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Science +100

Russia ordering iodine pills is not a good sign. The question remains... How does one turn a comrad into chopped liver?

It kinda feels like Putin needs to be put down or depowered. Soon.

The egos of men are fragile. Take Putin or Ding Chong Pi. You know., the North Korea guy. Dictators.. With fragile egos. A few world leaders call em chunky and they put their fingers on the nuclear button.

The kind of ambivalent nature of themselves. So easily destroyed by negative attention or lack of attention. Such the need to prove alpha when clearly beta.

This is the world of men and it's their own making.

For years society has put the importance of being manly on the shoulders of a gender that clearly isn't. We are told women are weak and emotional and boys don't cry. Boys got to be strong.

This comes at the cost of pent up emotional trauma because they pressure themselves to be men. Ruthless, destructors... Hunter/gatherers.

It comes in different forms. Angry.. Neck beard rants on how no one is good enough for you. Denying rejection and reversing it in your mind that you rejected first. Nuclear threats.. Both real and emotional.

You chip away at mans fragile ego. You end up seeing what they truly are. Desperate.

You see it a lot on wire. The angry.. Rejected.. Socially inept.. Cry of the disenfranchised. Talking about "you aren't womanly enough. You don't knit doileys and sip your mint julip waiting for Bobby to come home from the war" you aren't lady like. Always from old, rejected.. Meandering tools who have a Neck beard.

Put your finger on the nuke. But understand this...

No one survives a nuke. You burrow in the ground.. You are stuck there. Land doesn't become liveable for hundreds of years.

Metaphorically, neither do emotional nukes. Before it was always "she is messed up.. Who hurt her" but thanks to suppression... It's men going through this.. And you've done it to yourself.

And you're the one stuck in your emotional bunker. Cut off from the world in radio silence. That twilight zone ending.

The amusing thing, at its root. Is that all you needed to do was be honest. You don't know how to live.. love or lose.

And that's fine.

You know when eagles mate. The female grabs a stick and flies high. She drops her stick and the guy eagle has to dive and catch it. It's called natural selection. And not every powerful looking male eagle catches the stick.

Every now and then.. The male.. Will crash into the earth.. Most likely death. This doesn't make them not a male eagle.. Or great eagle. It just means he didn't realize his limit. Of course not catching the stick doesn't mean death. There's always another day for greatness.

But if you're the crash and smashed eagle... Tough break.

But dont try to fly if you haven't learned. Learn. Then eagle up.

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Why Republicans are retarded

Let me start with a visual Aide.

This is a attempt at political assassination (Ruining reputation)

Ok... So let me break this down. "Jamie Smith wants mask mandates.. including for kids in school"

Covid 19 is an airborne virus. Only recently, the CDC admitted its Aerosol.. Not a droplet. The original thought was, it was a droplet from breath.. that can land on items and infect whomever touches it. As an Aerosol, it travels through air. infecting within a 6 ft radius. This is why masks are needed.

2 "Jamie Smith wants South Dakotans to get vaccinations to keep their jobs."

The vaccine isnt immunity. The vaccination prepares the body to have defense against corona virus. The idea was.. as a vaccinated worker, you can be exposed to covid-19 but it wouldnt hurt the worker as much. then they can recover and get back to work..

3. "Jamie Smith marched with BLM"

LOL! so racist. Just because he marched with BLM, suddenly he's a terrorist? I think its cool he marched with BLM against injustice.

"He wants to confiscate your guns"

Why not? People cant be trusted.. especially with the shool shootings and mall shootings.. Uvalde wasnt a fever dream. giving guns to the retarded (republicans) is just that.. dangerous.

It was on Kristi Noems youtube.. meaning she approved this.. lol

Kristi Noem is a piece of shit. I said it. She forced a woman to retire so she could force her daughters real estate license.. her daughter quit out of guilt and damage control. Kristi Noem also spent $3 million on a plane for her personal use.. Im sorry.. Jet. She also has abandoned South Dakota.. travelling to RNC conventions.. brown nosing trump and sucking old man D to stay in power.

