. A few times he snuck off his leash and he even got a gf. He thrived.

A few days ago, when least work. A neighbor told me he got hit by a car. So I left work. Discovered someone's been letting him off his leash and she feeds him chicken and rice in an attempt to get him to be her dog.

2 days ago.. I managed to get a vet to see him. I was faced with only 1 option. Putting him down. 1 sec tho.

He wasn't hit by a car. He was shot in the face. It busted up his teeth. He couldn't eat. I could let him starve to death while waiting,for his mouth to heal... Or I could hold his paw and be there for him at the end.

First he was given a mild sedative to calm him. And I sat beside him. Brushed his fur. Then he was given the shot. And I rubbed his paw. Humming.

And then he stopped breathing. I wrapped him in a sheet and took him to get buried. This time my nephew came with me. I buried him next to the orphan on family land.

With how dramatic it was the last time. I keep expecting that call.. "Come get your dog!" The difference being, this time I was with him when he died. Last time I was at work during his surgery.

I know he isn't coming back.

There's a reason I don't really talk about personal things. That kind of sympathy isn't for me. But some people were asking about Zeus. Why I haven't updated his photos.

After his attack he sort of.. Went into a shell. If that makes sense. In June, he snapped out of it. Got social again. In August he was running again. Jumping on my leg and being happy.

Everyone whose met him always said he was a beautiful dog. It's one of the reasons the vet came. He was like "it would be a shame to let a dog that beautiful die"

Look.. I'm just sharing his tale. I'm not looking for sympathy. As I said some people asked for an update..

444 - blue and black

a farewell and a final smile...

"Bronte" - Gotye
Now your bowl is empty
And your feet are cold
And your body cannot stop rocking
I know
It hurts to let go

Since the day we found you
You have been our friend
And your voice still echoes in the hallways of this house
But now
It's the end

We will be with you
When you're leaving
We will be with you
When you go
We will be with you
And hold you till you're quiet
It hurts to let you go

We will be with you
You will stay with us

422 - Black

Trucker day. The big 10-4

Lotta skeezy dudes in trucks. The trucker. So tonight I will watch "Joyride" a happy horror movie about a trucker called Rusty Nail. I think it's a reference this red pubes.

By the by. It's been a really odd 24 hours. Rain. Winos.. Crime.. And Anne Hathaway looks like duckman.

Just doing a lunch time blog post. No big deal.

Have a great one. Over n out.

441 - red

F--k off Elon

I think that's what everyone is thinking now.

Both the President and Ambassador of Ukraine both said. After Elon chimed in with his "attempt" to broker Peace between Russia and Ukraine.

"Ukraine-Russia Peace: Redo elections of annexed regions under UN supervision. Russia leaves if that is will of the people,” Musk wrote. “Crimea formally part of Russia, as it has been since 1783 (until Khrushchev’s mistake). Water supply to Crimea assured. Ukraine remains neutral.”

Fuck off seemed to be the response from those involved.

Honestly, what does the war have to do with Elon? Him, chiming in is his ego thinking he is a beloved character. He isn't.

In the past 2 years he has said and done a lot of stupid things to solidify that he is stupid. Money may buy a degree but it doesn't ensure intelligence. Especially when you are subject to approval ratings and hunger to be popular.

So yeah. Fuck off Elon.

440 - green

Review - My Best Friends Exorcism

If you like 80s music and demonic possessions.. this is your movie.

Best friends Gretchen and Abby... are close friends about to enter life where Gretchen moves. Their friend Group are 4 girls.. who enter a weird moment in their lives. Gretchen is moving... Margaret has a boyfriend who is always around.. Clee.. is dealing with internal feelings of being gay.. And Abby doesnt really like her other 2 friends.

They decide to spend a weekend at Margarets parents country house by the lake. Doing girl things.. listening to music.. playing with a ouija board and hanging out. Until Margaret's boyfriend shows up and gives them all LSD on a stamp.

