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"Chronic" weed pain

LoL so in the news we hear of a man named Marc Hilliard Fogel. A teacher who taught internationally for decades. In August of 2021, he was busted in Russia with half an ounce of medical marijuana. He was sentenced to 14 years.

Weed is not legalized in Russia. It's still a Drug.

Recent news has churned out stories about WNBA player Brittney Griner. She was caught with medical weed vape cartridges while fleeing Russia.

The Russian Government has agreed recently to the exchanging of freedom of Griner for the Russian merchant of death "Vikto Bout, an arms dealer"

Honestly, I don't know why Brittney Griner is whining about. It's like.. Women's prison, you'll have captive females who exchange scissoring for extra pudding.

Anyway so this Fogel guy is whining about how unfair it is to be a 60 year old white man doing 14 years for drug trafficking while Griner goes Scot-free.

What he doesn't understand is the worth of others. Although Brittney Griner is just one of many indescernible WNBA players with no record breaking skill, she is a black female American. She has somewhat celebrity status that's been fortified with awareness.

Mr Fogel however, is indescernible but also non celebrity with absolutely no qualities that make him tradeworthy.

The news wants to make you feel sad. "He's taught in Cuba, Spain, Bulgaria.. Switzerland.. Monaco. His passport filled from one end to the other. He's had lovers.. Diplomats.. Yada yada" it's like we'll he lived already.

Look. You can't just travel with weed all Willy nilly. It's not legal everywhere. Be smart.

Get really stoned and use your whole supply the night before. Seems logical right?

So yeah. Don't kid yourself you smoke weed to manage pain. You do it to be a D bag. So,do what a D bag would do and get super high. You can always buy weed when you land.

374 - green

Tobacco ties and Google 😎

I probably shouldn't be sharing this. Amongst non-spiritualists. But someone very unaware came to me yesterday. She was talking about a ceremony and being given a tobacco tie. Tobacco ties are small pouches/wraps with tobacco inside.

Google says they signify prayer and offerings to the spirits and ancestors and yada yada. With tourism around and cultural regurgitators rampant. Let me share with you this.

When we were kids, we used to find these in the creeks and just random places. One time my brother brought one home to ask about it. My grandma shrieked and said "THROW IT OUT NOW"

And you're like.. Relax it's just a string with little pouches. So she sits us down and says...

"If you see these leave them alone. They are cursed. It's like breaking a mirror. People put all their bad luck and energy into these and you take it when you open it. That's why they look like that. So you're curious enough to open them."

Ok so Google says.. "These are filled with tobacco as spiritual offerings" this means the one making them does it for spiritual favor. if someone is offering this to you let me remind you, Google says you prepare them yourself. Owning something made by another doesn't mean you get to cheat your way to spirituality. That's like buying communion wafers off Amazon and eating 1 on Sunday and forgoing church still thinking that means you're Christian. Nope.

It's like being a native and buying a dreamcatcher from another native.

So if someone is offering you this.. Remember.. Google says you have to make them yourself. And I said the elders would tell us it was bad medicine to open these.

Heed the witches rede. Anything you put out returns. Harm none.

Also before I go. LoL. I watched the latest episode of "Flowers in the attic, the origin"

Like even after discovering they were blood related. Christopher and Corinne were still all horned up. And I'm like.. That's Virginia for you. Incest and moonshine.

371 - brown

Conspiracy theorists are the worst 😸

I've heard a lot of stupid stuff in my time. The end of the world. Lizard aliens. The illuminati. Elvis is alive.

Recently, well friday. One of these nut jobs came out of the wood work. In recent weeks a number of cities have been reporting anti-semitic pamphlets saying the Jews were unholy in the eyes of God. Calling for action against racial replacement theory. Then the church denies it.

Friday a dumb 💩 stain, decided to do the same thing to Native Americans. Publishing with several typos, a pamphlet about how Jesus (not the Hebrew) was returning and all natives were pagan sinners. Shamanism is black magic. All natives were drunks. And I thought.. Is that scooter? LoL.

But seriously. He got banned from the reservation and outside police forces were sent to make sure he went back to Oral. Where he started his online joan of arc-esque crusade of nothing.

He was never a problem. It was a cry for attention. Who cares right? But.. It opened a rabbit hole to how fkn weird Republicans are getting.

Apparently there's a group of religious truck drivers who oppose masks and call themselves "the freedom convoy". Spawned from the Canadian anti-mask movement. So it's not even an original idea LoL.

So they have these rallies and small events to protest masks by quoting bible scriptures and shouting white supremacist logic. Ranting amongst themselves about how the election was stolen and Joe Biden being an alien.

The random stupidity of the ignorant wannabe Republican.

