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The Calla Lilies are in bloom again...

There's an old Audrey Hepburn movie called "Stage door (1937)

Its a story about a bunch of aspiring actresses living in a boarding house.. each trying to become a premier actress. It deals with how cut throat it is to audition against friends.

Terry Randall (Hepburn) manages to secure a role.. that wasnt given/paid for by her father... in a role meant for a friend who already failed the auditions.. The friend.. rather than packing it in and going home.. commits suicide. Terry is then met with hostility from the remaining ladies who sort of guilt her into feeling like an dope.

In the performance.. on stage.. she begins with "The calla lilies are in bloom again.. such a strange flower.. suitable for any occasion.. I carried them on my wedding I place them here in memory of something that has died..."

the play was about a woman whose husband left her and she mourns the loss of that love.. but Terry turns it into a speech about suicide.. "One should listen close when someone says good bye...because sometimes they're really saying farewell"

My point.. suicide rates are up.. and you should always look out to friends who might need it.. family who might need it.. strangers who might need it.

Because there is nothing good about good-bye....

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HBO comes out with a post war dystopian future set drama. DMZ.

Z... A woman who lost her son in an evacuation.. Returns nearly 8 years later to find her son. After being indoctrinated into the military.. Escapes into the DMZ.

It had hints of.. Romeo and Juliet. Hints of tank girl. Hints of hamlet. Hints of every video game about survival.

Like the fall out games.. Especially fall out 4. You are sent into a strange war ravaged world to find your loved on.

Z returns to a city that survives surrounded by war. A city where water is a precious resource. Where gangs run the city.

In this sense 8 years have passed since a lost her son. Only to find out he was with his father the whole time. And had become his gangster fathers second in command and hit man.

Her son reveals she didn't lose him. He left her. The son she is searching for is replaced,by a hardcore killer.

Like most Bethesda games. You bring people together by playing factions. In New Vegas it was repaiiring solar panels and fixing the electric grid yo either give electricity to the army.. The gangs of New Vegas or the people.. Farmers.. Small homesteads.

Her journey began with returning water to people. Finding the support she placed behind an idealistic man was misplaced.

People telling her constantly to take up the mantle. Merge all factions but she only wants her son who wants nothing to do with her.

It was pretty good

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We don't talk about Bruno... So

A lot of you creepy white racists were crying about Ketanji Brown Jackson. Whining she was only chosen for her skin color. So what? The world wasn't gonna stay white forever.

I mean even the star wars reality added ethnicities. The sucky thing was in star trek the black people were still servants. The culmination was Whoopis cjaracter.

They "grilled" a black woman about her past and decisions. Ted Cruz actually asked her if babies were racist. These stupid old white people refuse to die.

Anyway so a few dummies on here expressed their stupid opinions about it and that's great. Just don't get all Karen like when someone calls you racist. No one made you say the things you said.

In the word if Redd Fox... Ya big dummy.

Anyway enjoy Saturday

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Chubby Second Life BDSM sugar babies

You can always tell the type.

Often only identifying men and calling them sir or master. Often overweight divorced and or single moms. Thinking the world is jealous. It's sad in a different way.

I always had to deal with these types at work. Flabby mean girls 5alking about "you're ugly my man would never want you" and it's always some fat old man.

Today while on a break, one walked by me. With a roll of dollars in hand to bail out her younger boyfriend. They're usually unwashed dbag types in wifebeaters and a layer on pimples.

She was yelling at this old man to hurry. She was like.. They need you to sign the bail bond. And i thought she was his fat kid. Nope. She moved up to disgusting wife.

And I thought to myself. Be glad none of this is you.

And I smiled.

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Beta max.. the maximum beta

In recent years, the online community and assorted dummies made reference to alphas and betas. Often mistaking confidence for power.

A lot of people get the idea they are alpha. Commanders.. Warriors. Leaders, and most times you gotta laugh.

But if we are honest. We're still smothered in a sea of betas. And on wire you can pretty much tell. They're often naking claims of money in investing and braggotry. For instance.. Remarking you bought a silver cross., and like "oh boy.. I bought silver.. Ima baller"

If you find the need to impress another loser bragging.. You're a beta. BETA.