She's truly a disgusting person. She's a less funny Sarah Palin.

Vote as a democrat.

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The right to remain stupid

Oklahoma rejects Clemency for Benjamin Cole. A man who murdered his infant daughter in 2002. He bent the child backward, snapping her spine and aorta. They say spare him because of a lesion on his brain that's been killing him since he murdered his baby. Ok so if he's already dying but hadn't in 20 years. Why spare him the death sentence? He got to live 20 years. His baby didn't. She would be grown bOklahoma rejects Clemency for Benjamin Cole. A man who murdered his infant daughter in 2002. He bent the child backward, snapping her spine and aorta.

They say spare him because of a lesion on his brain that's been killing him since he murdered his baby.

Ok so if he's already dying but hadn't in 20 years. Why spare him the death sentence? He got to live 20 years. His baby didn't. She would be grown by now.

I think it's stupid people would defend someone's life because it's the death penalty.

Fry em all I say.

I saw a news post like "omicron boosters change women's period.. Plz see chart" then it's a white chart with red dots. LoL. Visual proof I guess.

439 - red y now. I think it's stupid people would defend someone's life because it's the death penalty. Fry em all I say. I saw a news post like "omicron boosters change women's period.. Plz see chart" then it's a white chart with red dots. LoL. Visual proof I guess.

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Voting as a democrat

Don't kid yourself, thinking you are a Republican. They still tax your dumb ass.

I don't get into politics. Mainly because we don't have anyone to believe in. We throw our words behind Christ as a shield to protect our fragile egos. But the truth is.. We are a nation that believes in nothing.

Why do people worship Trump? As I said before, it's called shock and awe. It doesn't matter his beliefs, only that he said it so others can feel they can too, his presidency gave rebirth to a toxic environment known as twitter.

Is he a bad person? That's for everyone to decide. But recently he has embraced the role of qanon to reach yo the crazy crackpots who believe we live among lizard aliens.

Taking inspiration from the 80s mini series "V" and super Mario Bros the movie. Qanon believes in lizard people.

Again as I said. It's all about the belief.

A lot of you old racist people scream "MAGA" but America was never great. Esp when you were younger getting your ass handed to you by the darkies, so I can see why you'd find safety in,your kkk Republican mixers.

But just for a moment. Realize you aren't in the tax bracket to be Republican. Trump did not email you when mar-a-lago happened. You don't matter. Ultimately, you are just another faceless wannabe Republican.

And you are gross.

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Covid is over...?.?...

A brash statement with many definitions.

President Biden announced Covid is over in an interview this week. Which is a dangerous statement. While still seeking $24b in funding for testing and more measures to control Covid. The new omicron boosters are supposedly out. Haven't seen,or heard about it in 2 weeks since its supposed arrival. Work has not offered details how to obtain it.

Last week the UK started commercializing covid boosters/rapid treatments. What does this mean? It means, free testing and treatments are out the door. It means paying for boosters and hospital treatments. It means if you are a naysayer to the vaccine, you are fked if you get covid. America is next.

China, where the virus was given birth is now heavily infected and quarantine measures are harsh. The place it began has not found a cure. There is no cure. Eradication is not possible. Why? Dummies.. Duh.

It's like when bed bugs were facing global annihilation. 1 bleeding heart dummy, kept a jar full,of them. Fed them blood and released them. If covid 19 comes to extinction... 1 dumb ass is gonna freeze the culture in the name of science. "We have not unlocked its secrets" will be the generalized justification. Weaponized in time, definitely.

Saying Covid is over to a nation of idiots. That's dangerous. This summer a lot of people travelled in revenge vacations. Globally. Went to music festivals. Concerts. Award shows. Mask free. Like I read Angelina jolie took her kids to a moneskin concert Mask free when Europe was deep in covid territory. Like myong I screeched "MOWONS!"

so some facts you might not know.

