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The burdens of being stupid...

Is about to befall upon us.

So, the pandemic is still happening. And the hopes of herd immunity is short lived. This year began the living with Covid phase. Where they reduced distance, lowered mask mandates. Pushes for vaccination.

The plan was mass herd immunity, until Covid mutated into BA4 and BA5. Both of which bypass immunity and are even more infectious. The plan now has been an upgraded vaccine. With the BA5 summer surge still happening, the CDC is calling for a reset.

It's all political. With the economy in shambles and the fear of bankruptcy, getting back on track seems more necessary than ever. For politicians that is. There's been a lot of smokescreens. Roe vs wade overturned. Trumps raid. Elon Musk's failed Twitter deal. The Ukraine war. Monkeypox.

You know the reason they do weekly Covid infection updates instead of daily? For lower number posts. Covid lasts shorter. 400 people a day still die from it. But it's to make you feel ok about sending kids back to school. Ok to go back to work. Ok to travel the world. But it isn't over. As I said it's a smokescreen.

Why the reset? Because the last vaccination boost will be the last free boost. They will stop testing for free, stop vaccinating for free. If you get sick.. You'll have to pay. Paxlovid won't be free. Covid is getting commercialized. So the gov can recoup the billions spent on vaccines and student debt. With a 28 day immunity after BA5, just in time for the holiday season. You can get reinfected after a super short time frame.

It's worse for men, so listen up. Covid can cause erectile dysfunction. It'll take your b0ners. So be careful.

Anyway so with this turn in world health, The stupid will be affected and infect the most. And hopefully it will knock off some cream off the crop. Dumb cream.

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I wish they'd do something or shut up

About Trump.

Recently, trumps Mar-a-lago home/resort/sex traffic den was swatted and they keep saying "this has the potential to get bad"

They should hurry and do something it stfu about it. I don't care that he had emails to Putin and notes on where the nuke silos are. It's just so stupid to put out reports ten drag ass. It's like Johnny Depps trial. Full of redacted b.s..

Whatever happened to swift justice?

Oooh. TV idea. Taylor Swift gets a bounty hunter license like Domino Harvey and goes a hunting for criminals. TNT presents: Swift Justice. 👍 I'd watch.

Sometimes the b.s. about changing the world dies. Thus is why I've always said, I don't talk politics. There is no one to hope for. There is no one trying to fight for the people. Biden tries.. I like the guy for trying. But he isn't like zellensky. Months into a war and failedassassination attempts. He still holds his ground.

Biden said in his speech., +80 million voters made the decision. The election was not stolen. 80 million people wanted better. And had Covid not happened, it would have been.

Biden's term has been marred by a plague from all sides. Covid-19.. MAGA.. The media and approval ratings. And people crying over student debt. Abortion right., transgendered equality. Now a hot cruel summer that was impacted by climate change. And still the low tier dummies sit around poking fun at him for being 73. But he is resilient. A quality lacking in millions.

I feel like vaccines aren't going to change that, consideringvtgeyre going to start charging for vaccines and testing. This reset to make everyone get ba5 isn't going to work. We should bel ooking ahead to stopping this disease. Especially since others are on the rise. Science be damned.

Life is like a box of chocolates.. And like dogs.. We will get sick and poop to death. It's the circle of life. So buckle in.

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The Orphan: first kill. Oh nooo

The prequel to 2009s "The Orphan" a story in which a woman with dwarfism pretends to be a child in order to have a home. She becomes obsessed with the father and tries to murder the family.

Isabelle Furhman reprises her role as Esther.a child from Europe who is really an escaped adult psychiatric patient who looks child-like.

Ok so I'm not gonna head around the Bush. Isabelle Fuhrman looks old. Her face got longer and her eyes look aged like she seen some shit,

They do this odd thing of close up shots of Isabelle's head and then cut away to the back of a small child intended to believe it's the same creepy kid. Then theres shots where's Esther is drawing and she has these long add arms. Then cut to the body double with little kid arms.

It was nice seeing Julia Stiles again. Like there were so many opportunities to stop Esther from her trickery and murderous intent. But it were all aside to.. Story telling I guess.

Ok so.. We already knew Esthers real name was Lena, she was from Estonia. This is how she sorta jumped into Esthers life. Like at the time I didn't know they kept so muxh updated information on mussing kids at the time. Apparently you can get access to any child's photo and be like. Oh that's me! With a little pancake make up.. Some rouge. Wammo!

Then again it's not that far fetched.