While skinny dipping.. Wallace insults Abby.. and Abby leaves alone.. when Gretchen stops her and makes fun of the others to make Abby feel better. They realize there's a spooky "Haunted" house nearby and decide to go in and trip balls.. When unexpected things happen and the girls are separated.. An unseen apparition grabs Gretchen and screams "MINE"

the other find Abby in the woods.. and decide to go get Gretchen.. they find her and go home. Gretchen then shows signs of changing. Unkempt... depressed.. she also pees in a trash can in class. lol.

ANYWAY... for more nostalgia.. Its here we are introduced to the Lemon Brothers. They are those bodybuilder guys who go to schools and tv and talk about how God.. helped them get huge muscles and how they only pump iron for God. Its then Chris Lemon sees Gretchen and realizes something odd about her.

Gretchen finally breaks and tells Abby someone has been sneaking into her room at night and sitting on her chest and telling her to let him in.

Abby assumes its rape.

After Abby tells Gretchens Parents and the school.. everyone turns their backs on her. Gretchen talks Abby into trying out a dunk tank at a school carnival to pretend to care so that Abby can spend time with the hunky young priest. She ends up dunking Abby and abby's make up runs like the crows make up. Its then Abby tells Gretchen, she no longer cares about her..

This causes Abby to lose hope and the demon takes over.

Abby finds Gretchens trapper keeper and it has some satanic drawings and Poe-ish style poetry. And the name "Andros"

She finds Lemon at the mall.. weirdly.. and asks him why he looked at Abby weird during their assembly.. hes like.. Oh cuz shes possessed.. DUH!

So.. they devise a plan to exorcise Gretchen.

Im already bored.. lol... Ima end this here.

439 - Black

Hocus pocus 2. Spoilers ahead

As far as sequels, especially long awaited go, it was pretty good. If you plan on watching stop reading... Now

The genius thing was adding the opening back story of the Sanderson sisters. A 16 year old Winifred has been told she must marry as she is old enough to be an adult in Salem. She refuses and in turn, her sisters are taken away. Since their fathers death, they only had each other. That's a tough bond.

Including this shows they became witches so they would not be torn apart as a family. That and Winnie turning 16 is when her powers kick in.

Then,it goes through the sequel motions. Performances of music. Resurrecting old characters. Cut in flash backs to the first movie.

One thing I never understood. Was how they told the story of Emily Binks. But no other child. Even her brother who disappeared but was turned into a cat unbeknownst to anyone.

When the sisters awaken and find book. They literally shout out the spells they used in the last movie.

The cool thing was like the last movie, Mary Sanderson had to improvise a broom to ride.. Which came forth in the form of 2 roombas as hover skates. They had red underlie, making them look even more futuristic.

Once again the town was bewitched by a performance. At a Halloween party.

The main characters in this are 3 childhood best friends who sort of drift apart when one gets a boyfriend. Reminding us all,boys ruin everything.

The main character is Becca, who turned 16 and is tricked into lighting the black flame candle. Being an ascending witch, displays supernatural abilities.

As the sisters return, their focus changes from killing a child and sucking their life force, to doing a spell to become the ultimate witch. They have help from a fanboy obtaining the items for their spell.

It all comes to ahead when book abandons Winifred after stopping her attempts at the ultimate spell. Revealing to Becca, the cost of power is sacrificing the thing you love most. Equivalent exchange.

*lady from the movie "the craft" voice* know zis, whatever you put out, comes back to you...

Winnie finally understands when her sisters die. And you can hear it in her voice. What am I without them? It comes back around. They became witches to stay together. They lost their way. And now Winnie is alone.

She begs book and Becca, undo what I've done. Becca reads a chant and Winnie looks for her sisters.. Beçca says sadly "I'm not bringing them to you.. I'm bringing you to them" so Which Winnie accepts and dies too.

The 3 drifted apart best friends go home with book. Once again reiterating, a witch is nothing without her coven.

And that's how a Disney movie should end a saga. Everyone finds peace. No animals were harmed in the making.

As predictable as parts of this movie were. You can't deny the performance Bette brought. I had the urge to call my sister and be like.. You friggin witch. I didn't. I settled for sending her the 🐵 emoji.

Because if you are close to your family. They know what you're trying to say.

*voicemail message* fkn weirdo.

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