The recent covid wave ruled by BA4 and BA5, offer 28 days of immunity. Then you can be reinfected. The booster is not immunity. Herd immunity will only work 28 days. The cycle begins a new.

The media has lowered news reports about covid because they want to distract you. 400 deaths a day should not be hidden by talks of Kim Kardashian wanting to bang a scientist.

Without covid it's a slowness day. And again, its for a reason.

Covid treatments are going to be commercialized. We will get a winter surge. The CDC is redundant in its need to prove its fixed itself with new leadership.

However great tv has returned.

Except quantum leap.

I'm going to ruin quantum leap. People keep pushing the diversity factor as a means to blame the failed reimagining on the darkies.

1. They fire up a machine they haven't used since 95. Havent fixed the coding. Haven't perfected aiming targets. Have not secured a way out after 1 leap. They're like let's do this!!

2. Bad acting.

3. They keep referencing how Sam Beckett never made it out. And yet still think it's a great idea to still roll with the project.

4. Bad acting.

5. They still white washed it. I mean.. The main guy. His name is Ben Song. A name that lulls you like. Oh Ben Song.. It would be more realistic if his name was Sum Wang. Imagine the marketing. Quantum Leap for Sum Wang.

You know that's an aspect they have never covered. Putting someone fat and gross in the body of someone who scores regularly.

Imagine that fat guy. Let's call him Tay. Imagine Tay.. Obese.. Socially inept. Virgin. Quantum leaps into Howie.. Gym rapist extraordinaire. Getting laid and never wantimg to fix Howies life. Just get laid day after day. Also Tay has 2 inches of sausage.

That would be so cool... So cool.

Anyway ima end it here

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I was targeted....

LoL. Every now and then I get targeted for ads on YouTube. I'm just gonna say this.

kristi noem is a racist Piece of Dookie. I hope this gets Google recorded. So like is someone types "kristi noem is" this blog pops up.

Ok so she's running against Jamie Smith. Who was also targeted in her ad.

"Jamie Smith is a Liberal.. Jamie Smith wants everyone with a gun held responsible. Jamie Smith wants CRT in class rooms!" All the bullshit things Futz would parrot.

What's wring with being liberal? What's wrong with gun control? What's wrong with Critical Race Theory?

I'm going to say it. Masking such racist propaganda with CRT, doesn't hide that you are racist. Let's discuss this for a second.

Critical Race Theory is teaching school kids that white people were terrible people who raped and killed other races to gain land and money. That white people led the race in genocide. They don't want kids to know about slavery and genocide. Or make white children to feel guilty for sins of the father.

Yet, when growing up.. Anti-native propaganda was huge. The history books taught in school were about murderous rapist savages. Killing poor farm folk. I mean it was even a scene in dances with wolves. Yet, we were wiped out.. Enslaved.. Land stolen. But somehow we were the aggressive murderous savages? When the pilgrims were about to die, was it not the natives who invited them to the first Thanksgiving? Let's not b.s. here.. Starving people praying for God's intervention knew how to cook a turkey and make a feast to invite the natives? Yeah right.

CRT is for native children to learn about the true history of the U.S.. Not some white is great b.s. mags trumpster idiot parrots will repeat.

I don't know Jamie Smith. But if these dumb shit reasons are why not to vote for him. You failed Noem.

Kristi Noem, she got her daughter a real estate license after Cassidy failed 4x. She had an,old woman fired for not bendimg the rules. She bought herself a private jet with south dakotamoney to go schmooze with GOP members during a pandemic. 3000 people died from her ignoring covid-19 protocols. She also had an affair.. And she starting yo look and sound manly. Reverse Caitlyn Jenner. LoL. Don't believe me? Go to YouTube. LoL.

The truth is out there :x-files song:

So thanks for targeting me so I can target you back with Truth.

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Bad taste in Britain and it's not food...

