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SCOTUS? more like SCROT..UM

What in the actual heck? So a couple months ago the SCOTUS made a big deal about accepting it first black female member. I mean we have our first black female vice president. Why not?

But since then we had abortion rights taken away. Gay marriages is on the table. And now the SCOTUS put a limit on EPAs power to curb air pollution.

Honestly, I think its mass dementia, with Mitch McConnell doing Trumps bidding. It all leads to a self proclaimed billionaires vision of Great America. Next thing you know we're gonna be in handmaids tale territory.

As America gradually sinks back into the early 1900s. You start to think.. Is this really racially motivated?

There was a tampon shortage and a wannabe Republican dummy said "tampon shortage?.. No one wants to work. It might be time to throw them back into the cotton fields.

Honestly, I dont care for political affiliations. I'm not about anarchy either. I feel like if you don't want to live the way the government wants you to, then don't.

Denouncing America and moving to Canada or the UK should be your decision. You shouldn't let someone run you off. Better yet, run for office.

I know I'm howling into the wind, I just feel like letting,a bunch of old men decide your life is ridiculous.

The weird thing... Is there's a few old women in there who couldn't get pregnant if they tried.. Going along with this. People who were chosen to safeguard rights and legal maneuvers. Bypassing them As not to appear weak amongst their old make counterparts.

I had a joke but forgot. LoL

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Stealth and rebounds

The latest omicron variant is called the stealth variant because it can bypass vaccination and immunities from a previous infection.

Earlier thus month. Dr Fauci, the leading scientist for infectious diseases, caught Covid after 2 years of dodging with 0 infections. He said his symptoms were mild and started takimg paxlovid, an FDA approved drug to help aid in recovery with Covid.

However, they are finding that with paxlovid comes rebound Covid. You can test negative for a few days but Wammo. Suppression ends.

Covid omicron ba2 aka the stealth variant can also cause rebound Infection. If you are infected by Covid and you get immunities, ba2 causes a rebound infection that doesn't care about your immunities or vaccination.

It's why it's this summer's variant.

This is startling considering people dropped mask mandates or social distancing...and travel. Reinfections not caring you went to a concert. I hope seeing Adele was worth it.

I really hope they develope a game changing solution soon. Living with Covid is not going to work if the cesspool is never disinfected.

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P.s. its gonna be a scorcher

Zero Covid..

Zero Covid means.. What we already been through. Test.. Trace.. Isolate.. Support..

China has implemented Zero Covid. Amid new high infection rates. But such a need to seem superior, they cut the isolate time to 6 day a for travel,

I guess the US has implemented "Living with Covid" no one is trying to cure or end it.

So since we are doing living with. The mask mandates are dropping in a mass herd infection. People refuse vaccines because it's been politicized. They want you to ignore science and medicine, and say God is why you can't.

And the ignorant who deny science and medicine say yes to scientificly fortified marijuana use.

Covid could have been killed at the beginning. When it was warned China had its first case. It was the holidays and weebs were culturally regurgitating on Asian culture brought it back to the US.

If China had restricted then., or if Trump said ban on international travel for the 2 weeks it takes to die. It would ended. It first hit California, which is the hub closest to China for America.

We had to go through 2 years of social distancing and masks which worked. Until masks became politicized.

At the start there was this guy who claimed Disney hated disabled kids because they asked him to put a mask on his disabled kid. "Haters!" he shrieked. Yet when asked why he would even take a disabled kid to Disney during a pandemic.. He went quiet.

Now we get to,this point. Summer. People are travelling and infection rates are high. But its like "oh I'm vaccinated" and yet... We get stealth omicron. Which bypasses previous immunities and is far for infectious.

So.. Recently I watched 2 things. 1 was "All of us are dead" which was about a zombie outbreak. It too commented on how politicized the epidemic was that they did not evacuate. Didn't bother to look for a cure or vaccination. Instead they just blew up their city after barracading around it.

The other was "the sadness" about a virus outbreak that attacked the limbic system in the brain that governs behavior. It caused a rabies type illness that caused the body to instantly get addicted to dopamine produced by the pleasure of doing vile things. The zombies had tears in their eyes which they theorized was guilt of the infected.

They too talked about how the lack of lockdown were politicized. How the epidemic they were facing was leading to a recession. And how a quarantine was career suicide.

Much like how Biden is blamed for a virus that started during Trump's tenure.

