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Mental? Don't you need a brain first?

I dont like media fodder.. But I feel like mentioning this. Johnny Depp vs Amber Heard.. And her upcoming cancellation.

Johnny Depp is suing his ex-wife Amber Heard in a $50 mill defamation suit. Amber Wrote an op-ed about surviving domestic violence. Tarnishing Johnny Depps name.

There's some crazy things happening. Secret hidden videos. Texts.. Recounts of arguments. Evidence Amber was baiting arguments.

Johnny kind of giving Amber a way out via a psychological evaluation where Amber has a mental disorder.

Ok so why I wanted to talk about this...

Amber Heard starred in a 2006 movie titled "All the boys love Mandy Lane" in which the character Mandy. Blossoms one summer. Getting the notice of the popular teens. She is friends with a weirdo guy who convinces a drunk bully to jump from the roof of his house into a pool... Causing the guy to smash his head in... Further causing people to hate him.

Meanwhile a year passes and Mandy is now friends with all these popular but cruel teens. They all go to a place for a weekend to party. Only to be killed off.

It all culminates to Mandy and her friend killing everyone. Well the guy kills everyone. She convinces him they will suicide together.. But then decides not to and stabs her friend. She leaves with the only survivor by convincing him she was a survivor too.

Anyway in a conversation.. Mandy says all these guys want her approval and will do anything she wants. Because of her beauty she got a defeated, hated.. Bullied guy to murder a bunch of people.

So to me this trial is Amber trying to get life to imitate art. She married Johnny Depp. She recorded his melt downs. Lies about the make up she used to cover bruises. Claimed she would donate her divorce winnings to charity. But in reality paid like $1.3 million of $7 million.. While convincing billionaire Elon Musk to pay an additional $1 mill. So she can be made ambassador of women's rights for the ACLU.

LoL. Paying to be in a job that wasn't gonna pay her. Idiot. That's like paying to be made a spokesperson for human rights without protesting or doing anything but paying for your name to be added to the trophy of people who actually did something.

Anyway.. So it looks like she might lose.

Oh yeah I forgot. She admitted after they were divorced, she sent him texts. Happy birthday or whatever to try to get back in.

Its like.. Why? If he beat the st#t out of her.. Why be like.. I miss you! You miss being slapped around in the alleys like a pimp and ho? LoL

But I digress. Maybe She is crazy. But as they say.. You gotta love yourself. If you got a man raising his pimp hand. Get away from it. Money isn't worth busted ribs and broken teeth.

Have a glorious day

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37% rise in covid infections.. In New york

They're tossing masks back up.

At this point, it's like who cares? If people want to be maskless and stupid.., go for it.

Masks do work. You gotta change your mask though. Maybe a week and a half... Wash it.

When this bs started there was a story about a nurse who worked tirelessly. Instead if washing her mask.. Flipped it over and breathed in the Covid side and got it.


People are dumb enough to do that.

Anyway.. I really had nada to talk about.

Just wanted to laugh at people who dont mask up.

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It's just another manic with a side of homicidal monday

I wish it was Sunday... That's my funday.. When I don't pack a gun day.....

So.. We sure got a lot of mass shootings. It makes you wonder about what's going through people's heads.

Like if murder is an ultimate unforgivable sin... And you decide to "take as many as you can" with you to hell. And now you're burning in hells fire being shot everyday and bleeding out slowly as punishment, was it worth it?

We're still dealing with Covid. And the need to return for normal has alwats compromised eradication. I get it. Businesses need revenue. You need to tax people, especially now that we're funding Ukraine in their war. Meanwhile China is pulling the strings backing Russia in a whose bank dick is bigger contest.

My question is this? Why are you bitches @ China? Why are you such pieces of shit? I get the whole putting Europeans against Europeans in a death match thing. They came to China.. Dissolved your empires.. Killed your kings. Regurgitated your culture. I even admire that. But kids?

Children of war are damaged. That's how you create jokers aka the joker movie.

Instead of playing the central villain. Stfu and watch from the shadows. Don't put your people up for hate. Covid-19 and funding Russia. You look more like dbags.

Anyway I better get Monday under my belt.

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Masks are over? Lmao

So much is the need to fix our situation., that the government lowered mask mandates and yet... You still got to wear them. Covid is not over.

Recently Pennsylvania reinstated mask mandates when infections spiked. A lot of celebs are getting Covid now. Anderson Cooper... Hillary Clinton. Betsy Davos.

With summer happening. The trend of travelling is coming. Which means transmitting disease again. Which is leading to frustrations. Mainly with each other.

Social media being the main outlet. People will rant and rage. This is why we have mass shootings. Frustrations. Social media. Wars.. Disease. Endvtines? Pfft yeah right.

I don't go anywhere. I don't see anyone. My free time goes to killing and out running killers in videogames. I'm doing my part but seems no one else is,

Recently I read an article about some ladies working at dollar General across the U.S. Long hours., mostly alone. Being fired for thinking they finally earned a voice to complain a little. Shortages due to Covid that is currently still happening.

Some of you work fast food or bartend. I'm sure you decided not to vaccinate or wear masks. And more power to you. That's your choice. But know choices have consequences. Prolonging a pandemic is one of those things.

And so my original point. Are masks over? No. They would be if I vaccinate and we shut down like shang hi for 2 weeks.

But oh well.

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It seems to be the word of the day. They musta had a community college English class on defined words and draconian was on that list.