Anyway so.. It's crazy that people in this day and age believe Jesus and God are real but deny Jesus was Jewish. Apparently Bethlehem was in Germany and Jesus looked like Ken Doll and he hated people who got year round tans.

The crazy thing is.. We as a species, with the capacity to feel hundred of emotions. Dream millions of dreams.. We were meant to evolve. Yet we stall because a bulk of idiots got it in their heads that Donald Trump rules the world.

Then y'all sit there like "War, you are brainwashed" when clearly President Biden is President. I know he doesn't have absolute power. No one has absolute power. We live in a democratic society. Democratic means everyone has the right to vote and decide who leads. We don't follow a king or a dictator. We make our voices heard. No body wanted Trump. It doesnt matter what lies he tells.

Hell Even Ivanka Trump, his daughter accepted it that very moment he lost. She testified in court to this. And Trump called her ignorant. That's his college educated daughter and he publically called her a moron.

The funny thing is, a lot of you older Caucasian women, on wire talk about not being racist. "My cousins neighbors mailmans friends daughter is half black" that doesn't make you not racist. The fact you had to make 6 degrees of separation shows you kept track if a colored person.

Beerbo1 told me I'm racist and I don't know anyone Black or Hispanic or Asian. He wanted names and Facebook accounts apparently. He was trying to change my point of view.

A lot of people have done this recently. Tell me my blogs have to change because I call white people, white people. Call me racist for not liking Trump or Elon Musk. Call me racist because I won't give them the time they demand of me.

And I say the same thing over and over. Why do you care? Why does my opinion have to match yours? Why do I gotta think Trump is the Lord king?

Is this not America? Land of the free? Do I not have the right to freedom of speech or expression? Why is it YOUR job to put me in my place? Fk outta here.

You may claim to not like me. But you are obsessed with my blogs. With my every word. You want to skin me and wear my skin suit. You.. Are one of many so obsessed with me. And if I'm honest. I don't mind.

I'm manipulative as hell. Its one of my shadow functions. I may or may not be aware of it. That's why its called a shadow function. But I do know that I'm doing it right because y'all get so emotionally charged and involved. It makes me the center of your life. And in the end.. Isn't love/hate the core of a sociopath?

370 - purple

Sir Mr Joseph Biden the 1st, esq gets Covid.

The President Joe Biden has gotten Covid. And the media has been doing it's made confusion thing. Some of these clickbait articles were designed to influence your love or hate and create the line of the approval rating. So let's break it down.

"Joe Biden gets Covid, will have access to a slew of doctors and medications and his own personal suite" this was meant to show the difference in financial standing. However these things were also available and used by Donald Trump when he had Covid in Oct 2020. He demanded the horse worm pills.

The truth is, this is available to virtually any president. His importance is necessary to help run the country. Joe has not needed his doctor team or his medical suite. Why? Because he was vaccinated and twice bolstered. And apparently it's not BA5, which is the bad mamma jamma.

"President Biden has Covid, he's twice boostered, why he still got it" look. As I said before. The vaccine is not immunity or a cure. It causes the body to react in a way white blood cells identify the spiky protein and lessen its severity. That's how it was designed.

His symptoms are far less severe because of the vaccinations. He listens to science. Science and medicine are the same thing. Popping horse dewormer and prayer is stupid.

"Biden's diagnosis proves shots don't stop infections" that's for the brainless Republicans to use in their "no vax" initiative. As I said before, it's not immunity. The protein used isn't Covid itself but a similar genetic protein with spikes.

No one in the science or medical community ever said immunization. It's vaccination.

One issue for me is the use of paxlovid. I'm not against it but I should explain since not many know. Paxlovid was meant to speed recovery. People test negative after 5 or 6 days. But.. Then test positive because they feel a negative test means to stop. I don't think it works on BA5 though. And it's not super accessible to the poor or uninsured.

"President Biden hands his role to the Vice President, Kamala Harris"

Now.. This is where you can clearly see how racist people are. And it's kinda sad they won't admit it in crowds. If you rolled your eyes or said "now we're f**ked" congrats, you're racist.

It's like what was gonna happen? Suddenly we're gonna be at war and the stocks would crash and we would get invaded? Chill your teats. Ok.

See the fear of a Black person in charge scares the white supremacists. It proves white isnt supreme. And thus they act accordingly. It's like when they let the first black students into that college. All the incest yokels were screaming and spitting at people just trying to learn. That's you! You're the incest yokel. So spit away and just accept you're racist.

Stop lying to yourself that you are young and hip. Stop screeching "you're a liberal" I looked at the liberal definition. And it doesn't sound bad. New ideas.. New teaching.. Methods. It's like why do you care? Your daughter/grand daughter is gonna get knocked up by a black guy. Just accept defeat now.