If you're bored and got a**t else to do. Watch. It's not winning any awards. Maybe a razzle

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What we do in the shadows... neenjas

Lot of crime happens at night. We had a break for awhile.

but meth makes people do crazy stuff.

I dont understand how people perpetually broke always have meth. but then its pretty cheap. people actually lace marijuana with it. true story.

Idk.. there's alot of crazy stuff.. but the summer isnt summer without a big foot sighting. lol.

They say there's 3 telltale signs. it smells like a skunk poop bath.. it roars like a bull.. and it loves the shadows. Like... Ive never been privy to see a big foot track.. but

I do remember as a kid, we went to a museum up north.. and they had an "Authentic bigfoot track" in mud. and what I remember is.. there were no like skin prints. smooth.. a little too smooth. coulda been like someone putting bags on their feet. you never know.

What I do know is.. its been decades.. bigfoot never ages. lol.

My older brother once said he saw bigfoot. this was when I was like 10.. The cops went to my grandmas where he ran to. And he said.. he was picking choke cherries and as he was picking big foot came out and chased him home. I do remember seeing a foot print.. but it wasnt big.. it coulda been a wino.

LOL.. what movie was it.. Dennis the Menace... with those winos in the woods...


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Why I would lose on a dating show...

I would win. Because it's psychological. But I would lose because no interest. Like.. Ok so these airhead were talking about the bachelorette then talking about flavor of love and rock of love. Niffer turns to me and says.. Do you think you'd win?

I'm like.. First of all yes.. Second of all would I want to win? No.

The thrill of psychological gymnastics and manipulating would be fun. But.. If it were for a guy kissing 20 other females acting like I needed him. Gross. LoL.

First of all. Hygiene. Kissing numerous people could lead to mono or gingivitis. LoL.

Second of all.. You know there would actually be no feelings. Just people acting trying to become celebrities. The fact people seem shocked when bachelor/ette couples break up, is kind of odd. Because people on tv aren't looking for love.

Third, I'd probably lose interest after a few days. I'd go through the typical motions.. Confusion why you havent picked me yet. Anger you haven't picked me yet., then acceptance and finally running out of fucks to give.

But like I said, it win. But I probably wouldn't want to. I'd either get sick of the illusion of love or just sick of the dumb ass who needed a game show to find love.

Now ask me if I'd win a baking show.

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Because you asked...

After watching Native American themed tv shows and movies lately. Like Rutherford Falls.. Reservation dogs. Dark winds.. Prey. I've been asked questions. They weren't awkward. So I will answer a few.

1. When you had your first period, was there a ceremony? LoL

No. We had sex ed classes. We live in different times. There was a time when there was a ceremony probably. A welcoming to womanhood. But not with the last few generations. But for me, when I went through all that we had sex education like everyone else. That old film about bleeding and hormonal changes and proper hygiene.

2. How did you get your Indian name?

Well there isn't like a medicine man that will look to the skies and whip a name out of the air. Most names are handed down. A lot of names are familial. And theres times you're given new names. When I graduated HS A lot of people got their names and like the 2 most given at the time were "Cante waste win" (chon-tay wash-tay ween) good hearted woman. And "cetan akicita" (see-ton ah-keep-see-ta) or hawk warrior. Mine is familial variation, I won't say it so suck it.

3. Are there really native witches?

We don't call them witches. Medicine women like medicine men existed. And there are bad medicines. But we follow virtues. There's 7 depending on who you ask but there's 4 always states. Kindness, bravery, love.. Respect. To not live by that is shame on yourself.

4. Totems (via brother bear) 🐻 LoL.

Maybe there was a time. But.. What I do know is that a lot of times young natives were sent on vision quests. They would hike up into a mountain, without food or water and pray. Religious fasting. Until they had a vision. People still do this, they will tie tobacco ties as offerings to trees and pray/sing. That's enough for today though. Lunch time.

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Hedging hogs all day

Sturgis is over. The smell has left. That rotted bologna and starchy potato smell that comes from old people riding bikes.

Last year there was a sex traffick ring. This year it was mellow. Probably because the sex traffickers and meth dealers were in jail. Plus turn out wasnt that great from the non bragging from noems office.

Although the Covid BA5 had a blast. I had my own scare. Tested neg the couple days I tested, a lot of others were not lucky. People telling me of body aches and fevers and chills.

See.. It's kind of crazy how Biden and his wife and countless other politicians get Covid. Take paxlovid and get over it in 5-6 days. Then they're like.. It's no big deal.

Maybe not to rich people with access to this anti-viral. Now they're pushing for this omicron vaccine. Forgetting that it's mutated 3 times since delta.