All these things hapoening now.. Are politicized. Reversing roe vs wade. Attempting to erase same sex marriages, all these old "white" people trying to make America great again. I parenthesized "white" because people been telling me I'm racist. I'm quantifying them as what they are. If I said it in a derogatory manner such as "you white ******** *** **** ** ****** and your mama **** ********* ***** goat milk *** Geraldo riveras *** ***** Kelly Rippa face" you might be right.

America has never been great. Living with Covid is not as great as stomping out covid. We are at this precipice where things will either get worse or so bad the metaverse opens and robo-Trump kills us all while you clearly uneducated swamp rats cheer him on as champion of White America.

When you call me a radical... Say it like Michaelangelo. "War you are tubular... Radical.. Cowabunga!!!"

You could choose not to read and get angry. But if y'all just allowed critical race theory in schools and felt bad that you enslaved Africans. Murdered native Americans, deported Hispanics and allow the Asians to be tortured in America... Then maybe.. Just maybe.. America might get on the track to being great for the first time.

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Roe vs wade. Let's make America abort again

I've mentioned in passing about abortions on tribal lands. The roesnwaders want tribes to step up and handle the addictions to abortions. Because tribal lands are sovereign lands, they want to use these lands to suck out babies.

"There is a legal scenario where this could work for a small class of patients and providers," said Lauren van Schilfgaarde, director of the Tribal Legal Development Clinic at the UCLA School of Law. "But I think it's safe to say that this is just not a realistic option."

Opening abortion clinics would require private funding

One of the biggest obstacles to opening up abortion clinics on tribal lands -- assuming tribes even have an interest in doing so -- is funding, said van Schilfgaarde. (CNN)

As a Sovereign nation tribes have always been given limited power over what laws it can and can't control. Abortion was never really discussed because as a people we never had the need. But women always had autonomy over their bodies.

Since we don't have abortion clinics on tribal lands, women would have to travel 1000s of miles for one. Which happens but rarely.

One law set to take effect there this summer would make performing or attempting to perform an abortion a felony punishable by up to 10 years in prison and/or a $100,000 fine, except in the case of medical emergencies. If a non-Native provider performed an abortion on a reservation for another non-Native, Oklahoma could prosecute the provider because both parties involved are not tribal members, van Schilfgaarde said.

That calculus could change if the provider is a tribal citizen. The Supreme Court's 2020 ruling in McGirt v. Oklahoma affirmed that much of eastern Oklahoma is a reservation. Under the federal laws that govern criminal jurisdiction on reservations, a Native provider performing an abortion on a reservation would potentially fall under the jurisdiction of the tribe and the federal government, and therefore could avoid the state's penalties, Reese said. (CNN)

So if the tribes were to set up abortion clinics, it could not be for non-tribal members. Because sovereign laws are not tribal members only. And the staunch belief that all life is sacred. There would be no need to build one, let alone get private funding for one.

A decade ago, ex-OST Tribal President Teresa Twobulls tried to do just that. Have an abortion clinic built on tribal lands. It lost in elections and no one wanted that. Mainly for spiritual reasons and because the tribe would be putting a target on themselves for pro-life bombers.

Look. We all know that this changes things for women. The right to choose. The right to save a life should pregnancy threaten to kill the mother.

Myself, I think it's ok to abort in cases of rape and incest. If its medically life threatening. If the child has medical conditions and/or mutations.

I think about how the Navajo tribe has been stricken with Xeroderma Pigmentosium. In carriers with XP the chances of kids with the condition is higher. XP is a severe allergic reaction to the sun. Enough exposure can lead to brain dysfunction and lead to death.

There's a lot of valid reasons. But above all. I believe that life is worth protecting.

This law does not affect me because I would not abort. Not religious or spiritual reasons. But because the decision to make life is mine. I really got no dog in this fight.

I just wanted to explain why you shouldn't look to native tribes to solve your abortion needs. No loophole is worth going to jail for.

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Inflation and high gas prices not Biden's fault

Some of you are laughing at President Biden's letter to gas companies. I once again must explain something to you morons so listen up.

The President does not control anything. The President position carries only influence. The government is split into 3 powers. Most of which belongs to the rich Republicans who refuse to tax themselves.

Yes, he wrote a letter requesting lowered prices. It's all any president can do. It's called being proactive. Trying to get lowered prices for all.