Anyway so my point.

Joe Biden has Covid, but he's also smart enough to have been vaccinated and boostered. He's got mild symptoms. He will resume presidency after 5 days.

You can quit being a chicken with its head cut off. Running around screaming racist remarks about Kamala. Just chill out.

Thank you for reading.

367 - turquoise

It was probably the dumbest thing ever.

As you know, I'm no stranger to talking about my relatives. I keep it vague to protect the identities of those involved. With that being said...

Yesterday one of my cousins posted something stupid. It was like.. "If your man compliments another woman, then you aren't worthy.." I was like... No. LoL

Obviously I let my cousin down if she feels that way. Then I thought about that toots lady. Getting run over and getting anal worms from her meth head boyfriend. And they're like so desperate to be loved.

I'm letting all my ladies down. And I am sooo sorry.

Ok first of all. Its not even about being a woman. It's about loving yourself enough that if you are with a guy and he is looking at other females or being sneaky. Of you are aware it's happening and you let it happen. That's on you.

Sometimes you gotta remind a guy, he isn't perfect. His eyes are off set. He's got no muscle tone. His hair is thinning. He's looking like Ed from 90 day fiance. Making someone feel like sh** is a genderless activity. Like Mindy McCready said in that slut empowering song from yesteryear. "Guys do it all the time"

Be like. "Hobart you ugly piece of sh**. You're as ugly as the name Hobart. Your dad thought you'd be a stud naming you Ho-Bart. Make me a steak you ugly st** stained incel." Then blow a kiss and be like "Ima get some beers be back in 10 and I better get fed by then."

LoL. No but seriously. If you're with a guy and he's messaging them. It's ok to be like.. You know what. Go take your shot. While your fumbling with a anxiety boner failure, I'm gonna find a guy who learned his lesson and knows all it takes us 1 fk up.

The way I see it. There isn't a shortage of jobless losers. Why be with a guy who has the free time to message chicks in FB all day?

And so.. I did write to my cousin..

Dear girl.

Don't do that. You got my blood in your veins. Genetically you have 10% awesomeness. Don't waste it on losers.

Cuzzy War.

Because sometimes, all a girl needs support from other women.

That's why I don't talk to married folks. Not on a personal level. I mean of course I gotta acknowledge co-workers who are married. But I'm not texting or giving my number out. I was raised to know only trashy people invite that sort of drama in their lives.

I saw so many relationships start and die as a child. Watching aunts and uncles bust up. Some of my favorites too. Wondering whatever happened to cool auntie Debra. Where did cool uncle John go. Then realizing.. Alcohol and drugs are crazy lol.

So again. I reiterate. My girls. You are worthy. Stop wasting time with losers. Because in the end. You're gonna die alone anyway. We all are. Unless it's in an explosion at the mall during a bedding sale. 45% Egyptian cotton bed sheets from king to twin sizes. And some knuckle head in the food court trips a propane line.

The future may be uncertain, but you do have some say who will be with you in a year and beyond.

Go forth and be merry

366 - black

Woking the dragons.. Bech, you so old

LoL. You ever notice its usually the older white folk fed up with the concept "woke"? The ones over 50, who sort of overlooked civil rights for all and follow Trump in a call back for white lives matter of pre-1980.

I never comment on woke because I don't see it. But I'm not gonna call out unfairness unless it warrants it. For example my stance on George Floyd. If he weren't cashing a stolen check at subway, none if that would have happened. Then you find out he was making porn and it's like.. Did his death ultimately change anything? Did the world lose the man who would cure cancer?

His death led to protest marches that led to covid spreading wildly. I'm aware of this. And thus, idont call it racial injustice considering the cops involved are in jail right now.

Nor will I say we risk everything to bring Britney Griner hone from Russia. She was caught with THC oil in her luggage. If Russia has a strict no drug smuggling law.. Then oopsies.

Do you recall in the late 90s. There was a movie about 2 white girls in Singapore. Clare Danes was in it. This weird British guy put drugs in Clare's coochie and they get busted. And at the end Clare takes full blame so the other could go free and send her bras. Because women in Singapore dont need bras cuz they're a flat chested nation?

Idont boo boo for Clare. I said.. You Do your time if you did the crime. It's the same for Griner. No one told you to play basketball for the Russians. Was your cartridge of THC worth it. Now Biden has to step in.

Over the weekend a video surfaced about sesame place theme park. A parade of characters was going down and the characters ignored 2 little black girls and ran to hug little white girls. It seems silly but I get it. These were 2 little girls. Happy to see a character that went naw and shook her head and quickly hugged little Abigail White. Now that.. Was uncool.

. But I wouldn't protest march over it.