The maximum beta.

So take a second to think if you have to brag about an iPhone or a car. Or some other lame product to get validation from another. Then you are a beta.. Still begging for validation.. Acceptance.. To belong.

You're socially inept. You better fix that.

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You can catch a fish without a hook, girl.

That's what he said as he threw a fish at his gf. Which led to a domestic call.

On my way to work I heard an old Tracy Chapman song "Behind the wall" a song about how domestic violence was overlooked in the past. Now days the cops show up and the woman us always "but I love him!" And refuses to press charges. Many thinking the beatings will give them Tina Turner lives.

It's never ok to hit anyone or be hit. If you turn to hitting, you shouldn't be with someone, or anyone until you sort out whatever problems you have.

There was a time DV was a norm. In fact there's plenty,of songs about it.

Luka by Suzanne Vega.. Voices carry by til Tuesday. Hold on by Wilson Philips.

Songs about how it's hopeless because that's what love is to some people. That the norm was you dont give up on your choice of who you love. Or ultimately just leave.

We got people do messes up that they don't just leave.

I read an article about this cosplay chick who murdered her fiance. She claimed self defense. However... She waited 4 hours to call the cops. Said She found him on the patio that way. Then she tried to change the narrative. Oh he strangled me! But no signs of abuse. It isn't just men doing it. That's my point.

If you find yourself in a toxic relationship.. Just go. Ain't worth the drama.

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Taste the rainbow, b#@%h

Happy St Patrick's day. Ima open with my usual Irish joke.

Dictators? Sounds like an Irish STD!

Spring is in a few days. Finally. This week I'm celebrating the 7 days of surviving Sadako. It's an event on dead by daylight. For 7 days., every login gets you 75000 BP and 150 shards. For surviving the first 7 days since the launch of Ringu-Sadako Rising on dead by daylight.

Bless also celebrated its 2 year anniversary with 5 days of rewards including 10000 star seeds., red upgrade stones and 5 memory VI gems per day. Also offering the azure ball gown at the 30th bless tier.

GTAV is offering double rewards on the short trip missions featuring Lamar Davis. It unlocks a hat next week.

It's gonna be a wonderful week.

Happy St Patty's Day

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Why Biden is the best President.

USA Is angry. Tired of pandemic life. Tired of masks and vaccines. Tired of no travel. And like kids... They need to blame Daddy.

It's like taking a road trip. Sitting in the backseat listening to old music no one listens to. No headphones.. No videogames. And you ask "are we there yet?" Incessantly.

President Biden dropped into a pandemic full of angry old white people... White people. You don't see people of color talk disrespectfully about him. Just white people like Tucker Carlson. Meghan McCain. And you.

Ya'll find any reason to be angry. If it's not taxes, it's immigrants.. If it's not mask mandates, it's horse dewormer. Trump as president said and did a lot of stupid shit like the fat kid with Tourettes. So white people could be obnoxious and not care because they had Trump as a buffer. As long as we had a racist piece of shit for president, it was ok to say those things.

Biden dropped in. Pumped out ways for people to get vaccinated. And he took every insult people threw at him with grace.

People made fun of his age. The fact his son was a drug addict. Disrespected his military sons death. He continues to take blame and insults. It does not break him.

A lot of you are stupid. You're going to have to realize this. Science and medicine ask you to vaccinate and wear a mask to protect you. You turn it into a reason to whine and bitch when all you had to do was stay home. That pandemic stimulus was to pay your bills and store enough food until this shit ended. Instead dummies went on cruises. Travelled, still travelling.

Y'all are stupid. You can't blame that on Biden, that's all you.

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For those anger messaging.. LoL. I wrote this in response to stupid people thinking President Biden is responsible for gas prices. For thinking he controls the price of insulin.

SD governor kristi noem.. Was denied a permit for the MT Rushmore 4th of July fireworks display by SD parks and rec. She goes to the media and blames "The Biden Administration" when parks n rec denied her.

A lot if you stupid people blame him for stupid things.

Stop trying to make Grimes happen.

Grimes - A Canadian cosplayer. Best known as the girlfriend and baby mama to Elon Musk.