LoL. Queen Elizabeth is sick. She's been sick for years. It comes with the territory of being elderly.

But they posted "where will queen Elizabeth be buried?" LoL.

She survived covid but she's gonna Amadala it and close her eyes for no reason and perish apparently.

She is sick but I guess thats what passes for class. Talk about her funeral and life post Elizabeth.

Personally, i dont care. Her life does not impact me. I dont follow the Disney life of kings and queens. Nothing Britain does has a role in my life.

It's just odd that instead of cherishing an elder, they're already talking like she's dead.

They have a family plot don't they? As the largest land owners, they have their own mausoleum with a fence. What? Is she gonna get buried next to her favorite peach tree in yorkchestershire? Doubt it.

Let her pass on peace.

Anyway enjoy your Thursday.

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Her hair is full of secrets...

Know what you're dealing with. As people grow older, getting confrontational becomes the less chosen route. People still have vendettas. Ima tell you a tale.

A few years back.. A new years party. This chick decides to skip out of her babies to party with some neighbors. She isn't heard from again.. For a few months when her body is found.

The story goes.. At the NYE party the neighbors got into a drunken dispute and the girl accused her bf of cheating. She orders bf to help kill the chick. They hide chicks body in their basement until it starts to smell. In the dark of night, they take body to a nearby wooded area.

Anyway the guy got guilty and turned himself in.

As I said a vendetta was born. The chicks family set the couple's house on fire. Not knowing the couple were just staying there and the home was their uncles house. The old uncle burned to death. His family went to,the chicks family and dragged a few of the men out and beat them with crow bars..

For a few months the violence escalated and deaths mounted. Eventually both families moved away from each other.

So knowing what you're dealing with gas become the norm with aging. Sometimes petty squabbles are just petty squabbles.

I like to know who my haters are so I can form the opinion that they aren't shit.

I look into things. Know lies. Then I decide you aren't shit. And move on. A lot of times, I am at the mercy of friends in laughing at stupid people. Making jokes.. Poking fun. But it doesn't mean anyone matters. I made the choice already.

Recently I peeked at someone I passively didn't care for. My assumptions were indeed correct. And as blue said.. It's been tucked away.

So I am sauing this. Know things before they become vendettas. You can choose to hate someone... Or.. Choose to not care.

The only way to win a fight us not to fight. But if you have to... Rabbit punch to the kidneys.

414 - yellow

That's so hot 😎

This heat is a killer.

Forecast says it'll get cool by Friday. Which is most good. Most good.

A lot of schools air conditioning failing. They were not ready.. For this jelly.

Labor day was yesterday. If you aren't rich and white, it probably consisted of sleeping in because fk it right?

I did nada but stay cool.

Some days that's all you can do. Be cool.

I haven't said anything about the rejects who think they're trolling me. Because it's not worth thinking about. I don't spike the ball. Why spike when winning graciously is just as fun.

But.. Save your tears for another day.

413 - pink

Labor day

Fall is coming.. Summer is dying with a fight. It's not going easy into the night.

A lot of people are wasting their day with traditional small travel and cook outs.

Global warming has been a topic as of late. I remember in grade school they pressed the need to reduce, reuse and recycle. They don't anymore. They cut down trees for your long ass Wal-Mart receipts.

The theory was humans are the worst parasite. We feed on the planet and it's dying.

Wars and that fire in the rain forest took its toll. Just think.. We're dying of sweltering heat because some fat white people needed to-do a gender reveal for Instagram. They remain unpunished.
Burn California for 3 years so your rat kid can be born with color coded items so they aren't gender confused. Bleh.

In the 90s they did away with most aerosol hairsprays to reduce the damage to the ozone. Then child pageants happened and bam. We fked

So I hope launching skit into space and 4th of July and baby beauty queens and gender reveals were worth it.

Ps California still burns. But yes let's waste time angered by Trump's home getting ransacked.

412 - white