There's a dummy (Dave) who likes to inform me of woke things he doesn't like. And I'm aware he's trying to be funny. But then there's people who are actually serious about it (futz). And some of the stuff regurgitated is lame. So I've taken to sort of building on their comments and twisting words, its what I do. LoL.

Recently Dave was complaining about Disney movies. Angry that America's parents were lesbians in the Dr Strange movie. I'm like. You're the first to cringe at attractive lesbians kiss. Then he went on a rant about the black astronaut lesbian and the kiss. And I'm like.. You sure you're straight? LoL

But.. Then you see these other people. Mostly older white ladies on here say some of the most ignorant racist things. And you know they aren't joking. But you know they say but for attention. Without being bitter and racist no one would pay them attention.

So is being anti-woke where you wanna be when Jesus comes back? You know.. Bethlehem is in the middle east right? Your worshipping a Jewish man from the middle east.. And chances are the last supper was falafels and goat meat gyros. Did I wake you? Jk.

I'm bored but work must go one.

365 - gray

Ignorant and uninformed. A thin line

Sometimes when you sit back and watch people ramble. You get a sense for their mind. If you sit back in a chatroom on here, you can see that a lot of people ramble for attention.

It's why I don't talk politics. Ive been accused of being a Biden lover, so I'll fill the role. But honestly, I do like Biden. He is so chill. He took longer than most Presidents to do his first address. Considering we were full blown pandemic, it seemed like a good move.

But you get these people talking about approval ratings and yapping about democrats and far leftists. But you know, the democrats haven't won a thing. For instance Roe vs Wade. All the people pushing for reversal are Republicans. It got reversed. Republicans are pushing to end gay marriages. All the things they believe are "the Bible says this is right" ways.

Before I go on a tangent. Back to my point. Approval ratings. Biden's approval ratings being low led by the media and how it's been sort of keeping people divided.

Have you noticed all these confusing things lately? Like miscarriage health issues. Doctors refuse to treat women who miscarry. Because it looks like abortion. But It's like.. If the baby is already dead what is the big deal? It's like you want women to suffer. Idk.

Another confusing thing is the Covid coverage. It's like "The surge has returned.. Get double boosted.. Vaccine doesn't work against BA5.. But get vaccinated anyway. Mask mandates return. Florida says we won't vaccinate kids.. Hospitalizations rise.. But no one gets that sick. Death rates rise 20%. But not as deadly as 2 years ago.. EU developes BA5 vax. Triggers severe allergic reaction.. CDC says fuck it.. Let cruises govern their sick boats."

I think fearmongering has returned. I think the media is trying to confuse us so we don't notice things. Like how did Roe vs Wade get overturned so quick and on the down low?

Anyway ima end it here to get some food.

I will leave a link to a story I read about President Biden's low approval ratings being a confusing mess led by media stories and mass confusion.

636 - blue

Nick Offerman descends from TRASH.

bet you're wondering, what's got War so "victimized" what did Nick Offerman do to victimize War?

I'm glad you asked. Recently Nick was on "who do you think you are?" A tv show that uses DNA and family historical documentation to find out your roots. I think at one point they told Scarlet Johanssen she descended from witches which is why she's so witchy.

Anyway they told Nick he descended from this piece of sh** named "Eve Packard" who white lady in distressed land away from the Mohawk Indian Tribe of New York. And as she took more and more land away the Mohawk tribe begged England to make her stop. Instead she threw on some white lady in distress tears and the Mohawk had to flee to Canada.

Eventually they lost the land but.. He descended from a real piece of sh**. They took him to this land and he did the whole teary eyed "I feel the power and spirit of this land" b.s. his family does.

I was never a Nick Offerman fan. Tbh I never watched Parks abd Rec. Not because I was a hipster or anything. But America was saturated with Amy Poehler at the time. She was on SNL. She made that movie about being a surrogate mother. They kept showing mean girls on tv. She had the mighty b. There was just way too much Poehler. At some point she stops being funny and it's like she made an.odd face to let you know when to play the laugh track.

LoL. So I want to,address something if you've read this far. Which I'm sure you have, considering how much I hear how my opinion hurts others.

As any writer will tell you. It's about views. Yes I regurgitate news I've read for a reason. Because I like to upset others.

I like when y'all are so angry that I have an opinion, that you feel I should change who I am. Like you're superior and I will follow you. so you'll mock me. Call me racist. Tell my I'm too opinionated. Say I'm addicted to the news. Tell me I'll be old and "bitter" one day. Anything you think will garner worry so I'll conform.

That's not how this works.

And it's not how it will end. I've been consistent for months. I don't change who I am for anyone. I don't have to conform for approval ratings. I'll say what I want because I control that narrative. I'm saying Th is because it's futile to change the path of a juggernaut.