They say ba5 infects and you are only immune 3 weeks before it can reinfect.

Makes you wonder why no one's looked ahead vaccine wise to discover an immunization. But before science can do that it has to gain influence over the religious.. Aka the stupid.

A lot of people refused the vax because it used stem cells, they felt using cells from another would make them abominations. Yet they're ok with denying racism while claiming Jesus was a blonde German fellow with piercing blue eyes and long flowing thor hair.

There's times I'm like., fuck it. If you get Covid you get it. Don't expect me to care. But then it gets close to me and I'm calling everyone an idiot.

My point. Everyone can get it. 400 people a day are dying from it.

If America wants to ignore death like with Ukraine. Fine. Abandon Griner too. What's the point of bringing her back here when she's just gonna start vaping again?

. Stupidity

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I heard you calling setting fire to my soul..

Bullying. Hen pecking order. Wolf pack mentality. The line between victim and victimizer changes depending on your view. Your role.

Do I care? Yes and no.

It's like, you see someone getting told they're jerks. You can acknowledge and walk on by or join in. Or.. Defend. Depends on your mentality at the point. The decisions you make are yours.

Lately, all anyone does is want to be the victim. A lot get off on the pity. Mainly Because a false empathy will say shit like "don't listen, you're pretty. They're jealous"

The truth is, if a lot of people say the same thing day in and out. It's probably true.

Why I don't care. Because ultimately. It doesn't matter.

Ooh admin leave. I'm out

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FBI raids Dumb Wannabe Billionaire.. Racist Karens Combine!

Yesterday former president donald trumps Mar-A -Lago hotel/golf course estate.. whatever. was Raided by the FBI. For weeks there was talks about donald trump moving 15 boxes of files from the white house and stored at mar-a-lago. Information that could possibly have private government status.

OK so... when its ANYBODY else.. when its Shifty Sal.. living in Arizona.. the FBI kicks his door in and searches for drugs or sex trafficked kids.. no one bats a lash.

When its P.O.S donald trump.. its a national cry. lol.

First of all.. a raid requires a reason and a warrant.. they wont just boot his door in all willy nilly. There had to be a reason. But once again he swirls his baby hands in a circle and says "this is political" How is it political if he isnt in politics supposedly?

This guy has his shifty sheister hand dipped in everything.

From Russia.. to Saudi Arabia.. to convincing GOP to do his bidding. He isnt even the least bit good at manipulating. All you need is 1 moron. 1 dummy to call the FBI demanding to speak to the owner of the company for a free fruit basket.

And apparently there's a ton of stupid people to use. I mean why not?

Someone asked me "Do you still think Covid could be erradicated?"

And again... If everyone stayed home.. paid the netflix.. paid for food.. and TP and stayed home for those 2 weeks... this shit would be over. Why isnt it? Because stupid people cant stay home. First we had George Floyd.. who had covid and probably attributed to his inability to breathe. Then yall wanna march and riot in wisconsin. Does it stop there? No.. then you have BLM protests in washington and new york. Not every state closed.

South Dakota never closed.. Our dumb as rocks Gov wanted Trump to dump on her bewbs so bad she infected us all.

Do I think it could be erradicated? yes.. Will it? No.. as i said before we are governed by the mass of stupidity. people who cant just stay home and chill out.

donald trump being raided by the FBI.. its good.. but not for the stupid. Because they all hope one day Donald Trumps gonna acknowledge them and maybe give them $1.

thats how being a republican works. Ive seen it.. Ive seen it in the stupid things they say.

So forgive me.. I dont think donald trump being raided was a bad thing.. I was busy worrying about things that affect me directly.

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Surviving among the morons is easy

If you can hold your tongue.

You know, this living with Covid stance the US is doing is stupid. This disease won't die as long as the stupid wander around. They keep telling people to get vaccinated and people are still under the assumption that means they are immune.

In the beginning they said 2 weeks til not carrier, the UV rays of the sun will kill it. Wear a mask. These were all true.

But telling someone stupid to stay home will only make them go. We have a lot of people... In the middle of stupidity and fear. Masks work but people don't want to wear them in restaurants or buses or ubers. And so we are at a Mexican stand off. Not wearing masks vs unvaccinated vs stupid. But in this scenario, no one wins.

When Biden got infected, most of you jobless wannabe Republicans cheered. In that 2 weeks he spent down. Climate change bill passed. Inflation reduction passed. Gas prices lowered. Trump was busted getting paid to play golf for Saudi Arabia. And now, Trump got visited by the FBI.

LoL. So for you Trumpsters who wished Biden the worst. Good luck with that.