Right now Ukraine needs aid for their war with Russia. Americans need aid for layoffs from major companies who got a bankruptcy bailout. For the fight against Covid-19. For other places such as Puerto Rico for their hurricane damages. For the wildfires.

We are bleeding money and these decisions to go deeper are thanks to you dummies and your approval ratings.

President Zellinskyy doesn't have to worry about approval ratings. That's why he looks like the better political representation.

Personally I couldn't give a damn about approval ratings. I dont have to answer for anything. Biden however is being handled by a team of public relations, all telling him he gas to do things for the approval of America as a whole.

Yet all anyone can do is whine about "people don't want to work" then they cut the jobs of 100000 people but i guess that's Biden's doing and because people dont want to work.

When the pandemic started. I never had the opportunity to work from home or take days off when I wanted. You put in your 45 hours a week. Snow.. Plague.. It didn't matter. I put on my mask and went while the rest of you got to sit at home on wire club all day lying about stocks and being immune.

Dont sit there and act like you know what's going on by watching Tucker Carlson. You don't. "No one wants to work" including you who sit on wireclub all day. Ya hypocrites.

I read a news title like "if you havent gotten Covid yet., you probably dont have friends or an important job" and i was like amen.

So before you talk sh*t about Biden.. Your approval rating is nonexistant. So congrats

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Marilyns Dress

That's one thing that doesn't make sense. She says she had to lose 16 lbs. Wears the dress for 5 minutes. Then put on a replica. But its like.. Why not just wear the replica?

Seems cheaper to just have Ripleys agree the replica was the authentic dress. Then years later say.. Oh it was a replica.

Instead it's got a stretched out zipper and smells like ass.

I think Marilyn had better iconic dresses. The white one from "The Seven Year Itch" the pink dress from "Gentlemen Prefer Blondes"

That Mr president dress to me seemed weirdly designed but it was iconic nonetheless.

If she didn't have the body for it in the first place, she should have left it alone.

There's videos of the fitting where they are tugging so hard to get it over her massive turd cutter that her butt actually gets pushed up behind her shoulder blades. Then when she has it on.. A lot of back fat.

LoL. Reminds me of fight club.

The part Edward Norton fucks up Jared Leto then says "I felt like destroying something beautiful" haha hence the met gala.

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Karma chameleons and justified dealings

Ive been talking about this for awhile. The way karma will slap the smile off a face.

A few years ago.. Rebel Wilson heard the joke "Lesbi-honest" from the tv show "Jersey Shore" and she ran with it. She used it in "Pitch Perfect" talking about "lesbi-honest". In her tv show "super fun time" she had An episode titled "Lesbi-honest" where the character Malika cones to terms with her sexuality.

Flash forward a week ago. She outs herself before an Australian newspaper could, this came on the coat tails of her dramatic weight loss to which she said "would help my chances of getting knocked up" now she's like.. Embrace meeeeeeee.

So she's finally Lesbi-honest.

Elon Musk is an idiot. So it's no surprise that after making anti-trans posts on Twitter, his son announced a weenie slicing. The extreme circumcision. Xavier has legally,changed his name to Vivien.

Id have chosen Delong Peter Musk.

Every Trump,supporter talking about Trump had it right. The election was stolen. Of course it was stolen. He thought he was gonna win. Biden for the steal. Even his kids narked on him. He told the media Ivanka is an idiot. His own daughter told the truth and he called her brain damaged. LoL.

There's a lot of people on wire who felt untouchable. Then got touched. Either learn your lesson and try to calm down and grow. Or jeep following the path you trailblazed and got stomped out.


Learn your lesson.

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Donald Trump is garbage - Jan 6 details

I'm kind of glad about hearing at trial what happened. Even Ivanka Trump said it. Donald Trump sparked the would be insurrection that led to Jan 6 riot.

The funny part is it was the mindless racists who carried it out.

Details emerged that the intended targets were Nancy Pelosi and Vice President Mike Pence.

Mike Pence did not want to challenge the fact Joe Biden had won. Mike Pence could not live with the lie. A fiercely religious man, he could not lie under oath and in the name of God. So he chose to do the right thing. He said No.

I never had a problem with Mike Pence. I never made a bad remark about him. Like many, I felt He was one of Trumps Henchmen. But as it turns out he was just trying to be a good man.

