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Stranger things season 4 part 1

What a crazy ride, yeah?

Ok so. Thoughts. I think the upside down is a frozen memory of the day Eleven pushed Number 1 through the gate into the astral plane. Why frozen? So that the instance number 1 was to die, sort of kept him from dying. Trapped psychic signature. You can't die uf time and space are frozen, thus the clock features heavy in the hallucinations that happen before death.

Thoughts.. Vecna is a psy vampire. They feed on psychic energy., regular energy.. Emotional energy. Sexual energy. The r3ason he needs to create a psychic connection to his victims is to absorb their energy through rear.

Think.. Freddy vs Jason. Freddy says he lost his power when people forgot him. Forgot to fear him. Nancy Thompson survived Freddy by taking back her energy. Then using dream inhibitors to keep herself hidden. Once people remembered Freddy he was able to kill again. Which might explain Robert Englunds cameo.

Some horror movie take a ways.,

The scene where Nancy and friends were about to escape the upside down using a sheet and a mattress. Was derrivitive of poltergeist. When They yank Carol Anne from the other side using a rope and a mattress.

The star wars take away.

Henry Creel aka number 1.. Aka Vecna. Killed the other psychic kids like Anakin killed the younglings. In return gets burned and lives. Hes like Darth Vader without the cool plastic costume.

In the Marvel universe.. The astral plane looks similar to the upside down. I'm the new mutants when Illyana "Magik" Rasputin teleport.. You can see it

What brought this to mind was the red lightening. I remember the issue where Storm gets stuck in the astral plane where Mikhail Rasputin trained the mutant group "Gene Nation" on a hill where you only ascend upon defeatimg the person who claimed the spot.

Storm weird crimson bolts.

<a href=""><img src="" alt="11-2" border="0"></a>

LoL. Anyway I'm,outta steam

415 - red

Amber's Turd

As the Depp vs Heard trial comes to its end. It's abundantly clear it's a publicity stunt.

Yesterday at closing. Johnny Depp lawyer tore Amber apart.. Figuratively. She questioned Ambers testimony. Followed by evidence her bruises were made up. Her publicist contacts TMZ and Told them which side Amber's bruises were on. Manufacturing abuse. Followed by a news article showing Amber the following day without any bruising.

Amber then on the stand, admitted the domestic violence op-ed was indeed about Johnny Depp. Which was the reason for this case in which Depp is suing her.

A few weeks ago I said she was trying to get life to imitate art. Specifically her role as Mandy Lane in all the boys love Mandy Lane. In such the titular character convinces a guy to murder a bunch of people believing she was so beautiful, guys would do her bidding to gain favor.

It was a couple days ago.. The guy in charge of Disney/DC comics movies testified, Amber's Role had been reduced in Aquaman 2. Because of lack of chemistry with Jason Mamoa.

Mamoa came out in favor of Amber. But thats because he felt defending a survivor of domestic violence was the right thing to do.

Anyway Johnny Depp lawyer took apart Amber Heard on the stand. It was crazy.

311 - plaid

Kristen Chenoweth is a big weirdo

Keeper of the ashes is a Hulu dicuseries based on the 1977 murder of 3 girl Scouts in Oklahoma. Kristen Chenoweth reveals she was meant to go on the same camping trip.

Then she spends most of the series talking about being haunted and reveals survivor's guilt. She somehow managed to intertwine her life into this one event in time. It's basically a what if story used to bolster her celebrity.

She's like.. Lea Michelle milking the death of Cory Monteith for attention. She probably named her kid Cory.

Anyway. In 1977 3 girls at camp scout who were murdered and shook a small Oklahoma town.

Anyway she's a huge weirdo

310 - brown

There's something strange...

You ever feel haunted?

All weekend I swear I could hear something. And something very very weird happened...

But anyway.. LoL. What's with today.. Today?

It's been rainy all day. Which adds to,the weirdness of today. You think you know one thing but then you get Mandela effected. And it's weird.

So like... Must be a slow news day.. Because the Kardashian's are in most of the news. I never been that big of a loser I'd devote my life to watching a family if boring a$$ bimbos argue and whine.

But then when something weird happens you, you start to see life differently. Compounding the weirdness.

Anyway my boss run awaits

307 - emerald

Say it ain't so....

I've always said. I'm one of those people whom others just want to tell their life stories to. I dunno why.