In closing. Masks work. Not wearing one is your choice. We got corona BA4 and BA5 infecting everyone and they don't care if you recovered. And BA4.6 is making a move.

Living with Covid won't work.

Because of the stupid.

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Prey - might be spoilers

Prey finally landed and it was pretty dope.

Set in the 1700s, we follow the story of Naru, a Comanche girl who enjoys hunting. As she is hunting, she witnesses the predator ship lurking in the skies as it drops off its predator and flies away cloaked. Believing this to be a sign of the thunder bird, she prepares herself to become a hunter.

The Yuatja, or predator alien race often sends out warriors or hunters to earth to hunt for sport or honor. They use their superior technology to hunt. They often ritualistically mutilate their prey as trophies. Often this is taking the skulls of their prey.

Ok.. So. Being of the time, women were not allowed to be hunters. This is why Naru was the only one. This doesn't mean they can't. Naru's father died, and her mother was a healer. This meant she was allowed to hunt or gather as she did in the movie.

I'm not going to ruin the whole movie. Just explain some context.

A fun thing I liked was that in this movie it was the white people you had to translate their words to English. It was French but like still.

And Naru had an ability to learn quickly. She understood the predator used tracking with its laser. She also understood, the predator was only in it for the thrill of the hunt. If you aren't a threat, it will leave you alone.

I kind of rolled my eyes at the typical quotes of predator movies "if it bleeds we can kill it" yada yada. But it was pretty cool.

Lastly.. Since there's a few dummies out there. This movie is not "woke" for instance. Danny Glover was the main character in Predator 2 (1990) and he is African American.

In 2004 Alien vs Predator, the main character was a African American female who sort of helps the predator defeat the xenomorpth aliens.

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Ayman al-Zawahiri sux cox in hell

al-Qaeda leader Ayman al-Zawahiri was killed by a drone strike yesterday. Part of the terrorist regime in Afghanistan, the drone strike confirmed his death.

Meanwhile Donald Trump raked in some Saudi cash 💸. Biden was destroying our enemies while Trump took their cash and was like "the Saudi are our friends" as he bit his terrible lamb kabob.

LoL. I'm spiking the ball at this point.

Friday the media ran wild. NY Times. LA Times. Chicago Tribune. They all posted "Trump is a traitor. Taking Saudi money to play golf is a slap in the face of America and 9/11 survivors"

Mow they back peddle. Focus of LIV league and how lavish it is to be a rich celebrity. Recalling the douchebag times of Dan Blitzarian.

The Blitz. The epitome of douchebaggery.

I'm watching episode 2 of American horror stories. It's a Gabourey Siddibe episode. It's odd to see a tiny little guy climb on top of her to give her kisses. I mean. She's pretty and stuff. And I get it. Different strokes. If she can score a tiny Futz like guy. Cool. It's just odd to see at first.

It's like when Liza Minelli married David Gest. You look at David and you think. He's gotta be gay. It's the smile. Those foe eyes. The caked on make up. Then when they get divorced he's like "I'm Gay" and its like. Have you met you? LoL

Like I been saying for decades. Da Brat is gay. Then she finally admits it a few years ago and it's like. No way! LoL

Putting the Duh in duh duh duh duuhhhh

Trust me I know tiny guys can find big girls attractive. I had a big aunt. 300 lbs. She always had tiny boyfriends. It's odd at first but then you're like.. Good for you.

Anyway my point. Joe Biden terrorist slayer beats Donald Trump, terrorist player.. Murrica!!! 🇺🇸

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Trump is confirmed a traitor.

The LIV golf league. It's "a fast paced league full of celebrities in which the rich get richer" it 7s also sponsored by Saudi Arabia Public Investment Fund.

To 9/11 survivors and families, it is said to be a slap in the face of America.

A slap in the face by anyone who has played in it. Charles Barkley.. That Mickelson guy. But over the weekend.. Someone else played... Hosted the event.

At one time former President Donald Trump condemned Saudi Arabia. He blamed them for human war time atrocities. Deemed them the enemy of the US. But now he's taking their money and playing golf with them.

Which isn't surprising considering he lies about being rich. He refuses to hand over his tax records. And now he's taking Taliban money and charging people a whopping $1 to watch him play golf.

So now so direct my question to you Trump supporters? Are you still gonna lay down and die for him? You gonna betray America too?

Google it yourself. "LIV golf Saudi Arabia"

So for those of you talking smack about Joe Biden fist bumping their leader, At least he didn't take their millions and play golf and try to ask his Biden supporters to watch him play for $1.

Trump publicly did that.

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