You think it bothers me a few people don't like me? I don't live for praise. Do I care what some fat broke old person thinks? No. As I said 1000x before. If we ain't banging, I dont care what you think. If you arent hot.. You probably don't matter.

If you're some fat greasy matted hair loser lying about being rich.. Do you. Just dont expect me to care. I see through all that. I know deep inside your mind. I'm a psychological thriller because you can't stop trying to put me in my place.

Who cares...

only you.

363 - green

PS. Its gonna be ultra hot today, stay hydrated. It was so hot. Britain had to call a state of emergency.

Musk rats are gross

Yesterday Errol,Musk, father of Elon Musk admitted to a 2nd child with his stepdaughter, exclaiming "we are only on this earth to f***"

I guess if You're ruch enough from blood diamonds, anyone will sleep with you. Including the child you raise.

Which brings me to "girl in the picture" from a few days ago. A man raises a little girl then knocks her up. Its the same disgusting thing hidden by a name. Can you imagine. You're friends with Cherrie. And you're on a playdate and cherries dad doesn't cut up the hotdog or add bread. He just slips the hotdog in and out of poor Cherries mouth.

At the same time you wonder what the he'll is up with Cherrie. LoL. No that's not Errol Musks step kids name. I was usibg a for instance. Says her name is Jana.

Imagine you're friends with a 30 year old Jana Musk. And one day she's like., yo.. I'm pregnant with my step dads kid. I would throw up for 3 reasons. 1. He's 78. 2. He's your step dad. 3. He probably pooped when he blew his load. Because 78. Won't have total bowel control. So you had both semen and feces in you. Gross.

Anyway the My sis are stupid, gross people. Can't wait yo see that empire burn.

I personally can't deal with the idea of being young and hot and having a 78 year old man., strip naked and pop a cialis. Seductively remove his diaper and move to the bed. Zero leg muscle. Just 2 sticks holding up a saggy leathery body.

Anyway I hope your day goes well. Happy Friday.

360 - red

The 10 year old in question

There was a question posed late last month. If a 10 year old rape victim had the right to,an abortion. And a lot of the republican dummies kept asking "what about the rapist" bring out this child now! The screamed.

A 10 year old from Ohio was raped and had to flee to Indiana to get an abortion. The law does not reveal the identities of underage victims. Tgats to protect them from people who would victim shame. Namely p.o.s.

It was revealed a few days ago a man named Gershon Fuentes was indeed arrested for the rape. The reason he wasn't strung up and hung from a tree was because as an undocumented alien, his whereabouts were not confirmed. He worked a solid job and had stability. But that was not to raise suspicion. Like many undocumented citizens, his name might not even have been Gershon Fuentes.

But the point is.. Now there's a face to this horrific tale. After an investigation and probable DNA testing on the fetus, which is standard by the way. He will probably spend the rest of his life in prison. By this I mean there's a code of honor in prison. Child molesters do not get to do their time unscathed.

Ive seen it before.

It's why Epstein feared prison ultimately. When his trial concluded he was not going to be in solitary confinement. Especially not for sex trafficking teens.

Subway Jared got beaten severely I believe. Sometimes when it seems the justice sysyem fails a child, the prison justice corrects this.

Eric Swalwell (d-ca) asked what if a 10 year old wanted to keep her rape baby?

Physically a 10 year old child probably would not survive a live birth. Not to mention having to see a daily reminder of her rape. She would not psychologally be prepared to raise a child. Also, what type of support would be made ready? Throw her in foster care with an EBT card and no home to raise her baby?

She was already a victim. Making her a victim and sole carrier of the responsibilities of another life seems kind of cruel.

But this case is also the reason why Roe vs Wade shouldnt have been reversed. Because there's scenarios where abortion is the best choice. Im not saying kill all babies like God did in the bible. I love babies. It's stupid to use religion to stop abortion. Alot of times abortion protesters are hypocrites who aborted a baby in college and have remorse once they find religion. Or realize that hot guy wasn't gonna call them back without a baby to see.

Life is precious, but they aren't all going to grow up to be doctors or cancer curing scientists. I mean they can't even cure Covid now. And these were the offspring of people after Roe vs Wade.

. Lunch break over

359 - orange

The girl in the picture

The girl in the picture tells the story if Suzanne Sevakis, a child who went missing in 1975. Her mother met Franklin Floyd, who went by Brandon Williams in 1975 after her husband ditched her for being an idiot. Married him, then went to jail for 30 days for writing bad checks. When she got out all her kids were gone.

Sandra Brandenburg claimed she did everything in her power to find her kids. Most of which was sit in a empty house drinking vino and exclaiming "I'm a good Christian woman. Twice divorced and went to jail for 30 days and now some sick pervert has my kids.. What did I do to deserve this????"