He just got mixed up with the wrong d-bag. The funny thing is.. Trump ordered him to oppose the election. And Trump wasn't even in it. Pence didn't want to be Trump's proxy. And it kind of sucks that Trump is the reason Pence lost.

I'm not saying Biden wasnt the right choice. I love Biden.

People have a deluded perception about how much power the president has. Trump has misguided people into thinking the President can start wars and end world hunger. 2 things Trump hadn't done either.

The powers of the government is broken into 3 powers so that there can be no absolute power. That leads to chaos.

Take for instance Russia, right now a lot of Russians don't want this war. But like children of a single mother., they have to go along with their bitter mother or face being drowned in a bath tub or driven into a river strapped into cat seats. They cant overthrow Putin because there is no secondary government authority. It's a dictatorship.

Biden does not control gas prices. He does not control inflation or the stock market. Biden can't snap his fingers and can make clean, perfected baby formula with no chance of harmful chemicals. Its stupid to believe he can.

He was given the presidency during a pandemic. Almost a million peopledies from it. A war started. Russia sanctioned grain and fuel exports because their rich can't afford to buy an escort with their millions sanctioned.

Instead of placing the blame on Putin and Trump, the stupid masses blame Biden.

I mean Donald Trump Jr is selling t shirts making fun of an elderly man for millions from stupid rednecks.

Let's be honest. Some if you white people on wire say some racist stuff. But when an attractive black guy shows up. Y'all are batting your lashes. Guys included. Talking about "I knew a black guy once" then try to be friendly.

It's like when some of you get half black grand kids. Then You're posting 100s if photos like.. This my baby.. Jomario Tyreek.

So.. Mike Pence refused to go along with this lie. And it's documented that Trump tweeted to his constituents "Mike Pence did not say no.. He is not a patriot" which is why they went to kill him at the Capitol.

You dummies were gonna kill an honorable man for an overweight broke ginger. So congrats.. You're an idiot. I like this scenario to a south park episode where Kyle turns Eric Cartman into a ginger with hair dye and skin bleach. And Cartman amassed a bunch of ginger kids to riot and try to kill non gingers. Til Kyle tells him the truth.. Then he changes his tune.

Trump is a sociopath. Or trying to convey he is one. By showing no remorse. He did not condemn Jan 6th. He never said.. You morons did this... Shame.

Because you morons didn't do this. He did. And you were his mindless Sims yapping "murmur jeeba wah wah" in your racist simlish speak.

Anyway.. Mike Pence broke that hold. He said Hell No. And to be honest. I respect him for that.

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Review - Bloody Summer Camp 2021

Angela is a boy!

The big reveal of sleepaway camp has always been part of the Legend of actress Felissa Rose. A career in slasher films that revolve around killings at a camp. Felissa Rose could not make this film into worthwhile entertainment.

The acting was bland and the fight scenes were amateurly staged. I get that it's a low budget b movie but it lacked key elements. Schick for example. The lead actress was kind of dumpy and odd looking. She read her lines so bland and dead pan.

The worst part was the big reveal at the end. Where it's plans that predate the murders. Like oh I'll set this weapon here. Its like in the oceans heist reveals. Like.. Oh the security guard will be having diarrhea during the heist because Brad Pitt put exlax in his latte and winks at the camera.

The plot is basic too. Counselors gather at a summer camp. A killer in a devil mask starts killing. No soundtrack. Unlicensed background music. Constant positioning to be face front in scenes.

I watched this so you don't have to.

Remember my sacrifice.

The Patriot Fronts favorite idiot..

The recent weekend.. The Patriot front - a white supremacist group planned to riot at a gay pride event in Idaho. Among them was a 27 year old Jared Boyce.

Glad in riot gear and guns sitting in the back of a Uhaul on a summer day. Imagine the smell. Anyway 31 rednecks planned to riot.. Which means they probably would have been a mass shooting.

They were thwarted by police. Charged with a lesser crime. Had their identities posted.

Anyway Jared Boyce got extra attention. From his mom. Jared's mom, told her son.. Get the f**k out my house.

It's like how white and Supreme can you be living with your mommy at 27?

She put him on blast in hopes that the attention will get him to stop being part of a hate group. Because becoming the court jester would be humiliating and maybe he will grow the heck up.