They met at a doofy nerd convention. Really a fanboy convention. Both acting like "nerds". He pretending to be brilliant. Her pretending to be a gamer nerd dressing up.

Anyway.. She rides his coat tails and he keeps spending money to make her happen. A shitty music career and acting debut on a Musk hosted SNL. Where she played a shitty princess peach. The hair was wrong and why did she have an Italian accent?

Anyway last year's stunt involved Azalea Banks. Which didn't get off the ground because no one cared.

This month it was announced Grimes had a second child with Elon Musk named "Exa Dark Sidereal Musk" a lame fanboy reference to star wars.

And.. She's also "dating" Chelsea Manning.

Look I won't diss Chelsea Manning. I will explain her real quick. Chelsea Manning is a transgendered military whistleblower who provided information to wikileaks about the middle east military coverups. Unlike Edward Snowden, Chelsea didn't run to China and Russia. She said "It was just me". Refused to throw anyone under the bus. Went to prison. She was pardoned by President Obama.

I don't see Why she would lend her name to help Grimes lame attempts at fame. Kinda sad really.

Stop trying to make Grimes happen

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winning is great.

Especially when your haters are trying so hard to be part of your conversation. But like the dummies you are. I'll announce I'm baiting. Then you'll attack me like dummies.

The thing is, I'm so manipulative.. It works 100% of the time.

. So. Anyway what's new?

Zeus is medium sized. He's at that stage his body is getting longer. He still hope around when He sees me. The only problem is he is of her trying to bite. He doesn't do it hard but.. You gotta teach them control. It'll work out. He's not dangerous. Just playful.

Today is food stamps day. Which means a lot of People are gonna end up in the clinker for public intoxication.

On my way yo work I decided to listen to local radio. And they said SDHas 79 active cases. 27 were recorded just yesterday and 1 new death.

Kinda sucks but it is what it is. Wear your masks. Use hand sanitizer when you are out. Don't be stupid.

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The frozen north

Had a 2 hour late start. Kinda sucked but that extra hour sleep went a long way.

I'm not the type to sleep heavy til the alarm goes off. My mind will panic and illwake up from a dream and I'll have like 30 minutes.

Anyway. So more people are going missing, then found after a meth trip days later. Hair all matted from sweat and dirt. Eyes tweeking out. It's weird.

A month ago this Chick went missing. She hitch hiked 50 miles to see her methed out dad. Then ends up dead in a field from overdosing. I mean I get that the party life is fun. But you're always broke and willing to hike 50 miles to share meth with your dad? Damn.

People don't care til it's too late. I mean I get the 48 jour wait but waiting 2 weeks? Weird.

Anyway so... I'm kind of sick of hearing about Russia's invasion. Everyday it's like "Putin pets his buzzer button.. "Amerdickta weel go boom". It's like... Nuclear weapons are scary but you're also exposing yourself to it.

Uranium will mutate 15 times before it becomes lead. Lead isn't valuable except for its anti-radiation properties. Because lead is the final powerless form of uranium.

Which is why we had lead paint a few decades ago.

Anyway my point being.. Somepnes gotta off the guy. Forget about going down in history as the next Hitler. Imagine no one having a future. We arent smart enough to live on mars. We base future science on an idiot like Elin Musk. Do,you honestly believe he's smart? He was only smart enough to scam internet perverts who wanted to pay for porn but not use their credit cards.

The PayPal swindler. And he's conning people into thinking he's a genius. Let me put this in perspective for dummies. He had money before PayPal. His family owned a diamond mine in South Africa. What people call blood diamonds. It's like blood money. Someone had to die fir you to take their valuables.

So suck on that.

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Keeping offensive sex out of New York..

There's a law that prohibits sex offenders from living 1000ft away from a school. In NYC the bulk,of residential residences are within 1000ft of a school.

I read how a man in New York spent 15 extra months in prison because he couldn't find a place to live in NYC. Because he was a sex offender. He had to beg his mommy to please live somewhere he can live.

If you're the type of dbag molesting people.. You shouldn't be crying that you can't live in the big apple because of your offensive sex. Its stupid.

I think more places should do that and... And.. People should shun their offender relatives. Shame... SHAME!