Anyway he changed Suzanne's name to Suzanne Davis but people got suspicious about her school records. They moved and she went by Suzanne Marshall. She was reported to have been intelligent enough to have gotten a full scholarship to the Georgia Institute of Technology. She would have gotten away with it too if she weren't impregnated by her "dad"

Within a year she would go by Tonya and work in a Florida strip club. It was then other dancers sort of took notice about the strangeness surrounding Suzanne. Her weird relationship with her father who allowed her to strip, but would have her off sex for $25. Suzanne again got pregnant. This time she had a girl who would later be identified as "megan" this is when Cheryl Commesso entered the picture. Commesso was a stripper with playboy playmate aspirations. Upon a visit to the beach with Suzanne, was filmed topless, participating in erotic activities. Eventually Commesso and Franklin has argument about finances which led to Franklin threatening to kill Commesso and her eventual disappearance.

Commesso's remains would be found about a decade later.

Again Sevakis had to move but this time she had a son tying her to Floyd. Flirt never let Michael out of his sight. Only allowing Sevakis to go strip and come home.

Eventually Sevakis and her son escaped. A month later she would be dead. 3 guys found her on the side of the road. Looking like the victim,of a hit and run. Doctors noted she had old fading bruising.

After her death. Floyd put Sevakis's in foster care. After a while the foster parents decided to adopt Michael Hughes. As part of the process a DNA test was given. Standard in adoptions should a living patent decide to exercise biological rights one day. The result was, Michael Hughes was not Franklin Floyd's son. But one of the many guys Suzanne was forced to have sex with for money. Franklin then at gunpoint, kidnapped Michael from school and no one has seen him since and is presumed dead. Floyd had confessed to shooting Michael behind the head twice and leaving the body by the road.

The documentary, discusses how former strippers viewed the creepiness of Floyd. How they tried after witnessing bruises and forced prostitution to intervene.

One dancer criticized Sevakis's mothers efforts. Stating "When I went missing as a child.. My mother made signs, went on the news. She became an advocate for missing children. My mother would not stop. She spent all her money to find me. Suzanne's mother did none of that."

And in her interview she said she couldn't. So she gave up without trying. Eventually Sandras kids were all located except Suzanne. Alison and Amy went to foster care. Philip was adopted and later found in 2019 using a DNA kit.

For years Suzannes grave said Tonya. Then they changed it when discovering her true identity.

The messed up thing is.. Like the government kept st*tty records. Like a guy could change his name on a whim. No social security numbers. How they caught Franklin Floyd was he renewed a license under an assumed name.

But like this guy could evade authorities for years. Create an identity for a teen to become a stripper/hooked. No one questions it.

Then I think like.. Who was it. Traci Lords. Was making porn at 15 using a fake ID. No one bothered to check. They just saw someone to exploit. Traci made like 100 films before someone was like hey she isn't 18. Then it stopped. The only blessing was that her film distribution had to be destroyed because by law it was child porn. And yet none of the 30 year old gross porn guys did any time.

Idk. The mystery was good though. The circumstances were horrible.

It makes me think,of that part from Kill Bill 2. When Bud asks Elle. "They say the number one killer of old people is retirement. People got 'em a job to do, they tend to live a little longer so they can do it. I've always figured warriors and their enemies share the same relationship. So, now you ain't gonna hafta face your enemy on the battlefield no more, which "R" are you filled with: Relief or Regret?"

Mow that Sandra knows the fate of her kids.. Which is she filled with?

358 - emerald

Flowers in the attic, origins

I took a break from reality to jump in the world of VC Andrews tales of rape and incest in a rich and overly religious family.

My first qualm was the casting of Olivia Winfield Foxworth. Louise Fletcher, even in her later years was beautiful, blessed with striking blue eyes.

But she is described as very plain, almost hideous. Destined to be a sp8nster til the handsome Malcolm Foxworth shows up.

They get creepy right away, telling of Malcolms obsession with his mother Corinne. Who left him at 5. He. Sort of wants to reborn her from his wangus so he can put his wangus in her. He got so mad Olivia had only boys.

Malcolm rapes his step mother Alicia, who gets pregnant with his soon to be daughter he will name Corinne. So in the movie from the 80s with Kristy Swanson, the grandma and the mom weren't even related. Which would explain Louise Fletchers beauty and why the daughter looked like dumpster fire with a bad perm.