It started in high school. Random people would just start telling me their hopes and dreams and crushes while I'm sitting there just enjoying my lunch. Then college came. Same story.

My job.. It's a common thing for criminals to just sort explain their situations and need for addictions. I never ask.

Anyway yesterday I ordered a pizza. So I pull up to pick it up and the cashier just.. Goes into story mode. Telling me how she ended up working a pizza joint. LoL

She's like...

I was working that chicken place. But me and another girl started beefing. Pretty soon management got involved. They chose her but I refuse... Refuse to work in a toxic environment. So I applied everywhere but this place was my first choice. Anyway that'll be $24.95

I'm like. Ok

Then she's like...

My brother just got out of prison for selling drugs. All these girls are after him. Every day my phone us ringing.. It's one of his little gf s. I tell you I am stressed out.

I'm like.. It'll get better.. Can I have my pizza?

Then.. While getting gas, this albino lady in a 90s floral sundress stops me and goes..

My name is Ardeen. I'm from Tennessee. I met my husband Josh in 84 at a mixer. My parent were against us but some 4 decades later were still together. Sure we had ups and downs and a cancer scare. But with faith and love we got by. Do you know how to get to I-90?

LoL. Anyway. Won't be the last time.

305 - hot pink

Josh Duggar should rot.

It's in the news the feds want him to do 20 years. He had one of the top 5 worst child porns. And From the description briefly shared, it was almost the snuff one with an 18 month old.

His mom and wife were "he's a good man. 2 years.. 5 years"

Meanwhile his cousins and a few of his sister's were like. Let him fry! And I agree.. He's a sick.. Gross.. Fat.. Creepy sumbish.

I for one hope he gets raped in prison. In prison... Sex offenders are singled out for beatings. This guy.. Is sick. He deserves it. I don't care how christian your family is... You got for tgat shhhhtuff.

P.s. Elin Must is a moron. Pass it on.

303 - yellow

Proof Elon Musk is an idiot

I've always said Elon Musk is not a genius. He's only smart enough to scam people into buying internet money. But before that, he came from a family that had diamond mines in Africa. Google it.

Anyway, he used this scammed money to fund other people's ideas. Do you see him with a sketch book drawing up plans for tesla? No. He's the chief financier and company owner. Telling people to buy these over priced, self driving electrical cars. Paying for trips to space that really hasn't brought us any closer to living on Mars. Again.. Not his ideas.

What happened to his plans for a super train? LoL.

Every time his name is brought up its for stupid things. Knocking up a cosplay semi porn model. Ttying to buy her fame with a terrible music career. Getting her on SNL for a skit that sucked. Naming their kids stupid names.

Recently he is tied to 3 stupid things.

1. It's been made a fact that he paid over $1m for Amber Heard to be the ACLU ambassador for abused women. Then she dumped him after he paid a chunk of her debt.

2. He is trying to buy Twitter. But he's being accused of inside trading so he's passing it off as "we got to account for spam-fake profiles"

3. He said he's voting for Trump.

Am I anti-Trump? Fuck yes. 4 years of racism and terrible decisions. Then he left us in the grips of a pandemic.

Real talk. For years you had to be in a certain tax bracket to be Republican. In the 80s this was made a thing on television. For instance.. Alex P Keaton. He was obsessed with being rich and Republican even though he came from hippy democrat parents. This led to his lying and scheming to get money and be rich.

In the 90s. Married with children reminded us of this. The lead character Al Bundy was at odds with his snobby banker neighbor Marcy, who was a proud republican because of her financial standing.

We had tv shows like Roseanne that always toed the line that blue collar, hard working.. Middle to lower class were democrats.

Why am I saying this? If these rules havent changed. All you broke ass, older white people are not Republican. Have you ever been invited to a fundraising dinner? Have you ever been invited to a meeting? No? So are you Republican? Because they sure dont need you. What are you bringing to the table? Your Wal-Mart greeting skills? Cool beans.

You're just as stupid as Elon Musk and Donald Trump. The only difference is, you're broke.

Have a great Tuesday

301 - black

White supremacy? Have you seen the obese south?

Mama June us probably the spojesmodel for white supremacy.

I think of it as anti-ethnic victimization.

You ever been from broke ads people and have to move go a ghetto? Suddenly blonde girl is banging all the black guys.. White brother getting beaten.. Turns to hate. Thats how most racism origins began.