My question is this. Why hate the gays? Because if you think about it... If the Bible says hating gays is wrong.. Why woukd tgey ask you to devote your heart and soul and loyalty to a man.. 2 men. God and Jesus. Sounds homosexual to me. And if it's a racial thing. How white and Supreme are you if you're worshipping that magic Jewish hippie?

It's ridiculous.

So Jared Boyce.., I hope your mom's plan work. Because being a poster boy for fronting sucks, by fronting i mean.. If Yoyre living with your mom. Running around shirtless with a borrowed gun. Just trying to be part of a gang.. Then LOL! You're an idiot.

There's alot if them now.

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Proof Angels Exist

Dolly Parton.

With things currently in such a wreck. Covid 5th wave. The war in Russia. Stock market crashes. Elon Musk being a lame f**k. So much bleak and doom.

In walks Dolly Parton. Dolly already donated $1 million to fund the Covid vaccination. Saved millions of lives and did not ask for a thing. She waited til people who needed the vaccination to get it first. Declined a Nobel Prize. Declined everything that most trash celebrities could have done but didn't.

Dud Elin Musk do that? No. Dud Kylie Jenner? No. Did the Kardashian's or Amber Heard? No. It took someone as humane and kind to give just to save lives.

Dolly Stands alone when it comes to class acts. Dolly Stands alone when it comes to,humanitarian efforts. You notice once Meghan Markle wormed her way into the Royal family. She doesn't do charity work anymore. She's peddling a Docu-series about the struggles a rich half white woman faces.

Dolly Parton donated another $1 million to fight infectious diseases. Because this monkey pox thing is rising. And that is wonderful.

Because Dolly is doing something no one is doing currently. Rekindling hope.

That's her legacy.

So Dolly.. I admire and respect you. And I pray that the sun always shines on your path.

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Sore losers

I kinda wish Amber Heard would go away now. Talk about milking drama. She keeps whining that she told the truth and the trial outcome hurts women. It doesn't.

Johnny Depp told her you will never see my eyes again, he kept that promise. World humiliation, he kept that promise. He hasn't run to the media for extra publicity. He wrote on Instagram, it's over. Anyone who has been abused, I implore you to get help.

All the best memes are about ambers terrible acting. Mainly the one about her dog stepping on a bed, then she squeezes her eyes hard trying to make tears.

Anyway. People kept saying it was a trial by social media. But the jury wasn't allowed to see outside sources. The memes. The commentary. None of it.

The facts were, it was proven she staged the alleged abuse. Her evidence were fabricated. Her witnesses were all over the place. TMZ stateside released and produced the video. She said the op-ed was about Johnny on the stand. She effed herself.

Then she says "I am going to focus on my daughter" and yet running to do paid interviews. She is very disturbed.

But that's the meta for sure losers. Disappear a few days then return with even,more furor about getting even.

Take a lesson from susan lucci. She lost an actress award like 10 years in a row. She kept her mouth shut and put in the work til it paid off.

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Dark winds (might spoil it)

AMC debuted "Dark Winds" over the weekend. It's a thriller with tinges of supernatural.

Set in the 1970s, 2 cops are investigating seemingly unrelated crimes while dealing with traumas if the past. Survivors guilt. Yet the crimes aren't unrelated.

Joe Leaphorb deals with the death of his son who died in an explosion that he blames on his brother in law.

The show opens with an,old man visiting a medicine woman for health reasons which leads to,his death along with Leaphorb neice Anna dying without cause. They find her body untouched and undamaged, save for a streak,if white hair the coroner claims signifies she was scared to death.

I won't ruin much but it deals with witchcraft and shmanistic rituals. Some of these half breed cherokees who are super into native American spiritual healing will know about medicine pouches. About hair grabbers and skinwalkers. Other omens they learned about from the internet.

The racism seems kind of forced but it also revealed dealings native officers deal with among regular natives. The hostility.

There's some natives who like to feel superior about their full bloodedness and family names. The old angry ones will ask who your grand parents are and basically call you mudblood if your last name isn't like "three dog night" if you had a surname like Jones or Smith, you're basically as asshat who hates your own people. I've seen instances where a grandma will spit in your face.

When my brothers were cops this happened once. When my Gran found out she called this old lady up. Said something in Lakota. She said "that's my grandson" a few days later my brothers both got sage bundles from this old lady. LoL. My Gran was the best. She was known for her kindness but also She was crazy as hell. One time she at 50 beat up my uncle's 23 year old girlfriend and busted the dummies nose at a family bbq.