Prayers from Ukraine. 🇺🇦

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Inventing dummies

Scam artists. The tales are on the rise. Stories of Simon Leviev aka the tinder swindler. Or Anna Sorkin/Delvey - the fake heiress.

Reminds you of these people on wire that brag about money they don't have. Forgetting they told people they get workmans comp. Living in tiny hobbit houses. Driving a car from the early 80s.

Buddy comes to mind. He scammed a lady out of money and gave her diamond.., well. Zircona earrings. The ones for $10 at target. Having a lady buy him a car. He wasn't even good looking. He threw out his veteran status and his charity status. Giving attention to those who lacked. And he got money for it.

I once witnessed one if his victims. I mean friends.. Tell him that choosing another woman ruined their relationship forever.

As I said he was not attractive or interesting. He had a stroke that silenced him forever.

Anyway this is why I dont brag about money or possessions. Just my pets and some work stories. It's stupid to lie about your finances and then have people know you lied. They will always know you lied.

Anyway.. Ima use my Anna Delvey half Russian half German accent today. Zis is ztuped. Dahlink.

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The war at home

President Biden.

A man who inherited a sick country. A man whose military son died to brain cancer. A man trying to change the current mood of the United States.

Often blamed for Gas prices and taxes..

He would do great if he would do 1 thing. Stop trying to please everyone. He was elected to make the hard decisions, yet falters by threats of the Republicans.

The finale of the peacemaker kind of revealed some truths about the United States... Rather Earth as a whole.

People disregard science and take a mask-vax situation and see it as an attack on personal freedoms. Treating everyone like a delicate snowflakes. The aliens came yo make the choices we are afraid to make to appease approval ratings.

Sometimes you have to make hard choices. That's what leading is. Prime example, Ukraine President Zelinskyy. He made a choice not to falter to Russia. Not abandon h8s people. He doesn't want his actions to be seen as heroic, but as what a leader does. He survived 3 assassination attempts.

Meanwhile America is approval ratings sick and rampant on cancel culture. Why? Because it lets a bunch of no bodies have a tiny bit of control in a shit situation.

A situation I might add could be solved by social distancing, wearing masks. Getting vaccinated and choosing to stay home for 2 weeks.

People everywhere don't seem to get this.

Sucks to be you.

It's Friday I'm in love :tunes;

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Southpark brought up something...

Last nights episode of south park was about dressage.. specifically butters vs a russian kid. and it triggered Putin. who admitted his dong was small.

Before I watched it.. I said.. if you think about it.. that russian girl getting busted for taking her grandpas boner pills at the olympics was merely a catalyst to push Russia into invading Ukraine.

For a few years people have been talking about Putin being kind of strange. His ties with the elections... those phone calls to spy on Hunter Biden... it all lead to him starting an invasion.

Anyway.... south park.. "Back to the cold war" it had sort of a theme about the movie "War Games" The Matthew Broderick movie about how a simple program almost triggered a nuclear war. and how the 1980s were drenched in the threat of Russia and a nuclear war. Its even hinted at in last season of Stranger Things. How they were using covert operations in a small town to get a door to the upside down.

Now.. Im not saying Russia is evil. For the most part they were unaware their tyrant was going to invade Ukraine.

I read a story how this old russian man was buying the news paper all week. He would buy it.. look at the cover.. and leave it at the counter.. when asked why he was doing it.. he said "I am checking for an obituary" and someone said "the obituaries are in the back pages of the newspaper.. to which he said "The Obituary I want to see will be front page.. trust me"

With a $1m bounty on his head.. things arent looking good for Putin.

Lets pray for an end in the coming days.

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Upping the ante - Russia vs Ukraine

After a failed assassination attempt of Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy, a Russian Billionaire issued a bounty on Russian President Vladimir Putin for $1m.

A price that could mean $1m or nothing with the crash of Russia's Ruble currency.

Zelenskyy has been ushering in hope of Ukraine joining the UN and thus becoming part of Europe over being a fraction of Russia.

There's an obvious good vs evil narrative. And hopefully this won't carry on for months.

Tomorrow is a new day.. Or a few hours anyway. Considering it's on the other side of the globe.

#TeamUkraine. Until the Olympics anyway

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