People tell their stories on wire all the time. Move from Chicago to a small predominately ethnic town. Get beat up.. Turn Republican and hate filled. Everyone has their tale.

I grew up surrounded by racists. So when people try to be racist i roll my eyes like.. Oh wow. So racist and yet so physically lame.

When I got to college. Day 1 all the dumb ass whites asked if we still lived in tipis. I was like yea sure.

It was a psychology professor who said "before any of you say stupid stuff. The native americans are superior humans.. Physiologically they were made for hunting. They can also look like any race... Then he mentioned a scene from wind talkers where the Japanese troops assumed natives as Japanese."

Northern tribes because of seasonal changes are typically light skinned and tall. Southern tribes are darker and shorter. Part of climate adapting.

Anyway my point.

Racism via nurture. It's like that whole nature vs nurture. You arent born racist.. It has to be planted in you psychologically. Like having racist Archie Bunkers as fathers.

People who had fond memories of other cultures usually are great people.

A while back a dumb ass said "I'm not afraid to be racist" yet.. LoL.

My point being.. You get what you give. So just be decent.

300 - gray

Feeding the stupid.. Baby formula crisis

I read the stupidest headline. It said "Republicans blast Joe Biden on baby formula shortage" "sadly, this is Joe Biden's America"

First off. Joe doesn't control baby formula. The companies that make it have a whole board of directors.

The president doesn't have the power to do anything.. Just influence. I said the same thing about Trump. Ultimately gas prices has nothing to do with Trump. Actually make use of your Google.

Second. Why are people still having babies at a time when health care is pressed so thin by a pandemic. Wear a condom. Also.. Breast milk is free. It's like you want to use formula to keep your breasts not looking like empty cake frosting bags. Or "with Covid it's not safe" it wasn't safe to get knocked up. Now you're drawing a line of infant safety?

There's a lot of stupidity. And it sucks seeing this stuff getting bigger. We sanctioned Russia... We don't get their fuel or grains.. Because of war. Assassinate Putin.. Release sanctions.. Get back to normal.

Why hasn't Putin been assassinated? Assassinations happen in like Cuba.. Rwanda.. Where assassins get the job done.

They kept bragging these sharp shooters joined Ukraine.. And yet.. No successful headshots. What a waste.

So my,original thought. President doesn't have the power to do tell gas prices or baby food. Fuck off with your stupidity.

298 - black

Happy Friday the 13th

Some parents are disgusting...

Ben and Kami Crawford are garbage parents. They forced their 6 year old to run a 26 mile marathon promising a box of Pringles at the end. They contend they did nothing wrong. Olympic level athletes tweeted that it wasn't a good look forcing a child to do this.

In the end it had intended results. More channel views. A wider audience. Their names in the news.

Why do people feel the need to exploit their kids?

In 2019 Michelle Hackney was accused of forcing her kids , 7 were adopted. Into filming videos for YouTube. She withheld food, water and bathroom breaks and filmed for hours. Physically abusing them. Anyway she died after being released on bail.

Jordan Cheyenne filmed her son crying... But also her telling him to cry more for a reboot. Exploiting his sadness at finding out their dog might have a deadly illness.

This week Daniel Birkhead paraded Danni Birkhead, daughter of former model, centerfold, reality tv star Anna Nicole Smith. Once a year Daniel likes to slather their daughter in make up. And force her to take photos, I'm sure in a year or two he's going to outfit her with DD breast implants. Or probably sell her virginity.

Nowadays a lot of these child stars reveal the abuse they went through. Drew Barrymore was an alcoholic and a drug addict by 12. Bella Thorne was molested., but shes dyslexic so it's possible it never happened. #DyslexiaKojes

Why do people have to be such garbage monsters to their kids? Children should be allowed tgeirvtime to be children. Not sexualized like the Olsen Twins.

Mary-Kate and Ashley did it right. Used their childhood sexuality to take in millions.. Then at 18 dramatically age to 40 and marry guys in their 60s. All the while giving a dead in the eyes smirk when people see them out in public.

Always give the dead inside eyes ladies.

295 - violet

The whites. You knew it was coming...

You ever feel like there's a narrative to this whole escaped prisoner story? I mean. For 9 days they chilled out in Indiana. Now the chick is dead.. Let's take a step into the madness of.. The underground railroad for the whites.