Anyway in the show when Leaphorb shows up at the family community, his D bag brother in law starts accusing him of killing h8s neice.. Then for no reason stumbles in a mud puddle. Smooth move exlax.

Have a great monday

Ezra Miller is frigging weird

Dunno if anyone's been keeping tabs on this. A couple days ago.. A Lakota woman claimed Ezra Miller of enticing her 18 year old daughter away from home and to Hawaii since January.

Back in January, Ezra made the news for attacking a couple in Hawaii, leading to a restraining order. So the time lines match up.

According to Sara Iron Eyes, her daughter dropped out of college and ran away from home. The story is weird.

In 2016, the NoDAPL protests began in Standing Rock. Tokata Iron Eyes was then a chubby 12 year old girl protesting with her mom. Celebrities joined. I mentioned Shaylene Woodley, Jason Mamoa. Few others.

It was there they met Ezra Miller. In the span of 6 years, Ezra offered to pay for tokatas college education. Had her flown to London where they filmed Fantastic Beasts. Few other trips.

Anyway I guess Tokata dropped out of school and left with Ezra Miller to escape her troubled reservation upbringing. LoL. I'd like to mention Tokata's brother graduated from high school last month. Her mom is a pediatrician. They could afford to go to standing rock to protest. Her life wasn't distraught.

She cut off contact with her family for 6 months. Her mom went to TMZ a few days ago to accuse Ezra Miller of grooming. Which it seems is true. They had enough time for it to lead to sex or marriage. But she's 18. Legally she's grown. Plus her parents had 6 months to file reports or reach out. They have not made posts about Tokata until recently. Which kind of begs the question.. Why now?

Oh one detail they added for no reason. Apparently Tokata identifies as gay non binary. And now Ezra identifies as transgendered bisexual.

It's like an unnecessary detail.

But then again Ezra wouldn't be the first white boy obsessed with the allure of a sexy young native. I've dealt with the mystique all life

And that's my time.

325 - pink

Baby formula shortage.. Sober up you lush.

Lets be honest. A big issue now is mental health and coping. And for a lot of new moms comes the post partum and the inability to not drink wine or pop a mood stabilizer. It's easier to shake a bottle of formula than hold a baby to your breast for more than 2 minutes.

You're like.. War.. You don't have kids. Why do you say this? I'm glad you asked.

I do have sisters and sisters in law and female cousins and the array of women that end up in jail. Aunts.. Friends..

Breast feeding is a bonding activity. For babies and moms. I don't condone sick fetishists.

My point being. I've known a lot of moms. And if they aren't drinking. They're on medications for stupid shit like depression and birth control. Or the old fashioned crack adfiction. With abortions getting banned. You'd think the depo vera shot would rise.

I told my brother since his daughter is fake lesbian and banging dudes for weed. Get her the depo. Depo or depot. LoL.

Anyway. Native women don't formula feed unless they're working or partying. Breast feeding is what most of the women I've known have done.

Like.. Ok i saw an article written by a homely 30 year old white woman. Like.. I need formula.. I have maple syrup urine and I need it to survive! And it's like.. Do you really want to? You can't enjoy a tasty amburbur. You can't enjoy cake or a cookie. You look homely. It's like these fat ugly vampires on wire. I'm like do you really want to live forever looking the way you do? You wNt to live hundreds of years lookimg like Ted Cruz with stringy greasy hair?

You've lived 30 years Meanwhile babies only alive a week are starving to secure your long pathetic life. Shame.

Shame on all your houses.

If you got mental issues should you be fucling and making kids?

I saw a movie where Amanda seyfried was a suicidal mom who slashed her wrists infront of her baby. Sat there with big evil eyes like.. Remember this.., it's your fault.

Then she has a 2nd kid and successfully kills herself in a wicker chair.

And they're like.. Plz be nice to white ladies.

They shoulda got Amber Heard. Not because it would cause hate. But because those court room antics woulda nrought the movie to life.

324 - orange

Stranger things.. A Star Wars joint

I was thinking about that connection. How Henry killed the psychic kids and turned evil and burnt to st#t shortly after.

I did not realize he implied Eleven was a clone when he said "When papa could not control me.. He tried to recreate me" and she was probably cloned or at the very least sired by him. You don't have to clone.. And cloning wasn't perfected til the 90s and the dolly the sheep fiasco.