Anyway, so Olivia spent most of the first episode being raped by her husband like miss Celie in the color purple. His hand over her face like "don't f*** it up"

She is basically seen as less important after he hit it. Until Alicia tells her about the rape and circumstances of Garland Foxworths death. Apparently Garland walked in on Malcolm raping Alicia, then he nakedly pins Garland to the wall during the heart attack, then finishes raping Alicia. Then he feels guilty like "Gee, I hope I didn't cause that"

Oh I forgot. Alicia gave birth to Christopher Foxworth prior to the rape. I mention this because in the end.. He and his half sister-neice Corinne will end up banging and having 4 incest babies.. Which will lead to flowers in the attic proper.

But first. Olivia blackmail her husband. How do you stop a man from cheating and being a pompous turd? You,blackmail him of course. So Olivia hatches a plan to keep her man.

She says she will keep Alicia in the attic until she gives birth. Then hive Alicia and Christopher Garlands inheritance money and keep the shameful baby and raise it as hers. To throw people off her scent she will put a pillow in the tummy of her corset dress.

The episodes ends with Olivia, pillow in her dress, sipping wine and laughing maniacally at a fireplace fire like.. Bitch. You won the lotto. You got the guy.. The house and the cheat baby. Tomorrow? The world!

It undoes the sympathy you're supposed to develope for her character as an abused, unloved married woman trapped in a marriage to a dirtbag rich dude. Because as unloved and humiliated as she seemed to have been, deep down she was a garbage person too feasting on the humiliating rape of poor Alicia who will be discarded after she gives birth.

So dont cry for her Argentina.

I watched it, so you didn't have to.

357 - magnum

Stop it Gretchen..

Stop trying to make Machine Gun Kelly happen. It's NOT going to happen.

Machine Gun Kelly has to be... The most try hard wanna be white rapper in the roaring 20s. I'm kinda sick about hearing about someone I give zero sh*ts about.

It feels like the media is pushing so hard to make him happen. It makes me wonder if he's from a family of music execs.

My point is.. They keep pushing him on others. Like.. Do I care his mom left him at 9? No. He didn't either til recently. Do I care he's dating Megan fox? No. It's not like he's getting pristine real estate.. Brian Austin green damaged her halls .

Do I care he was suicidal? No. I actually lose respect for people who cut themselves or try to kill themselves. I say try because you know it's just for attention. If someone wants to die they can't be stopped. I draw comparison from things I've seen at work. One time a girl hung herself from a tree in her front yard. But she did it in a way no one noticed for awhile. They just assumed she was talking on her cellphone in the shade. For 7 hours. Her mom was like.. You gonna come eat lunch? Then saw the cord.

One time this guy was telling people he was bullied in high school for being fat. So he started cutting himself. The more he cut the more they teased him. And im like... At what point did you realize they weren't going to pay? When did you just.. Stop cutting? He said "I still cut" I'm like high school was awhile ago for you. He died of natural causes though. Heart attack.

The more the media tries to make me view machine gun Kelly as someone to care about the more I don't. It's like.. Hailee Steinfeld, they put her in pitch perfect.. Hawk eye. Put out some shitty songs and I'm like. Well ok. Then they mention her parents were record people.

Same thing for Billie Eilish. Her parents were like songwriters. I still don't like Billie Eilish. Her music is so boring and depressing I nearly fell asleep.

Anyway my point. Machine Gun Kelly is in no way discernable from other white guy rappers of today like logic, marshmallow or lil xan or lil peep.

It could all be done by 1 person. Save us the time of having to remember names.

356 - green

Musk is really dumb

This week it was revealed Elon Musk had twins with a secretary at his company. Now she's like VP. Twins she had weeks before his GF Grimes surrogate carried.

Dude is old.. Pre-dementia crying about recessions and his bad feelings.

Anyway so he backed out of his Twitter deal,which opens him up for being sued for legal fees and insider trading, as well as personal legal battles from people who bought while the stock was high, hoping yo become rich as he got richer.

But the reality is. He probably doesn't have the money. Aside from taxes his companies and endeavors are bleeding money. Thus his call for his work,force to return to work while new Covid variants rise.

So I guess his promise to unban Trump was smoke and mirrors. Freedom of speech exists. Bullying isn't cool. But you can't stop it either without throwing a few punches.

So in,closing. Elon Musk was only smart enough to make money digital by exchanging credit for money to banks and taking a slice from millions of micro transactions. Smart enough to get you to buy porn passes anonymously, then sell that company along with your financial information.

He scammed the world.

353 - black

The stupidity of Florida.. Trigger warnings

Since Covid began, Florida has followed the bonehead rants of their Governor Ron Desantis. From reopening too soon. Sprung break cesspool infections. Denial of the importance of masks and vaccines. To every day people from Florida on wire every day uttering the stupidest things.

"I had it in 2019" trust me, you'd know if you had it. Especially if you are hovering around 50. "I'm naturally immune" the virus itself has spiked outsides of its cells. Thy2s the name corona or "crown" these are not in your body naturally, you are not naturally immune.