Casey white was serving a 75 year sentence for numerous crimes, one was confession to murdering Connie Ridgeway in her home.

Anyway.. So while waiting for sentencing... He met corrections officer Vicky White. They romanced each other. She helped him escape.

Ok so the narrative is "They are not related" the media keeps stressing this part. "They are of no relation" and they do it enough you should question why? Why did we need to know this? Maybe it's because they were. It's Alabama... Redneck incest capital of the south.

Then.. The narrative goes. "She shot herself.. He said please save my wife I didn't shoot her in the head while fleeing."

And you're like... Huh. Why would they say this? Then.. The officer arresting and reporting was named "wedding" and you're like.. Huh.. I see.

So they weren't related... Then they got married... And she shot herself... And the Jon Hamm guy is totally innocent. 😇

It's lies fed by white people.

They were related.. He killed her.. It all leads to his insanity narrative. Don't be a fool. Don't get white washed.

294 - orange

Mothers day

LoL. So yesterday there was a call about a drunk woman beating up her dog. While getting arrested she sais "you're gonna arrest me? On mother's day? Really?"

Which was met with bestiality rumors. The other criminals were calling her dog***ker. Like her Batman villain origin story.

Anyway we hit level green for Covid but with summer on the horizon that's going to change. Tourism.. Republican 70 year old bikers. Bunch stupid 20s who can't stay home.

Anyway... May 9th. Already.

It's time to light up the world like nobody else.

293 - green

Review - Luzifer 2021

It says horror but there was no horror. The horror never came. LoL

It's a story about this lady who raised her son secluded in the mountains. Filling his head with delusions that he is the next Jesus.

Meanwhile constantly displaying her nude tattooed body all the time. Johannes grows up sheltered with a pet eagle. Then one day the land developers come.

Maria explains to Johannes she was drinking her life away until she met Johannes father. Ultimately he got her sober and left her preggers. Thus in Her eyes God saved her and pumped her full of Jesus 2.0

Anyway the developers send in the tough guys to rough up Maria and Johannes and convince them to sign ownership papers. In doing so they drench Maria in vodka and imply they'll gang rape her as her son watches. She signs. They leave her with the bottle. She drinks it and 30 years of sobriety goes down the tubes.

She gets sick from the booze. So Johannes pelts her with poo water in an exorcism that culminates with his naked mom dying in fecal water. She dies. The developers win. Johannes runs away to the caves. 1.5 hours wasted.

The old lady has. Shaved head and is nude a lot. Her bewbs depressed me. LoL. Both she and thus 45 year old vet always want Johannes naked. The vet finally gets some D. And her boobs were bad too.

Don't be tricked. The horror never came.

Lez Imcompetant

Spring. Mating season for lots of species on earth. I've seen so many birds having their split second sex. LoL. Which reminds me, I saw a video of a bird mating dance. Bird went all out. By the time he got behind the female, she bolted.

Roe vs wade. Everyone's talking about it. Stopping abortions. They talk about the Bible, where God slain a ton of babies. I think the lesson in the Bible is... Don't kill your baby til after its born. Death only counts if you had a soul.

Globally overpopulated. The q-anons would have you believe the vaccine sterilized you and smooshes your eggs.

Take a step back and look at places like Somalia. Facing starvation.. They keep making babies. Only to watch these babies slowly starve to death.

Gov Newsom has stated California would be a place to get an abortion. Which I think is fair. Don't get me wrong, I can see the need for abortion in cases of rape or child abuse. In health recommended situations.

But if you're like.. Liana.. Banging dudes and partying all weekend. Being disgusting. You should foot the bill for a greyhound ticket to California to get your inside a sucked out with a shop vac. The shame of that should be hindrance.

So back to the bird sex. It had me thinking. If you're dumb enough to have 30 seconds of sex... Then get your baby yanked out with a hanger... Was it worth it?

Wait til you're in a stable healthy loving relationship before ya bang. Or better yet.. Wear condoms.

There was a few dumb asses who were telling people I was a lesbian. People like sun, scoot and gator... People who don't even know anything about me other than the tales I spin in my blogs.

No one believes you because why would they? But.. To answer this assumption.

Am I a lesbian? I'm what the fremch would say... Lez incompetant'. *rim shot*

289 - blue

May 5th. Chico de gallo

One of the sucky things about high intellect us always thinking. I try not to. I stay away from political stances because my mind becomes fixated on solving problems. World hunger... Green science. Math. War..