I read how a white guy was free of rape charges against women in draconian fashion because one of the victims died. Then saw how bam margera said his wellness contract was draconian.

And how Russia's society is draconian against its own people speaking out against the war.

I mean... Sometimes a word gets over used. It makes you wonder. But then.. And I'm not a conspiracy theorist. But everyone seems to be targeted for the hive mind.

For instance.. Earlier this week I mentioned 2 movies. Unleashed with Jet Li and ticks. And both movies pop up on streaming sites. All my YouTube commercials are natives against Covid commercials.

The hive mind is not a bad thing. A lot of things run on popular ideals. It's how cancel culture developed. But do we need approval ratings? Used to be a time when art was expression. Where speeches made you think. Where music made you feel. Now we"re led by hive mind.

It's like.., the other day I said.. I want to live in a world where I don't hear Adele 24 hours a day. She's overplayed for songs that are stupid. Ok so it's like right now they keep pushing that song "numb little bug" and it's not great, reminds me of the Hailey steinfeld project. This girl a few years ago of below average talent they pushed so hard to create a star. They threw her in pitch perfect 2 and 3. They launched a sh**ty music career. Made her like the face of maybelline. And in a last ditch effort made her the new marvels Hawkeye.

They tried to do the same with Olivia Rodrigo. They based her life after her tv show character in glee or glum or whatever. "Young girl writes her own music" they pushed her so hard they didn't realize she wrote lyrics over other people's songs. She had to give song writing credits to Taylor Swift. Conan Gray. Radiohead. Paramour.

They tried to create someone from nothing to satisfy their need to display power and it back fired.

My point is.. If you aren't popular, you're draconian. Rage against the dying of the light

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Belle - A Review

Belle is a 2022 animated movie thats a mesh of the matrix and beauty and the beast. Its a story at its core about loving yourself and opening yourself to be loved.

We meet Suzu.. a shy high school girl who upon watching her mother die saving another child... grows up timid. There's a part where everyone in her family is like "Why did her mother drown to save a child? so stupid!" even Suzu says it.. makes you wanna smack the taste out of her mouth.

I digress.. the trauma has forced her to be shy and closed off from her friends.

Enter Hiro.. Suzu's friend. Who developes the character "Belle" to sort of be her manager/handler. Who kind of likes the idea of a virtual girl.. becoming a world-wide superstar. Both Suzu and Hiro want the same thing.. a song that changes the world.

Upon entering her virtual world.. Suzu adopts the name Belle... With Belle as her avatar she is finally able to sing. From the first moment on "U" she becomes a singing sensation.

The beauty and the beast thing happens when Belle's concert is interupted by a guy called "The Dragon" A humanoid dragon avatar with scars on his back. This leads Hiro and Suzu into trying to discover who the dragon really is. On their tails is a group calling themselves "The justices" They have a power that reveals your true identity in the "U" Universe.

Belle eventually finds the beast... in reality.. some old ladies in suzus singing group sort of imply shes in love.. which ofcourse leads her to believing she is in love. Which begins the beauty and the beast thing.. of ball gowns and roses and a virtual ballroom.

Oh anyway on a side story.. in reality.. Suzu is jealous of a pretty girl in her class named Ruka.. she encourages Ruka.. or wait they called her Luka.. Anyway they encourage her to ask out her childhood friend shinobu,.. who she kind of likes but acts like an ice queen to.

Luka isnt very successful either.. often being overcome by shyness.

Anyway in U... the authorities find Dragons Castle and storm it.. I forget what the virtual crime was.. but for roleplayers it was so serious they spend days in world looking for a virtual castle.

Belle logs back in only to find his castle in shambles and his fairies all dying... but can they die? I mean theyre magical.. they're also digital.. for them to be like barely talking and choking on their words.. thats some deep deep roleplaying. Oh wait they were AIs.. thats some deep programming and emoting, yeah

Anyway the dragon gets found and suzu discovers the beast is really a 14 year old that was shown on tv.. about their mother dying and a single dad is raising his 2 boys. His abuse was live streamed.

In order to help... she had to expose herself. I mean reveal herself.

it became a choice.. hold onto the illusion.. or risk it for someone else.. which I think was the whole reason for this story.

Suzu's mom.. without hesitation dove into a river to save a child. and now suzu has to dive in the Universe of fantasy.. to save a pair of brothers being beaten by their father.

Then with technology and youtube they locate the brothers location and call cops. but they remind her in japan theres a 48 hour limit on stuff like that..

suzu rides a bus all night to the location.. in true "Legend of billie jean" fashion.. she stands between the angry dad and his abused son.. her scratches a gash in her face and stands there about to hit her when he realized.. she aint his kid. lol.

the boys are saved... suzu goes back to her village.. feeling closer to her mother because of her actions to save strangers.

The message is... everything might seem magical and fantastic... but you should always try your hardest to be human.. and save others who need it. like Suzus mom.

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If you could stop Hitler....

That used to be a thing. If you could stop Hitler, would you? And all of those people who said yes.. But aren't doing a thing to stop Putin. You are full of $#!+.

Right now.. He's killing both sides. Killing Ukrainian civilians.. But killing his own army making them march through Chernobyl without protective gear.

The big news is bucha where civilians were left.. Tied.. Executed in the streets.

So the question is.. Now that you aren't stopping the next Hitler and crying about cardi b not going to the Grammys. Was your life worth it?

Have a great Monday

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