"Masks don't work" they do if you use them right. Leaving your nose out over tge mask is stupid. You breathe in your mouth and nose. Unless you're a mouth breathing buffoon of inbreed quality.

Look the point I'm making. 2 days ago the Miami Herald released a covid update of nearly 10000 new infections and 51 deaths. Deaths from people who refused vaccinations and probably masks which led to infections.

Now y'all want your sh***y governor to run for president. Instead of looking at him as a traitor who endangered millions of lives., all because he's Republican.

Then you sit on here talking about how you're a Republican. You aren't. Republicans are rich. That's why they attack health care. Minimum wages raises and paying taxes. You're like pitbulls. You had your intelligence bred out and you attack people with your idiocy.

The stupid are easier to control. It's why marijuana is legal. It's not medicine. You sit there like "I'm smoking unicorn poop weed" like it's cool. While you lose brain cells and weaken your lungs and make it easier to trigger alzheimers.

Covid BA5 is the dominant strain now., it by passes vaccinations and prior infection immunities.

If you want to be stupid and die. Go for it. I'm just clearing my conscience so I can say I've done my due diligence. So I can say.. Well if it all I can. And I can sleep at night.

352 - yellow

Macy Gray might get cancelled.. Wait a minute

Macy Gray did an interview on Piers Morgan about transsexuals in sports. She said "I'm ok with calling transgendered whatever pronoun they want me to call them. But if you were born a man, you should not compete in women's sports" and cancel culture Twitter went amok.

But the thing of it is... Is her career in jeopardy, considering she hasn't had a hit in a long time?

Known for what used to be a unique sound. Paved the way for those who don't sound like Mariah or Christina. Songs that were uniquely voiced.

Now we have Halsey, Ellie Goulding. Tones and I. That raspy low tone voice is no longer unique amongst raspy voiced white chicks who are far more marketable. Like seriously, I can't tell which chick is singing those songs at any given moment.

But Macy unlike those women, stands alone when it comes to political statements and longevity. Though she isn't attending the MTV music Awards, she still performs. Still makes music, though it's not popularized in today's pop culture.

She had a point. Transgendered women should not compete with cis women on a professional level. It's like.. You wanted to cut your sausage off so you feel sausages in your tummy. But getting it cut off so you could kick the crap out of cis women in like MMA. No! Bad tranny.

Earlier in the year, we had Lia Thomas, a collegiate transgendered women's swimmer. Making marks in the women's league. Lia, in the men's league was the slowest swimmer. Mediocre performances. Puts a bow on his head and shatters world records in the women's league.

Is it fair? Hell NO.

That's the point Macy made. Twitter then started calling her transphobe. To which Piers Morgan said.. Shame on you trannies/former men attacking a woman.

Bette Midler also tweeted about how women's rights are being taken away and how women are being downgraded to names like "breeder"

And yet Twitter society attacked her for saying this. Because it's the truth, the culture we live in now is spoiled. They believe they can cancel people. If that were true.. Cancel the SCOTUS.

Macy Gray supports transgendered people but draws the line at athletic competitions. As most women do. But because of fear of social media backlash. Most just sort of lower their heads and say. Uhh ok.

If I were a female collegiate swimmer going up against a transgendered female with wide shoulders.. Thick biceps, a sideways ponytail and a bulge in her shorts. I'd cry foul. Because physically, hormone wise. That's still a guy. Especially if said guy is 21 and only put his hair in a ponytail 6 months ago.

350 - violet

Joe Biden and The Merryman. 4th of July

So recently, a man named Scott Merryman went to the white house to assassinate Joe Biden. But like most boneheads, he was thwarted.

And now comes the insanity plea and the "War time PTSD"

Ok, so.. First of all, no one forced Merryman to join the military. No one forced him into.. No wait he was forced into combat, because he signed away his life for a relatively easy paycheck and benefits.

So.. Apparently his alcoholism and PTSD combined with drug use and depression caused him to reimagine the world in terror where Joe Biden,is the devil., and how specifically chose a drunk almost 40 year old veteran to slay the demon.

It's like write a f*****g book. If you got that kind of imagination, write it.

Don't buy a rifle.. Some adult diapers and travel across a couple state's only to bonehead it up as boneheads do and get caught. Not that I'm for the assassination of Joe Biden. I Joe. Best President since Obama. You can degree with me at whatever degree you wish.

My problem is this. Don't expect me to feel sad if the military didn't work out for you. You made the choice to drink and listen to Toby Keith expecting that check for doing push ups was gonna last forever.

You made the choice not to deal with trauma. You made the choice not to learn a useful skill. At least in prison you can learn carpentry or license plate pressing. Even law. You didn't die for our country. Get over yourself.

349 - red