So in that manner.. Eleven was Luke Skywalker. And if theres a Leia, its the Asian girl with super black eyeliner from s2 that looked like Mindy kahling. I said Asian because India is part of asia.

So there's probably gonna be a,point when he reveals he is Elevens father. 11.. I am your father :deep breathing: she will be like. Shut up dad.. God you're so embarrassing. In true 80s fashion in that valley girl tone.

Gag me with a spoon.

That means Paul Riser is Yoda. Which is Jewish for yours duh. Which translates to mad about you. It all comes full circle.

Actually I think Yoda is yodea in Hebrew meaning "he knows" or something like that. I remember that from toys that made us. LoL.

That also means Mike is jar jar. Tall and odd looking. Always talking about meesa.

Like Jan Brady. Meesa meesa meesa.

Ok I must work

323 - purple

I just think he is an idiot. Let's sue him.

I'm just waiting for the first person to sue Elon Misk over this Twitter deal. It really is insider trading now.

He boasted buying Twitter for $44 billion. Sending stocks soaring. Unbanning Trump and other miscreants under the banner of freedom of speech. After all this he backs out over something as petty as "fake accounts". Fake accounts is how it works. You pretend to be a woman thinking your snake like D-bag personality won't give you away.

But I digress. It's like when Instagram did an overhaul of accounts and deleted millions if fake accounts. Suddenly trash people like Jeffrey Starr went from 12 million subscribers to 10000.because someone's gonna find a way to inside trade. Buying 1 million fans for $5k. Isn't bad.

But musk boosting the stock to watch it fail so dummied who bought remain broke.. Is lame but it's like whatever.

I'm just waiting for someone's brain to click like.. Hey.. Wait a second.

Because you can sue an,obvious market manipulation if you are a a combat only doing it to keep common people broke while you remain a billionaire.

But atleast now.. Maybe others will see what a truly stupid man he is.

323 - green

Gun control begins with mind control

I've mentioned this before. In a world of unoriginal snowflakes. We often come across that dented.. Damaged.. Incest influenced.. Mouth gaped.. Low IQ tool bags who have a need for attention.

Infamous syndrome. It's when people want to be known even, if it's for atrocities. School shootings.. Wars.. Running people over. Russia's president Putin comes to mind.

Kyle Rittenhouse was a kid with a gun "defending" stores in Wisc. He killed 2 and injured 1. He was acquitted by means of self-defense. But.. He garnered a lot of attention.. Political attention. Now he's getting a free college education.

People contend. Were he a black teen, things would be different. Maybe they're right. It's odd no one questioned why he was really there. The grown adults didn't need him and they did not shoot anyone.

It's evident infamous syndrome is on the rise. One major effect is the copycat effect.

19 year old Salvador Ramos, the gunman of the Uvalde School shootings.. Killed 19 kids and 2 adults. He shot his grandma in the face prior, leaving her for dead. Tired of getting bullied. He attacked an elementary school. This in no way justifies his atrocity. But it's like Damien Echoks once said "people need that boogeyman"

Its not about being evil. It's about suicide by cop. It's always about being the victim of law enforcement. It's about unrest in a time when you need to lockdown until Covid is over.

It's about bottom of the bucket evil.. Trying to rise to the top.

I've been threatened a few times on here with gun violence. I posted these on line for others to laugh at. It's always some dumpy old man. The weak ones who never did a school mass shooting out of fear. You will never be alpha with a gun in your hand. You let the world know you're weak as hell bringing a gun.

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Joe Biden's advice to Musk is savage.

Recently Elon Musk made a lot of dopey moves. But the biggest was attempting to buy Twitter.. He said he would unban Donald Trump and vote for him. But he did some shifty moves that were seen as inside trading. Then trying to reneg on his promise to buy Twitter.

His other dopey moves.. Having kids with a cosplay hooker. Known as Grimes. Paying $1 million to make Amber Heard an ACLU ambassador of domestic abuse.

He recently sent an email to employees telling them no more remote work. Get your asses in the factories or quit. He also remarked how in China the workers who were infected and stuck at work, slept on the floors and put in 12 hour days. And that Americans were lazy.