The math ones aren't a problem. I just grab my handy dandy notebook and work it out. Easy as that.

We have a lot on our plates. The Ukraine war. I admire Zelensky. I admire that he refused to run. He stayed and witnessed the atrocities to his people. He asked for help.. Not for his approval rating. But because his people need it.

As part of this. The world has sanctioned Russia. Putting a choke hold both ways. For the US it's fuel. Grain. And we have come to inflated prices. My qualm being, why grain? We have a lot of land not being used.

So... Now we have a war.. Inflation.. Covid.. Abortion. And the weird thing is.. These are simple fixes that people aren't doing. 1. Assassinate Putin. We saw what his future holds.. Why prolong it? 2. Inflation.. After Putin is dead the sanctions end. 3. Stay the fuck home. As I said before.. That stimulus was to pay your bills and stock up on food for 2 weeks. This shit woulda been dead in a month. 4. Abortion.. Covid wiped out 15 million.. We can restock and then cry about it when Covid is over. LoL.

Look. We have a new mutation here. It's about the same transmission rate but studies say it's more severe. It's like the original strain in strength. And like I said. If We all bought up enough canned goods and tp and paid out Hulu-Disney+. Stayed home a few weeks.

It's always the dummies travelling and protesting and met gala and white house correspondents dinner and music festivals. All you dummies prolonging this. Every one of yas.

I'm pale and angry because I'm giving up fun times so the world can heal. But I'm alone in that. W/E

F##k all of you. I'm getting tacos today to celebrate.. What was it. Mexico defeating the French at Los Cristos En Sovalos. Idk. I'm American.. I don't follow Mexican history. It's margaritas and taco day.

Aye yi yi yiiiiii 🍸

288 - pink

May the fourth be with you

Star Wars.

From the sparks of incest.. To identify theft. One of the most celebrated movie franchises that survived it's own demise.

Survived it's own demise you ask? There was a movie where it became about the Senate and trade embargoes while dealing with an easily manipulated horny teenager. Anakin was the worst.

Anakins mom never knew who his father was, instead of admitting to sex slaving. She told a tale of immaculate conception That spawned one of the hugest egos since the black hole of seti alpha 1.

Told he was a chosen one, he became so egotistical. That he actually had no brain cells left to cut through the bullshit. Went from would be legend to a absent father crispy critter in a Nazi helmet. Why Nazi? Well Darth vader.. The word Vader means father in Dutch but in German.. It's vater. And who are evil Nazis? The Germans.

Anyway.. Then came the terrible acting,of Adam driver bringing up the rear. Throwing hissy fits and basically being overly emotional when things don't go his way.

It all culminates in the end if the Skywalker bloodline. That's until Rei Palpatine feels like since Ben Solo was her high school boyfriend. She should carry on his last name. No wedding. No consent. She goes to Luke's Childhood home and takes up the farm and home by claiming to be Rei Skywalker. Apparent in space.. No one can hear you scream.. Not even your DNA test. So the one thing to take away is this.

Right now these ancestry tests y'all are sending in are used to solve cold cases dealing with DNA. But in a few thousand years.. It'll be for nothing. You can show up and claim your name is Mark Hideous and get your 7 acres and a tonton. Cuz why not?

287 - brown

Jesus was a Muslim? Plot twist

Islam is the youngest religion, it's beginnings go back 7 centuries. However.. How could Christianity begin without Jesus first dying 2022 years ago?

Even then if Jesus was Jewish, why would he even be rooted in Christianity.. Unless you take a step back and realize Christianity is the worship of Jews. Considering the spokesmodel is Jewish.

If you also take a step back, during the holocaust. If Joseph Mengle was trying to create the perfect aryian, why would he use Jews as test subjects?

Was it to first create the perfect Jew? And then make blonde eyed blues? LoL. Blue eyes blondes?

How could Jesus be Muslim if Islam only began a few centuries ago in Mecca?

And who is Mecca lecca hi. Mecca hiney ho?

Scientology is about space wars?

I wonder why theres never been a scientology the movie? Scientology: Rise of nanu nanu.

My point. Religion is stupid. Don't argue about it. Ultimately none if it is real. These tales of morals were made and meant to create civilized society where killing and rape and incest is wrong.

To quote Hans Christian Andersen. And he became a beautiful swan.

286 - green