Joe Biden was asked what he thought about Musks statement. And he said "God luck going to the moon" LoL

“Well, let me tell you, while Elon Musk is talking about that, Ford is increasing their investment overwhelmingly,” Biden told reporters. “Ford is increasing their investment and building new electric vehicles, 6,000 new employees ― union employees, I might add ― in the midwest. The former Chrysler Corporation ... they are also making similar investments in electric vehicles. Intel is adding 20,000 new jobs making computer chips.”

Now. Before y'all start the Democrat hate. Let me remind you the reason Musk is saying this. With his Twitter deal at near $40 billion. And reneging or loopholing he will also get charged billions. Deals sucks and can't stay out of the news for random cars exploding or killing people. His companies are starting to suck. With a pandemic still happening.. And his financial uncertainty in the dark. He is panicking about losing his money.

It's like Adeles Las Vegas residency. Starting concerts while the pandemic is still going. Her crewgot Covid so she had to postpone. But it's like you got millions., how much do you need? Buy a modest house and live out your life with money to pay bills for decades. The met gala is fkn Bullshit. You're only painting a target on yourself for robbers and the IRS.

Elon Musk is an idiot.

Recently a chatter said the store she works at us closing because no one wants to work because Biden,us giving people free money not to work. And I told This loon.. That makes no sense. Biden giving people free money makes them consumers. Biden can't control people not wanting your goods. These "stimulus" are called stimulus to stimulate the economy by making people consumers. It's in the name. If you don't know basic comment sense.. Meh.

My point. Elon Musk is an idiot. But it's not just him. People say stupid things everyday then tell you "educate yourself" let's see your diploma then.

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Sets women back? Don't think so

Amber Heard's lawyers were bad at speeches. During closing statements her guy lawyer said "this is about the first amendment, the freedom of speech. A vote for Amber is a vote for free speech. Like something a teen would say in speech class or class election.

Then.. They said "a vote against Amber, sets women back. It discourages women from speaking up about surviving domestic violence"

First of all. No. It sets back 1 gold digger $15 million.thats pretty much it. She won a settlement. $2 mill. From the 15 she owes. She's at $13 mill. And if she forgoes her divorce settlement she's looking at $6mill owed.

I bet Elon Musk pays it. The dummy he is,

Amber screwed herself. She called TMZ. She fabricated make up bruises. A set up video that she edited. She blatantly said "i wrote the op ed because of him"

Anyway the video.

The one TMZ posted.. Showed her sort of trying to lead a conversation into an argument. She asks him "did you drink all that" refering yo,thr alcohol. He grabs her phone and it ends. Speculating He whooped that ass. But in the trial the full 2 minute video posted.

In it. He grabs the phone and throws it on the couch and asks why? She's like "you started smashing shit" he says "you ass" and leaves to which she giggles. Cuz she got busted trying to fabricate evidence.

Anyway I just wanted to say. She didn't set women,or domestic violence survivors back. They won't end women's suffrage because of her. So relax.

At least it's over now

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Amber's turd hits the fan

Johnny Depp won.

And of course the ACLU is upset. They say it's a strike against the first amendment. And tgey plan to sue Johnny. But... It makes you think. What is even their purpose? I know they're there to argue for freedom of speech. But in a way they manufactured this drama by means of political assassination to further their position on the radar.

They aren't good or evil. They will defend the KKK's right to have racial protests, but also defend black people's rights to protest that protest. Instead they divide America because conflict is good for business.

So let's toss out some facts why Amber lost. She contends that her op-ed about domestic violence was not about Depp, yet in her closingbtestimony said it was about him. She manufactured and distributed the "abuse" video she posted of Johnny Depp assaulting her. It shows conflict but no abuse. It cuts out before anything happens leaving any interpretation or misinterpretation to be created.

3. She made a public claim Johnny Depp shoved Kate Moss down some stairs. Kate testified her account.

4. She said Depp got her fired from Aquaman. The president of that studio said nope.

She made so many claims that were refuted by others. Even her best friend Rocky was like.. Uhh. No.

At least it's over.

And as I said before and by the things that came out. She really thought she was that beautiful she could get any man or woman to do her bidding.

Elon Musk is out 1.5 million for buying her a spokesmodel job at ACLU. Johnny Depp is out 7 million for divorcing her. That guy Josh Drew who lied for her about abuse who said "her said she missed me and loved me.. Saud I might be called to testify" made a dopey ass out of himself.

James Franco was the only smart one. He put it in her butt and ghosted her. Never had to testify. So good for him.

Congratulations Johnny Depp.

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